TOP 10 Best Gymnastic Mats in 2021

In today’s world, physical fitness happens to be a new motto of life. Gym is a kind of fitness culture succeeded by doing physical exercise. It also plays an important role of wellness being and health caring. Whenever we talk about gym, in most cases, the use of gymnastic mats is compulsory for fitness equipment.

If you are one of gym lovers and want to do gym yourself at home, or you want to start a gym business, you would certainly need gymnastics mats for safety use in gymnastics. In this article, we will review top 10 gymnastic mats in 2021 for you. They come in various sizes, and differ in price and color.

Pre-Purchase Consideration: 

Three Things for Consideration before Purchasing

There are three things to have in mind when thinking about purchasing a gymnastic mat.

  • First and foremost is the type of the mat you are looking for. There are several types of mats which include beam pads, blocks, crash mats, folding panel mats, incline mats and landing mats. Beam pads are used for wooden beams, crash mats are usually thick and soft and used for preventing injuries, panel mats can be folded which is very convenient, incline mats which are steep and used for various exercises, and finally the landing mats used for floor exercise.
  • The second thing to consider is the thickness and the dimensions. A mat too thin won’t do a good job in preventing an injury. If the mat is too thick, it would be hard to perform exercises because hands and feet would sink into the foam. The standard mat thickness is about 13/8″. The dimensions of the mat depend on what type of exercises you want to use it for and how much space you have.
  • The third thing to consider is the prices. It is important to make sure you are getting enough of value for the money you spend.

Top 10 Best Gymnastic Mats in 2021

List of the Best Selling Gymnastic Mat in 2021

List of the Top 10 Best Gym Mat Reviews

10. BestMassage Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat


BestMassage Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat

BestMassage Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat is the very one of our favorites we would love you to take a look at. This product carries out almost everything that the best gymnastic mat should have. The first good thing of this one is that it comes with a thick and wide construction. The manufacturer used the top quality high density foam to produce these folding pieces of exercise mat. This is to ensure that whenever you lay your body down to the mat, you will not receive any strong pressure or pain at all. Moreover, high density foam will allow you to get up with ease and quickness while also greatly releases pain from parts of your body.

If you look at its cover, you will surely know that it 100% goes against water, oil, stains, footprints, and so on. This is because it is highly a product of vinyl materials. That way, you can always feel free to wide clean it once you finish your exercising. The cover is also removable which makes washing a very convenient job to do. Attached with string handles, the product makes it easy for users to carry with to the gym.

More importantly, BestMassage Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat does not hold odors at all. This will keep you feeling refreshing at all time. As it is also made of toxic free materials, you can be sure that there will be no harm to your skin.

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9. ZEYU Sports Kids Children Gymnastics Mat

ZEYU Sports Kids Children Gymnastics Mat

Gymnastics Mat can be designed not only for adults, but also for children. However, you can still find some products that are highly made for people of all ages. Among those products, ZEYU Sports Kids Children Gymnastics Mat delivers both attractive look and design to meet most users’ expectation. This product arrives with 4 pieces of colorful mats attached together into one. It has a 2 inch thick construction that is highly constructed using high-density epe foam. Therefore, it provides ultra comfort to every of your workout or children’s entertainment.

As you all know that high density foam has an ability to relieve pressure point from any parts of your body. Therefore, when you step your feet on or lay your body down, the mat perfectly minimizes pressure or pain from the areas. Another thing is that the mat does not leave any footprints resulted from pressure at all. It always turns into its original shape which is very impressive. With all of these, ZEYU Sports Kids Children Gymnastics Mat is both good for yoga or aerobic workout.

What is even better, the high density foam it has is known as ‘’epe foam’’. This means that it is made up of all environmental-friendly materials that can be recycled afterwards. While it does not harm the environment, it is also perfect to use around your kids. Highly resistant to water, tearing, collision, fire, chemical substances, and others, it allows for indoor and outdoor use. To ensure better closure, the PU leather cover comes with smooth and durable zipper that highly encloses the foam.

