How to Clean Your Computer Correctly


Do you remember the last time cleaning your computer? How often do you clean your computer? If you want to work with your computer in a good mood, don’t forget to clean your computer. Cleaning computers is not just only to make it look nice but also to maintain its performance as well. By the way, cleaning is easy but cleaning correctly is what you have to bear in mind if you don’t want to kill your computer. Below is the correct way to make your computer case, mouse, monitor and keyboard free from dirt and dust.

Things you need:

You do not need to spend time going shopping for computer cleaning tools as these items can be found right in your house. As the cleaning tools are always be ready, you do not need to plan one week ahead just to have time to clean your computer. Here are the items that you need when you plan to clean your computer.

  • Cotton Cloth: If you are to find cloth to clean the computer, cotton cloth is the best option. You could just use cotton cloth to wipe the dust and dirt from the computer case, monitor, mouse and keyboard without worrying about leaving the scratch on the components. Plus, cotton cloth is very easy to find around your house as well so that you do not need to spend time going shopping when you plan to clean your computer.
  • Rubbing Alcohol: The best way to clean your computer is moistening the cotton cloth with rubbing alcohol as it could help you wipe away dust faster and easier.
  • Compressed Air Can: Some computer components cannot be reached easily so using compressed air can is also another preferred way for the perfect clean as well as the air could get to the hard-to-reach area better than any other tools.

Things to clean and How to clean:

Cleaning is not enough; cleaning correctly is what you need to keep in mind. Wiping dust and dirt from the outside of keyboard, case and monitor will make your computer appear as new as when you first bought from the store with the perfect performance you have always wanted. Let’s get to know what and how to perfectly clean the components below altogether.

  • Keyboard

How to Clean Your Computer Correctly Keyboard

First, let’s start with keyboard. For your safety and your computer’s safety, always remember to unplug the cable before you start cleaning it. You might need cotton cloth, alcohol or compressed air can to remove dirt from keyboard. Turn the keyboard upside down then gently clean it with the cotton cloth moistened with alcohol. Make sure not to spill alcohol or water on it as it will damage, but if you accidently do so, shut down your computer immediately and let it drain by turning it upside down. Regarding water spillage, all kinds of drink are suggested to be kept away from the keyboard. The other way to clean your keyboard is by using compressed air as even little dust could make way to the keys easily.

  • Mouse


Move on to mouse. There are two types of mouse: the optical mouse and the mechanical mouse. If you still own the mechanical mouse, many steps need to be followed. Again, don’t forget to unplug your mouse from the CPU or monitor. When you turn your mouse upside down, you will see the tracking ball. To remove the tracking ball, you have to turn that outside ring clockwise. As you have the tracking ball, use the cotton cloth to clean the inside of the mouse to make sure that there is no more dust inside. Then, moisten the cotton cloth with alcohol and wiping the tracking ball gently and make sure it is completely dry before putting it back in the mouse. Anyway, luckily for the one who own optical mouse. There is no tracking ball for this one so just pay attention on the light emitter. Little dust could stop your mouse from working smoothly so to avoid experiencing this, simply clean the underneath of the mouse more often or rub it back and forth on the blank piece of paper.

  • Monitor


What’s next? It is going to be the monitor. You might think that monitor is the easiest part to clean, yet there are still many things to bear in mind. Water or any other liquid could get through the monitor easily and could possibly damage some components inside so don’t ever spray the liquid directly to the monitor. Another thing is don’t ever use the glass cleaner. The safest as well as the most recommended method in cleaning the monitor correctly is wiping the screen softly with the cotton cloth that is moistened with water.

  • Computer Case

Computer Case

The back of your computer, the computer case and your working environment should also be taken care of as there could be dusty if being careless. You should also paid attention to the ventilation fans since dust could possibly catch the fan easily. Beside, make sure that there will be no books or something else at the back area of the computers. Your computer will be way healthier if there is nothing block the fan that help avoid the computer from overheating.

If you have never cleaned your computer, do it now for better performance. Cleaning your computer more often to make sure that your computer still works under good conditions with no dust and dirt got chance to ruin the components inside spreading the germs and block the airflow. Cleaning regularly is not enough but cleaning correctly is what you have to keep in mind. Regularly and correctly could make your computer stay healthy for a very long time. We believe that this article could be serve as guide to help you maintain your computer performance and to increase the lifespan of your computer as well.   But again for your safety and your computer safety, unplug all the cable before starting to wipe the dust from the computer.