TOP 10 Most Powerful Aircrafts in the World

The Air Force is one of the most important components of a nation’s military power. Even in this peaceful modern era, countries still continue to search for new technology to strengthen their military power, and therefore, the power of an aircraft becomes more and more significant. However, to determine how powerful an aircraft is, various factors are taken into evaluation. These factors include performance, specification and technology.

So, based on the criteria, below are the top 10 most powerful military or fighter aircrafts in the world.

List Of Top 10 Most Powerful Aircrafts in the World

10. Mikoyan MiG-31BM

Mikoyan MiG-31BM

Mikoyan MiG-30BM is the latest version of Mikoyan MiG series, and it is part of Russian Air Force. The Mikoyan MiG series began their flight on March 21, 1996, yet this 31BM version was projected in 2010. Back then, there were up to 50 planes that were upgraded to 31BM standard with a 2.6 times higher efficiency.

In terms of the performance, the farthest detection range is projected at 320 kilometers, and the aircraft is able to target 10 objects at the same time. It has a major role in eliminating radar and airing to ship and ground missiles.

The maximum speed of the aircraft is measured at 3000 kilometers per hour, with a cruise speed of 2500km/h. Until now, it maintains the world record of using 424 minutes in the air to cover a distance of 8000 kilometers.

9. McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle was designed in 1967, and it is primarily used by the United States Air Force. Its first flight was in 1972, and despite many years, it is still considered as one of the most powerful aircrafts in the world because it has brought more than 100 victories with not even one loss in previous aerial combats.

This aircraft comes with a twin engine. It is powerful enough to deliver both air to air and ground missions regardless of the condition of the surrounding environment. The flight speed is 2 times more than the sound speed. For example, in only 60 seconds, the aircraft can climb as high as 31,000 feet or 9,100 meters.

For the payload, on the other hand, it can support the maximum capacity of 23,000lbs, which include some heavy weapon systems, such as JDAM and AMRAAM.

8. Sukhoi Su-35

Sukhoi Su-35

The Russian Sukhoi series was first introduced in 1988, yet the Sukhoi Su-35 version began its first flight in 2014. It is known as the 4++ generation aircraft.

The major responsibilities of Sukhoi Su-35 are anti-radiation, anti-ship, air to surface and air to air missiles.

This modernized version of aircraft is known for the upgraded cockpit as well weapon control function. It also includes the thrust-vectoring engine to make it a powerful fighter aircraft. Despite its origin in Russia, it is adopted by many countries in the world.

In terms of the speed, the flight features the maximum speed of 2400 km/h or 1500 mph. The cruise speed is measured at 1250km/h with a combat range of 1600km at the maximum. More significantly, it is able to deliver a large number of weapons because the maximum carrying capacity is 8000kg.

7. Dassault Rafale

Dassault Rafale

Dassault Refale belongs to French AirForce and Navy. In a military meaning, the name refers to the “gust of wind” or “burst of fire” since it is capable of performing aerial reconnaissance, air supremacy, anti-ship fire, ground support and nuclear deterrence tasks. This modernized fighter comes with top level of agility and maximized maneuverability.

On the technology side, the Rafale version is upgraded with reduced RCS, or radar cross section to reduce the visibility in order to minimize threat. The cockpit was made using the principle of data fusion to centralized computer performance with simpler and easier commands.

In terms of the real battle, the most significant battle of Dassault Rafale was the Operation Serval in 2013, which was to intervene with the overseas battle between Mali and Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa.

6. Eurofighter Typhoon

Eurofighter Typhoon

Just as its name mentions, the Eurofighter Typhoon originated as a collaboration of multiple countries in European Union, including UK, Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

The aircraft is a fighter jet majoring in low speed attacks. The design aims for stability, and it is controlled by a fly-by-wire system, which is also known as a “carefree” process for pilots to permit maneuver. The original design was equipped with a radar cross section to appear invisible to the radar target. In addition, it features a high workload, which is capable of a wide range of fire missions, including air to air and air to ground missiles.

Despite a variety of accidents throughout the years, it is still one of the most powerful aircrafts in the world and one of the most important components of European air force in the 21st century.

5. Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is a twin engine and multirole fighter aircraft, which belongs to the United States Navy. It is known as the most effective and advanced derivatives of the D Hornet and F/A-18/C series.

The Super Hornet is capable of carrying air to air and air to surface missiles with an M61 rotary canon. The capabilities of the aircraft have been tested using more than 3,100 flights. It reduces approximately 50% of visibility in the track of radar cross-section. This large reduction in radar track is a significant turning point of the upgraded version.

4. Chengdu J-20

Chengdu J-20

Moving onto Chengdu J-20 from China, it is a relatively young version of aircraft, which was introduced into military service in 2017 by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

One of the most important features of this craft is in targeting and communication systems. It enables data link with other military platforms during the service, including airborne warning drones and other electro-optic sensors.

It features a long and medium range fight, which is capable of major ground attack. There is a weapon bay in the internal body of the fighter for short range missiles in air to air context. Interestingly, it is designed against the 5th generation fighters, such as the F-22 Raptor, but it comes with a more sophisticated design, for example, a larger fuel tank and weapon bay.

3. Sukhoi Su-57

Sukhoi Su-57

Now, coming to Sukhoi Su-57, it is a modernized fighter aircraft from Russia. It is a single seat jet fighter yet equipped with twin engines. It is produced by the PAK FA as a 5th generation fighter to the Russian Air Force.

As projected, it is claimed to be the first jet fighter to be equipped with stealth technology in Russia ‘s military history. The upgraded super cruise, stealth as well as supermaneuverability are known to be the more effective features compared to the previous versions, such as MiG29 and Sukhoi Su-27.

With an extensive lifetime of 35 years, it comes with both vertical and horizontal stabilizers to control the air attack. It also uses the most advanced control system for flight to upgrade the aircraft with departure-resistant features. The weapon bays lie in two sides which carry out external storage.

2. Lockheed Martin F-35

Lockheed Martin F-35

Lockheed Martin F-35 is part of American aircraft family. It is a single seat and single engine jet fighter with multiple roles. It is responsible for air superiority as well as strike missions during the warfare.

This Martin F-35 version is derived from the precedent X-35, which was designed to beat the Boeing X-32. The development was funded by the United States and other allies in NATO. It joined the service in 2015, and it is planned to serve the military service until 2070.

It is mainly designed for air to air attack, which was declared by USMC. It can also stop air support of the opponents, and it is capable of tactical bombing. The latest version of this aircraft was used in Israel against Syria.

1. Lockheed Martin / Boeing F-22 Raptor

Lockheed Martin / Boeing F-22 Raptor

Last but not least, Boeing F-22 Raptor is ranked 1st in the powerful aircraft list. It is also part of the United States air force. Interestingly, it is known to be the most expensive aircraft even in the production history with the most advanced technology design. It was first introduced in 2013, and it is only used in the US.

It is capable of long range attacks, and the US has designed this for the purpose of restoring the technological edge. Compared to the F-35 model mentioned above, it is a larger jet fighter with twin engines.

This fifth generation design is compatible with a wide range of missions, including reconnaissance, surveillance, attack and other warfare purposes.


In conclusion, we have fulfilled your curiosity by introducing the top ten most powerful aircrafts in the world. As we have known, the United States, Russia and China are the top 3 most powerful militaries in the world, and therefore, these aircrafts are mostly centered in these nations. Nevertheless, they still continue to develop on a more and more advanced technology basis to create what is known as cutting edge.

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