TOP 10 Best Car Ramps in 2020

Top 10 Best Car Ramps in 2017

Over the years, different products of Car Ramps have been launched in the market. Some are made out of foam, others rubber and some from metal. You will also come across plastic, wood and other materials. The designs are also as varied as the sizes, colors, and weights, and this gives consumers a broader selection. One of the key complaints when it comes to the vehicle ramps is picking one item from the so many.

Many users have ended up buying low-quality products; others have paid an exorbitant price, while some relied on trial & error to make a choice. As a result, a perfect selection of top best car ramps here would be a need.

The Top 10 Best Car Ramps

Our focus is based on durability, stability, reliability, profile, ease of use, and consumer reviews. We managed to identify the best products that should work with most cars on the market.

10. Magnum 1002-01 Automotive Ramp System

Top 10 Best Car Ramps in 2020

When it comes to automotive products and systems, the Magnum name is King. Their 1002-01 ramp system is one of their best products and is designed to support weights not exceeding 16,000 pounds.

The unit features a 4-piece detachable mechanism as well as a safety chock. It’s made from a tough and eco-friendly material that offers good support and lasts for a long time.

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People love this ramp system because it’s very easy to setup and doesn’t require any tools. It also has a wonderful grip on smooth concrete and is also lightweight.

Some users, however, don’t like it very much saying it’s a bit narrow, and the plastic webbing is somewhat wide.

Although rated at 16,000 pounds maximum, some users say it feels a bit weak to support a 4,000-pound weight per tire.

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9. Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set

Top 10 Best Car Ramps in 2020

The Nicky Nice car ramp set is targeted at people who want to feel safe when working on their cars. It’s made from solid steel and can accommodate weights of up to 6,500 pounds with each ramp designed for up to 2,000 lbs.

The unit is powder-coated to protect it from the elements, wear & tear, rough handling, and also give it a nice and smooth finish. For added safety, it features raised ribs on its sides, extruded traction holes, and wide trail.

Reasons, why it’s a popular choice, include its solid construction and feel, good stability even when used on rough surfaces, and it is much stronger compared to plastic, foam or wooden types.

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However, its relatively high/tall and not very suitable for cars with a low profile is relatively heavy compared to plastic, rubber, or foam, and a bit short compared to other alternatives.

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8. Race Ramps RR-EX-14 67″ Xtender

Top 10 Best Car Ramps in 2020

The RR-EX-14 car ramp will offer a firm base for your car in an elevated position. It can be used on either the front or rear tires and doesn’t need any tools to operate. The automotive ramp system features a solid core without any hollows or holes, and this contributes to its strength.

It also comes with a decent extender measuring 67 inches maximum, and a 6.6-degree angle for better access.

It’s a crowd favorite because of its solid construction that makes it very safe, comes in a user-friendly design, and is very easy to use. On the downside, it feels fairly heavy and bulky (lacks hollows or holes), the metal is relatively soft, and it’s not suitable for vehicles with high clearance.

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On the downside, it feels fairly heavy and bulky (lacks hollows or holes), the metal is relatively soft, and it’s not suitable for vehicles with high clearance.

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7. Discount Ramps 6009-V2 Plastic Car Service Ramp

Top 10 Best Car Ramps in 2020

This car ramp by Discount Ramps comes in a 2-pack and is suitable for domestic and also commercial use. It’s made from heavy-duty plastic that can accommodate up to 4,400 pounds of weight. To prevent the buildup of moisture and also to make it lighter, the 6009-V2 comes in a honeycomb design.

The loading angle bed begins at an angle of about 9 degrees and gradually increases up to a height of 2.75 inches. A formed groove is found at the end of the tire-stop and helps in stabilizing the vehicle.

Its’ key positives include; Light but strong construction, the nonslip rubber that provides firm support, and reliable design. Unfortunately, this unit is only suitable for low profile cars; it’s not very large, and also not very wide.

Unfortunately, this unit is only suitable for low profile cars; it’s not very large, and also not very wide.

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6. Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set

Top 10 Best Car Ramps in 2020

Measuring 35inches long and 9.8 inches wide, the Scepter 08226 automotive ramp should work with most small to medium size cars. It’s manufactured using heavy-duty and strong plastic and comes in 2 pieces, one for each wheel.

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The unit is rated to accommodate up to 12, 000 pounds of weight and features a parabolic arch inside its core that provides the necessary strength and also helps distribute the weight. And to keep it firmly in the same spot, whether on smooth, rough or uneven surfaces, this car ramp set comes with a slip-free design and also easily allows water, dust, snow to fall through.

Reasons that make it worth buying include being lightweight but still very sturdy; it’s nice shallow angle for easy use and non-slip nature.

Sadly, the ridges on its outer edge can rub the car’s underside, the lift isn’t the best, and is most suited for cars with low clearance.

