Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

The annoying alarm rings in the morning, and all you feel is stabbing pain in the neck. Neck pains can be mood destroyers and can mess up a bright day before it even begun. This, however, can be avoided by investing in a good cervical pillow. With the right pillow, you can experience a good nights sleep and brighter mornings.

Before we get into details of the top 10 best cervical pillows in 2017, Below is a guide on shopping for cervical pillows for neck pain.

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Cervical Pillows Shopping Guide

It is important to have a general of what affects the type of cervical pillows we should purchase. One of these factors is sleeping positions. The aim is to align and contour the head, neck, and spine to the required positions releasing pressure and thus relieving pain.

Those who sleep on their sides (one of the most common positions) require cervical pillows that support the cervical spine. This helps in maintaining the body’s stabilization. It settles the body weight and the spinal tissues.This results in the much-needed comfort your body desperately needs.

The second cohort is those who sleep on their back most of the time. Using a stiff raised pillow makes the head thrown out of position causing pain. Thinner extra-soft cervical pillows are recommended to offer cradle effect to the neck and stabilize the position of the head.

Those of us who are adventurous and just can’t be satisfied with sleeping in one position requires more flexible cervical pillows to adapt to the various positions, for example, a tri-core cervical pillow would be a greater choice.

Stomach friends – these people just literally sleep on their full stomachs. This creates pressure on the cervical spines especially if high pillows are used. A special pillow with a smooth transition design can help a great deal.

Another factor that will affect what kind of cervical pillow you buy is allergic reactions. Some people are allergic to polysynthetic material and thus should consider 100% cotton cervical pillows.

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

Now without further ado here are the top 10 best cervical pillows 2017:

10. NeckZen-Cervical Neck, Shoulder Relaxer, and Revitalizer

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

This premium product is a comprehensive neck support cervical pillow that delivers deep relaxation and a soothing relief experience to those experiencing neck and shoulder pains.

It features safety and convenience. Its material is hypoallergenic and relieves pain faster about 5-20 minutes.It has been scientifically and ergonomically designed. This cervical pillow gives a cradle to the neck and supports the head in the right position.

It also has a relaxation system that contains neck revitalizer, memory foam, eye mask, ear plugs and a manual with detailed instructions and tips on how to use them correctly.

Premium quality and durability – complete design and use of soft memory foam that contains eye cavities and a nose bridge.

This product is versatile and can be used when watching movies, outdoors, driving a car and sitting outdoors, and its main purpose in bread.

In fact, the parting shot in this products description is ‘If symptoms persist consult your healthcare expert.’

The only negative is that some customers do not like its synthetic smell which is common with most cervical pillows.

9. Bedsure-Memory Foam Contour Firm Pillow

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

It is a firm memory foam cervical pillow that helps relieve neck, shoulder, spinal injury and other painful conditions associated with sleep.

It featured 100% microfiber polyester fabric type which is well insulated to be hypoallergenic, dust, mite, bed bug and bacteria resistant.

It has been ergonomically engineered to mimics your body shape supporting the head, neck, and shoulder according to your sleeping position to enable you to get a good night’s sleep. Its’ therapeutic design is good for back and side sleepers ultimate comfort.

Another huge advantage is that Bed sure offers a 5- year limited warranty for this cervical pillow. Assurance enough that it won’t fail you. It is quite affordable with whooping discounts in online stores.

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

8. Roscoe Medical-PP3113 Cervical Sleep Pillow

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

With its unique recessed core that gently supports the head neck and shoulder, it is a remedy for most of the common pains associated with sleeping such as neck pains, tension headaches, arthritis and shoulders pains.

It features a recessed core which mimics the shape of the head and neck so that they are supported perfectly when you are sleeping to release the tension in the muscles relieving pain.

Its scientific design enables less turning and tossing in the bed as it holds and supports the neck and head comfortably thus a more restorative good night’s sleep.

It is made if 100% polyester fiber -fills which holds its shape twice as long as the average ordinary pillows. It can also be used with standard pillow cases sizes 16” ×23” so that you can blend it with your space’s decor.

7. Core Products -D-Core Cervical Pillow, Standard Firm

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

From its name this standard firm cervical pillow is D-shaped. Within an average price range, you can get this cervical pillow and kiss your neck pain problems goodbye.

The patented D-shaped center gently assists the head while the side lobes support the shoulder perfectly shaping and restoring the natural, relaxed position of the head and curvature of the upper spine and neck.

This helps release the existing tension and thus freeing you from pain and maintain comfort every time you use it.It also helps get rid of snoring by improving your breathing patterns during sleep.

It is made of 100% fiber and polyester, hypoallergenic and weighs averagely 4.5 pounds.

Your nights and mornings can be made better by using D-core.

