TOP 10 Best Closet Organizers For Bedroom Designs

Do you want to get your clothes organized neatly? Do you want a strong and durable closet organizer? If so, you have come to the right place because here, in this article, we will provide you with the top ten best closet organizers that you can get at a reasonable price.

Also, if you are not sure about how to choose the right closet organizer for your home, pay attention to the buying guide section at the end to explore more about that.

List of Top 10 Best Closet Organizers in 2021

10. kealive

First of all, this clothing rack from kealive serves as a closet organizer and storage to support all of your clothes and belongings. It is available in black and brown color. It is constructed of metal frame which is very stable and durable in the long term use. The maximum weight capacity that the metal closet shelving can withstand is up to 350 pounds. It comes with 6 shelves in total, which include 4 side shelves as well as 2 huge shelves. The large closet shelves are for large boxes of shoes or other items. It is suitable for multiple places in the house, including bedroom, living room and other rooms. The instruction is included for you to assemble easily.

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9. YOZO baby closet organizers

Now, we also have this closet organizer from YOZO. It comes with 8 cubes to make the division of clothes and organize them in place. For each cube, it can hold about 15 shirts or 10 pants. It has a sturdy structure which is collapsible when not in use. Users can DIY their own organizer to any shape in order to fit in with the roomy space. It is also very convenient for small child to reach and get their own clothes. It is suitable for holding different types of things, including bags, shoes, clothes and other things.

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8. Whitmor free standing closet organizers

This is a freestanding closet organizer from Whtimor. It comes with 5 shelves to separate your clothes from other accessories. It helps organize them in place and enables you to find them easily. There are 2 garment rods, and the bottom part is removable for you to replace with a longer garment. The frame is constructed of strong and durable steel, and it is finished with silver epoxy. For the joints, it uses the plastic connectors to strengthen. In the installation process, users do not need extra tools to assemble. They can assemble instantly to add more space or organizer to the house.

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7. Closetmaid Closet Organizer Kit

Here comes a closet organizer with drawers from Closetmaid. It comes in white, which easily fits with any room decoration. It is a great gift for you and your family to enjoy and add to the home decoration. This wood organizer has a simple yet beneficial design which provides you a lot of storage. It has 3 rods for hanging clothes, as well as 3 big shelves and two top small shelves. There are also 2 spacious floor shelves to store shoes. Thus, inside this closet organizer, users can put all of their clothes and accessories in just one place to get access easily in the next time. Last but not least, the kit dimension is 13 x 96 x 70 inches.

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6. Tribesigns

Moving onto the next closet organizer from Tribesigns, it comes with the color of white and in a vintage style, which is suitable for most home decoration styles. This features a large storage capacity with the maximum weight capacity of 60lbs for the hanging bar. It has four shelves in the bottom for you to store clothes and other accessories easily. There are also two closet drawers, which you can store other items, such as jewelry and accessories. It is made of metal with particle board that makes the structure durable and sturdy. Overall, the organizer can hold up to 300 lbs with confidence.

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5. Seville small closet organizers

Seville Classics introduces one of the best closet organizer systems at a reasonable price with quality guaranteed for its customers. The hanging rod is designed to be adjustable with the length between 58 and 83 inches. You can customize it to fit ideally into your own space. It has 5 shelves to store different types of items. for the construction of the structure, it is made of industrial steel with stain bronze coatings. It protects the shelves against corrosion if you place in a dry environment. The height of each shelf is adjustable to suit your preference and demands.

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4. ClosetMaid reach in closet organizers

If you want to get rid of the bad habit of throwing your clothes everywhere, you should start your day with this closet organizer from ClosetMaid. It features all the parts that you need from hanging space to shelves. The height is adjustable between 5 and 8 feet. The shelve is measured at 12 inches deep.

Moreover, the shoe shelf is about 36 inches. Inside the package, it includes all the parts, hardware and tools that you need in order to assemble. The structure is made of steel with vinyl coating. The materials are all recyclable for a environmentally friendly purpose. The weight capacity of each shelf is about 60lbs.

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Now, we would like to introduce you to another free standing closet organizer from LITTLE TREE. It comes with both black and white color to fit in with your home decoration. It uses the metal frame along with particle board to ensure that the structure is strong and sturdy. Thus, the maximum weight that it can hold is up to 350lbs. For the division of storage inside the closet, there are 2 large shelves for you to put your clothes in as well as 4 smaller shelves for other accessories. It will not consume much space for the storage because the design can fit in anywhere inside the house, including bedroom, living room as well as laundry room.

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2. RubberMaid closet organizers and garment racks

Let’s take a look at this closet organizer from RubberMaid. It comes with expandable sehvles for you to adjust in order to add more space for about 22 feet. The hanging space is about 12 feet which you can hang a lot of clothes.

Inside the package, it is included with all the necessary hardware that you can use to install it easily without having to cut or customize your own parts. There are top shelves, side shelves, top rails as well as brackets included for you to maximize the storage of the organizer. Last but not least, although it has a sturdy construction, the full kit is in a lightweight body which you can move easily.

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1. Happywardrobe

Last but not least, we shall look at this closet organizer by Happywardrobe. It is also one of the best closets that is highly praised by the customers. It offers you a great organizing system which you can extend to the maximum of 8 feet. The system provides all the hardware that you need, including shelves, hangers and brackets. You can find your clothes at the first glance and change your outfit every day to give yourself the best style. Users can choose to mount or attach this hanger organizer to the wall to let it stand still there for many years ahead.

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Buying Guide

Besides having the top ten best closet organizers for you, we also have this buying guide section to guide you through the key features that determine the best closet organizer in order for you to learn about it and choose the right product.

Materials: most of them are made of industrial steel mixed with particle board. This makes a strong and sturdy structure to hold all of your clothes and belongings and keep them separated for organization.

Shelves: it normally comes with different sizes of shelves. It may have large shelves as well as side shelves. However, the number of shelves ranges between 4 and 7. This number is enough for users to store clothes, shoes and other accessories.

Hanging bar: the hanging bar should be about 7 – 12 feet. It is for hanging clothes or dress to maintain its good shape. It should be also adjustable to fit in with the space.

Weight capacity: each shelf should have the maximum weight capacity of 50lbs, whereas the overall weight capacity may be about 200 – 300lbs.


To conclude, we have provided you with the top ten best closet organizers. We hope that you can choose one of them to be a luxury decoration for your house in order for you and your family to enjoy extra storage for your belongings.

Thanks for shopping with us and have a nice day.


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