TOP 10 Best Bug Vacuums, Bug Salt Guns and Bug Zappers

Bug vacuums, Bug Zappers and Bug Salt Guns are the great additions to your child’s adventure and fun. These devices also are eco-friendly and safe. They destroy flies, spiders, mosquitoes, and wasps among other irritating insects from our homes’ or offices’ walls, floors, ceilings, and gardens.

With that, here is our list of the Top 10 Best Bug Vacuums, Bug Zappers and Bug Salt Guns in 2021

10. Bug Salt Gun – Bug-A-Salt 2.0


This play set by Bug-A-Salt is one of the best gifts you would get for an upcoming entomologist or a backyard adventurer. It’s a complete young scientist’s adventure. This salt gun with an ergonomic handle and trigger which add tons of fun.

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This bug killer operates without any batteries. All it needs is ordinary table salt. It shoot large amount of salt with a strong force. From now, you can enjoy outdoor killing flies, mosquitoes and other insects.

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9. Cosy Meadow Salt Gun- Bug-A-Salt 3.0


This is the latest product from Cosy Meadow. The gun is constructed fully from heavy-duty and lightweight aluminum. With this model, you can now fire more rapidly and accurately since the triggering mechanism has been improved and red laser light added. The salt hopper is also better than the previous version. You can reload faster so that your battle with the insects is more fun. However, please note that you must be careful not to expose eyes to the laser beam.

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To get even more fun, we recommend you to get a bug beam to attach with this bug gun. This is will make your insect hunting more tactical.

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8. Nature Bound Bug Vacuum and Critter Barn Habitat Combo Set

Top 10 Best Bug Vacuums in 2021

At almost the same price as the previous play kit by Nature Bound, you could also get your child this set with a critter ban and vacuum instead. In fact, this model has the best bang for the bucks since the critter barn has a magnifying glass on it.

For your child’s safety, this set has been designed such that the user captures the insect, transfers it to the habitat, studies it, and later releases it safely without touching it. Mind you; the habitat is big enough for big specimens including fish, toads, rats, chameleons, etc. The vacuum is similar to the one in the previous set. It’s 4AA-battery operated and has carabineer clip to secure it on shirt pockets and belt loops.

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7. imirror Bug Zapper, Mosquito Killer Mosquitoes Trap Lamp & Racket 2 in 1


The major flaw that most AA-powered bug vacuums pause is that it’s hard to determine when the batteries are draining out. In most instances, power always runs out when you badly need the gadget. Luckily, you can avoid that by going for a rechargeable unit like imirror Bug Zapper.

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imirror is a USB-charged bug vacuum with 1200mAh and it can be fully charged very fast. Worth noting, this bug zapper has a trap lamp to attract mosquitoes, flies and mosses. Even better, the fly vacuum lightweight, easy to use, and therefore, ideal for your kids too.

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6. Nature Bound Bug Vacuum Toy

Top 10 Best Bug Vacuums in 2021

For those who adore Nature Bound Bug Vacuum set but are not ready to part with over 20 bucks on a child’s toy, you have an option to go for the “sucker gun” alone. Your young adventurer will still have lots of fun while bug hunting. Furthermore, catching the insects and seeing them trapped is your kids’ enjoyable part.

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The bug catcher toy comes loaded with 4AA batteries so they can dash out soon after the package is delivered. It has an inspection chamber with 3600 clear sides so your kids can observe the insects without touching them. Nature Bound also has a bright LED light for night hunting. Moreover, you get it with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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5. Toysmith Bug Vacuum Set


So far, Toysmith has the most powerful suction of all the units that we’ve reviewed on this list of the best bug vacuums in 2021. Amazingly, it’s also the cheapest we’ve seen so far going for a little over 10 dollars.

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It’s quite thoughtful that Toysmith made this humane insect catcher super friendly to use. Everybody including the seniors and kids can use it with no risks whatsoever. This bug vacuum uses 4 AA battery (not included) that can be replaced by anyone. It also has a clear chamber for studying the insect if need be. This is a perfect choice for kids who is interested in backyard and insects exploration. It is highly recommended to use for kids aged from 5 years old to above.

