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Many dog owners are not big fans of dog crates as they think of them as jails and feel that it is inhumane to lock up a dog. However, this is actually untrue and misguided since dogs are den animals and when they are sleepy or want to relax they head for a corner of the room to tuck in or under a table. When they are scared, they look for small enclosed places such as the space behind the couch, under the bed or in the closet where they feel safest.

Dog crates therefore not only provide a safe place for your dog to rest but are also essential when it comes to training your dog. Crating can help you potty train your dog, help prevent separation anxiety later when you have to leave your dog at home and prepare them for the time when they will eventually need to be in a crate for instance when traveling.

Benefit of using a dog crate

There are several more benefits of using a dog crate including the following:

  • Helps with house training from potty training to chewing household items, counter surfing, window barking and other destructive or unhealthy habits
  • Contribute to reducing separation anxiety
  • Giving your dog their own place that they can go to when scared or during chaotic times like 4th of July or Halloween
  • Helps your dog to relax
  • Provides structure for your dog as part of everyday routine
  • Makes traveling easier and safer for your dog and gives you more peace of mind as well

Buying Guides for Best XXXL Dog Crates

Buying Guides for XXXL Dog Crates

Let us then look at the factors to look out for when it comes to dog crates to ensure that you get good value for your money, get your dog a crate they will love and one that will make it easier on your home and sanity.

The very first thing that will determine the crate to buy is the size of your dog as it determines just how much damage your dog can do to your house and what crate will be comfortable for your four-legged friend. Bigger breeds and adult dogs will need larger crates so that they won’t feel cramped which can make them shun their crate.

Buying guides for best XXXL dog crates will consider the following factors: size, material, construction, visibility, portability and ease of cleaning.

  • Size

Just as it is important to consider the size of your dog, it is also crucial to look at the size of the crate you are buying. Just because this is a buying guide for best XXXL dog crates doesn’t mean you should go overboard and get a crate that is so big that your dog will use the extra space like a bathroom area. A crate that is too big can also defeat the purpose of making a crate feel safe and secure, and your dog will feel like they have been stuck in an empty room. The right size should allow your pup to sit up straight, turn around easily, and lay on their side with paws outstretched without feeling cramped and without banging their head on the top part.

  • Material

There are various materials used on dog crates from wire crates to plastic, wood, nylon for soft-sided crates, steel, and aluminum. The material you choose will depend on the personality of your dog and the budget you are working with. Steel and aluminum make for durable crates, and they can be used to reinforce wire or plastic crates. Steel provides great value for money and maximum strength but makes a crate very heavy thereby affecting portability. Aluminum, on the other hand, is strong and lightweight is making it ideal for both home and traveling crates.

  • Construction

This is one area that all buying guides for best XXXL dog crates agree on, poor construction will cause crates to break and can injure your dog. Proper welding is crucial for a strong, indestructible crate. Soft welds on the bars can come apart when carrying or be pulled apart by a dog chewing on them. Before buying look for firm welding on the bars and the connections or edges as well as steel screws, bolts, nuts, locks and hinges to ensure that your crate can survive any rough play, turbulence or just the weight of your dog.

  • Durability

The durability of a dog crate is determined by the material used, its construction, the finish and the brand of the crate. Steel and aluminum are the strongest materials and make for the most durable dog crates. The aluminum used needs to be high quality, especially for heavy duty crates while stainless steel increases the shelf life of the crate. Proper welding on the bars and in particular on the joints ensures that the dog crate cannot come apart during traveling or when the dog is playing. Finishes that are rust and corrosion resistant also increase durability since they make sure that the dog waste, cleaning or the elements don’t cause damage to the crate. Coating the steel or aluminum with rust-resistant powder or using rust and corrosion material including the rivets will increase the shelf life considerably.

  • Visibility

This will depend entirely on your dog’s personality as some dogs like their privacy, and some don’t like the dark. The design and material of the crate will determine its visibility as well as the brand you choose. Choosing the right crate can prevent crate anxiety for your furry four-legged friend. The level of visibility on a crate also determines how much ventilation your dog gets. The best brands in the heavy duty dog crate niche have 4-sided ventilation systems that ensure your dog is comfortable whether during travel or when left at home alone.
• Portability
This will be determined largely by the material of the crate and the brand. Materials like steel will make the crate heavier than other materials while the brand especially creators of heavy duty dog crates makes crates heavy enough to carry large dogs and breeds, but this makes them very heavy. Some brands make lightweight crates that can be used for travel as well. Features like wheels handle, and rolling coaster, as well as collapsible features, can also increase mobility, portability and storage convenience.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Big dogs generally soil crates faster than smaller dogs and cleanup can be rather tricky for owners depending on the design of the crates. Choosing a rust protected material and material like galvanized metal and crates with removable trays will make cleanup easier and make the crate more convenient.

These are the most important features to look out for before buying any dog crate whether big or small.

Other features such as collapsible crates, covers and dividers can also come in handy especially for colder climates or the specific purpose you want to use the crate for. For crates that are mainly used for traveling, easy assembly and collapsing make them easier to transport and store both in your car and at home.

Other features such as removable trays, dual latch systems, crush proof corners, bars with Chew Guard features, dual functionality such as wooden dog crates which can be made to look like luxury end tables will come into play depending on the purpose you want your dog crate to play and the age and personality of your dog.

Best XXXL Dog Crates Selections





10. MidWest Starter Series Single-Door Drop-Pin Metal Dog CrateXXXL Dog CratesAmazon
9. PayLessHere 48″ XXXL Dog CrateXXXL Dog CratesAmazon
8. New World Folding Metal XXXL Dog CrateXXXL Dog CratesAmazon
7. OxGord 42 Inch XXL Dog CrateXXXL Dog CratesAmazon
6. Extra Large Dog Breed (Great Dane) XXXL Dog CrateXXXL Dog CratesAmazon
5. New Extra Large 48 Inch Folding Kennel XXXL Dog CrateXXXL Dog CratesAmazon
4. OxGord 48 Inch XXXL Dog CrateXXXL Dog CratesAmazon
3. AmazonBasics Single Door XXXL Dog CrateXXXL Dog CratesAmazon
2. MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal XXXL Dog CrateXXXL Dog CratesAmazon
1. MidWest iCrate Folding Metal XXXL Dog CrateXXXL Dog CratesAmazon

The Impact Case Collapsible dog crate is one of the best highly reviewed crates providing enough space, convenience and is collapsible making it excellent for storage as well.

Others include the SmithBuilt Heavy duty dog cage, ProSelect Empire Cages, Zinger Winger Deluxe 5000, Gunner Kennels and ecoFLEX tough pet crates which have all received a lot of love from dog owners.

Depending on your budget, the size of the dog and traveling needs, you can get any of the above or any crate with the above features for great value for you and your dog.

Best XXXL Dog Crates

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