TOP 10 Best Industrial Air Compressors For Your Workshop in 2021

Many of us use air compressors for specific industries. As a result, an air compressor is not commonly seen for household uses. There is a thing with an air compressor. It uses energy source to absorb air from environment and pressure into a tank so as to release the pressured air.

There are a lot of advantages with industrial air compressors. Divers need air so as the automobile industry needs pressurized air from those industrial air compressors to make painting and industrial air compressor and dryer. There are a lot and a lot of benefits one can apply to relevant industries.

Thus, an air compressor doesn’t make air of its own. They just absorb and compress air into a pressurized tank. Without further due, here are the ten best industrial air compressors in 2021 with a product buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Industrial Air Compressors in 2021

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10. DeWalt large air compressor

 DeWalt DXCMH9919910

Dewalt can be a favorite air compressor for our industries. There is something with it. The product runs on a 10 horsepower motor that is very powerful to absorb and pressurize air into the tank. Users find it helpful as it releases air with power

Additionally, it is constructed with cast iron so as for Dewalt to become smooth in operation and durable for uses. Furthermore, users can start the air compressor with a magnetic starter that keeps things easy as it saves time not to waste for operating the machine. It has a total weight of 900 pounds.

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9. Honda industrial air compressor

13 HP Honda GX390 Truck

Honda offers a 30-gallon tank for pressured air. That’s a fairly huge amount for the air compressor. Furthermore, Honda runs on a 13-horsepower motor that is a powerful motor for all of us as users to start the air compressor.

It is an excellent air compressor as it is constructed with cast iron and black powder coating. All in all, it is a well-reputed brand in the tech and heavy industries.

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8. California Air vertical air compressor

 California Air Tools

Users find favorite with California Air air compressor with some reasons. It makes one of the quietest air compressor in the industry as the product produces only 70 dB of sound. It makes functioning the air compressor for varied industrial uses easy and not bothering your peers.

Furthermore, the motor runs on 2.0 horse power that is very ideal for a medium-sized California Air air compressor. The quiet compressor weighs 82.5 pounds that is also a medium-sized weight.

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7. Industrial Air commercial air compressor

 Industrial Air ILA1883054

You will like Industrial Air. It is casted with heavy-duty iron that gives solid weight and makes it long-lasting for years of uses in industries. Furthermore, it has a 30 gallons capacity for the tank. Tires come along so as for all of us as users to move around Industrial Air.

What’s more, there is no worry that the little air compressor doesn’t meet your standard of households. It applies 120-voltage standard just like others of your electronic accessories. We will find it convenient to use as there is on and off switch alongside a pressure gauge for you to see the level of air pressure.

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6. North Star industrial compressor

 NorthStar Single-Stage

North Star is a flexible industrial air compressor all of us will find beneficial. It runs on a two-horsepower motor that is fairly powerful to absorb and compress air. Moreover, it is casted with iron. Consequently, we all as users can use it for years because of the solid material quality.

What’s more, it has a six-feet cord that let you apply your household voltage standard of 115v.

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5. Industrial Air stand up air compressors

Industrial Air IL1682066

Industrial Air makes up an air compressor that runs on a 1.6 horsepower motor. It easily matches your household electric standard as it is a 120-v industrial air compressor. Users can make it to a 240-volt application. Thus, we all as users can easily flip between one or another just in case our home either applies the 120 or 240-voltage application.

Additionally, Industrial Air is casted with iron. We as users find the cast iron a solid and quality material. Moreover, the tank stands in vertical. There are wheels with tires constructed from pneumatic, so users can move it around. It is a UL certified air compressor that promises high quality for you as users.

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4. CampBell upright air compressor

Campbell Hausfeld

CampBell is a powerful industrial air compressor. It runs on a 3.7 horsepower motor, on one hand. It fits with 230-volt application system, on the other hand.

