TOP 10 Best Office Shredder in 2021 – Reviews and Guides

An office shredder refers to a machine used to shred important documents, which are not needed anymore yet have to be demolished for privacy purposes.

In fact, an office shredder of an appropriate size also comes in handy for household use. In this article, we are going to look at the top 10 best office shredders of various sizes and features which can cater to an array of purposes. Now, let’s see what we’ve got:

List Of Top 10 Best Office Shredder in 2021

10. Boxis Auto-shred Shredder

This one is an essential for most offices. The speed of this machine is up to 19.7 fpm, so it can complete larger shredding tasks with ease. The full capacity of this product is up to 14 gallon, and it is known to be the right size and product for use in an office and home.

For the added convenience of the user, this machine comes with a dustbin for keeping the shredded waste as well. This way, you will not need to take the waste out very often. Better than many choices, it is a user-friendly product that produces low noise.

Key Features:

  • Can be used manually without electricity
  • The noise from this machine is as low as 65dB or lower
  • The durable blade can cut the thin paper and credit card
  • The shredding capacity is 10 sheets of A4 paper

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9. Fellowes micro cut shredder

The next product you are going to hear from us goes to this Fellowes brand. This one is the best office shredder ever you can get at this amazing price. There are many great features given by this product, the first one is the hassle-free feature of it. To make sure that you can operate it without any disruption, this shredder can run automatically. This way, you will never need to push it into the machine at all. It is also nice to know that the full capacity of it is 150 sheets.

However, there is another option you can use with it as well. You can manually use it when there is no electricity, and the manual capacity of it is 8 sheets. Another great point of it is, it can even destroy the hard credit card, staple, paper clip and more. The waste bin of this machine can hold up to 8.5 gallon of wasted paper. Don’t hesitate anymore, we guarantee that it is the right product to have on your desk.

Key Features:

  • It is known to be the fast and accurate machine to shred papers
  • The blade of the shredder is ready to deal with the hard item such as credit card, paper clip and thin paper
  • Without needing your help, this shredder can run automatically
  • The waste bin capacity is as high as 8.5 gallon
  • It is also backed by a 5-year warranty

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8. Kensington microcut shredder

With the aim to offer you the utmost convenience, Kensington is here to introduce to you the perfect crosscut shredder for office use. This product is the ideal choice for using in the office, school and personal use. You will be safe when using this product as it is the auto feed shredder. The load capacity of this product is up to 300 sheets, making it the right option for cutting many sheets at one go. We bet that some document is very important; therefore, this office shredder is built in with a 4-digit pin lock for keeping your documents safe all the time.

More than this, with its self-cleaning feature, you will never be concerned about the jam anymore. It is also good to know that it can run up to 16 minutes and still keep the machine from overheating. The bin is up to 11 gallons; so you might not need to empty it often.

Key Features:

  • It is built in with the self-cleaning feature
  • The 4 digit lock will keep your document private all the time
  • The light indicator is there to give you the alert when the waste bin is full
  • Can run for 16 minutes continuous without concerning about overheating
  • The load capacity of it is up to 300 sheets.

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7. AmazonBasics Home-office Shredder

Equipped with many great features, this is the incredible product from AmazonBasics brand. First of all, this product is a shredder which can work with many types and sizes of paper. The maximum paper load of this product is up to 24 sheets. Meaning that it can keep up to 20 pounds of paper at once without any concern. Please be informed that there are 4 modes you can choose for different uses. Those are auto, off, reverse and forward.

Compared to many products, this one is run up to 40 to 50 minutes nonstop. If you feel frustrated about the jam, it is the time to choose this since it can automatically reverse. With this product, you will never worry about papers getting stuck.

Key Features:

  • Designed for using both automatically and manually
  • The LED indicator is ready to show you the status of the machine
  • There are 4 different modes that it can operate on
  • Comes with a  1-year warranty
  • The wastebasket capacity is 7 gallons

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6. Wolverine

Wolverine introduces to you a great product which is a top-rated office shredder. This one is a heavy-duty product that can shred all types of paper along with the hard items. Those include credit card, clip, staple, and more. The maximum number of papers it can shred at one time is 15 sheets.