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8. Incstores Home Cheer Carpet Top Mats Roll

Incstores Home Cheer Carpet Top Mats Roll

Previously, we were looking at folding gymnastic mats. Now let us draw your attention to see another product which is Incstores Home Cheer Carpet Top Mats Roll. Different from the previous ones, this from Incstores has been made of polyethylene foam. A one long and big piece of mat has been combined by every small pieces of foams which makes it very easy to fold or roll down. Thereby, helping users with better storage and organization. On top of the foam, it comes a beautiful purple cover that is a product of two linear fabric strip. This allows users to extend the size as well as length of the mat by having another one sticked to using velcro.

Incstores Home Cheer Carpet Top Mats Roll is highly designed with a very lightweight yet sturdy and durable features. This makes it suitable to use for many kinds of activities ranging from yoga, abdominal workout, aerobic workout, or other gymnastic performance. Its lightweight characteristic is also ideal for transporting.

In case users do not want to touch upon the cover size, this mat also offers another usage option in which you can turn to another size. As the foam is a non-toxic product, it does not bring any allergies to your skin at all. Furthermore, this size is easy to take care off as it is resistant to moisture. Thus, users can do a wipe clean on its surface every time you are about to start or finish workout.

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7. Z-Athletic Folding Gymnastic Mats

Here comes the 7th gymnastic mat on our list, and it’s no other than the mat from Z-Athletic brand. Z-Athletic has been an expert in high-quality of home and gyms mats through out the country for twenty years. The mat is specifically designed for adults to exercise and improve their physical growth. Being imprinted with 6 different tinted colors, such as black, purple, blue, pink and more, this mat provides useful signals for the adults to practice using their hands and feet. This design stays on one side. Its unfolded size is 4ft x 8ft x 2inches.

It is because the product is thoroughly made of high quality polyethylene foam. This material provides complete softness, comfort, and great cushioning to meet your walking learning outcomes. While reducing pressure point around feet, elbows, hands, and knees, the foam itself helps to relieve muscles and eliminate pains. Nicely covered with durable non porous vinyl shell, this helps you to always stay safe and sound. Another great point is that the shell is very easy to clean and does not hold stains at all.

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6. ProSource Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat

ProSource Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat

You can pose freely with this Prosource Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat. As the top ranking product on our list, it carries out so many superb features that every gymnast always compliments. As the name suggests, it is a tri-folding exercise in which every piece can be folded on top of another piece. This helps users to better store and organize as it would take just a very little space.

Apart from this, it features a couple of string carrying handles which are very convenient for traveling. Coupled with its thick yet lightweight construction, users can have an easy time bringing it to the gym or any outdoor setting for exercising. Another great thing that the manufacturer also added to the design is its low-maintenance. By this, it means that the product is very easy to take care of, and can be cleaned with ease.

As being built with dense EPE foam, you can know how good its performance is. It provides full support to your body, especially back, at its best. Coming with a full enclosed cover made of vinyl materials, it deals perfectly with water spill, sweat, and other kinds of moisture. The product arrives with a dimension of 72″L x 24″W x 1 1/2″T which shows that it is able to accommodate people of different sizes.

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5. Giantex Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat

5. Giantex Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat

This Giantex mat is very similar to the previous one; the striking difference is its outlook (pink/black); great option for ladies. Other than that, some of the outstanding features of the mat are that it comes with carrying handles, high durability, and waterproof cover.

It is also known for great comfort/safety, versatility and easy portability, too. You will love what this gym mat has to offer.

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4. Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics Mat

4. Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics Mat

Here, let’s look at a brightly colored mat from a different brand, Tumbl Track. The mat is of premium quality (vinyl and polyethylene foam) and various size/color combination options. The material, polyethylene foam, differentiates this mat from other low quality mats, which use PE/EPE foam as their material.

The mat is tough, durable, and long lasting in addition to ensuring the user’s safety. For connecting with multiple mats, you can use the Velcro equipped to this mat. If you’re looking for one of the top-notch quality gymnastics masts for sale, look no further than this mat from Tumblr Trak.

