TOP 10 Best Drum Sets for Kids in 2020

Best Drum Sets for Kids

Drum sets for kids are not just for entertainment only, but also for increasing the creativity and intelligence quota of your child. Music is food for the soul, and the sounds and lyrics that are generated from it calms the mind, release stress and brings solace in times of loneliness.

If your aim is to surprise your child during his or her upcoming birthday, or for another important occasion like Christmas; then give him/her something that will make him/her lively and healthy for a long time. A perfect drum set for kids will do the job.

Best Drum Sets for Kids

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Top 10 Best Drum Sets for Kids 2020

Initially, make sure you go through our informative list below—the Top 10 Best Drum Set for Kids 2020 Reviews.

10. 3pcs Junior Kid Child Drum Set

Top 10 Best Drum Sets for Kids in 2020

The best drum set for kids 2020 reviews begin with the 3pcs Junior Kid Drum Set. This drum is perfect for your children as a birthday or Christmas gift celebration. The entire set is built from the durable wood shell, and it consists of drumsticks that are also durable in nature. Your kid’s comfortability is guaranteed by the inclusive adjustable padded drum throne, even as the instruction manual makes it easier to set up.

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Your kids are waiting: get it now!

  • Durable material construction
  • Includes drums sticks and throne for comfort
  • Drum throne is padded and adjustable
  • Easy read manual



  • Attachment is not properly tightened
  • Is cheaply made

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9. GP Percussion GP55WR 5-Piece Junior Drum Set

Top 10 Best Drum Sets for Kids in 2020

Keep your child engaged and happy with this awesome five-piece drum set from Percussion. Boasting a kick pedal bass drum, snare drum, three tom drums and two cymbals, defines the credulity of this drum set. The drum heads and cymbals contain GP logo designs; all perfectly complimented by the drumsticks and drum key.

I see your kid smiling already!

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  • Five-in-one drum set
  • All drum heads are tuneable
  • Comes with throne and sticks
  • Durable
  • Lack of good cymbal sounds

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8. 11pc Kids Boy Girl Drum Set Musical Instrument Toy Playset

Top 10 Best Drum Sets for Kids in 2020

This 11 Piece children drum set has awesome tones and everything your child needs to get started. The model comes with a dominant red color having nontoxic paint. It is designed from ABS plastic and durable aluminium—all providing great quality. This 11Piece drum set gives out a great and real sound that will cause your kid to shout in excitement. It is a complete size drum set that represents a perfect gift for your child.

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  • Appealing design
  • Complete set drum
  • Awesome sound
  • Good for kids within 3-5 years
  • The sticks are terrible
  • Some components falls off easily

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7. Gammon Percussion MN 104-4 Childrens Kids Junior Drum Set

Top 10 Best Drum Sets for Kids in 2020

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Everything your kid need to start playing and jumping is right here in this drum set. This model includes high-quality cymbals, hi-hat drums made out of real wood shells that will last for many seasons. This design is out to serve your child as he/she learns how to drum and make use of his/her spare time. It comes in black and is suitable for 3-5 old kids.

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  • Great value for the kids
  • Easy to assemble
  • Super loud
  • Amazing quality
  • Tom and snare moves easily after steady playing

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6. GP Percussion GP50MPK Complete Junior Drum Set 

Top 10 Best Drum Sets for Kids in 2020

A drum set with 10inch cymbal and high hat, bass drum pedal is an ideal entertainment instrument for your kids to play and while away the time. This drum set model comes with a junior drum throne for easy play, drumsticks and drum key for perfect tuning of the drum heads. No doubt, this is a complete quality drum that will enhance the drum beating skills of your child.

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  • Good quality product
  • Well packed and secured components
  • Hardware was easy to assemble
  • Perfect for 5-6 years old
  • Some orders come with missing parts

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5. Ludwig Accent Drive 5-Pc Drum Set

Top 10 Best Drum Sets for Kids in 2020

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Ludwig is an all new and inclusive drum set for the new drummer like your child. This model creates a solid foundation for a lifetime drumming experience. It has a classic lug and telescoping bass drum with wrapped and durable finish. It includes 200 series of double braced cymbals stood a hi-hat stand, together with a double snare stand and improved chain-drive kick-pedal—all creating a wonderful drumming experience for your kid.

