TOP 10 Best Hand Trucks in 2021

There is hardly a week or month that goes by without you seeing you moving some heavy items around, and since this can be very telling on your body; hand trucks have come to rescue you from the back strains and stress of transporting heavy items.

So we bring you a review of the top 10 best hand trucks in 2021 for you to become more aware and save yourself the stress of lugging around your home or office. Stay with us and choose the best today.

List of the Top 10 Best Hand Trucks in 2021

Now you can stop losing sleep over how to lug your items around, what and where to get the best hand truck. We have got you covered and here is the best hand trucks review in 2021.

10. Vergo S300BT Model Industrial Folding Hand Truck Dolly

Vergo S300BT Model Industrial Folding Hand Truck Dolly

  • Overview

Vergo as a brand has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of user-friendly home equipment, and the S300BT is a home truck that surpasses all expectations. It’s much better than some others, with great strength, very compact, ease of use and proper handle height for folding and weight load.

  • Features & Review

The Vergo S300BT  Model Industrial Folding Hand Truck features a lightweight design yet strong enough to lift and move everyday items within the house or working yard. The hand truck features a 42.5 inches telescopic handle, with a foldable nose that opens within seconds. This hand truck is very suitable for use at the campground, trade shows, picnics, school, work or while traveling.

The Vergo S300BT comes with authentic rubber wheels which provide perfect balance while moving items and it’s capable of transporting 275-pound weight of the load.

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The Vergo S300BT is easily foldable and doesn’t take much storage space. The black & silver aluminum frame doesn’t require any assembly for use.


  • Very reliable design
  • Great stability
  • Requires no assembly
  • Solid and sturdy

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9. Harper Trucks 700 lb Capacity Glass Filled Nylon Convertible Hand Truck

Harper Trucks 700 lb Capacity Glass Filled Nylon Convertible Hand Truck

  • Overview

The reason behind the fame of hand trucks is their unique ease and simplicity of use, so the best hand truck is expected to meet such requirements, and that’s exactly what the Harper Glass Convertible Hand Truck is about. It isn’t just lightweight and simple, but also lift weightier load than most of its competitors.

  • Features & Reviews

The Harper Glass Convertible Hand Truck is a heavy duty, solid hand truck capable of transporting super heavy loads without showing any stress. It features 10-inch large pneumatic ‘All Terrain Tires’ that makes it easy to move across uneven ground, working great in both vertical and horizontal positions.  It is very easy to switch the handle between hand truck and cart mode positions by just pulling two pins. The cart mode is very solid while the assembly is like a breeze.

With this piece, you can lift up to 700 pounds of load.

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  • Solid design
  • Features all terrain tires
  • Can alternate between hand truck and cart mode
  • Design to transport super heavy load

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8. Cosco 3-in-1 Aluminum Hand Truck/Assisted Hand Truck

Cosco 3-in-1 Aluminum Hand Truck:Assisted Hand Truck

  • Overview

For the past 75 years, Cosco has been in the game of producing the best of home and office appliances, balancing the form and function. The Cosco 3-in-1 is an ergonomic design that effectively eliminates the risk of injuries while easily transporting heavy loads like a Russian caterpillar.

  • Features & Review

This Cosco 3-in-1 Hand Truck is the ideal choice for moving oversized or heavy objects whether at home or the workplace. It features include the ability to convert to a 2-wheel upright hand truck, 4-wheel cart, or a solid assisted 4-wheel hand truck just by a single hand and without using any types of equipment or pins. The Cosco 3-in-1 Aluminum Hand Truck is highly maneuverable, easy to shift from the upright to the flat bottom.

While the 4-wheel cart mode handles stacked or oversized items, the 4-wheel assisted hand truck mode takes care of extra-heavy items requiring better control. It can transport a whopping load capacity of 1000 weight.

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Whether you are transporting large appliances, boxes, or furniture, Mr. Cosco has got your back. So grab yours now!


  • High-quality aluminum design
  • Can be switched between 3 different lifting load mode
  • Design for higher load capacity
  • Extremely solid

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7. Seville Classics Folding Hand Truck

Seville Classics Folding Hand Truck

  • Overview

The Seville Classic Fold Hand Truck is a block colored, 2-pack aluminum hand truck designed to be a heavy weight lifter but lightweight. It is particularly good for moving items within the house but not particularly extra-heavy weight items.