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5. Race Ramps RR-XT-2 67-Inch XT 2-Piece Race Ramp

Top 10 Best Car Ramps in 2020

With a 67-inch extender, this automotive ramp by Race Ramps should be a good fit for your car. It’s made from a strong but super light material that makes it easy to use and also enhances portability.

It comes with a 100% solid core for extra strength and is specially constructed to prevent leaving marks and scratches on the floor.

For easy side access, a portion of the bottom can easily be removed and also be put back. It also comes with a choke for better stability and safety.

Some of its positives include; super light but still very strong, easy to use on most vehicles, and is well constructed.

It has some negatives that include; not suitable for high clearance, cannot support over 1500 pounds and is also a bit costly when compared to other options.

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4. Race Ramps RR-40 40″ Race Ramp- Pack of 2

Top 10 Best Car Ramps in 2020

Also from Race Ramps is this RR-40 ramp set. It features a solid design with no holes or hollows, a 40-inch extender, and is also very light. The unit is compatible with most small to medium-size cars and brands including Jaguar, Corvette, Ford, Mazda, BMW and more.

Like other types from the manufacturer, it comes with a special design that won’t leave marks, dents or scratches on the surface.

Users go for it because of its lightness and compact nature, it’s easy to use even for first timers, and the construction feels very solid.

However, some shy away from it because its extender isn’t very long, not very wide, and is also not very effective for vehicles with high clearance.

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3. Race Ramps RR-56-2 56″ Race Ramp – 2 Piece

Top 10 Best Car Ramps in 2020

The RR-56-2 car ramp set features a solid design without any hollows or openings. This makes it strong enough for most medium and small size cars in the market. Its’ long 56-inch extender will easily support different tire sizes and will remain firm courtesy of the nonslip base.

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For smaller wheels or limited spaces, you can easily detach part of the bottom. Due to its light weight, maneuvering and carrying this accessory is simple and easy.

It gets the thumb up for its quality construction, and design, decent extender and practical design, non-slip nature, and also doesn’t leave marks or scratches on a surface.

Some consumers, however, find it somewhat expensive and it’s not suitable for high-performance racing tires.

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2. RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp

Top 10 Best Car Ramps in 2020

This vehicle ramp set by Rhino Gear is ideal for vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of up to 16,000 pounds. It comes in a rugged design that suits it for rough, smooth, and uneven surfaces.

The system features a CoreTRAC base that is known for its non-skid nature and firm support whereas the 17-degree included makes it a good choice even for vehicles with a low clearance.

Users vouch for this accessory because of its decent weight capacity, firmness and stability, good portability, and non-slip design.

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Unfortunately, some people say it’s fairly thin, may move a bit on very smooth concrete, and the plastic isn’t as strong as metal.

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1. RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp

Top 10 Best Car Ramps in 2020

The RhinoGear 11909ABMI is our top pick regarding the top 10 best car ramps in 2020.

Firstly, we love its decent capacity of up to 12,000lbs GVW. Secondly, it remains firm and stable on most surfaces courtesy of the CoreTRAC nonslip/nonskid base. Thirdly, the 17-degree incline makes it reliable on both high and low clearance. Fourthly, its rugged design and structure provides good stability for most tires and takes up minimal space.

While it scores well regarding strength, sturdiness, material, and portability, this ramp set isn’t very suitable for vehicles with high clearance. Some consumers also find it not very solid.

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Buying Guide for Best Car Ramps

If you are planning to purchase a ramp for your car, you should give the following aspects priority:

  • Durability: The ramp should be well constructed from quality materials so as to support the heavy weight. A poor product is likely to break or deform under the weight. The load rating of most ramps for cars is between 6000 and 10,000 pounds.
  • Stability: Imagine yourself under the car changing oil or loosening a bolt, and the car starts moving or sliding? Disaster! This and associated risks can be avoided by relying on a nonslip ramp that provides a firm support and will remain stable on smooth, rough, and uneven surfaces.
  • Easy to Use: Using the ramp should be a simple activity. It should easily slide beneath the tires and also easy to remove. Top types are also easy to carry and don’t require frequent maintenance.
  • Profile: Car ramps come as low profile or high profile. The first type is designed for cars with low clearance, for instance, sports cars, high-performance vehicles, and will features a longer and gradual incline. The second type is for cars with higher clearance such as SUVs, and Pickup Trucks and its incline will be less gradual and has a higher height.
  • Design: It’s crucial to go for a design that allows the vehicle to drive over the ramp effortlessly without touching the undercarriage. It shouldn’t be too narrow that the tires go beyond its edges or too wide that it touches other sections.

Final Word

Working under your car, flushing or draining the radiator, undertaking an oil change and other activities is much easier and safer when using ramps. The devices elevate the car’s front or rear and give you better view and access.

They also help keep the car stable and avoid any movement. Knowing the challenges that many people go through when trying to purchase a good and dependable product, we decided to review the top 10 best car ramps in 2020. It’s always advisable to use the ramps together with wheel chocks so as to eliminate the possibility of the car moving especially in very smooth concrete or uneven surfaces.