  • Beautiful and gorgeous product
  • Great drum heads
  • Adjustable throne
  • Hi-hat provided
  • Perfect set for kids
  • The cymbals are terrible

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4. Best Choice Product Drum Sets-1263 5 Piece

Top 10 Best Drum Sets for Kids in 2020

As the name implies, this is the best drum set for your child to train and master the art of drumming. It is a full-size drum set with Hi-hat, crash cymbal sticks and stool stands all included for the comfort of your child. The high gloss finish with chain driven pedals makes this a premium quality product, which is easy to assemble.

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Your kid is waiting for this product with bated breath. Get now!

  • Solid product
  • Full-size drum
  • Easy to adjust
  • Made of real wood
  • The cymbals are not the best
  • Inadequate user instructions

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3. WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set for Kids

Top 10 Best Drum Sets for Kids in 2020

This is an electric type drum set with a mic and pre-installed songs and melodies, dance music, drum beats and lights for your child to practice and sing his/her favorite rhymes. The set is made of durable and sturdy quality materials, including two drums sticks and a stool measuring 8inches in height. The set is suitable for kids ranging 3-5 years old.

  • Perfect for kids entertainment
  • Digital and analog combined
  • Different settings for different sounds
  • High quality and durable
  • Is plastic and so, could get broken
  • No included 3AA batteries

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2. Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 3-Piece Kids / Junior Drum Set

Top 10 Best Drum Sets for Kids in 2020

Awesome junior drum set from Mendini with all-in-one drumming solution for the aspiring young drummer. With 9.5inch cymbal and mounted holder, including an adjustable throne that has round padding; a bass drum pedal and a pair of wooden sticks for optimum performance. It is easy to setup and play—a perfect gift for the young drummer.

  • Comes with adjustable drum throne
  • Good quality kits for smaller kids
  • Perfect for 3-5 years old kids
  • Easy to setup
  • No hi-hat

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1. Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit

Top 10 Best Drum Sets for Kids in 2020

Here is the king of the jungle—our number one product in the Top 10 Best Drum Set for Kids 2020 Review. Top game drum set for your child to start playing. Made with real wood drum shells, this Gammon drum set comes with a hi-hat stand, and cymbals are complimenting the bass drum pedal, which in turn is surrounded by two tom drums, 16inch bass drum, snare drum, snare stand and a mounted cymbal that enhances all-round beating options. With this set, you don’t need to buy anything again as it comes complete with all tools.

  • All-in-one drum set
  • Great quality
  • Comes with hi hat
  • Drums have logos
  • Everything properly tightened
  • None

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The Top 10 Best Drum Set for Kids 2020 Review entails that durability and quality are the hallmarks of any successful drum set for kids. Buying the best drum set for kids 2020 was previously not easy, but now is made even easier by our top 10 best drums set for kids review. And to further make it easier for you, we are recommending our top pick: the Gammon Junior Starter Drum Set and the Mendinni 16inch 3-Piece Drum Kit as the leading gods of the Top 10 Best Drum Set for Kids 2020.

Make your choice now and watch your kids love you till Washington relocates to Moscow!

Buying Guides for Drum Sets for Kids

Before you decide on what product or brand of the drum set to buy for your junior, bear in mind there are certain things you must take into consideration to make the right selection; especially if you’re not a drummer.

These (besides others) are the major things you should consider as your best drum set for kids 2020 buyers guide.

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Pre-Purchase Consideration
  • Drum Set Piece:

Now, the first things you have to consider is the DRUM SET PIECE. If you would like to see your child being surrounded with drums for fun, then go for the 5-piece, 6-piece or larger set that offers more toms for a wider range of sound. There are other drum sets such as the standard band set, the fusion band set, the full suite and the bass drum set. The things that differentiate these sets are the drums diameters.

A fusion set gives punchy and articulate tones, while the standard size set produces a louder tone and bigger volume. On the other hand, the double bass drum set allows you to play fast patterns with extreme power, while the complete drum set normally contains all the components that you need for a memorable play. Also, choosing a drum set depends on your taste and style of play.

  • Wood Construction:

Secondly, consider the WOOD CONSTRUCTION. Different kinds of woods are used in the making of your drum, and each possesses their own peculiarity in sound quality. For instance, some drums are made of Mahogany wood, Basswood, Marple, Birch, Poplar, etc. Researched on the one you think would be more durable, so your child won’t be frustrated during play.

  • Cymbals:

Lastly, consider the CYMBALS, which are perhaps the most important components of any drum set. They have their own unique sound quality which determines what sound or music you are playing. Some cymbals are of poor quality, and they give contrary sounds to the overall playing pattern. So, choose carefully and also bear in mind that some drum sets come without cymbals, meaning you will have to buy them yourself. Make sure you buy the ones that would complement the overall drum setting.