How to arrange your bedroom like a minimalist

Choose the bed frame, mattress, bed liner

Landing on this page, you must be interested in becoming a minimalist or at least dream of having a minimalist bedroom that is full of minimal, artistic appeal. Owning your very own minimalist bedroom is the best way to display its hidden beauty.

Contradicting to what you believe, creating a nice room doesn’t require a lot of money and time at all. We are here to offer the 8 how-to for you to achieve a minimalistic bedroom.

List Of How to arrange your bedroom like a minimalist

1. Choose the bed frame, mattress, bed liner

Choose the bed frame, mattress, bed liner

Choosing a nice bed platform and the stylish frame is a good way to start your room-decoration journey. The frame of the bed should have the color that much well with the wall and other add-on furniture. It is a great idea if you to consider selecting the classic bed that has neutral color.

On top of the nice bed, the mattress and bed liner are also the key. For maintaining the style and comfort, we do recommend you purchase the mattress that isn’t thicker than 10 inches. You may also want to eliminate some pillows from your bed too. Lastly, the fewer patterns the bed liner has, the more classic/minimal it looks.

2. Color the room

Color the room

Instead of painting your room in the bright color like in a kindergarten class, we bet you will like it to be in the plain and neutral color. As the well-painted room can go well with all types of furniture, you will have less work to do when choosing the furniture. As much as you want to turn to wall into the gallery wall, we beg you to resist your urge first.

The minimalist bedroom should have only a piece of art hanging on the wall. That’s because, the classic and simplicity are what the minimalist is seeking.

3. Choose the right furniture

Choose the right furniture

Up to this, you should remember that for the minimalists, less is more. You should only choose the small and sleek furniture; such as nightstand for holding your items. The shape of the furniture holds the meaning of the art too, we bet that of you want to have the minimalist bedroom, you will like the antique chair and table.

If you wish to get a drawer, the single one is highly recommended. The mirror that can hang on the wall is also the good choice too as you may need your place to be clutter-free.

4. Position your items right

Position your items right

Even though you have many mixing and matching furniture in the room, you may want to have it hang and place at its right position. If you have many items that have to be kept in the room, you can get the single shelf and stick it on the wall. It is the right solution for keeping your items in place while maintaining the plain sight of your bedroom.

You may want to have your clock hanged on the wall instead of placing it on the table top. I personally believe that placing the plain-color rug next to your bed is the good choice.

5. The artistic wall

The artistic wall

Now, it is the time for your artistic soul. The great piece of art is the way to add the elegance to your room. The medium-size or large canvas can add same color to your room. As the bed and bed liner are in neutral tone, choosing the colorful canvas would be a great match for it.

On top of that, the simple yet nice artistic work is what you may need. You can find the inexpensive and stylish painting everywhere. It is even better if you choose the artwork that represent who you are.

6. Natural light or accent lighting

Natural light or accent lighting

It is a choice you have to make when it comes to the lighting in the bed. You can get the minimalist room with the natural light or from the accent lighting. If you prefer to wake up every day with the morning sunshine, you would want to place your bed facing the window. The gentle breeze and a little sunshine will be a great combination.

On the other hand, if you prefer the accent light, it is the time for purchasing the right lamp. There are some features you may need to consider. First off, see whether it goes well with your existing furniture. Or in other case if it carries the art and décor that you want. Lastly, always check if it offers the lighting you need for illuminating the room.

7. Add some green plants

Natural light or accent lighting

Who say the minimalist bedroom cannot have plant? You can choose the real or fake plant for your bedroom. The point of having the plant is to make the room more alive. The real green plant can clean the air in your room too. You can choose to hang or just place it on the floor.

For adding the art on everything you have in the room, you can DIY the vase in any pattern you like. Next, the size of the plant is what you need to consider too since you don’t want to crowd and hide your artwork.

8. Purchase only the neutral color

Natural light or accent lighting

Last but not least, as we already painted and got the necessary items in its place, it is the time to ensure that the art in it will last. When you wish to add more furniture in your bedroom, keep in mind to always to choose to get them in the neutral color only. This way you can maintain its theme well. From now on, instead of choosing the get the modern-looking items, go for the antique furniture that offers you the sense of uniqueness.


As each bedroom style carries its own uniqueness, you may have to think twice before purchasing any furniture. The characteristic of the minimalist bedroom is plain yet very artistic, and the neutral tone is the best way for depicting the artistic work that it has. Choose the items and go through our steps if you don’t want to risk turning your bedroom into something else.