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4. My Cricket Catcher – Spider and Insect Catcher


My Cricket Catcher is one of the best personal insect traps out there. A bit different from the units before it on this list, this one is ideal when you want to catch the insects efficiently and mess-freely safely without harming them.

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Though pricey, My Cricket Catcher is a versatile and highly functional unit that you can heavily rely on at home, and even at the office. This chemical-free and eco-friendly bug eliminator makes it easy to reach out for insects on ceiling and corners. With this one, you can catch small spiders, scorpions, bees, tarantulas, and so forth. This spider vacuum is prolly 25.5 inches long.

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3. Sonic Technology Bugbuster, Battery Operated No Harm Spider and Insect Vacuum

Top 10 Best Bug Vacuums in 2021

This yellow bug vacuum by Sonic Technology is another way to go green by getting rid of insects naturally. The culprits are sucked in safely and later released outdoors with no risk of either party being harmed.

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Sonic is battery-operated. It has a long clear tube to keep you an arm’s length from the pest and strong suction to help you capture the insects. This device is safe for your kids. Its ease of use and lightweight design are bound to make your kids’ outdoor activities not only fun but full of learning too. For their science lessons, Sonic Technology Bug Buster has a clear tubing and a cap to prevent the insect from escaping until after the study.

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2. My Critter Catcher Truck and Travel


My Critter Catcher works in the same way as the other bug vacuums on this list. However, its unique construction gives it a more serious anti-bugs look and also makes it more fun to use. It’s also a great gift for kids over 3 years thanks to its safety design and ease of use.

Its 4.2/5 star rating is enough evidence that My Critter Catcher is a go-to option if you’re looking for a safe and ecologically-safe way of removing pests out of your house. Most reviewers did point out that its suction is incredible and won’t leave any unwanted insects crawling on your walls and floors. Quite thoughtful, it has a detachable holding chamber which magnifying sides for easy observation.

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1. BugZooka WB100 Bug Catcher Vacuum


No list of the best bug vacuums in 2021 would go without a unit from BugZooka. This WB100 is amongst their best devices and has been topping several lists for quite some time now. What makes the WB100 a go-to bug vacuum for many is its ultra-powerful suction which is several times stronger than others on this list. Its high-vacuuming power makes it the best bug vacuum for large insects that other units might find hard to suck in. This one comes in 2 packs.

This bug buster also has a compact yet innovative design makes it easy to carry it with you almost everywhere. Its instant suctioning process makes dealing with insects less scary and mess-free. Worth pointing out, BugZooka WB100 is lightweight at 1.7 pounds, and its power button has been placed within reach for speedy operations.

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Buying Guide for Best Bug Vacuums

  • Portability

This one comes first, always. As you lay an ambush on these pesky insects, you’ll need a unit you can move with from one position to the other. It should, therefore, be light and comfortable to hold for easy and efficient placement.

  • Telescoping nozzle

Some insects can be quite elusive and hard to get. That said, you want a bug vacuum with a long nozzle to reach for the insects without starting or giving them a chance to flee to other parts of the house. Some units have unique doors that trap the insect in the tube as you suck them in.

Other factors worth checking out are the source of power (rechargeable or non-rechargeable), budget, noise, and ease of use.

  • What do you want it for?

In case you want a bug vacuum for entomology, you may want to consider one that has a viewing chamber. You also need a vacuum with a safe way of releasing the insects. However, if you want a weapon to keep these “intruders” off your premises, go for a model with a safe Terminator (only lethal to the bugs).


Any of the units on this list of the best bug vacuums, bug zappers and bug salt gun is a safe way of eliminating insects while avoiding squish and splatter and the use of chemicals. The best part about these devices is that they are easy to use and safe. Some also are designed to make insect-hunting easier and more enjoyable for your children.

But what’s more interesting is that you can use it almost anywhere including in your boat, vehicles, office, and at home.


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