TOP 10 Best Crutches in 2021

How fast you recover from a leg injury is influenced by the kind of crutches you use. While they may look or serve a similar purpose, crutches are unique in their own way. Some will have better support than others are easier to use, while there are those that are more user-friendly. Certain types are more flexible and can easily be adjusted to suit different heights while there are some oddly shaped types that bring in a new feel and experience. With so many types and variables, choosing the right type can be an uphill task.

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Our intention was to highlight the top accessories that will hasten the recovery process and minimize the possibility of being injured again. To do this, we focused on the main issues, which are as follows.

Top 10 Best Crutches in 2021

In these top 10 best crutches in 2021 review, we have examined several products on the market with the aim being to know which the best types are.

10. Carex Health Brands Folding CrutchesTop 10 Best Crutches in 2021

You don’t have to walk in an awkward manner because of using the wrong crutches. With this simple aluminum crutches from Carex Health, you will walk in the right posture and ease the strain or pressure from different parts of the body.

The 5-pound unit comes in adjustable height and is designed for users with a height of between 4ft 11inches – 6ft 4inches (41 – 58 inches). it features stylish blue pads and grips for good comfort and support and can easily fold in a half for better carrying and space saving.

Consumers love their sturdiness, easy folding, simplicity, and comfort of this set. They, however, argue that they aren’t designed for heavy-duty usage.

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9. Cardinal Health CA901AD Axillary Crutch

Top 10 Best Crutches in 2021

This height adjustable crutch from Cardinal health is mostly designed for adults. It’s constructed from light and sturdy metal and can support even heavy people. The item’s height can be adjusted from 62 to 70 inches and will suit both short as well as tall users.

The sturdy and well-constructed piece can support individuals weighing up to 300 pounds. For improved comfort, stability, and safety, this accessory has replaced the traditional rubber with long-lasting and effective thermoplastic rubber.

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The crutch gets the thumb up because of its solid construction, easy to use, great looking and good comfort. Unfortunately, the rubber caps are a bit sticky especially when new.

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8. Life Crutch by Millennial Medical

Top 10 Best Crutches in 2021

This silver colored Life Crutch by Millennial Medical is designed for individuals who desire quick recovery. It comes with an innovative design that will reduce the sore wrists, underarm pain, and carpel Tunnel that are symbolic with the traditional crutch.

The well-built and ergonomic accessory comes in adjustable height and will support heights ranging from 4 ft 6inches to 6ft 7inches and weight of up to 300 pounds. Unlike the conventional type, this articulating crutch’s tips cover between 75-100% of the surface and this improves stability and safety.

Users love this 3.7-pound crutch because of its effective design, sturdiness, easy to adjust, and very comfortable. Many however would have loved if it were foldable.

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7. Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Steel Forearm Crutch

Top 10 Best Crutches in 2021

This heavy-duty forearm crutch is made from high-quality Bariatric steel and can accommodate weight as high as 500 pounds. It comes with a handle height of 28-37 inches and is suitable for people with a height of between 60 and 74 inches.

The chrome accessory is coated with vinyl and features comfortable and user-friendly molded arm cuffs. The handles are contoured for maximum grip and comfort whereas the extra-large tips enhance stability and safety. The adjustable forearm and leg sections also improve balance and stability.

This item is a top choice because of its good quality, good balance, solid built and good comfort. It nonetheless is a bit short for very tall people and is not suitable for kids.

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6. Vive Forearm Crutches Light Weight Arm Cuff Crutch

Made from light and strong aluminum metal, this black crutch by Vive can support people weighing up to 250 pounds. The simple accessory comes in a dimension of 39.9 x 9.25 x 7.75 inches and weighs around 3.45 lbs. It features adjustable height about one increments.

It comes with one-piece cuff molded from quality plastic and an ergonomic handgrip assembly. Weighing just 3.45 pounds, carrying this crutch isn’t a problem.

It also gets positive reviews for simplicity, good support, and easy to use. It, however, is bashed for not being suitable for very short users or kids.

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5. Ergobaum® Prime Ergonomic Forearm Crutches

Top 10 Best Crutches in 2021

Recovering from an injury or surgery is easier and safer with this gold-colored crutch by Ergobaum Prime. This 7th generation piece comes with the patented Spring Loaded legs that reduce impact and shock while improving stability and balance.

The item comes with an adjustable arm and height and can support people with heights of 5 to 6 ft 6 inches. The well-built and solid piece is fit for weights of up to 350 pounds and features a fully adjustable grip handle for maximum comfort and support.

Easy assembly, nice safety features, good design and adjustable height are some of its key advantages while the disadvantage is that it is a bit heavier than the standard crutch and is not suited for kids.

