TOP 10 Best Balaclava Masks & Windproof Ski Masks in 2020

Top 10 Best Balaclava Masks & Windproof Ski Masks in 2017

Balaclava masks and windproof skin masks are versatile headwears worth adding to your collection. Though they are meant for snow sports, these costumes are great also for daily use if you love cycling and motorbiking. Balaclava masks are the ultimate solution to cold weather, especially on winters.

Best Balaclava Masks & Windproof Ski Masks in 2020

Don’t let your skin suffer cold bites; these face masks are the ultimate choice for snow sports lovers. The reviewed below are top 10  best balaclava mask and windproof masks in 2020:

10. Aegend Ski Face Mask Polyester Fleece Tactical Balaclava Hood

Aegend Ski Face Mask Polyester Fleece Tactical Balaclava Hood


  • High-quality fabrics
  • Articulated seaming
  • Humanized design
  • Multi-purpose

Beat the winter weather with this Aegend polyester balaclava face mask. It features heavy-duty materials which are effective in keeping your face warm while protecting your face from cold, dust and insects. The construction of this balaclava features premium materials; a combination of spandex and polyester which improves the stretching ability.

Apart from the premium outer fabrics, the mask boasts soft interior fleece lining. This improves your general safety and comfort. Featuring fleece interior, the mask offers maximum comfort without causing skin abrasions or scratches. Also, having this balaclava gives you a peace of mind, since it is lightweight, and machine washable thus, there is no stress when cleaning.

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Now, the construction of this mask is aimed to offer extended durability. To ensure this, it has an articulated seaming which improves strength. As a result, the balaclava is durable and tear resistant. With humanized design and multi-purpose, you can always rely on this mask to get your face fully protected.


  • Lightweight and highly breathable
  • Great for various sports
  • Premium construction materials
  • Unisex design

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9. Fitabolism Balaclava Ski Mask, Motorcycle Premium Face Mask

Fitabolism Balaclava Ski Mask, Motorcycle Premium Face Mask


  • Premium breathable fabrics
  • Universal fit
  • High versatility
  • Breathable design

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The Fitabolism balaclava is the ultimate choice you can give to your face when sporting. It is very efficient in reducing the effect of wind hence no mores wind burns and chilling. The mask is highly durable due to the premium materials used in its construction. Designed from a highly stretchable polyester, it means that no strains on the facial skin. Also, the polyester is excellent in since it doesn’t become wet like cotton as it allows sweat to vaporize quickly.

Now, when buying this balaclava, it gives the user a peace of mind. The construction is aimed at improving the fitting. Due to this reason, the mask fits most people due to the stretching nature. With thin materials, it possible to wear the mask underneath the helmet hence ideal for a range of sports. On the other hand, dressed in this mask next to skin is safe a and won’t result in the allergenic reactions. Each box comes with 2 pack of balaclava mask.

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  • One size fits different peoples
  • Ideal to wear underneath helmets and caps
  • Non-irritating to skin

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8. TopHeadwear Ski Face Mask Balaclava, 3-Hole

TopHeadwear Ski Face Mask Balaclava, 3-Hole


  • Three holes design
  • 100 % acrylic material fabrics
  • One size fits universally

Are you thinking of getting wind shielding mask for your sporting activities? The TopHeadwear skin face mask is the absolute choice. This balaclava is designed by experts to bring comfort and shielding from the biting cold weather. You can trust this mask as it features 100% soft acrylic materials which give your skin a massaging effect. Also, the designing of this balaclava ensures that the user gets ultimate protection from the cold weather. It has 3 holes design, two for eyes and one for the mouth.

Although this mask provides excellent protection, it doesn’t compromise your comfort. This is because it has outstanding ventilation which prevents overheating and excessive sweating. With the mask covering your whole head and face, it brings ultimate warmth. The eyes and mouth openings are stitched to keep the cold air out which ensures that you are always warm. The stretching design is ideal allowing this masks to have a universal fit without causing skin abrasions.

