TOP 10 Best Battery Load Testers – [Review and Guide]

Battery Load Testers are devices used for determining the state of an electric battery. These devices are capable of not only testing the charge but finding out if any malfunctions would affect the performance of an electric battery.

List of The Best Selling Battery Load Testers in 2021


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List of The Best Battery Load Tester Reviews

There are plenty of vehicle battery load testers or auto battery tester products in the market nowadays, and we have created a top ten list for you to choose which tester suits you best.

10. Schumacher PST-200 ProSeries 100 Amp Battery Load Tester

  • Brand: Schumacher

This quality load tester is a 100 amp load test. With this battery load tester, you can get a complete analysis of the charging system as well as check the battery condition and load.

It also has a LED digital display that allows you to see the voltage with test results. The load tester is compact, lightweight, and easy to be portable. The good news is the tester also comes with 90-day limited warranty on its battery.

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  • 100 amp load tester
  • Tests the battery condition
  • Accurate load testing
  • Complete diagnosis of the charging system
  • Overheats quickly
  • Can lead to test failure if used incorrectly

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9. SUNER POWER Digital 12V Car Battery Tester

  • Brand: SUNER POWER

This digital battery tester offers accurate and complete analysis of the battery’s voltage, resistance, and life percentage. Safety and quality provided by this tester make it possible to test the battery’s load continuously without causing any damage to it.

This tester is compatible with various types of batteries such as the flooded battery, AGM battery, gel battery and the deep cycle battery. It is very convenient because it can be used with batteries of different sizes.

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  • Safe and reliable
  • Tests multiple battery types
  • Measures battery load, life percentage, voltage, and resistance
  • Well designed LCD screen
  • Poor instructions included

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8. Foxwell BT100 Pro 100-1100 Car Battery Load Tester

  • Brand: FOXWELL

The Foxwell Pro battery tester has a well designed and quite large LCD with control buttons underneath allowing easy use and testing. With this tester, you can test the condition of the batteries in only three seconds.

It is capable of testing 12-volt batteries including regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM Spiral and gel batteries. This digital battery analyzer has a significant safety feature which prevents damage if the polarities are connected incorrectly.

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  • Easy to use
  • Quick testing
  • Safety feature
  • Pocket-sized
  • Programmed in Spanish
  • Cables not detachable

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7. FOXWELL Car Battery Checker

  • Brand: FOXWELL

This battery load tester from FOXWELL is designed to work with 12V and 24V batteries, which have the capacity of between 100 and 2000 CCA. It is known to be the doctor of a car battery because it comes with advanced testing technology. It is able to give the most accurate measurement of cranking amps, starting battery as well as the healthy state of the battery. The tester aims to display the voltage and time within milliseconds. Moreover, it is able to check whether the battery is in healthy or regular condition. Last but not least, this automotive battery tester is able to read the battery health status within 2.5 seconds.

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  • Affordable
  • Quick 2.5-second testing
  • Multiple testing
  • Can test several types of batteries
  • N/A

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6. ANCEL Car Battery Tester

  • Brand: ANCEL

This is an essential tool to work with the batteries of cars, trucks and motorcycles. It is designed to be an advanced tools to make sure that the battery is in its healthy status. It can used to test 12V and 24V batteries. The detecting system works fast and efficient, which only requires 2.5 seconds to tell you whether the battery is in full or low status. This test is stored in the case which means you can carry it with the handle provided. Also it comes with a display screen to display all the essential information. Last but not least, this product is equipped with a printer to make you keep the records of all the information of your vehicle’s battery. This is the best car battery tester.

  • Very powerful
  • Well designed
  • Safe to hold while testing
  • Quick to deliver results
  • N/A

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5. SOLAR BA9 40-1200 CCA Digital Battery and System Tester

  • Brand: Clore Automotive

For a bit higher price of this battery tester, 12 volts you will get a 40-1200 CCA testing capabili12-volt-batteries. This device accurately tests the whole system as well as the battery’s charge.