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4. Mobilegs Ultra Crutches

Top 10 Best Crutches in 2021

These white crutches are designed for people weighing up to 300 pounds and whose height ranges from 4 ft 9 inches up to 6 ft 4 inches. The adjustable arm length and height makes selecting the right height easy and convenient while the ergonomically contoured handgrip provides a firm hold and support.

It features articulated pivots for a maximum grip and balance on the surface whereas the 1-1 / 4-inch dampening mechanism reduces impact.

According to reviews, users love its design, simplicity, smooth adjustment, ergonomic, and sturdiness. Some, unfortunately, say it’s a little heavier than other options.

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3. Medline MDS805161 Aluminum Forearm Crutches

Top 10 Best Crutches in 2021

Recovery from surgery and injury faster with this vinyl-coated forearm crutch set from Medline. Designed for users weighing up to 250 pounds and with a height of 5 ft 10 – 6ft 6inches, this well-constructed accessory will provide good balance and support on most surfaces.

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It comes with a sturdy tubular frame made from high-grade aluminum and contoured arm cuffs for optimum comfort and balance. The crutch telescoping parts help in hiding blemishes, scratches and will ensure it looks new for a longer time.

The crutches are built for long-lasting performance, offer firm support, and are very silent. The 5.1-pound piece is also lightweight, compact and easy to carry. Some users nonetheless complain about the hard plastic handles.

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2. Hugo Mobility 721-785 Hugo Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches

Top 10 Best Crutches in 2021

If you weigh no more than 300 pounds and are between 5ft 2 and 5 ft 10, then this lightweight crutch is for up you. It is constructed from light and sturdy aluminum and will offer good support and stability to heavy users.

The unit features a dual push-button for adjusting the height and contoured crutch tips for optimal grip and traction. It comes with thickly cushioned underarm pads that enhance comfort and stability and washable natural sponge handgrips. The handle’s height can be varied from 3ft 8 inches to 4 ft 4 inches.

It almost made to the top spot on this review because it feels very solid, has a simple adjusting mechanism, and is also lightweight. The only complaint is that it’s not fit for very tall users.

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1. WALK2.0 Hands-Free Crutch

Top 10 Best Crutches in 2021

  • #1 Best Seller in Crutches

If you are tired of the normal crutches or you want something better, then the iWALKER2.0 is for you. It comes in a unique design and will better support and balance. The knee scooter offers you a hands-free experience and requires minimal effort to move around with.

The accessory can be used by people from 5 ft up to 6ft 4 inches tall and can work with either leg, right or left. It features quick-release straps for easy removal and is also very comfortable thanks to the padded knee area.

While it’s well built, very effective, simple to use, easy to assemble and very comfortable, the iWALK2.0 may not be fit for elderly or obese people.

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Buying Guide

To find the best crutches, it is essential to look at the following:

  • Type: Underarm, forearm, and knee walkers are the main types of crutches. Each comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of injury, the area of use, support, and user preference.
  • Design: Modern crutches come in all manner of shapes and designs. It’s more important to choose a comfortable, safe and ergonomic accessory that worsening the situation by going for a stylish or trendy accessory that offers poor support and balance.
  • Material: The crutches frame is a normally made from aluminum and Bariatric Steel. The caps and arm support will feature rubber, foam, or/and plastic material. It’s crucial to choose quality, comfortable, reliable and durable materials.
  • Portability: A good item is easy to carry and store. It’s made from light materials like aluminum and may come in a foldable design.
  • Price: People choose crutches depending on their cost. High-end products may cost more but may be more stable, long lasting, and also more comfortable compared to cheaper alternatives. Nonetheless, it’s possible to discover a cheap and high-quality product.


Crutches have been around for as long as we can remember. They also come in all kinds of shapes, materials, sizes and much more. One common thing about them all was that they were/are designed to offer good support, improve mobility, and also hasten recovery.

For this to happen in the best manner possible, it was/is important to choose the right item. It should be made from good material, high quality, user-friendly, ergonomic, easy to use, easy to adjust, right size, good weight and also portable.

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Drive Medical Euro Style Light Weight Forearm Crutch

Top 10 Best Crutches in 2021

Made from light and strong aluminum metal, this blue crutch by Drive Medical is targeted at people weighing up to 300 pounds. The simple accessory comes with an adjustable handle (29-38 inches) and can support people with a height of between 60 to 74 inches.

It comes with one-piece cuff molded from quality plastic and an ergonomic handgrip assembly. Weighing 14.6 ounces, carrying this crutch isn’t a problem.

It also gets positive reviews for simplicity, good support, and easy to use. It, however, is bashed for not being suitable for very short users or kids.

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