  • Features & Review

Like most other hand truck, the Seville Hand Truck is a foldable model made of aluminum, and it comes cheap at a reasonable price. The height lift is particularly good for people not too tall, and it can transport 4 boxes at a time—being able to bear a load weight of 150 pounds capacity.

The Seville Foldable Hand Truck easily folds, with the handle telescope to reduce the footprint for proper storage. The tires do not smell, and it’s easy to move things around quickly.

Looking for something convenient? The Seville Foldable Hand Truck is calling!

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  • Lightweight design
  • Average lifting weight
  • Good for off-road and uneven spots transportation
  • Affordable price

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6. Welcom MC2S Magna Cart Elite 200 lb Capacity Folding Hand Truck

Welcom MC2S Magna Cart Elite 200 lb Capacity Folding Hand Truck

  • Overview

You are welcome to the toughness and high engineering quality of the Magna MC25 Elite Folding Hand Truck, one of the many versions of this outstanding transporter. Once you can open and close the blade which in turn unfolds the wheel, you’re set to ‘load’ n ‘lift’ Washington all the way to Moscow. See reasons below.

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  • Features & Review

If you are in search for a hand truck use in lugging heavy trash bags and other items within and around the home, the Magna MC25 Cart Elite Hand Truck is yours for the taking! Featuring weight lifting capacity of 200 pounds, the MC25 is made of heavy duty metal, instead of the flimsy aluminum type. It is heavy duty but not too heavy to lift, and this baby sure can lift and fairy heavy goods to and fro the garage and yard.

The Magna Hand Truck features lifting instructions on the handle—push the button and pull down on the bottom—while the wheel unfolds at the same time. The hand truck folds almost flat and stores easily.

Don’t look any further, get this now!


  • Tough engineering design
  • Metal is stronger than aluminum
  • Heavy yet lift-able
  • Easy to store lift loads effective;y

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5. Harper Trucks Lightweight 400 lb Capacity Nylon Convertible Hand Truck with Dolly

Harper Trucks Lightweight 400 lb Capacity Nylon Convertible Hand Truck

  • Overview

Harper returns with this lightweight, beam-steel tough frame design which is manufactured in the United States and requires just little assembly of parts and wheels to get started. What set this particular model apart is its ability to convert in seconds and the ease of mobility it offers.

  • Features & Review

The Harper Trucks Lightweight Hand Truck features a truss nylon frame construction that’s 30% lighter than its steel counterparts. It is constructed to achieve maximum strength which includes a vertical lifting capacity of 300 pounds and 400 pounds of platform capacity.

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This Harper version is a two wheeler that converts in split seconds into 4 wheel cart for the sake of meeting other project tasks. The wheels measures 8-inches, with 3-inch swivel casters and solid rubber tread for optimum stability. The Harper can easily move up and down the stairs, because it features a reliable built-in stair glide.

Okay; you know why this is hot now.


  • Is very light
  • Can carry heavier loads
  • Convertible
  • Easy and comfortable when used

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4. Magna Cart Ideal 150 lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck

Magna Cart Ideal 150 lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck

  • Overview

Another reliable version of the Magna Cart series designed to ensure that home or business owners don’t kill themselves lugging multiple boxes and bags around anymore. Boasting reliable wheels, handle and large bottom, the Magna Cart Folding Hand Truck is designed to haul a real load.

  • Features & Review

The Magna Cart Folding Hand Truck is a great transporter weighing 9 pounds, measuring 27-inches tall and 2-inches wide. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 150 pounds features retractable wheels which are ideal for lifting items on planes, trains or overhead compartment of vehicles.

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As a foldable cart, the body construction incorporates a slim size design which is easy to store and retrieve, while the handle can extend to 39-inches tall to suit anybody range.

Stop looking elsewhere; get this Magna Cart before stocks run out.


  • Highly extendable handle
  • Perfect lifting cart for many tasks
  • Easy to store
  • Solid and comfortable

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3. Welcom Magna Cart Flatform 300 lb Capacity Four Wheel Folding Platform Truck

Welcom Magna Cart Flatform 300 lb Capacity Four Wheel Folding Platform Truck

  • Overview

Magna Carts are popular not just because of their ability to get the job done, but because they also offer intuitive design and durable quality. The Magna Cart Flatform Hand Truck carry all the essential features of a typical Magna Cart/hand truck, but the outstanding thing about this model is that it can rotate 360 degrees even with a skyscraper on top of it.