More awesome than this, it is also a high speed product as well. It can shred up to 200 sheets in just 60 seconds. As a great point, if you need the shredder that can finish the task in less time, this one is what you should choose. Please be informed that there are dual thermal protectors; therefore, the quality of it lasts for a long time.

Key Features:

  • It is a shredder that produces low noise
  • The size and feature of it is perfect to use in the office
  • The jam reverse system is installed to avoid paper jams
  • The high speed feature allows you to shred more papers in little time
  • The clear waste bin allows you to see what’s disposed easily

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5. Bonsai crosscut paper and credit-card shredder

The next product is this Bonsai paper and credit-card shredder. This one is a powerful product that can assist your shredding task. The first great point of it is, it can shred the paper into the small pieces under it that are unreadable. This will ensure that your document will be kept in private all the time. If you need to destroy the credit card and CD, this one can work on this too.

The capacity of the waste bin is up to 6 gallons, so it is perfect for using at home and office. For your information, this machine can run continuously for 60 minutes. It also comes with see-through window that you can look into if the wastebin has been full.

Key Features:

  • It can cut papers into ultra small particles
  • It is equipped with jam proof system that can be auto-reversed
  • This smart device can run continuously for 60 minutes
  • Maximum of cross-cut shredder is 18 sheets or 20lbs

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4. ideal.

IDEAL aims to give you the best product at an affordable price, and this is the office shredder that will capture your heart. First of all, this one is designed for everyone in your office. There are many features and capacity; the unit can withstand the uses of 10 users very well. This heavy duty product is great for shredding various items such as paper, credit card, staples and more.

The shredding capacity that it offers is up to 25 sheets of paper; this means that within one minute, it can shred up to 491 sheets. Don’t worry about the quality of it since it is built to last.

Key Features:

  • It is designed for many users in the department, floor, office and more
  • The capacity of this product is high, so it is perfect for shredding paperS and hard items
  • This shredder can cut up to 25 sheets at a time
  • The lifetime warranty is also given

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3. BOXIS AF700

We have spotted another product and it is known as THIS BOXIS paper shredder. This product is the high capacity product that can shred up to 700 sheets. More than this, the shredded documents will be in small particles that they cannot be read. The large capacity of it is great for using in the office too. Don’t worry, though you share this shredder with others, your documents will be safe.

With this product, you will never need to wait around anymore. Just put papers in and dial the security code to make it start working. The noise level produced by this paper shredder is as low as 65 dB. The capacity of the bin is 14 gallons.

Key Features:

  • The load capacity of this product as up to 700 sheets
  • It will automatically work when you close the lid and put the cord
  • The reverse mode is built in for avoiding the paper jam
  • No worry about the noise as the noise level is as low as 65 dB
  • Longer running time up to 60 minutes

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2. Bonsaii

For those who are looking for the best paper shredder for your office, this product is what you need to get. This Bonsaii paper shredder can run up to 30 minutes without stopping. The cooling system of it will make sure that it works without concern. The capacity of this product is quite good; it can shred 14 sheets of papers at the same time.

What’s more, this product is built in with the reverse function for avoiding the jam easily, You will never need to clean it up at all since the self-cleaning function is built in. The wastebasket of this product is up to 4.5 gallons.

Key Features:

  • This product can cut up to 3500 sheets of papers easily
  • It can operate the silent way without any disruption
  • There are many you can choose to avoid jams
  • The LED indicator alerts you when the shredder is overloaded
  • a 1-year limited warranty is given

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1. MBM

The last product is brought to you by Destroyit by MBM, MBM brand. This one has passed the security level; therefore, it is safe to use at home and office. The speed of this product is up to 25 ft in a minute. More than this, papers that it shreds will be in small particles. As a great point, it can keep your information and documents private.

Please note that it can cut up to 26 sheets of paper at the same time. In one minute, this paper shredder can destroy up to 650 pages.

Key Features:

  • It ensures that you can finish your task in little time since it can shred up to 26 sheets
  • This machine is well protected from getting overloaded and overheated
  • Can be used to destroy hard items such as CDs, credit cards and more.
  • You will get a lifetime warranty when you make a purchase

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With all the products we introduced above, we believe that choosing the right product for using in the office isn’t hard anymore. The features of each product are different, so take time to choose one that meets your needs the most.

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