Just because it has a 3.7-horsepower motor, you should miss the part that it is a 230-v electric system.

It can accept 60 gallons of compressed air with it. It is a 90-PSI and 175-PSI rated industrial air compressor for years of uses.

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3. Dewalt 2 big air compressor

 DeWalt DXCMV5048055

Dewalt 2 can find itself a beneficial air compressor. It runs on a 5-horsepower motor that is very powerful. Furthermore, it meets with 230-voltage standard.

Some households don’t have this electric standard. We thus should not choose Dewalt2 if our electric standard does not apply with the voltage system belonged to the product.

Users will get two-year warranties with limits from it. That important part is that it is casted with iron for the product’s quality. Its total weight is 470 pounds.

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2. IV7538075 heavy duty air compressors

IV7538075 can be a solid and useful air compressor with some reasons. First, it has patented pump so as for making it cool running. Moreover, an overload protection is attached as it is an electric motor. The protection is for users’ safety as it can avoid heating.

Plus, the air compressor gets us 80 gallons of air. Users will see the switch on and off for communicating the function of it.

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1. Air Contractor industrial air compressors

 Industrial Air Contractor

Air Contractor runs on a five-horsepower motor that is powerful to pressure air inside the industrial air compressor brands. It is a 155 PSI-rated so as for optimal use of it. Additionally, it is a good air compressor when you want to blow clean, finish nailing and more.

Lastly, it weights 76.1 pounds that is a solid weight for it.

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Buying Guide

Powerful Motor: We should find air compressor with powerful motor. That can range from a one-horsepower motor to 15-horsepower motor. No matter what, it makes an excellent product with a powerful motor because the pressurized air can blow with strong speed that can be beneficial for industrial uses. It’s good to compress air inside the tank as well.

Heavy-Duty Construction Materials: The air compressor should be constructed with cast iron. The material is a solid and heavy-duty material for us as users. It makes years of uses for the air compressor. What’s more, the heavy-duty material along with powder coating makes it rustproofed.

Wheels: Wheels with quality tires keep things simple. There is a thing or two with it. The wheels make easy move for the air compressor from one place to another. As we will use in industries, it is easy to move it from one point to another in a very short distance.

Solid Weight: The product makes solid weight. An industrial air compressor should be heavy-duty, and by heavy-duty, it means the air compressor is a heavy product as your go-to industrial air compressor.

Voltage Standard: Many of the mentioned air compressors apply 110-voltage standard as these industrial air compressors are electric. On the other side of the aisle, some products are relevant with between 220 and 240-volte standards only. Please see the choice with cares.

Operations: Many of us are already acquainted with the applications of it. As a result, there is no big deal for us as users to choose the right industrial air compressor that fits with our demands such as blow cleaning or finish nailing because varied applications require different industrial air compressor. It can make or break a quality air compressor whenever you know your personal demands.


An industrial air compressor is beneficial in a variety of industries. It’s hard to list its advantages for those industries because there are a lot. No matter what, it comes down to pressurized air inside the tank so as to make energy boost when you start to release air. That makes strong for many applications

Users should see some relevant qualities for qualified air compressor. Those qualities are such as powerful motor at least 1 horsepower, heavy-duty construction material such as cast iron, wheels for moving the industrial air compressor around, solid weight as it also makes a heavy-duty air compressor as well as lastly the voltage standard whether it is applicable with your households or not.

As a matter of fact, quality of air compressors is important. It should perform excellently by blowing out air with forces. It’s up to us to how much force we want to use the pressurized air that is varied in industries. Nonetheless, a 1 or 1.5-horsepower motor is still a minimal requirement.

All in all, please consider features in the product buying guide along with your personal experience to make a consideration. If you don’t have experience, you may seek advice from your friends. As often, people use industrial air compressor in many industries, so there must be someone of your colleagues or friends who know a thing or two about it. We hope you trust us as one of your friends and our industrial air compressor reviews as well.


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