The LCD calls for a very easy handling and reading of the results. The device’s operating range is 7 to 15 V while being suitable for various battery types including flooded, AGM, spiral and gel batteries.

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  • Fast and easy system testing
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Pocket-sized
  • Suitable for both large and small batteries
  • Better instructions required
  • Questionable durability

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4. ANCEL BA101 Professional Automotive Load Battery Tester

  • Brand: ANCEL

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This has a compact design for testing your 12 V battery’s health including charge, voltage, and resistance. You can check how much life is left in the battery very quickly and precisely. It comes with a 3 feet cable which is highly convenient in certain situations.

Pocket-sized yet simply designed device is very easy to use even for beginners. 4 control buttons below the LCD screen allow easy control over the functions. No internal batteries are required since it gets the power from the connected 12V battery.

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  • Complete battery diagnosis
  • 3 feet cable
  • Quick and precise
  • Doesn’t drain the battery
  • Vague instructions

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3. Quicklynks BA101 Load Tester Battery

  • Brand: Quicklynks

This is suitable for testing 12V batteries; the Quicklynks battery tester tests the battery’s performance by sending series of pulsed voltages through the battery’s cells recording their response. The results are precisely presented on the LCD screen controlled by buttons underneath.

This device can test discharged batteries’ condition as well and never drains the battery itself. The testing system is quick and reliable, and like most of the battery testers, it gets the job done.

  • Pocket-sized
  • Quick and thorough testing of the battery
  • Able to test discharged batteries
  • Full battery analysis
  • Possible incorrect results with brand new batteries

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2. OTC 3182 130-Amp Digital Battery Load Tester 

  • Brand: OTC

The ergonomic handle and an easy to read LCD screen make this a very convenient and compact device for testing the battery load. With this tester, you can get more accurate and reliable results on both 6 and 12 V batteries.

This device is capable of doing multiple testings such as the state of charge test, the battery load test, the starter and charging system test, and the alternator ripple test. It comes with an instruction manual for the fast and reliable outcome.

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  • Quick to deliver results
  • Detailed battery analysis
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Good instructions
  • Designed for shop use
  • Short cables

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1. Foxwell Battery Tester BT705

  • Brand: FOXWELL

The Foxwell battery tester is number one on our list for a reason. This extremely high-quality smart device can store 100 to 2000 test reports as well as test brand new, unused batteries in an entirely precise manner. It features accurate reading in just around 2.5 seconds.

The great design of the Foxwell battery tester allows for one hand navigation through the buttons. This device meets all workshop requirements, and it is a great investment for those who need a reliable and high-quality battery tester. It is suitable for testing both 12 and 24 V batteries. The 7.8ft cable is also given when you purchase this one; it helps you to diagnose from inside the car.

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  • Test range 100 to 2000 CCA
  • Durable and high quality
  • Professional use
  • Accurate and quick to test
  • Very expensive

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Now that you have seen our list of top 10 battery load testers, you can easily decide which one fits your needs best.


Old Edition = Archived Purpose Only - Read More
NOCO BTE181 100 Amp Battery Load Tester


  • Brand: NOCO

This 100 amp battery tester quickly distinguishes a good from a bad battery. It is suitable for wet, gel, maintenance-free, EFB and AGM batteries including both 6 and 12 voltage types.

Besides the charging system, this battery tester is capable of testing the engine starting performance. This battery load tester is a good option, providing quality results for a low cost.

Associated Equipment 6026 ATEC 6/12V 135 Amp Hand Held Analog Battery Tester


  • Brand: Associated Equipment

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This very convenient battery tester is lightweight and designed for easy and safe use. The cables extend from the handle providing safety when holding the device. On the other end of the cables are clamped with 300 amp jaws.

What you can expect from this battery tester are quality results delivered promptly. However, there have been some customer complaints about the device malfunctioning.


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