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3. Best Choice Products Gym Folding Mat

3. Best Choice Products Gym Folding Mat

Best Choice Products makes it to the list again with one the stellar-reviewed mats for gymnastics. The mat comes in 2 color choices (blue and pink) and with a PU leather cover. It is 2-inch thick with the highly dense EPE foam, which also affirms comfort and great support in case of falls.

For ease of storage, connecting to other mats and transporting, the mat features carry handles, has Velcro latches, and can be folded into 4 panels. And, for your information, the size of this lovely mat is 4′ x 10′ x 2″.

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2. Polar Aurora Mat

This quality and features of this Polar Aurora Mat is just desirable. The mat is great for a numerous of uses: yoga, wresting, pilates, gymnastics, stretching, and more. For craftsmanship, the mat is made of the foam that is 2” thick, highly dense, and eco-friendly.

What’s more, the cover is also resistant to punctures, mildew as well as fire. These materials also make the mat easy to clean. And, also 4 color choices are available for you to select from.

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1. Z ATHLETIC Gymnastics Folding Exercise Gym Mat

Best Gymnastics Folding Exercise Gym Mat

The greatest gym mat of all time in 2021 is the Gymnastics Folding Exercise Gym Mat from Z Athletic. The mat is constructed of top quality Polyethylene foam and vinyl coating, ensuring durability and safety. It also guarantees additional properties like puncture resistance as well as fire retardant aspect.

The Velcro attached on all sides makes combing the mat to other mats fairly easily. You will love the variety of color options that mat provides and all that the mat has to offer.

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Having a gymnastic mat offers lot of benefits to gymnastic lovers/enthusiasts. Gymnastic mats are made of high-density foam, rubber, vinyl, and so on. The mats can help decreasing noise from loud exercise activities, including handstand as well as aerobic workouts. It also helps protect your body parts from injuries in case you are accidentally slipping or falling to the ground during the workouts. In addition, it helps protecting your floor as well.

In this article, we would introduce you the types of gymnastic mats which you can use for different kind of workouts.

Having a gymnastic mat is an advantage. More than just for gym activities, it helps protecting your body part from injuries while doing the exercise. They are also easy to clean and fold to store right away after using. You should own one or this could also be a great gift idea to your beloved ones shall they are a gymnastic lover.

Types of Gymnastic Mat

The types of gymnastic mat are as following:

1. Foam Mat

Gymnastic foam mats are mostly made of polyethylene foam, which provides a great cushioned and support. The foam mats are usually high shock absorption, providing a soft and safe landing. This one is a perfect option for high intensity training workouts. The mats are also durable, and mostly they come with strong and firm stitches that ensure a longevity of use. The foam mats are also easy to clean up.

2. Rubber Mat

Rubber mats are one of the most popular gymnastic mat types. They are strong, durable, as well as easy to clean. They are also lightweight and portable to bring along when you are having a trip to anywhere, and do not want to miss out your workout time. More than just use for workouts, the rubber mats also provide comfort for footing, and reduces fatigue. The mats are also water-resistant.

3. Inflatable Mat

Inflatable mats allow users to jump higher on it. The mats use air for its inside. Inflating it takes little time. And, of course, it can absorb shock as well. The inflatable mats are also light, and give less to no chance to get injured by jumping higher above this one. The mats are also silent, and easy to move around, and bring anywhere you go.

4. Pilates Mat

This one is thick yet not sticky, and it is an ideal choice for all gymnastic lovers, to own one and exercise separately at home. The mats are usually made of the thermal plastic elastomer, which will be long-lasting. It also provides comfort and great absorption. This one is also easy to clean. You can just wipe them after you have used.


The gymnastic mats for home exercise highlighted above can be used in different ways. The importance of it is to make your body feel comfortable during different postures of exercises. Even though most brands clarify the same, but they do not work the same.

These 10 affordable gymnastic mats we have reviewed are the best in 2021. They also have good quality and provide firm support for your gymnastic use. Therein, if you are shopping for one, consider buying one from the list. All of them sure deliver great results for your daily use.

