How to Improve Your Product Photography

When it comes to photography work, there are some tips and tricks that should be taken and put into practice. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional one, the keys that we will present to you below will make your photos look more attractive.

1. Make use of a tripod

The first easy hack for capturing perfect product photos would be the equipment. If you own a tripod, try to make use of it as the tripod can save your time. It is good when you try to capture the photo by yourself as you have the freehand to arrange many other things. The help from tripod can ensure that the quality of the photo is high. Next, it is a great help when taking photos in the awkward position. With the great advantages it offers, investing in a tripod isn’t a waste.

2. Set up a mini studio

lightbox for taking photos

You can set up your own lightbox for taking photos of the small product with ease. When it is hard to get the perfect background and lighting, you can set your mini studio and customize it the way you like. The easier solution is to buy the ready-made studio and add the light stand. The lightbox allows you to have your photos in the perfect condition. You can make up the background that you want quickly too.

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3. Carefully choose the background

Now, it comes to the time that you should take a careful look at the background of the product. Think about the product as well as the use of it. If your product is a water hose, then it is better if you use a garden and colorful flowers as the background. For some products, you can choose to blur the background in order to bring the focus to the main product. Thus far, the classic and simplest background is either black or white.

4. Invest in a good camera

This one goes without saying; the core element of taking the perfect photo is to have a great camera. But the question is “ How to get the right one?” If you wish to get the professional photo, then you should get the professional camera such as a DSLR camera. On the other hand, you can make use of the phone camera along with its countless features. Though, the quality of the phone camera is lower than the DSLR camera, it is acceptable if you want to save your money.

5. Choose the color that matches the theme

It is time for psychology work; it is about adding the right color in order to capture the viewer’s feeling. While each product has different uses, the photo taken to represent it also carries the right theme too. We bet that you want to have the photo that has emotions and hidden meanings inside of it. Try to think of the use of the product then thoroughly pick the right color.

6. Pay a close attention to the lighting

light in studio

Don’t ever take lighting for granted. The key to get sleek and modern looking photos is to use the right shade of light. The right light depends solely on what product we are taking. When taking photos, make sure to try it with different shades of light before selecting the final one. For example, you may want to adjust the light to avoid the background shadow. At the same time, too much light can also alter the shape of the product. For the photos that you use the nature as the background, natural lighting is enough.

7. Try to take the photo in different style

Do an experiment and see which angle and color that suit the product first. You can hang the product in different style as well as change the background of it. The style of the photo can easily change the perspective of the viewers; therefore, this point is very crucial. Besides injecting the ideas of the photographer into the photos, we have to choose the style that show all the pattern and style of the product as well. Because, we know that no one want to buy the product without knowing its detail.

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8. Show the accurate size

As an online shopper, knowing the size of the product is very important. As the risk of buying products in the wrong size is high, it will be better if the right measurement is displayed on the photo. When you take the photos of the product that can come with various sizes, make sure to do it right. Though, it seems like an unintentional mistake, the result can be very misleading. For tackling this case, you should attach the product photo with the ruler, pen or other product that people know its size clearly.

9. Display the details of the product

Besides showing an accurate photo, it is time for displaying the detail of each item. Make sure to capture the photos well and show the parts of the product too. This way, customers can see the details of the item before making a decision. It provides the chance for the customer to take a closer look at it. For this case, you can choose the zoom-in feature, so the viewer can take a closer look at the same photo.

10. Edit and retouch time

photo editing

With all the efforts you have put in capturing the perfect photo, this cannot go well without some skillful retouch. As the good editing skill make the photo look realistic, it is good to always finish your work with the retouch. You need to adjust the effect, remove the unwanted background and enhance the background color. Remember that the post-production work is as important as the process when you take the photos.


As good photos can boost the sales of your business, learn to take the photos right with us. We bet that after knowing all of these hacks, it is the time for you to put these theories into practice. Wait no more, practice these tops today and get ready for stunning photo results.