6. Sleep Yoga-Dual Position Neck Pillow

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

Yoga is beneficial to the body as it keeps it flexible, restored, active and relaxed thus improving your posture. The sleep yoga dual position cervical pillow adopts the very very concepts and benefits of yoga into its design and functionality to ensure that a good night’s sleep benefits you after a hectic day.

Produced by a Chiropractor, an Industry Designer, and a Sleep Product Veteran, every angle, and detail of the sleeping postures has been factored to deliver a customer comfort oriented product.

It features two designs; Medium soft for young sleepers and Medium stiff for adults and those looking for stronger support. Its ergonomic design has factored both adults and the young.

High quality patented, hypoallergenic, biodegradable filling materials approved by necessary authorities in the U.S has been used. The fabric is also soft and washing machine safe.

This cervical pillow is worth investing in for a family as there is something for everyone – for the kid and the parents.

5. Heng Jia-Premium Therapeutic Grade Neck Support Cushion With Pain-Free Guarantee

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

Heng jia is known for its customer qualified affordable products. This therapeutic cervical pillow does not disappoint either.

It features an ingenious design which enables impressive versatility. It comes with handy straps which allow you to use it as a head rest when driving.

Everlasting durability – It has been designed to last your lifetime without going flat, or you loosing your comfort and comes with a warranty to assure you of that.

Its removable velour covers are machine washable and thus easy to clean. It also features a scientific and ergonomically designed pillow with head, neck and shoulder system to enable the restoration of the normal relaxed neck and head position giving you painless experiences of comfort.

4. Arc4life-Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

Scientist says that we spend 1/3 of our lifetime sleeping. Do you want to spend yours in pain or relaxing and restoring your energy peacefully asleep? What better way to get rid if those annoying neck pains than with Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow.

Produced for back and side sleepers, it has nice soft wings to keep the head in position, weight from the mattress and cradle the neck to give it its natural C shape. This releases tension in the muscles located in these areas that cause pain.

It also improves our breathing patterns at night saving us from the embarrassments of annoying snoring. This cervical pillow allows the alignment of the spine in its natural position boosting one’s posture.

It is one of the best cervical pillows out there proven to have worked by customers and is thus deservedly premium priced.

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

3. Mediflow-Original Waterbase Pillow

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

This is the first and the only water-based pillow in the list deservedly earning itself the third spot. It ranked best in a clinical study at the John Hopkins University.

In the study it ranked best in the following sub-categories; How long subjects took to fall asleep, How few times they woke up during the night, How long it took them to go back to sleep, Perception of sleep quality and finally relief of neck pain.

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For all of you who hate everything polysynthetic, it is made of 100% machine washable cotton material. It has been meticulously designed and tested to provide you with comfort and to relieve and avoid neck pains. What more can you ask for? Order one now and shame this creature called ‘Neck pain.’

2. Core Products-Tri-Core Cervical Pillow

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

For the crazy sleepers with dozens of unique sleeping positions, here is a product designed meticulously to try and assist you in your sleeping escapades. The tri-core pillow is versatile and can use for a litany of activities. Be it sitting outdoors, support while driving or even support seated on the couch or floor.

It features a research oriented ‘Tri-Core Cervical Support System.’ This system aids in supporting the head in the correct position and the neck in a cradle to release the tense muscles and free you from pain offering comfort no matter your sleeping position. Furthermore, it comes in three size options one for the kids, the other for young teens and the last one for adults.

Now you know why this product is second in this list and the most requested cervical pillow from Core products with lots of positive reviews from customers. Highly recommended.

1. Coop Home Goods-PREMIUM Adjustable Loft-Memory Foam Pillow

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain in 2017

  • #1 Best Seller in Bed Pillows

Well, its long title matches its performance and position in our list. One of the best seller cervical pillow out there. Its main feature is its adjustability coupled with other features found in all the others it’s time you decided to spend the rest of your life on the top lane – comfort.

Adjustable – Whether you are a skimpy little lad or a huge ballerina, coop home adjustable pillow got you sorted. Its size can be easily customized to fit all sizes and shapes. According to your sleeping position back, side, stomach or even changing, you can adjust the files to accommodate your needs.

It also features a hypoallergenic and dust/ mite/ bedbug/ bacteria resistant fabric.

It has high flow and breathable covers that improve your breathing keeping you comfortable and cool all night. Also, its scientific design cradles the neck and support the head in position to help relieve neck and shoulder pains.

Coop Home adjustable pillow made of certified safe material foam, free from ozone depletes and CFCs and CPSs.

All these amazing features are even made better and assured by coop home goods 30-day guarantee. It is truly worth every penny you give to get this wonderful cervical pillow.

Cervical pains associated with sleeping is manageable and should be a no bother. You have all the information you need to go shopping for a cervical pillow. Follow the guide and the suggestions were given, and you won’t regret it.

Do yourself justice by investing in one and “remake Sleep Great.”

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