How To Setup Locks on Portable Gun Safe – [Consumers’ Guide]

Gun safe is very important for all the gun owners for myriads of reasons. The priority is for safety. You can securely keep your gun in the gun safe, and thus it helps keeping your gun out of your kid’s reach. The gun safe ensures that your children will never be able access to it, thereby preventing from leading to any unfortunate incidents. Another reason of having a gun safe would be a good organizing and easy access to your weapon. By putting your gun in the safe, you can easily find it and organize it tidily in your room. Along with having a gun safe, it is also pretty significant that you lock the safe securely and properly if you do not want anyone than you access to it. Generally, the gun safe comes in many different forms of securing locks, such as putting fingerprint, passcode, as well as key locks.

Are you having a hard time setting up the lock, by the passcode or fingerprint, for your portable gun safe? In this article, we will provide a little guide on how you can setup the fingerprint on portable gun safe, and how to change code on your portable gun safe accordingly. We see benefits of how setup locks for gun safe is.

How set up a fingerprint electronic car biometric portable gun safe?

The setting up the fingerprint electronic car biometric portable gun safe can be differed through its brand and features. Below is a simple guide allowing to easily register your fingerprint, and it’s generally matching with most of the gun safe brands:

  • Click on the enroll button on the gun safe
  • Print your fingerprint on the copying part on the safe (print many times as required by the safe type accordingly)
  • After printing your finger properly on the safe as many times as required, your fingerprint is successfully register
  • Now you can use your fingerprint to unlock the safe.

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How to change code on portable gun safe?

If you are using numerical electronic lock for your portable gun safe and forget your current password and would like to change your password, the below information is for you.

To change your password, you have to:

  • First, keeping your safe door open
  • Click “zero” on the keypad up to the number of your current digit lock combination. For instance, if you use three-digit password, press “zero” for three times. For six-digit, press “zero” for six times.
  • After that, press new safe combination password for two times to confirm
  • Lastly, the safe will beep when the new password has been successfully registered.

You may read its manual guide for more accurate information accordingly.


Having gun safe helps you protected your gun from children or theft, for it is not easy to break into a portable gun safe. However, setup locks for gun safe is a must that you put it locked properly to prevent others from accessing into it.

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