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  • Proper head covering
  • High comfort and stretchable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in variety of colors

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7. Joyoldelf Tactical Heavyweight Balaclava Sports Mask

Joyoldelf Tactical Heavyweight Balaclava Sports Mask


  • Composite fleece fabrics
  • Wind and dustproof
  • Outdoor sports mask
  • Stylish and classy design
  • Multi-purpose

Let not wind or snow stop you from enjoying your favorite outdoor game. The Joyoldelf tactical balaclava sports mask is the answer if you want premium protection. Its designing is not like other; this one features composite fleece fabrics which gives your skin a perfect hugging. Additionally, the materials are engineered toward achieving a comfort and warm feeling hence keeping frost bites, and wind burns away from your facial skin. Furthermore, you can bet on this mask quality since it is highly breathable,  wind and dustproof.

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Regardless of your gender will find this balaclava ideal for all your protection needs. It has a unisex design and also a universal fitting due to its high elasticity. This implies that when you get it, chances of not fitting your head are almost to zero. Apart from being for cold seasons, it’s an ideal choice for other outdoor activities. Apart from being a mask, it is also usable as a hat, scarf among others.


  • Ideal for use in various activities
  • Extra soft and gentle to skin
  • Easy to pull down when eating or drinking
  • Drawstrings provides perfect closures

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6. Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Tactical Hood for Men

Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Tactical Hood for Men


  • Mixed fiber construction
  • ColdGear Infrared thermo-conductive inner coating
  • 4-way stretch construction
  • Extra warm ColdGear Evo fabrics

Under Armour is one of the know producers of premium snow sports accessories. Now, one of the best face protection mask you can think of is this ColdGear infrared tactical hood from this company. The mask features mixed fabrics construction which ensures that you get maximum comfort and skin hugging. Uniquely, the hood comes furnished with an infrared thermo-conductive inner coating which regulates the body temperatures. Thorough absorbing and retaining body heat, this tech helps to keep the body warm even during withers.

The ColdGear Evo fabrics used in the construction on this balaclava are great in keeping the body warm. Also, the knitting features 4 ways stretchability which aids in improving the mobility. Therefore, when wearing this face mask, it there is no skin overheating due to excessive pressure. With ample stretching ability, the balaclava is great in maintaining its shape while keeping your head-perfectly covered. For maximum ventilation, the mask can be used as neck gaiter or chin dropped.

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  • Excellent in keeping body arm
  • High-quality fabrics with high breathability
  • Doesn’t lose its shape

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5. Chaos -CTR Tempest Pro Micro Fleece Balaclava, Windproof Face Mask

Chaos -CTR Tempest Pro Micro Fleece Balaclava, Windproof Face Mask


  • Windproof
  • Hinged construction
  • Polyester and spandex blend construction
  • Multi-use

Sporting on winters is great fun. But, without proper balaclava face mask, it can be hard to enjoy. The Chaos-CTR pro micro-fleece balaclava is one of the ultimate gifts you can give to your head. It has exceptional knitting of a mixture of 95% polyester and 5% spandex materials. This blending is outstanding as it keeps the mask highly stretching. Moreover, polyester material reduces chances of wetting like with cotton-based materials. The hinged construction, on the other hand, is ideal for improving versatility whereby you can use it as a neck tube or balaclava.

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Forget about the masks which let the wind gets in especially when you are riding a motorbike. The Chao-CTR is designed to ensure that you have ample breathing while shielding your face from the wind. Also, the material is waterproof, meaning you can wear this balaclava without the need of a helmet when it is snowing or raining. For full protection, the mask has Lycra bidding on the face region for complete sealing against weather elements. The overall construction of this mask renders it ideal for a range of sporting activities.


  • Great for keeping head warm
  • Fits individuals with various head sizes
  • Versatile: can be used as a scarf

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4. Tough Headwear Balaclava Windproof Ski Mask

Tough Headwear Balaclava Windproof Ski Mask


  • Heavy-duty protection
  • Night reflective logos
  • Extra comfortable
  • High moisture wicking ability

Get tough to cold by getting Tough Headwear Balaclava. This mask is perfected for use in snow sports, thus a fantastic choice for skiers, snowboarders among others. To deliver outstanding performance, the mask enjoys high stretching fabrics which are dedicated to accommodating all people. Though it is perfectly fitting in your head, the mask leaves no chances of suffocation due to efficient ventilation which keeps your skin safe and free from excessive sweating. Moreover, it protects the face from dust UV rays and cold wind.

