How to love yourself more than others?

Your life is surrounded by your loved ones, that’s why each and every day, you give your all to them. But the question is, do you love yourself enough yet? We are not trying to stop you from showing your affection to your beloved one; yet we believe that you should also find the right way to give the love that yourself deserves, too. Right now, we come up with the self-loving techniques that you should practice daily.

List Of How to love yourself more than others

1. Compliment yourself

Compliment yourself

If you have a bad habit of putting the blame on yourself, stop it immediately. Instead of stuffing your mind, soul and heart with negative comments, start to let yourself hear the positive voices. Your mind is waiting for the compliment that you should give. No matter how bad the satiation was, you went through this. That’s the reason that you should stay positive and be supportive for yourself. You can start writing encouraging letters to yourself, telling yourself how utterly awesome you are. Much easier, you can just stand in front of the mirror and give yourself self-affirmation works.

2. Forgive your past

Forgive your past

If you go to ask random people from the streets, everyone has an unforgettable past that they find hard to forgive themselves. It’s not just only you who has the past, but it could only be you who can forgive yourself. Learn to accept yourself and be proud of what you have gone through. If you let your past cloud your judgment, you will forever waste your current life living in the past. We bet that you don’t want waste your breath living an unhappy life; this should be the time to walk out of the past.

3. Be grateful for who you are and what you have

Be grateful for who you are and what you have

10 years ago, if you were asked to imagine how your life would be in the next 10 years, we bet that it is far different from your life now. Right now, you are living in the life that you may never imagine of having. We know that you went through a lot of indescribable obstacles in the past. With the life you live and what you have today, you should be grateful for the awesome “You”. Although life can be a little frustrating sometimes, let me remind you that there are many people who don’t have what you are having today.

4. Give yourself a chance to be a better “YOU”

Give yourself a chance to be a better “YOU”

Throughout your life, you give countless chances to the people who don’t even deserve it. At the same time, you don’t give yourself enough chance to fix your own life. This is the time that you should learn to give yourself a second try, a second chance, and a second of everything; because, it is a great chance that can make your life better. If you have an idea of doing something great, do go for it.  Do not let the uncertainty chase your big dream away. Enroll in classes, take new courses, and do social works are probably what you should do.

5. Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself

Remind yourself that all things are possible. If you don’t even believe in yourself, then who will? You have to identify your ability and allow yourself to do the thing that you are worthy of. Do what you are interested in and give yourself the opportunity to explore it. If you want to compete in any competition, than go for it. That’s because the greatest motivation isn’t the extrinsic motivation; but it is more likely to be the intrinsic one.

6. Take time for yourself

Take time for yourself

The gift that you can give yourself is the quiet time which is far from the judgmental world. Go for a solo trip and grab the chance to get in touch with your inner soul. Let your inner voice speak and guide you out from the dark. When you get to learn and appreciate your life more, we can ensure you that it is the self-love that you need. Taking the time for yourself is also a wise choice for reflecting on what you have done so far too. For those who wish to have the time alone, a getaway probably what you need.

7. Lead a less serious life

Lead a less serious life

The key question here is, why everyone tends to be so serious? Well, if the things you planed don’t go the way you think, so what? Not everything goes well just for the fact that you plan it; the best way to live your life is to be flexible and get ready for it. Don’t tie yourself with the miserable life that is full of disappointments. You are the master of your life; you should be the one who decide how you feel. Don’t give the chance for any undesirable situation to drag you down.

8. Distance yourself from what make you down

Distance yourself from what make you down

It doesn’t matter if it is the situation or people, if you find yourself happy, distance yourself from them immediately. The common mistake of us is we keep lying to ourselves that if we give attention to others, they will pay it back. Why do we need to wait for the care and love that other gives you? This is the time for giving yourself the love and attention that you deserve. If you find yourself in this pitiful situation, step away from it. Go out and meet other people, get yourself into a new supportive circle.

9. Do something that makes you feel happy

Do something that makes you feel happy

There should be no room for sadness, you should just spend your life taking a long deep breath and be happy. If you find the hobby that can make your life happier; then go for it. Despite the stressful life that we have, we can always find the way to do the little yet meaningful thing for ourselves. Little things do mater.


We have all been there; we all have gone through the bad days; we have the days that we were super down. The key is to give yourself the support that you personally crave for. With these little tips we provided, hopefully, you will find the right way to love yourself more than others.

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