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Z-Athletic Children’s Gymnastics Cartwheel

Z-Athletic Children's Gymnastics Cartwheel

Now that we have present you a few products of gymnastics mats for adults, this one would be about kid’s product. Z-Athletic Children’s Gymnastics Cartwheel is specifically designed for children to exercise and improve their physical growth. Being imprinted with feet and hand pictures, this provides useful signals for the kids to practice using their hands and feet. This design stays on one side. However, if you flip the mat over, you will see another decoration which is a practice signal to help your kids learn and improve their stepping lesson. From one step to another, it features both right and left feet which makes it easy for the babies to understand the basic.

Parents need not worry that your little ones would experience pains because they walk so long. As long as they do it on the mat, it is guaranteed that your baby only experiences growth and healthiness. It is because the product is thoroughly made of open cell foam. This material provides complete softness, comfort, and great cushioning to meet your kid’s cartwheel and walking learning outcomes. While reducing pressure point around feet, elbows, hands, and knees, the foam itself helps to relieve muscles and eliminate pains.

Nicely covered with durable non porous vinyl shell, your children always stay safe and sound. Another great point is that the shell is very easy to clean and does not hold stains at all. The product is also available is many different colors including blue, purple, black, and grey.

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Giantex Thick Folding Gymnastics Mat

10. Giantex Thick Folding Gymnastics Mat

First on the list, it is the 4’ x 8’ x 2” Giantex Thick Folding Gymnastics Mat, which is available in 2 colors – purple and pink. It is made of foam that is dense, and eco-friendly. Yet, the mat is soft, letting the user to train and exercise with ease. Foldable into 4 panels, the mat gives easy transportation and easy storage. There are 2 handles sewn on, so you can carry the mat, too.

This is one of the best gymnastics mats for home of a PU leather cover that is not just easy to clean but also enduring and durable. That also guarantees safe exercises always. And, if you want to connect the mat with more mats, you can make use of the attached Velcro straps. Whether it’s stretching, martial arts, yoga, or dancing, this Giantex mat is perfect for them all.

Mat Expert Folding Gymnastics Gym

9. Mat Expert Folding Gymnastics Gym

Another mat that comes in a similar dimension is this one from Mat Expert. This 4′ x10′ x 2″ mat is suitable for a wide array of activities: yoga, basic gymnastics, pilates, dancing, martial arts, and more. With the mat being fairly lightweight, and foldable, you can take the mat to just about anywhere with ease. And, if you want to transform into tumbling mats, you can do so by attaching extra mats with this one’s Velcro straps.

In terms of durability and craftsmanship, the mat is also reliable. It is made from eco-friendly PY, and top quality foam, ensuring less pain if accidental falls occur. Storage is not a problem. Plus, cleaning the mat up is a breeze.

Best Choice Products Aerobics Mat

8. Best Choice Products Aerobics Mat

Next on the list is a top-rated black mat that comes in the size of 4’x10’x2″. The mat is covered with a special kind of leather, which is non-absorbent and durable. That makes keeping the mat clean an easy task. It is also upholstered with a 2-inch cushioned foam, resulting in less pain if you accidently fall. For portability, the mat has handles to carry as well as a fold-ability feature into 4 panels.

To perform tumbling runs, you can simply use the Velcro latch attached. Explore the possibilities of different sports/activities with this Best Choice Products Aerobics Mat.

Z Athletic Gymnastics Folding Mat

7. Z Athletic Gymnastics Folding Mat

Here, let’s check out a premium gymnastics equipment for home from Z-Athletic. This one is available in 4 sizes and 5 lovely color options. Its cover is 18 oz. vinyl. Inside the mat is highly dese polyethylene foam, giving the user great comfort. There are loop and hooks connected on all the sides, giving ease in connect this mat to extra mats.

Even if you do intense exercise or workouts, you can still have faith in this mat’s quality and toughness. Anyways, the item is not just great for home, but also for bringing along to the gym – thanks to its great portability.

