TOP 10 Best Electric Hair Wax Warmers and Buying Guide in 2021

Hot wax warmers play a major role in our lives. Some people use it for therapeutic healings, others for hair removals, while some use it on their hair to improve its texture and quality. The traditional way of melting wax isn’t very effective in many situations. For instance, can you imagine using bulky heating equipment in a small room, while traveling, or in a professional setting like a spa, salon, beauty center or massage parlor?

Not only will it be inconveniencing, tiresome, but may cause lots of mess and wastage. The best option is using the best wax warmer. But before we analyze the top 10 best wax warmers in 2021, why don’t we go through the important features?

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Wax Warmers Buying Guide

The following are the key features that you need to look at:

  • Capacity: The warmers come in varied sizes and capacities. It’s essential to determine your current as well as future needs. For instance, a warmer for individual use doesn’t need to be as big or complex as that used in a salon or beauty parlor.
  • Heating Speed: A good item should heat the wax quickly. Top types come with a variable thermostat or adjustable temperature that allows the user to select the preferred mode.
  • Temperature Control: Wax can easily get burned when it’s heated at high temperatures or will take long if the temperature is too low. The best wax warmers feature adjustable temperature and easy-to-use knob.
  • Safety Features: It’s paramount to choose accessories that come with advanced safety features. For instance, they will come with an auto shutoff that prevents the wax from overheating or burning. They will also feature a convenient handle, see-through cover, and heat level indicators.
  • Portability: A device that is easy to carry around is more convenient. You can use it in different locations in the home and also outside the home. The right item will be light, comes in a decent size, compact and ergonomic.

List of the Top 10 Best Electric Hair Wax Warmers in 2021


10. REBUNE 110V Wax Warmer Pro Hair Remover Machine Paraffin

Top 10 Best Electric Hair Wax Warmers in 2021

Anyone looking for professional results knows the value of quality and reliable wax warmers. Coming in a 500ml capacity, the REBUNE wax warmer is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. It can warm or heat different types of wax including therapeutic or paraffin-based types. The unit is rated 110V and relies on a 100-watt heating element for melting the wax.

It is suitable for broken, canned, block wax and takes between 20 and 30 minutes for the wax to melt and get warm fully. The accessory comes with a see-through cover that allows you to see what’s happening without having to remove the lid. It also includes a removable metal liner that makes using, pouring melted wax and cleaning easy.

A look at the reviews shows that many people love it because of its decent size, it doesn’t overheat or burn the wax, it’s easy to clean and also very portable. However, it doesn’t work with 220-240V power sources, takes quite some time to heat the wax.

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9. Huini Pro Wax Warmer Hot Wax Heater

Top 10 Best Electric Hair Wax Warmers in 2021

If you regularly use warm or melted wax, then this wax warmer by Huini is worth thinking about. It comes in a fairly large size and is powered by 110 volts. The accessory can melt different types of wax and also works on different forms whether strips, broken, blocks or any other.

Featuring a 100-watt heating element and a 14-ounce capacity, it is suitable for both home and professional/commercial use and has a short learning curve. The On/Off switch allows a user to choose the desired temperature that includes medium and high. And to simplify its use, it comes with a metal stick for removing the wax, an extra aluminum container, and a see-through lid.

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Users love its simplicity, good price, decent quality, and ergonomic design. The only issues are the temperature controls aren’t very well-placed, and it’s a little small for use with some cans.

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8. DIGITAL Paraffin Wax Hot PRO Warmer

Top 10 Best Electric Hair Wax Warmers in 2021

Warming or heating wax at home, in the salon, spa, beauty parlor or any other location will be less-inconveniencing and safer when using this digital wax warmer. It measures 15 x 9 x 8 inches and will occupy little space on the countertop, shelf, table and other surfaces. The accessory comes with a 4.3-liter capacity and has a shallow basin that is easy to use, clean and doesn’t require lots of maintenance.

The temperature controls let you select the preferred setting easily and without having to spend too much time monitoring the accessory or ending up burning the wax. It also comes with a handy see-through lid that prevents spillage and also helps you keep tabs on the contents.

It’s a popular choice for both learners and professionals because it heats up relatively fast, comes with an easy-grip handle, and is ergonomically designed and also easy to use and clean. It nonetheless it loses a few points due to the poor instructions that are somewhat confusing especially for first-time users, it’s a little small, and setting the shut-off time isn’t possible.

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7. Muses Poem Electric Wax Warmer

Top 10 Best Electric Hair Wax Warmers in 2021

The Muses Poem electric wax warmer/heat strip, paraffin, block, broken and other types of wax. The accessory is targeted at home and professional’s users who want easy and safe access to warm wax. It comes with a removable aluminum container for easy introduction of wax and pouring of molten wax.

The sturdy see-through cover enables you to observe the process from close range without removing the lid. On average, the unit takes about 40 minutes to complete the entire process.

It enjoys a huge following because of its simple and effective design, cleaning the pan and the device itself is also easy, and it also occupies minimal space. However, Users from regions using 220-2240V can’t use this device since its runs on 110V. It also gets a bashing for being relatively slow to heat, and the top edges aren’t very easy to clean.

6. Portable Salon Electric Hot Wax Warmer

Top 10 Best Electric Hair Wax Warmers in 2021

Measuring 7 x 7 x 4 3 /4 inches, this wax warmer can be found in many homes, salons, spas, and massage centers. It comes with a removable liner pot that measures 4.3 inches in diameter and 2.9 inches high. It can accommodate up to 14-ounces of wax cans, and since it’s removable, it’s easy to introduce the raw wax and also use or pour it into the targeted cans/tins.