Now, it is possible to wear Tough Headwear balaclava wherever you are to keep your body warm. Whether in airport or office, the mask is highly versatile. This is made possible by the fact that, it can be worn as the balaclava, full face mask, neck gaiter or even as half-mask. Unlike other balaclavas, this one is ideal for use even at night. It has light reflecting logos which increases your visibility especially when on the highways. Wearing goggles is now smooth as the mask prevent fogging due to increased airflow.


  • Great for sports and non-sports activities
  • Increased airflow for reduced goggle fogging
  • Great price vs. performance
  • Easy to convert to neck gaiter or scarf

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3. Self Pro Windproof Ski Face Mask Neck Warmer Tactical Balaclava Hood

Self Pro Windproof Ski Face Mask Neck Warmer Tactical Balaclava Hood


  • CoolMax premium fabrics
  • Durable unisex design
  • Abrasion and wrinkle resistant
  • Safe and free from allergenic reactions

When you want to get unmatched protection, it’s ideal to look for Self Pro windproof face tactical balaclava hood. It’s one of the best balaclavas you can think of to deliver maximum protection. This mask features some of the best construction on the market today. It utilizes CoolMax fabrics which are designed to keep your skin comfortable and free from excessive sweating. The fabrics have high wicking ability which maintains dry skin. Also, they are breathable which ensures excellent air circulation.

Regarding protection, it’s not a trail and errors mask. It is designed by experts who truly understand the need to protect your face. The balaclava is useful in guarding you against the wind, cold wind and also dust. Thereby, you can use it in different seasons and sporting activities. Well. To fit people of all ages and sizes, the manufacturer has ensured that it comes with one size fit construction. Therefore, it is a great mask for the whole family, and also it is ideal for men and women. Above all, cleaning is just a breeze as it is machine washable


  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Doesn’t wrinkle or is tear proof
  • Allows smooth goggles wearing
  • Suitable for men and women

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2. Tough Headband 12-in-1 Versatile Outdoors & Daily Headwear

Tough Headband 12-in-1 Versatile Outdoors & Daily Headwear


  • 12-in-1 functions
  • Microfiber construction
  • Ultraviolet rays protection

The Tough Headband 12-in-1 headwear is one of the premium products which you can trust to keep your head safe from the biting cold. Unlike other masks, this one boasts the highest versatility, since it can achieve up to 12 tasks. It can be used as a headband, bandana, neck warmer among other functions thus ideal for endless sports and daily activities. Additionally, the construction features 100 % microfiber which is soft and soothing. With microfiber, it means no more excessive sweating as it has outstanding moisture wicking.

Although this headwear doesn’t look like other conventional balaclavas, you can bet it on your money. It offers perfect protection to eyes, nose, and mouth. Thereby,  it can be used not only in cold seasons, but the mask is ideal even in dusty conditions. Quality wise, this balaclava is perfect, and many people trust it for keeping their heads warm and away from cold weather. Above all, the mask is UPF 30 according to the lab certification, hence great in filtering UV rays.


  • Ideal for different weather conditions
  • High versatility and multi-purpose
  • Comfortable and high-performance fabrics

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1. Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Hinged Wind-Resistant Balaclava

Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Hinged Wind-Resistant Balaclava Masks


  • Windproof
  • Full head cover
  • Unisex design
  • Hinged construction

If you are looking for the best balaclava face mask, look no more. The Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 wind resistant balaclava is one of the headwears that everyone should look for. Th mask comes boasting a heavy-duty knitting, especially in vulnerable areas to improve protection. Due to this, this mask perfectly guards your head and face against coldness as it is wind resistant. Due to this feature, it is possible to use it in various activities even non-sports ones. On the other head, coverage is superb since it offers full head coverage and is easy use since it has a hinged design.

Forget about the balaclavas which are a specific size. This one has a universal designing which allows it to be an ideal choice for all people. The universal unisex design renders it to b perfect for both genders. Notably, wearing it under the helmet is possible thereby improving the safety and comfort. It has a thin but sturdy construction hence a great choice for keeping your head safe from weather elements.


  • Thin profiled for use with helmets
  • Improved safety around the vulnerable areas
  • Easy to fold into a neck warmer or scarf

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