Giantex Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat

6. Giantex Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat

Looking for a colorful gym mat? Then feast your eyes on this option from Giantex. This mat is designed not just for gymnastic purposes but also yoga, martial arts, stretching, and more. You just need to own one mat to perform these activities. Not just versatile, the mat is light in weight, can be folded into 4 panels, and is highly portable, too. It enables you to connect it to more mats too with the Velcro straps attached. Similarly to the previous ones, the mat is also known to reduce pain for falls that accidently occur.

In terms of cleaning, the cover comes with zippers, so you can easily remove it for washing, machine washing and drying.

Z-Athletic Exercise Folding Mats


This mat is a perfect choice for home and gym use. You can also use this one to exercise judo or other kinds of gymnastic exercise like kip. The mat is made of the best quality material offered a strong support for your gym use. The mat is also made of vinyl making it more durable and convenient to clean. Made with polyethylene froth, the mat is also soft and meets industry requirement for competition use.

The mat is designed with attachments on its all sides that enable you to bind with other mats and become bigger. Its dimension without folded is 4 inches long, 8 inches width, and 2 inches height.

Soozier PU Leather Gymnastics


This mat is ideal for multiple exercising workouts such as stretching, martial arts, yoga and so on. This martial art mat is strong and thick offering a comfortable experience to your exercise use. It is made of 2 inches EPE foam, making it soft and not abrasive. And thus, with this one, you find it easily to clean and resistant to oil and other chemicals that cause stains, as it is made of PU leather and EPE foam.

The mat is also foldable, convenient to bring to anywhere, and has loops on its four sides to connect to other mats, which make it bigger and provide safer way in case you trip and fall suddenly.

Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastic Mat


This one is professionally and ideally made of high quality materials. It is a folding gymnastic mat, working perfectly for yoga, pilates, martial arts, and many more. The mat is also strong and durable that provides long-lasing use even you use it to most frequent time. You will not complain about getting hurt while practicing exercise and fall on this mat. You can also fold this one so that it takes small space to store it. It can be attached with other mats to make it larger for other purpose uses.

It is also made of vinyl and EVA foam, make it more resistant to dirt and convenient to clean up. The product also meets CPSIA standard of 2021. The mat also comes in many colors that you can choose from up to your preference.

Giantex Gymnastic Mats for Home


This mat comes in pink featuring black, making it cuter and fashionable. The mat also has loops on the four sides that allow you connect additional for other uses. It is also foldable and has handles, making it portable, taking up small spaces, and convenient for transportation along.

Featuring PU leather, the mat is also non-absorbent and waterproof as well as easy to clean. With this one, you can do various physical exercise such as home fitness, dancing, and gym training programs.

We Sell Mats Gym Mats


This one is thick and soft, great to use for any physical exercise activities. This mat comes in many colors such as pink, black, blue, black and blue, rainbow, and so on. It also has different sizes that you can choose from such as “2’x6′, 4’x8′ or 4’x10′.” You can also fold this one and connect its hooks with other mats to use perfectly for any exercise that need larger mat area.
It is also designed with handles that enable you to conveniently carry it to anywhere. The product also meets industry requirement. The mat also feature vinyl and polyethylene foam, making you worry-free about cleaning the mat up.

ProSource Gymnastic Mat


This one is designed to make gymnastic use comfy and safe. This mat is also thick and soft. Children can also practice their gym activities on this mat and feel safe because this one is made of a resilient foam that help preventing the hurt to your knees and wrists when you fall down. The mat could be folded into 3 sections, making it easy to store and bring to anywhere.

The mat is also durable and its shape can last really long even there is intense use. It also comes in many colors and various sizes that you could choose from. Its dimension is 72” x 24” x 1 ½”.

RitFit Exercise Mat


This one is made intentionally to fit for all age use and work perfectly with all kinds of physical exercise programs and training. The mat is made of high quality materials. It is also firm, soft and thick, offering comfortable experience and long-lasting use.  Featuring PU leather fill, the mat is also easy to clean, resistant to sweat, water, as well as oil.

