Top 10 Best Finger Spinners in 2017

The popularity of finger spinners has been rising of late. This is seen in the growing sales, reviews and stiff competition among dealers. This device is useful in many ways.

  • Firstly, it helps relieve anxiety, depression or stress;
  • Secondly, it helps a person become more focused and attentive;
  • Thirdly, this toy-like accessory is also used by people suffering from ADD, AHDH, autism and other conditions;
  • Fourthly, there are those who simply love playing with this toy.

As the demand for this item increases, the number of products on offer also rises. But, we all know that not every product will be suitable. Some many not spin as fast; others may be a noisy, while some products don’t last long.

By reviewing the top 10 best finger spinners in 2017, our aim is to separate the best from the average.

Finger Spinners- Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Finger Spinners

When intending to buy a finger or hand spinner, it pays to focus on these issues:

  • Material: a good item is constructed using strong and reliable materials. Common ones include aluminum, stainless steel, sturdy plastic, and ceramic.
  • Noise Level: It should produce minimum noise even when spinning very fast. Little noise helps a user focus more on the spin and not being distracted by the sound.
  • Spinning Duration: A good spinner should last for a couple of minutes and will remain stable without wobbling.
  • Durable: Spinners will be dropped, knocked or handled badly during their life. This will not only affect its performance but effectiveness and lifespan. It’s, therefore, advisable to choose products made from strong materials such as stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Bearing Type: Spinners come with a built-in bearing that allows for smooth and frictionless spinning. However, some bearings are known to be more silent, long-lasting and offer the best operation. A good example is the hybrid ceramic type.

Top 10 Best Finger Spinners

10. Tri Fidget Hand Spinner – fidget work Ultra Fast 

Top 10 Best Finger Spinners in 2017

This spinner by Fidget works allows you to relax from any place. Simply place it between your fingers and take it for a spin. It features a hybrid ceramic bearing that makes it spin faster and also more silent. The luminous piece is decently-sized and will fit in both large and small fingers.

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  • Ultra smooth spinning
  • Spins for a long time and requires minimal effort
  • Produces minimal noise
  • The spinner is rather small compared to some of its competitors
  • The material of construction isn’t the strongest

9. GoSpin Fidget Hand Spinners [Prime 2-Pack]

Top 10 Best Finger Spinners in 2017

Individuals looking to ease stress or simply have some fun will love this hand spinner by GoSpin. It comes in a 2-pack, 1 black and 1 white, and is suitable for fidgeters, adults and kids as well. This tri-spinner is made from durable material for longevity and quality ceramic bearings for longer and smooth spins.

  • Requires minimal effort to spin
  • Spins for a long time and emits very little noise
  • Its compact design makes it easy to carry around or store in small spaces
  • It’s a relatively big spinner compared to others on this list
  • Some people say it’s a bit heavy
  • It comes in limited design and colors

8. Fidget Spinner, Metal Hand Spinner Tri Finger Stainless Steel 

Top 10 Best Finger Spinners in 2017

This hand spinner by Cshidworld is made using stainless steel metal and comes in a tri-finger design. It’s targeted at people seeking for a bit of fun, relieving stress or anxiety, or dealing with ADHD or ADD. It’s among the fast finger spinners and will last for as many as 3 minutes. It can be placed on the hand, table, or any other flat surface.

  • The piece is well-designed and should last for very long
  • Although made from metal, it feels very light
  • It produces little noise even when spinning fast
  • Some people claim it only spins on one side
  • The price of this spinner is higher than that of other top items
  • The spinner is somewhat small even for small hands or surfaces

7. Hand Spinner Fidget Toys Spinners with Hybrid Ceramic

Top 10 Best Finger Spinners in 2017

You can become more focused, minimize anxiety, or improve your chances of quitting smoking by using the Spin Dr spinner. The tri-spinner can be used on the hands or a flat surface and can offer you a continuous spin lasting for more than 60 seconds. It’s compact and light design makes spinning it easy while the built-in hybrid ceramic bearings reduce the noise produced. And considering it’s made from sturdy ABS plastic, this unit can last for many years in good hands.

  • Seamless spinning with minimal noise
  • Easy to achieve fast and long-lasting long spins
  • Well designed and stylish
  • Plastic around the bearings may crack when dropped too often
  • It’s not the lightest of spinners, and this may affect its velocity

6. SENQIAO Tri Fidget Spinner Hand EDC Finger Spinner 

Top 10 Best Finger Spinners in 2017

The SENQIAO Tri Fidget spinner is known for its smooth and quiet operation. This is credited to its superior design that offers long and fast spins. It features 7-ball hybrid ceramic bearings that keep the piece spinning fast while keeping the noise very low. The decently-sized piece is appropriate for adults, kids and is effective for anxiety, ADD, autism, depression, ADD and more.