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  • Features & Review

The Magna Cart Flatform Hand Truck features a 4-wheel design that defines the best of stability. The wheels and tires on this one don’t require you to pump in air, and it has the temerity to carry up to 300 pounds weight-able items.

The 3 wheels that come with this design ensure super maneuverability, including a telescoping handle extending up to 36-inches in size while measuring 24 x 16 inches in overall body size. You can twist, turn, and rotate whichever way you can courtesy of the 4 lasting rubber, non-marring wheels that protect against all types of flooring conditions.


  • 4-wheel design entails stability
  • Super maneuverable
  • Perfect for heavy load lifting
  • Vey thick with airless tires

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2. Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly

Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly

  • Overview

Home & Office tools are manufacturing giant, Cosco returns with this blazing hand truck known for its versatility as a 2-in-1 hand truck. It is small, making it very convenient for storage. Below are some other reasons why this hand truck from Cosco is a kill.

  • Features & Review

The design of the Cosco Shifter allows you to move things around the home or office with remarkable ease. It can easily be transformed into 2 –wheel upright hand truck or a 4-wheel cart in a matter of seconds without making use of any tools or pins.

The body of the Cosco Shifter Hand Truck features steel construction which guarantees a never-rust ad durable experience. You can leverage and transport heavy boxes and extra large items with no hassle or strain of the back. Once you are through, easily fold your Shifter and store away until some other time when duty shall call.

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Guess why we love it best: it has a romantic 5 years warranty. So get in line and grab it.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Durable
  • 2-in-1 convertible design
  • Mouth-watering 5-years warranty

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1. Welcom Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck

Welcom Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck

  • Overview

The only brand that dares the Cosco monopoly in hand trucks design is Magna, and this particular Magna Cart Personal Folding Aluminum Hand Truck maintains the same toughness and uniqueness which characterizes the Magna Cart line of hand truck products. Here is why it’s a force to reckon with.

  • Features & Review

The Magna Cart Personal Aluminum Folding Hand Truck is the world’s best and original aluminum selling hand truck. The Magna Cart Personal features a 39-inch extendable telescopic handle and 15-inch wide aluminum base which makes it suitable for use by any body size.

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This version also features airless rubber wheels measuring 5-inches which easily rolls and transport up to a 150-pound weight of items. The cart is very sturdy, and if you’re traveling, you can roll it with Diono car seat straight up onto the plane.

Lastly, the Magna Cart Personal is very easy to open and unfold, and the entire construction is solid. Most importantly, the flat side on the bottom for carrying load is long enough and ensures stable rolling on unpaved surfaces. And with such price, this is certainly a must get hand truck of the year.


  • Tough quality aluminum design
  • Intuitive package
  • Suitable for unpaved roads
  • Good travelling
  • #1 Best Seller in Hand Trucks

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Hand trucks are suitable for domestic and office movement of heavy items. The best hand trucks are those that are easy to move yet solid and durable, and if you need any of these to get the strain off your back for life, consult and select from our review of the top 10 best hand trucks in 2021.

Pre-purchase consideration

Are you looking forward to buying the best hand truck in the market but you don’t know how to go about it? Here are some buying tips for you.

  • Consider the construction

If you want to choose the best hand truck in the market, first think about the overall material used in making them. Hand trucks are made of different materials like aluminum, steel, fiberglass or nylon. The best in this category is steel because they are designed to carry heavy duty loads, have additional support and will never rust. Aluminium trucks are not quite strong as steel, but stronger than fiberglass or nylon-made hand trucks, and they can still handle some heavy items.

  • Check out the design

Hand trucks come mainly in three designs—specialty, upright and convertible—with each having its capacity and peculiarity. For instance, Upright hand trucks can lift items weighing up to 500 pounds while some can even do better. On the contrary, Convertible hand trucks can move an extra heavier load than some of their upright counterparts, because of the 4-wheel design they incorporate. As for Specialty hand trucks, they only carry specific items like furniture, bags, etc.

  • Think of the load capacity

Have it at the back of your mind that all hand trucks have a maximum load capacity they can afford, so if you are aiming to move some boxes weighing 300 pounds, you have no business buying a hand truck whose maximum weight capacity is below 300 pounds; but you can buy above that. So think about it critically.

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