It contains no toxic substance that can affect health and promote eco-friendly environment. You can also fold it to bring anywhere as it also has handles. The mat also has strap that can connect to other mats. With this mat, you are 100 % full payment back on satisfaction guarantee.

We Sell Mats Folding Mat


This one works great for tumbling, stretching and more to go. The mat is firm and soft enough for you to train any physical exercises. It also contains no lead and other toxic substance that can affect health. The mat is made of high quality materials. Its outer fill is made with non-absorbent and fire resistant.

This mat also has velcro on its four sides that enable you to connect to other mats and use for larger physical exercise spaces.

Square36 Extra Exercise Mat


If you are looking a larger mat to use for training your dancing exercise like zumba as well as use for home gym, this one is a perfect choice for you. It is 4 times larger than regular mat. The mat is used the super best materials to offer top quality of the mat for today market. It is made of rubber and non-toxic foam, making it durable, withstand the severe activities, and good to use on the floor as it offers absorption.

The mat comes in many sizes up to people’s convenience such as 6’x3′, 6’x4′, 6’x6′ and 8’x6′ sizes. There will be a stored bag and 2 stored bands in the package.

Soozier Gymnastic Tumbling


This one is thick and durable to use. It has high quality and works greatly for any physical training and activities. It is also made of EPE foam and PU leather fill. The mat is convenient to clean. This one also has Velcro that allows you connect it to other mats and use for larger exercise areas.

The mat comes in many colors that you can choose from, such as blue, pink, purple, black, purple with light pink, pink with black, light blue with green, and so on. The product also meets standard and is made of lead-free materials.

Everlast 2’x6′ Folding Mat

Top 10 Best Gymnastic Mats

  • Brand: Everlast

This high-quality foam mat with 35.5 x 24 x 4.3-inch dimensions is very durable and designed to catch your fall and prevent injuries. Its thickness is just enough to secure a safe fall and not too soft, so your hands won’t sinks in.

Weighing about 9 pounds, it is quite light, and the handles are sewn into the sides of the mat make for easy transport.

  • Light and easy transport
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Stores easily
  • Can slip depending on the surface
  • Handles get torn easily
Soozier PU Leather Gymnastics Tumbling/Martial Arts Folding Mat

Top 10 Best Gymnastic Mats

  •  Brand: Soozier

This 4′ x 10′ x 2″ inches mat is covered in PU leather which makes it durable and ready for tons of workouts. It is non-absorbent and easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about bad smells over a period.

It has four folding panels which can easily be stored, so it does not take up much space. The high-quality foam is eco-friendly and comfortable for use. It is not too thick nor too thin, just enough to provide safety during exercising.

  • Has just the right thickness and softness ratio
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Plenty of room for working on it
  • Stitches rip easily after a while
  • Some customers complained about too much of a “plastic” feeling
Giantex Gymnastic Mat Thick Two Folding Panel Gym Fitness Exercise

Top 10 Best Gymnastic Mats

  • Brand: Giantex

This gymnastic mat is available in two colors, purple and blue. It is thick and firm but still very light to carry. Provides a very hard surface and if that’s what you are looking for then, this might be the right mat for you.

Its dimensions are 6’X24″X1.5, and it has two folding panels for just enough space to tumble on. There are no complaints about stitches getting ripped nor about uneven sewing. This is a high-quality mat that serves the purpose.

  • Folds and stores easily
  • High-quality stitches
  • Easy transport
  • Not a very soft surface to fall on
  • Slips on wood, depending on the surface underneath
Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics Mat

Top 10 Best Gymnastic Mats

  • Brand: Tumbl Trak

This mat has 2 feet wide folding panels and comes in various colorways. It has Velcro attached to each end to enable multiple mats to be put together. Its firmness and thickness are balanced out correctly.

This gymnastic mat is perfect for all sorts of exercises since it’s not too hard to hurt you nor too soft to make it harder to practice on it. The high-quality foam offers just the right support for your body to get the maximum out of a workout.

