TOP 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2020

Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2017

Do you usually forget to feed your fish on time or do you give them too much or too little? Chances are you do. This may be due to your busy schedule that sees you leave the home too early or arriving late, or you simply forget. Feeding the fish becomes even more challenging when you are out of town and have to depend on an unreliable person. It’s no secret that many have come back to starving or overfed fish.

This top 10 best Automatic fish feeders in 2020 review will not only guide you selecting the perfect feeder but also breaks down the top products on the market.

Automatic Fish Feeders – Buyers Guide

Yes, there are plenty of fish feeders out there. But, they all don’t work the same. Some will really impress you while other will totally disappoint you. Before spending your money, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Compatible Mechanism: The feeder should be compatible with the fish tank. Some are attached to the tank while others are fitted on the hood. A feeder with winding mechanism is more versatile and can be attached almost anywhere.
  • Easy Programming: To avoid erratic feeding scheduling, overfeeding or underfeeding fish, the device needs to be easy to program. A top product will stick to the chosen program and will be very accurate.
  • Fish Food: Although pellets are the most common type of food, fish flakes are also used. It’s vital to make certain that the feeder works with your desired fish food.
  • Material: The feeder should be made from quality materials that last for long, are easy to maintain, and don’t get dirty easily. Metal and plastic are the commonest.
  • Size: A good product will come in the right size. Not too big or too bulky such that it wastes space and looks cumbersome, or too small or too light that it can easily be knocked off or accommodates limited quantities.

Also important during the search is looking at the capacity, design, cost, reviews and brand reputation.

Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2020

List of Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders

10. PInsist Automatic Fish Feeder

Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2020

This feeder is made of metal and plastic and comes in a waterproof design. It measures 4.3 x 3.9 x 2.5 inches and weighs approximately 0.40 lbs. It features a simple and easy to program mechanism that includes 24 and 12 hrs. All you need is simply press the button with the preferred mode. The accessory runs on two AAA that last for as many as 6 months.

It’s among the popular choices because of its simple design, easy to assemble, decent size and suitable for fish tanks, ponds, and lakes. However, the instructions are not very detailed and the feeder may be a bit large for a small tank or aquarium.

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9. IDS Home Black Digital Automatic Aquarium Fish Tank Food Feeder

Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2020

Feeding your fish in the right and timely manner is what this auto feeder seeks to achieve. Measuring 4.3 inches/11cm high and 3.9inch/10cm long, this unit is suitable for both small and big tanks. It comes with an automatic drum measuring 1.1 inch/2.17cm high and 2.6 inches/6.5 cm in diameter.

The feeder’s unique swirl control mechanism is very accurate and ensures smooth operation. It ensures no clogging or jamming whether using pellets or flakes.

Its advantages include; smooth and operation, compact, accuracy and only require two AA 1.5V alkaline batteries. The disadvantages are it lacks clear instructions and doesn’t come with the batteries.

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8. IntelliFeed Aquarium Fish Feeder

Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2020

The IntelliFeed fish feeder works with a range of fish tanks and aquariums. The decent size of 4.5 x 3 x 4 inches and weight of 10.4 ounces makes clamping it easier whereas the waterproof nature keeps moisture and water at bay.

The sealed chamber moves forward and drops the food then retracts back into the housing. The digital unit will automatically deliver the food as programmed and you can opt for as little as 2 feedings to as high as 12 feedings per day.

Its simple design, reliable mechanism, ease of use, and simple setup are some of the main advantages. Some consumers nonetheless find it somewhat noisy and the design isn’t the most innovative.

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7. KLAREN Digital Automatic Fish Feeder Aquarium Tank Pond

Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2020

This auto fish feeder is ideal for fish tanks, aquariums as well as ponds. It comes in the patented design that ensures proper mixing of the food, proper crumbling but ensures no moisture finds its way into the food. This prevents damage to the mechanism and also prevents contamination.

It features a giant hopper that is 2 inches deep and measures 3 inches in diameter. It can be programmed to feed for up to 8 times in a day.

Users like its good design, smooth working, simple to use and attractive design. However, the instructions aren’t very simple and it isn’t cut for heavy-duty applications.

