Top 10 Best Ab Roller Wheels in 2019

We believe you have some knowledge about Ab roller wheels and how they work, right? But, that is not the only thing to store in your mind when going to shop for one. Today, most individuals have realized the existence of cost-efficient equipment which performs exclusively well in maintaining your fitness and health. We have therefore categorized the Top 10 Best Ab roller wheels in 2019.

Best Ab Roller Wheels in 2019

10. VIM 3-Wheel Triangular Ab Roller

VIM 3-Wheel Triangular Ab Roller

When it comes to choosing the best innovative Ab roller Wheel especially for beginners, VIM 3-wheel triangular Roller is a perfect choice. It is very stable, a feature that ensures its stability whenever you are working out. It includes floor stopper wedge which improves safety and also enables a wide variety of workouts by positioning it strategically at your tolerance edge.

Most workout Ab roller does not come with a hand protector, but in our case, this tool has the rubberized soft-grip handles which minimize hand fatigue as the remaining slip-free uniforms in sweatiest home workout situations. The material used for construction is a premium design which is highly durable, and the included foam knee pad bring comfort.

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  • Summary

The triangular shaped design adds on the stability of this item while in use and the floor stopper wedge guarantees pause whenever you don’t want a given distance to be exceeded. It is a perfect work out tool for home fitness.


  • The handles are rubberized
  • The materials construction is high quality
  • It is a perfect tool for newbies

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9. SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic Strength & Ab Trainer

SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic Strength & Ab Trainer

One major factor to face in your selection of a suitable Ab trainer is the ability to develop dynamic core strength. These muscles need to be toned from the entire midsection in a variety of angles at once. Here, SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic Strength & Ab Trainer works to its maximum order in perfecting the training. It targets the upper area of the body and permits the lots of push-up variations.

Also, it works on the pillar strengths which are the shoulders, hips, and torso in a variety of workouts. To touch on the wheels, they move together from each side for easy control and safety measures. These Ab trainers are what you should opt to purchase.

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  • Summary

This particular Ab trainer enhances push-up and traditional plank exercises and targets the upper area of the body. It works well in the development of pillar strength and dynamic core strength of the entire midsection all at once. It is safe for use, and no injuries are predictable throughout the workout session.


  • They aid in development of dynamic core strength
  • The wheels move together for safety and control enhancement
  • They are portable and lightweight

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8. Fitnessery Ab Roller for Ab Workout

Fitnessery Ab Roller for Ab Workout

Personal training is one thing most people love, and Fitnessery Ab Roller complements gym and general workouts. The quality is excellent, and it comes with outstanding pieces of home workouts. Its construction is top notch, with robust and durable material that ensures a long term of use in intense exercise sessions compared to customized equipment.

This personal trainer helps you build bigger and stronger six pack abs, improve your endurance, burn calories, and build muscles. The Ab wheel is under strong stainless steel construction, durable PVC and non-slip rubber making it an exceptional choice. The handles are safe and comfortable, characterized by the EVA foam padding covering.

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  • Summary

Fitnessery Abs Roller contains three bonus gifts for free including; knee support equipment, an Abs nutrition e-book for six packs and an ultimate fitness training e-book. The handle is slow on the hand the wheel is durable.


  • The handle covering makes them safe and comfortable
  • The stainless steel construction makes it durable
  • The price is relatively low

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7. Epitomie Fitness BIO Core Ab Roller – Fitness Wheel & Abdominal Carver

Epitomie Fitness BIO Core Ab Roller - Fitness Wheel & Abdominal Carver

For maximum stability during your training session, you require BIO Core Ab Roller, the only Ab wheel utilizing rubber wheel technology. It is perfect for all fitness levels and gives the finest results. The ergonomic performance grip holds the hand with its memory foam handle to add on the comfort and prolonged use. It doesn’t sleep off so quickly making your exercise safe and on point.

The two large rubber wheels and the sturdy BIO Core base is perfect for improved balance and smooth silent functioning, irrespective of your size. A knee mat is added to the package for an exclusive training session where it deserves.

Many Ab wheels look weak, flimsy, but customers have asserted this product and loved the way it maintains the grip on your hands while practicing. They further encourage you to join the few who understand what they do with Ab roller wheels.

  • Summary

Among the many roller wheels, this one is the most stable characterized by the rubber wheels. It comes with a bonus mat for knee protection and can be useful for all fitness levels. With a lifetime replacement warranty, you are fully covered. It is an excellent choice for you.

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  • It comes with a knee mat for knee protection
  • The rubber wheels are very stable during workout
  • It can support large weights

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6. Lifeline Power Wheel

Lifeline Power Wheel

Some Ab wheels not only improve strength but also enhance balance. Lifeline Power Wheel is one of them. It has 14-inch diameter wheel which weighs 6 pounds integrated with foot pedals providing extreme workout versatility in muscle toning. It targets abs, back, glutes, and upper body and core muscles. Its construction is heavy duty with the patented functional design.

Besides, most customers have renamed it as an ultimate core trainer from its fantastic performance during the workout. The handles have a soft grip of memory foam to enhance comfort.

