TOP 10 Best Nail Guns in 2020 – [Review and Guide]

It is always a wise idea to have a nail gun in the house. This is because we can use it for both DIY projects and household construction. The nail gun is dedicated to driving the nail into the desired depth you prefer with a variety of depth settings. In this article, we have prepared a list of the top 10 best nail guns. Please go through them one by one carefully in order to see which one suits your demand more.

List Of Top 10 Best Nail Guns in 2020

10. Hitachi NT65M25

 Hitachi NT65M2S

To unveil the list, we have this nail gun from Hitachi. This HPT version is the same as the Power Tools version. It comes with less depth so that users can make adjustments to the drive depth very easily. It is equipped with an air duster button that enables air to go through the nailing function. After that, it lets the air escape in order to blow away dust and dirt on the working surface.

It features an ergonomic grip, and it enables you to hold with comfort and security. There is a flip switch on this nail gun where you can make transitions among different modes. When there is a jam there is a quick nail release function to extract the nail out.

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Over here let us have a look at this nail gun from CRAFTSMAN. This V20 model is a cordless nail gun with 18-gauge nails. The cordless design is easy and convenient because it does not require the presence of hoses, compressors as well as gas cartridges. The firing power is made to be consistent no matter what climate conditions. This is also applied to any materials you use as well.

You can customize the setting to get a desired result based on your personal demands. The depth of the nail is customizable. It promotes both efficiency and ease of use in order for users to work with convenience.

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DEWALT Air Compressor

This nail gun combo kit from DEWALT can cater to a variety of needs. It is compatible with 18-gauge nails, and they can drive a depth range between 5/8 inch and 2 inches. It is operated based on a compressor with a pressure of 90PSI. The tank of the gallon is 22.7 liters, and the maximum pressure is 165PSI.

It does not require any tools to drive the nail, and it features a jam release function. The jam release function is important when it comes to jam time.

Moreover, it comes with a low noise design with the noise level of only 75.5dB. If you are not sure how to use the nail gun, you can refer to the instruction manual.

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7. Neu Master

Electric Brad Nailer

This nail gun from Neu Master looks good in its green color design. However, color is not the only strength, but it also comes with many great features. It has a 2-in-1 design because it serves as both a nail gun and a staple gun. Yet, it does not require the help of any additional tools, including hoses and compressors.

It has a wide application since it can work with many projects, including picture framing, window molding and drywall installation. It is highly recommended to have this nail gun in the house because it is convenient for all household projects. It also has a flawless finish with the rubber nose style.

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6. Valu-Air

Valu-Air SF5040

Valu-Air is one of the best considerations for a nail gun. This nail gun is suitable for 18-gauge nails and crown stables. Therefore, it is a nail gun and a stapler at the same time. It is made of aluminum alloy, and therefore, it has a lightweight body. Its overall weight is only 3.2 pounds. It is compatible with the working pressure range between 70 and 110PSI.

You can customize the driving depth based on the settings provided. This does not require the involvement of any other tools. It also features a quick release for a jam time. The rubber tip is fully adjustable with the rotation ability of up to 360 degrees. The whole kit is stored in a carry case provided in the set.

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 BOSTITCH Coil Siding

It’s time for us to shift our attention to this nail gun from BOSTITCH. It is designed for both wire and plastic nails, and the magazine capacity is up to 300. The depth of the nail is fully adjustable, and you can customize the setting based on your demands very quickly. The depth can be customized within a breeze only.

Moreover, this nail gun is built with a soft and smooth rubber foot in order to prevent any kinds of scratches and damages on the working surface, especially the soft wooden one. The exhaust is also adjustable, and therefore, it can be directed away from the users to prevent any accidents. It is made of aluminum, but it is strong and lightweight at the same time.

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Framing Nailer

Another exceptional choice for a nail gun is from WETOLS. This nail gun comes with a multifunctional design as it can work as both a nail gun and staple gun.

It is very easy to clear when the nail is stuck inside. You can pull the metal channel down with convenience in order to remove the nail and get it work as normal again.

It is made of premium carbon steel, and the steel is thick enough to last as long as you wish. This is also because of the spring-back impact. It is compatible with users at all ages, including adults and children who wish to do their own DIY projects.

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For this nail gun from PORTER-CABLE, it comes with a cordless design, and there is a battery included in this set. There is no need for a compressor for you to work with this nail gun tool because it is operated based on battery.

Hose and gas cartridges can be eliminated from the operation as well.
The nail gun is designed with a higher productivity because it has a release level as well as a jam release function. This is important when it comes to jam time. Moreover, the depth of the nail is fully adjustable depending on how deep you want it to go into the surface. The battery is rechargeable when it runs out of battery to use.

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2. NuMax

NuMax SFR2190

This NuMax nail gun is a must-have for DIY lovers. It is very easy to nail using this nail gun because it has a durable, lightweight and ergonomic body. The handle is strong, secure and comfortable as well. it is ideal for both professionals and beginners who would like to involve in DIY projects or any professional construction.

The nail gun is powerful, and it can be used for a variety of working surfaces.

This is the reason why it is used for framing with convenience. Some people also integrate this tool as part of flooring and roofing project tools.

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1. WEN

 WEN 61721 18-Gauge

The nail gun that tops the list is from WEN. It is a professional nail gun that works with an 18-gauge nail that has a length between 3/8 inch and 2 inches.

The operation pressure is seen between 60 and 115 PSI depending on how deep you want it to go into. The depth adjustment is based on a wheel provided.

The nose latch has a hassle-free design, and therefore, users can clear the nails inside with convenience if there is a jam. The whole release process is both easy and convenient. It is even quick enough to save you a lot of time and effort as well.

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Buying Guide

If you do not choose the right nail gun, you are risking damaging the whole project. This is the reason why we seriously recommend you look at the buying advice below to find the ideal nail gun.

Material: the nail gun is used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Therefore, it should be lightweight and durable at the same time. Most nail guns are made of aluminum alloy and carbon steel that guarantee for the best durability in the long run.

Depth adjustment: a high-quality nail gun should provide the settings for depth adjustment. This is important because users can customize how deep they want the nail to go into. Otherwise, it might not work well with the whole project.

Jam release: No matter we work with nails or staples, it is still time that the nail will stick inside. This is when the jam release function comes into place.


In short, we have demonstrated the main characteristics of the top 10 best nail guns. We really hope that you can get the best nail gun to work with both personal and professional projects and get them done with a perfect result.

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