Russia Vs. The United States – Who Would Win? Military Comparison

Russia Vs. The United States

Russia and the United States are the on the top most powerful militaries that can be found in the world. Russia is the second holder while America is the top one. When these two countries are compared, it is hard to distinguish which will win or lose.

Russia Vs. The United States

Russia Vs. The United States – Who Would Win? Military Comparison when GDP is the matter?

When GDP is the concern, even though that America has a $664 billion defense budget and Russia has a $47 billion defense budget. Still, Russia gives higher GDP which is 3.9% while America has 2.4%.

When the population is the matter, America has 321 million total populations which are much higher than Russia that has 143 million total populations. When it comes to fit of services, Russia has 147 million while America has 120 million. The active frontline personnel of America is 1.4 million which makes it more advanced with Russia, but when reserve personnel is the case, the latter wins with 2.5 million.

For the production, Russia comes at the top because the country consumes 3.3 million per day, unlike America 19 million bpd. The consumption that Russia made which is lesser than America lets them produce 10 million per day and has reserves of 800 billion barrels.

Russia Vs. The United States – Who Would Win? Military Comparison on ships and submarines

Both countries are blessed with great numbers of ships and submarines that they can use for military purposes. America has more aircraft carriers, frigates, destroyers, and submarines. On the other hand, Russia is more advanced when regarding Corvettes, coastal defense crafts, and mine warfares. Both countries are lacking when ships and submarines are the matter.

As for the tanks, Russia wins since it has a great number of tanks than America except for the Armored Fighting Vehicle since the United States has more of it. But all in all, Russia is has a big number of tanks in its military. Also, America may have been lost to the number of tanks, but the country has 13,444 aircraft than Russia that only has 3,547.

Both countries are the best when militaries are the subject, and both are equipped with a great number of necessities for defense or war purposes. It is hard to determine which country will win but when you based it on the wars involved, Russia is more experienced and has been through a lot than America which falls short. But for the allies, America has a lot of allies than Russia.

Russia Vs. The United States Infographics 

Russia Vs. The United States - Who Would Win? Military Comparison