Like other well-known wax warmers, it also features a control for selecting the best heat, and this prevents accidental burning or waiting for too long for the wax to warm or melt. And for added stability and safety, it features non-slip rubber legs/ feet that keep it firmly in the same spot.

It’s a top pick for many consumers because of its stylish and ergonomic design; lightweight and good portability won’t slip easily and has a good price tag. On the downside, this wax warmer isn’t very fast when it comes to warming wax, the tins are somewhat large and only works with 110 volts (not compatible with 220-240 volts).

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5. Satin Smooth Double Wax Warmer Kit

Top 10 Best Electric Hair Wax Warmers in 2021

To provide the best therapy, massage, and other services, it’s necessary to have quality wax within teach. However, ensuring that it heats up fast and remains molten for longer isn’t always easy. This not only affects the service delivery but can cause annoyance and frustration to the service giver and customer.

Fortunately, with the Satin Smooth wax warmer, you don’t have to worry about the above issues. This is because it’s engineered to warm/ melt different kinds of wax and will do so without damaging or burning it. It comes in a convenient size that makes it suitable for homes, spas, salons, massage centers, and other places. The double warmer not only heats up fast but also maintains the wax in the desired state. Also, you need to select the best temperature by using the integrated temperature dial.

Consumers talk positively about the included instructions being easy to understand; it’s not heavy, works great and can warm a range of waxes. Nonetheless, it’s not well-suited for heavy-duty work, and the included sticks and trips aren’t that many.

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4. MAKARTT Wax Warmer Electric Hair Removal

Top 10 Best Electric Hair Wax Warmers in 2021

The Makartt wax warmer is targeted at anyone who regularly uses wax for hair removal, therapy, and other uses. It is suitable for different types of waxes whether hard, soft, broken or block form. The 14-ounce unit features a highly effective heating unit that has good heat distribution and will ensure the wax melts consistently.

For easy control, it comes with an adjustable temperature; see-through cover, and an indicating light. All you need is simply setting the desired temperature and looking through the cover just in case. Also included is easy to use and clean removable liner bucket, Auto-shutoff for preventing the wax from burning at high temperature, and a user-friendly handle.

The versatile device is fast, easy to use, well designed, and comes with cool and simple dials. Unfortunately, it’s not meant for heavy-duty usage and is also a little small.

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3. GiGi Space Saver Warmer

Top 10 Best Electric Hair Wax Warmers in 2021

This GIGI wax warmer is not only stylish and lightweight but also heats wax relatively fast. It measures 6 x 5 x 4 inches, weighs approximately 1 pound and will fit even in limited counter spaces at home, spa, salon, massage parlor and other places. It’s designed to accommodate 8, 14, or 18-ounce cans and is thermostat-controlled.

It can melt most wax types including loose, block, paraffin, canned, bricks and strips among others. It comes with a firm base that prevents movement during use and also retains the heat fairly well. According to the users, this wax warmer occupies very little space, has an attractive design that complements the surrounding, and is quite compact.

It’s also loved for being simple to use and is well built. The only issues some people have is that it’s a tad bit small, is manually-operated, and won’t automatically turn off in case the temperatures gets too high.

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2. Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hair Removal Hot Wax Warmer

Top 10 Best Electric Hair Wax Warmers in 2021

Who said that you have to visit the salon or beauty parlor for a therapeutic exercise that involves hot wax? Who also said that you should forget about hair removal while traveling?

With this wax warmer by Salon Sundry, not only will you be able to use warm from anywhere and anytime, but also guarantees you of reliability and effectiveness. Rated as among the best wax warmers in 2021, this unit is professionally-designed to work with different forms of depilatory waxes such as bricks, canned, loose, block and more.

It features a 75-watt heating element that provides quality heating whereas the removable liner bucket makes introducing and removing the warm wax easy and also simplifies the cleaning process and maintenance. The accessory measures 2.25 inches in height and 4 1 /8 inches in diameter and will accommodate up to 14 ounces of wax. The thermostat control knob is well-placed and easy to use whereas the circular element ensures the heat is evenly distributed.

Its key merits are its good capacity, ergonomic and simple design, non-marring and anti-slip feet, and is also RoHS certified. Its disadvantages are that the instructions are not very clear and can be misleading, its highest temperature isn’t very hot, and the temperature gauge isn’t the most user-friendly.

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1. GiGi Wax Warmer

Top 10 Best Electric Hair Wax Warmers in 2021

Topping our list of the top 10 best wax warmers in 2021 is the GiGi wax warmer. Although not new in the market, this device continues to attract many people including the domestic and professional user.

Similar to other top devices, it comes with a removable aluminum container for improved functionality, a thermostat-controlled heating element, and a protective see-through cover. The warmer has a capacity of 14 ounces, measures 6 x 5 x 4 inches, and weighs approximately 1 pound. Courtesy of its good weight and not being bulky, this accessory can be used in small spaces and is also very portable.

Additionally, consumer’s praise it for being suitable for professional, quality construction, and also heats up relatively fast. Nevertheless, it’s common to come across complaints such as the instruction being somewhat complex, it being relatively small, and not being easy for beginners.

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Investing in the right wax warmer comes with many benefits. Firstly, you can use it anywhere with minimal interference. Secondly, you don’t need to keep a hawk’s eye on the equipment or burn the wax accidentally. Thirdly, you don’t need to spend lots of time and effort heating and pouring the molten wax on the tins/cans. Fourthly, you can easily access the wax even while traveling. Finally, you will not only save time and effort used to visit a salon or spa but money as well.

These top 10 best wax warmers in 2021 reviews will guide you on selecting the best item. Simply go through it and click on the preferred item.


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