Best Electronic Toilet Seat in 2020 – Buyers’ Guide

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Using the restroom is something that every human being does, and it happens more than once in a day. So, everyone would certainly want to make it a pleasant experience instead of a horrible one. Now, there is an invention of an electronic toilet seat for the convenience of each usage.

However, each electronic bidet toilet seat product offers different features, which makes it challenging having to choose which product to purchase, which is why we are here to offer help. You can start by looking at reviews of the top 10 best electronic toilet seat below. Also, there is also a buying guide to help you search for a practical product that is suitable for you.

List Of Top 10 Best Electronic Toilet Seat in 2020

10. Kohler

 KOHLER Electric

Kohler is an auto electronic toilet seat has an inline heater meaning the water that flows out will be warm right away perfect for cold season. In addition, Kohler enables its users to adjust the temperate and the pressure of the water. Whether you are someone who can handle extremely hot temperature, or someone who have sensitive skin and cannot handle too hot of a water, you can do adjustment to suit your preference. The same can be applied for the water pressure. Kohler has a touchscreen telecontrol with a pair of programmable user defaults.

The material used to make the toilet seat’s wand is stainless steel and also, the wand has a UV-light installed for automatic sanitization. During cold season, users can feel warm and cozy using Kohler as it has 5 different settings for the seat temperature. As for when it is dark, there is an LED light installed to brighten the toilet seat’s bowl. Last but not least, Kohler has a carbon filter feature to manage the odor. As you know, some toilet seat can give off a horrible smell, but with this product, you would not have to worry about any awful odor. Don’t you think you also need Automatic Soap Dispensers along for your hygiene purpose? Consider one!

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9. Brondell

Brondell Swash

Brondell is an electronic toilet seat with programmable user defaults and a single touch setting to offer the most sanitized toilet for users. Brondell enables its users to have great and comfortable experience with the countless combinations. In addition, to make your experience even more pleasant, this electronic toilet seat has an electronic bidet that offer heated water spray, a warm seat, a heated air dryer, a nozzle that moves back and forth, an exchangeable air freshener, and a blue illuminator. Brondell is simple to set up, it was designed to simple enough so that it can be self-installed with no help required from the plumbers.

Moreover, this product is an American standard electronic toilet seat with a polished appearance perfectly blending into your bathroom design as well as tending to your every bathroom habits. Lastly, all of this toilet seat’s bidets are environmentally friendly and they come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty to guarantee its quality.

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8. Lotus

 Lotus Hygiene Systems

Lotus is designed to suit both spherical and extensive models. This product has a heated seat to warm you up during cold season, and it also has a heated air dryer which allows you to adjust the temperature according to your preference. For some people, they are able to handle a very hot temperature, whereas, some others cannot handle much heat, so this temperature control will certainly satisfy all kinds of people. Furthermore, Lotus, the electronic bidet toilet seat, has a nozzle that automatically washes itself with heated water providing a sanitize toilet set for next user.

Lotus is an extremely durable product thanks to its high-quality materials. Lastly, Lotus provides their customers with a 2-year manufacturer warranty to guarantee the quality of the product.

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7. Inus

Inus Elongated Bidet

Inus has a tankless design making it the perfect electronic toilet seat for a crammed bathroom as it would not take up as much room as ones that use tank. This toilet seat extracts water only when it is required, so not only does it save water supply, but it also prevents the possibility of bacteria reproduction, so you can have a nice experience with the hygienic toilet seat. In addition to this, Inus has an inline heater, which means the water flowing out will have already been heated saving you the time of having to wait. Furthermore, this toilet seat product has a stainless-steel nozzle that is cleaning automated providing rear wash for both genders while keeping the product’s maintenance at a minimum range. The nozzle location can be adjusted with the provided smart touch controller.

More than that, the seat and the water temperature and the water pressure can be adjusted to suit one’s preferential. The water pressure has 5 levels in which you can adjust to. As for the temperature of the water and the seat, there are 3 levels that users can adjust to. With these different levels setting, Inus is suitable to use disregarding the season. What’s more is that this product has a waterproof smart touch controller on the side that is extremely sensitive, so it will react according to the switch even when it is pressed lightly. Thanks to these characteristics, the smart touch controller would not easily break down like the traditional electronic toilet seat. Lastly, Inus is an environmentally friendly product as it has an energy saving feature that helps cut down on the power and toilet paper usage.

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6. GenieBidet


GenieBidet has a water pressure control, so users can do adjustments to the water pressure to suit their own preference. Depending on each person, some prefer the water to spray softly, and some others prefer the water to spray strongly, which is why, with this product’s feature of adjustable water pressure, more people will be satisfied using the product. Lastly, GenieBidet has separate nozzles for rear washing for different gender.

Also, this electronic toilet seat is designed to be a soft-closing toilet seat, meaning it is practical as well as quiet contrasting the traditional toilet seats. What’s special about this product is that makes the air temperature of its surrounding contribute to the refreshed water. GenieBidet is perfect for your modern bathroom as it offers a stylish design that contribute to the open look and feel of your home’s bathroom.