  • It can be spun using only one hand
  • Well constructed from durable materials
  • It doesn’t produce any noise or wobble
  • Shouldn’t be used near water
  • It’s not the fastest spinner in the market
  • The spinner is somewhat too light

5. TYZEST Spinner Fidget EDC ADHD Focus Toy Ultra

Top 10 Best Finger Spinners in 2017

Made from 100% red copper material, this spinner fidget by TYZEST should last for a long time. It features noise-free ceramic stainless bearings that improve concentration and focus. And on average, each spin will last for between 3 to 8 minutes depending on the initial effort.

  • Solid construction and durable design
  • Spins can last for as many as 8 minutes
  • Has good gravity that makes it stable and doesn’t wobble
  • The spinner is fairly heavy
  • It’s not the most silent especially at high speeds

4. Fidget Spinner X6 – Compact Version

Top 10 Best Finger Spinners in 2017

The Kozodo Co Fidget spinner X6 comes with a small diameter of 65 mm. Together with its light weight, spinning it is easy even for small hands. The tri-spinner features Si3N4 Hybrid Ceramic bearings that are famed for high speed, low noise level, and consistent performance. This makes it perfect for kids, students, smokers, autistic people, nail biters, anxiety, depression and more.

  • It spins for a very long time
  • Doesn’t wobble or shake even when placed on not-so-smooth surfaces
  • Long lasting and its performance doesn’t deteriorate
  • It’s much smaller compared to most types in the market
  • The spinner does emit some audible noise
  • The matte finish makes it look cheap

3. Holisouse Tri-Spinner Fidget Hand Spinner Toy

Top 10 Best Finger Spinners in 2017

Made from strong ABD plastic, this hand spinner by Holisouse is known to last for a long time. Its’ decent weight allows it to spin for a lengthy time without shaking unnecessarily. This is boosted by the ceramic bearing that offers seamless and noise-free spinning. Like other spinners, it relieves stress, anxiety, depression and related conditions.

  • Very simple design and easy to use
  • Well made to last for a long time
  • It’s suitable for a range of users and uses
  • Compared to other top products, this spinner is fairly noisy
  • It’s not very light, and this may affect its spinning time
  • Some users have complained of rust developing after some time

2. Zekpro Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner

Top 10 Best Finger Spinners in 2017

The Zekpro spinner spins in 360 degrees and is targeted at individuals affected by anxiety, depression, mood swings, autism, ADD, ADHD and related conditions. The toy can be used by both kids and adults thanks to its good size and weight. It can be spun and stopped using one hand and will keep on spinning for an extended period.

  • Due to its solid-built, this spinner offers reliable and long-lasting performance
  • The size is perfect for quality spins and discreet storage
  • It isn’t very noisy thanks to the ceramic bearing
  • The shields don’t stay on
  • Some people claim that it only spins for a short time

1. EWR- Original 360 Spinner Fidget Toy R188

Top 10 Best Finger Spinners in 2017

The EWR 360 Spinner Fidget spins fast with each spin lasting for between 1 and 4 minutes. This helps a person improve focus and also deal with issues like stress, depression, and anxiety. It’s made from durable ABS plastic and comes with rounded and smooth edges. The spinner is very silent and stable courtesy of the center R188 and the three outer black bearings. All it takes to spin it is one hand.

  • The unit feels well-balanced and solid
  • The ball-bearings fit inside the spinner perfectly and are unlikely to come off or become loose
  • It can easily spin for 2 minutes with minimal effort
  • Metallic shields on its outer regions may start falling over time
  • While some people find the sound relaxing there are those who wish it was less noisy


Finding the right finger spinner isn’t as difficult as you may think. You don’t need to waste time and effort reviewing every product on the market. Also, you need not use a product that makes you lose your focus or concentration due to short spins, wobbling, or noise. We have summarized the best products that can be found on the market. We even went a step further and showed you how to pick the right accessory. In addition to owning a good piece, you will be able to get relief in a shorter time. Whether suffering from anxiety, depression, ADD, autism, AHDH, or simply looking for some fun, you will find these top 10 best finger spinners in 2017 review helpful.

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