  • Summary

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Lifeline Power Wheel comes with a 14-inch diameter wheel and six-pound wheel weight. It has a foot pedal for an intense workout, and the pedals are gripped with soft memory foam for comfort. It works perfectly well.


  • It plays a significant role in improving balance and strength
  • The soft grips add to comfort training
  • It has a patented functional design

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5. Wacces AB Power Wheel

Wacces AB Power Wheel

Wacces AB Power Wheel is a fantastic choice of Ab workout roller which doesn’t seem complicated at all. With a few guides, you are good to make your body muscles toned. It begins with your hands, spreading to your knees; slowly grasp the handle, rolling the wheel in a forward-backward motion till you feel the moment. This tool keeps your head and back in a straight maintained line. The handles have grips which support your body and keep it flowing with the motion.

  • Summary

This dual wheel roller functions at the best performance as required with minimal training. The handles gripe and workout takes place, leaning on the handle while pushing and pulling the tire.

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  • It maintains the body posture
  • In a few training session, you get your muscles work out
  • It is affordable

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4. Ontel Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System

Ontel Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System

The Abdominal Roller Wheel is a work out equipment which is usable on any floor surface without bringing artificial problems. It works on the abs muscles perfectly and gives excellent results on toning and strengthening the entire core muscles. It has chiseled shoulders, shredded arms and v-shaped back plus a speed Abs workout wheel. You can change your metabolism faster than you can think of just a few exercises. It fits all levels from beginners to advance.

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Many users love the way it feels natural doing an exercise with them. They also comment further on the small size which is manageable and does not tear carper or make you slip off during a practice session. You should also test it and tell us the good news awaited by thousand other newbies.

  • Summary

It comes with a durable steel coil for controlled movements. The rubberized pro-grip handles limit hand fatigue and maximize comfort and control. The arms are V-shaped and shredded to enhance incredible performance.


  • The grip handles are rubberized for safety
  • It has a durable steel coil to offer resistance
  • Fit for beginners and advanced level workout

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3. Elite sportz equipment Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller Pro with Dual Wheels

Elite sportz equipment Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller Pro with Dual Ab Roller Wheels

Elite Sportz Equipment has been among the leading producers of quality tools for workout sessions. And, nothing works so well as a double wheeled Ab Wheel Roller with no wobbly rollouts which provide stability and gives a better exercise to enhance confidence during your training.

Its construction is a durable and smooth rolling sturdy roller wheel which is lightweight, compact and allows you to execute the best roll out. This tool enhances muscle toning and prevents instances of injury throughout your rollout session.

  • Summary

The construction of this device is sturdy and very efficient. It tones and strengthens your muscle very fast and comfortable to use. It comes fully assembled hence you don’t need a manual to put the parts together. The handles are comfortable too. Video instructions are available for beginner’s tutorial points. Muscle toning is a fast exercise and guarantees your money back in a short time.


  • It has a sturdy construction which is fully assembled
  • The double wheel keeps it stable
  • It cost-efficient

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2. Valeo Ab Roller Wheel, Exercise, And Fitness Wheel

Valeo Ab Roller Wheel, Exercise And Fitness Wheel

Many times we go and pick a roller wheel without considering the stability offered to prevent skidding. But, it should not be stressing you out. Valeo has been working day and night to come up with Valeo Ab Roller Wheel which has outstanding performance. The two wheels are non-skid to enhance stability while the comfortable handles work at their best in preventing slippage.

Portability and light weightiness is reinforced by the premium material used to make this particular equipment. The tool is useful in strengthening and toning shoulder, abs, back and arms muscles.

  • Summary

It comes with two non-skid wheels and easy-grip handles which perform exclusively. It is lightweight and easily portable. It also comes with a manual guide for step-by-step fitness guide for first-time users also for quality exercise.


  • The handles are easy-grip type for slippage prevention
  • The wheels are non-skid
  • They perform so well
  • It is portable and lightweight

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1. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts - Ab Roller Wheels in 2019

Just as the name suggests, it is the perfect Ab roller wheel in the market today. You can see the ergonomic hand grips which are angled in a way for arm & core muscle activation. They are also removable for transportation and storage purposes. You should not worry about stability as the wheel thread is ultra-wide for left, right, and center movements. This design is incredible, and a must have.

It has an internal kinetic engine which uses carbon steel spring, and provides resistance & amplifies muscle toning. Comfort, in this case, is obtained from the high-density foam kneepad.

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  • Summary

The set is ultra-wide, for ergonomic and stable workout equipment. Also, the hand grips and the internal kinetic engine work hand-in-hand in providing an excellent exercise session. Whenever you purchase Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller, a one-year warranty is a guarantee of purchase.


  • It is wide enough to provide stability
  • The kinetic engine provides resistance and facilitates muscle toning
  • The ergonomic hand grips activate arm and core muscle at an angle
  • The handles are removable for easy transport and storage

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From the above review, you can now decide which is the best for yourself. They come with favorable features and epic performances.

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