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5. BioBidet

Bio Bidet Ultimate

BioBidet has a double-nozzle design, which is perfect for family as it has a rear cleaning, women cleansing and is child friendly. This feature sanitizes and maintains the hygienic of the toilet seat. This electronic toilet seat has a smart seat and smart decision features. With the streamline of the product, users are able to comfortable adjust the temperature of the seat and the water to best suit their liking, and also, this product has a slow-closing lid, which prevents it from inflicting any small injuries on the users.

BioBidet has an oscillating bidet for a large-scale cleaning maintaining the toilet seat’s sanitary. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly electronic toilet seat as it has an energy saving mode to cut down on the usage of power outage and the usage of toilet paper. Lastly, when purchasing this product, you will be receiving a 2-year manufacture coverage to cover for the product’s pieces and labor for 24 months.

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4. Toto


On the front and the posterior of the Toto electronic toilet seat, there are water temperate levels and water pressure levels settings for users to easily adjust to their comfort. Toto’s wand has an automated cleaning feature to thoroughly clean the interior as well as the exterior prior and subsequent to each use. With this feature, following users can feel comfortable using the hygienic toilet seat.

Furthermore, Toto has a warm seat, heated air dryer and a self-air freshening to offer a great experience for every user. Lastly, Toto has a Japanese feature – Washlet – a line of cleansing toilet seats and this product also comes with a connection hardware for users.

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3. SmartBidet

SmartBidet SB

SmartBidet is designed to have water pressure levels, water temperature levels, warm seat levels and nozzle locations settings for users to easily adjust to the level that offers them comfort. The water pressure and the nozzle locations of this product have 5 levels for uses to adjust to. As for the water temperature and the warm seat, there are 3 different levels that users can change to.

In addition to this, the warm seat has a safety feature that would only activate once skin sensor senses the user is seated. For a more environmentally friendly alternative, SmartBidet has a heated air dryer that has 5 different levels settings as a substitution to toilet paper. And, it has an energy saving function and a soft-closing of lid or seat making it safe for users. Laslty, SmartBidet is simple to install.

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2. Coway

Coway Bidetmega

Coway is a one of a kind iWave technology that is made to suit all kinds of body and provide a pleasant cleaning experience to all users. The two-level cleaning procedure of this product maintain sanitary for both the water flow circuit and the double stainless-steel nozzle, which is why users can use the product without having to worry about bacteria. Furthermore, Coway has adjustable water temperature, water pressure, nozzle position, heated seat and heated air dryer to suit each user’s likings.  What’s more is that Coway was carefully made for every type of users including people who has disabilities. It has braille for visually impaired people. Lastly, it is an eco-friendly product as it helps to reduce the consumption of power supply.

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1. Alpha Bidet

Alpha Bidet GX Wave

Alpha Bidet is designed to focus mainly on its performance. With its connected controller on the side, users can customize their wash mode with the 3 options provided and the air drying of the product. This product has no unnecessary extra to interfere with its provided comfort. Furthermore, Alpha Bidet has a strong spray with lavish water volume offering an extremely clean rear cleansing.

Alpha Bidet is a low-profile electronic toilet seat in comparison to other electronic toilet seats. Lastly, Alpha Bidet has an extravagant tough to it with the GX Wave sophisticated features such as a faint white LED nightlight, a stainless-steel nozzle and a sittable lid.

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Buying Guide

When you are shopping for any goods, you are looking for one that is suitable and practical. However, that can be a difficult task sometimes if you are not familiar with what factors to look for in the product, which is why for electronic toilet seat, we are here to offer some factors that buyers should carefully look at before buying.

Water Pressure and Water Temperature: When searching for a suitable electronic toilet seat, you should check whether or not it offers a customizable water pressure and water temperature. Some products offer their users with customizable water pressure and water temperature, which are great as these show that the product is a suitable product for an all year-round usage; in both cold and hot seasons. Also, the pressure settings allow all kinds of users to adjust to their comfort.

Air Dryer: It is important to check the setting of the product’s air dryer if there are different levels to adjust to and if it has a temperature setting. With a different settings air dryer, users can feel comfortable using it all year-round and this feature is eco-friendly as well since it would reduce the consumption of toilet paper. However, before buying, you should make sure that the air dryer of the product has strong blows because if it has weak blows, going to the toilet will take a long time.

Inline Heater: For each electronic toilet seat, you should check whether or not if offers an inline heater. An inline heater is certainly a life-changing experience. With this feature available, when you need to use the restroom, you would need to wait for the water that sprays out to heat up and this feature also offers a pleasant experience to its users. So, each time you go to the restroom will be reduced leaving you with more time to spend on other important things.


After having gone through each of the product’s descriptions as well as the buying guide, have you decided which one is to your liking yet? These top 10 electronic toilet seats have many functions that will offer you’re a pleasant and quick bathroom experience. So, purchase one of these to have pleasant bathroom trips.