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6. EHEIM TWIN Automatic Feeder, Battery Operation

Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2020

Regarded as one of the most versatile units on the market, the Eheim Twin Fish Feeder comes with two separate chambers that can be programmed individually. It can accommodate different feeds including pellets, flakes, sticks, and granules and will still provide flawless operation.

You can also introduce two different types simultaneously. And to keep the food dry at all times, the chambers are well aerated and waterproof. The battery-operated unit comes with a large display as well as the recommended batteries.

Consumers love its simple and flawless operation, nice and effective design, nice digital display and flexibility. They, however, say it’s a bit plain and may be somewhat bulky for small aquariums.

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5. Zoo Med BettaMatic Automatic Daily Betta Feeder

Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2020

This has got to be among the simplest and most compact fish feeders on our list. It comes in a small and compact size and relies on a very simple mechanism. Not only does this provides smooth operation but also improves accuracy.

Additionally, it has low wear and tears due to fewer moving parts. The device is designed to feed only once in a day and is powered by a single AA battery.

According to current and previous users, the feeder is quite effective, simple to fit, occupies minimal space and comes in a decent design. But, it only feeds the fish once in a day and looks cheap.

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4. econoLED Digital Automatic Fish Feeder (2009D)

Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2020

The EconoLED digital feeder is compatible with a range of feeds including pellets, granules, flakes, dry and much more. It targets aquarium, fish tank as well as pond owners and can be installed within minutes. The unit comes with a digital timer and can be programmed to feed once, twice, thrice and up to four times a day.

The built-in LCD display indicates the power level, chosen mode, and other options. To prevent moisture from entering the unit and clogging the mechanism or contaminating the food, it comes with a unique and superior mechanism.

It’s worth buying because of its smooth and flawless operation, easy to program, can be operated both automatically, and the instructions are easy and simple. The key issues are it looks a bit cheap and is most suited for small to medium-size pellets, not large ones.

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3. Current USA 3860 Aquachef Automatic Fish Feeder

Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2020

The 3860 Aquachef fish feeder by the Current USA is commonly seen in homes, offices, institutions and other places. It is designed for aquariums, tanks and also small ponds and can be assembled and installed within minutes.

Thanks to its simple design, the unit should work almost instantly without requiring lots of programming. All you do is simply select your desired feeding option. The built-in digital timer is not only easy to use but also fairly accurate. This ensures your fish never starve or get overfed.

This product looks great, is well-designed, simple to use, and also versatile. However, it’s relatively small and the insulation isn’t the best.

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2. Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2020

Able to serve as many as 14 individual meals, the F14 fish feeder by Fish Mate is a good choice for aquariums and fish tanks. It works with different foods including pellets, flakes, granules, dry and more.

The battery-operated unit comes with a reliable quartz timer for selecting the preferred option and a battery charge indicator. The timer can be programmed to introduce the food into the aquarium once, twice, thrice or four times a day.

The fish feeder scores highly for its stylish design, quality construction, simple design and are also easy to install. Nonetheless, it’s not suited for outdoor ponds or aquariums larger than 150 liters.

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1. Eheim Battery Operated Auto Fish Feeder

Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2020

  • #1 Best Seller in Automatic Fish Feeders

The top position is occupied by this auto fish feeder by Eheim. Designed to work with different aquariums, tanks, and ponds, this battery-operated unit is ideal for everyday use even while you are away. The single feeder is well designed to ensure the fish get the right amount of food within the stipulated times.

It comes in a worry-free design that prevents clogging, reliable ventilation and integrated fan for keeping the feed dry. The included guide will assist you to quickly install the unit.

It takes the first position because it’s very easy to program, the design is very simple and effective, works great and is also reliable. Its only downside is that the hole is somewhat big for small pellets.

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Automatic fish feeders have made life much easier and also more convenient. You no longer need to rush home or get late for work because of feeding fish. You also don’t need to underfeed or overfeed the fish because you are in a rush or absentminded.

With the right feeder, not only will it automatically feed the fish but will do it in the right manner. It is easily programmed to suit different varieties or breeds, very portable, and can work with different fish tanks or even ponds.

However, choosing the right item isn’t that easy especially for first-time users. This is complicated by the many types, limited knowledge, and intense market competition. Fortunately, we have broken down the top 10 best automatic fish feeders in 2020. What’s remaining is for you to make your pick.