  • Just the right firmness
  • Comes in various colors
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Chemical odor
  • The exposed Velcro picks up lint and dust
IncStores Premium Folding Mats

Top 10 Best Gymnastic Mats

  • Brand: IncStores

With the dimensions of 4′ x 8′ & 5’ x 10′, this folding mat is ideal for professional use. If you are just starting out or planning to buy a mat for your child, this one might just be too firm. The thickness allows perfect stability during exercising but not much of a cushioning for your fall.

This gymnastic mat is water resistant and very high in quality. The stitching is done well, and there is no ripping or tearing whatsoever.

  • Very firm
  • Provides stability
  • Not heavy to carry
  • Bad odor
  • Loses firmness over time
  • After a longer use, it might get uneven in certain areas
Z-Athletic Gymnastics Cartwheel/Beam Training Mat

Top 10 Best Gymnastic Mats

  • Brand: Z-Athletic

This mat is designed for beam training and cartwheel practice. It does not have folding panels as it consists of one piece. It has foot and hand placement imprinted on the surface to help the little ones who are just learning how to do cartwheels.

This convenient gymnastic mat has the dimensions of 6’x2’x1.5″ and comes in blue, purple or pink color. You can still fold it even though it is a one piece but that will leave wrinkles on the surface.

  • Adapted for kids use
  • Available in three different colors
  • High quality
  • Plastic odor
  • Not easy to fold
Leapair PU Leather Mat

Top 10 Best Gymnastic Mats

  • Brand: Leapair

Covered with PU, it is waterproof and very durable. Provides comfort for stretching, exercising, gymnastics, yoga and many other practices. It is 2-foot-wide, 6-foot-long, and 2-inch-thick with built-in handles for easier transport.

This mat does not slip on surfaces and provides stability with just the right firmness. It is not too thick nor too soft so you can rely on the safety it provides while exercising.

  • Has compression-resistant EPP foam
  • High-quality mat for various purposes
  • Does not slip or move around
  • Might be too short, depending on what you plan to use it for
  • Chemical odor
ProSource Bi-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat

Top 10 Best Gymnastic Mats

  • Brand: ProSource

Made for different workout routines this mat provides protection and a comfortable support with the EPE high-quality foam. Its surface is resistant to stretching ad will not tear easily.

It comes in gray, black and blue and has side handles for easy transporting. It is thick enough to save you from bruising and hurting while doing your workout routines.

  • High quality and durable
  • Handles sewn nicely
  • No tearing or stretching
  • Chemical odor
JuperbSky Folding Panel Gymnastic Tumbling Mat

Top 10 Best Gymnastic Mats

  • Brand: Juperbsky

This non-toxic and non-absorbent mat comes in various colors. It has Velcro attached to all four sides. Its dimensions are 4’x8’x1.5″ with just the right thickness and firmness ratio.

It has four folding panels which provide just enough space for working out. The quality is improved by double stitching which makes it durable for long-term use. The waterproof vinyl cover is just right for your skin, so there will be no possibilities of injuries.

  • Very high quality
  • No tearing or stretching
  • Strong and durable
  • No straps for carrying the mat

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Dollamur Flexi-Roll®

Top 10 Best Gymnastic Mats

  • Brand: Dollamur

This high-quality gymnastic mat has a carpeted surface with 10’x5’x2″ dimensions. It is a professional gymnastics mat used in competitions worldwide. The foam is extremely durable and does not change firmness over time.

This mat is very light, but it does not fold. Instead, you can roll it up. When rolled up, the mat is 5′ tall. This mat is quite thick and provides great support for performing gymnastic moves.

  • High-quality professional mat
  • The best equipment for gymnastics
  • Carpeted surface
  • Cannot be folded

Final Conclusion

In conclusion, the number one mat is definitely the highest in quality, but the other nine are not far behind either. Each mat has its better side as well as its flaws, but at the end of the day, you will find them all very useful. It all depends on which mat suits you the best.


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