Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters in 2018

Hoverboard scooters or self-balancing scooters were once expensive toys for rich kids. But today you can see them at various online and TV channels including YouTube etc. However, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled some models due to various manufacturing defects like fire hazards by their internal board, inefficient batteries, and warranty problems. As a result, many retailers in the US and abroad have stopped their sale. 

Recently they back into the global market after lots of changes. Today only reputable online and offline stores are permitted to sell the top-grade hoverboard scooters or best two-wheel scootersUnless they are approved to be safe in all respects.

In fact, a hoverboard is a kind of personal transport to use them as an alternative to walking or biking to your office or school or for fun drive. So if you have decided to buy the best one for you or your loved ones, then you should consider certain things discussed here under for your guidance. 

Pre-Purchase Considerations

  • Easiness to use

The hoverboard scooter you choose should have wider footboard made of rubber. Rubber-footboard makes it easy for you to hop on and hop off from it along with ensuring your safety while riding it. As per manufacturer’s instructions, you will have to lean a bit forward while moving straight whereas to go to right lean to the right or left to go left. To move faster, you will have to press it down with your feet. 

  • Go for the quality board

While buying the best hoverboard scooter in the United States, you should search for the US-based brands. Those US-based brands shall strictly follow quality standards to avoid the possibility of having defective electronic parts as found earlier. 

  • Multi-functional board

The board of the hoverboard scooter you buy should be useable for various tasks along with moving around like going to the market, to your work or school or walking your dog, etc. You should ensure that the board soundlessly moved so that you can ride it anywhere without disturbing others.

  • Read users’ reviews

If you buy a hoverboard from a reputed online store like eBay or Amazon etc. then you can find reviews of their previous customers of those websites. It will also help you in making a right decision.

  • Features of different hoverboards 

You should compare the features as well as prices of the hoverboards manufactured by various brands to find the best and most affordable one for you and your loved ones.

Brief reviews of some of the top best hoverboard scooters are provided hereunder to make it easy for you to select a suitable one.

Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters

10. UL2272 Certified Smart Self Balancing Hoverboard Personal Adult Transporter with LED Light- Blue

Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters in 2018

This UL2272 Certified Smart Self Balancing Hoverboard introduced by Koo is a personal transporter for adults. It is provided with blue LED Light to be visible in dark environment. It is the lightest and smallest hoverboard, weighs only 22Lbs and can climb 15 up to degrees at the speed of 10 mph with the help of fully charged 36V 44Ah Lithium Battery. 

9. Razor Hovertrax 1.0 Hoverboard Electric Hover Smart Board

Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters in 2018

This razor blue hoverboard introduced by Razor ensures to meet highest safety standards of the industry. Shatter-resistant polymer frame and silent motor with gyro sensor help in controlling it seamlessly through your foot movement. It’s fully charged lithium ion battery allows you to run up to 115 minutes continuously at the speed of 10 mph.

8. Skque X1 – UL2272 Self Balancing Electric Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights

Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters in 2018

This self-balancing electric scooter produced by Skque is provided with LED lights and Bluetooth speaker. It will make more useful and safer for the users. It comes in four color variants in three different board sizes- 6.5”, 8” and 10” from which you can choose as per your rightness. 

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7. UL 2272 Certified – Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters in 2018

HOVERZON has introduced this hoverboard scooter in Black, Blue, Garnet, Pink and White colors for choice. This 22-pound weighing scooter can travel up to 11 miles with a payload of 220 pounds at the speed of 8 mph. Main features of this hoverboard are superior traction tires, two riding modes, non-slip foot pedals, and the LED battery.

6. Segway miniPRO | Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter

Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters in 2018

This self-balancing personal transporter available in white and black color variants is fully loaded with lots of features. It provides with mobile app control along with other features like anti-theft alarm, remote control operation, customizable lights, speed control, updated firmware and vehicle diagnostic to make it one of the best in its class.

5. CHIC Eyourlife Electric Self Balancing Scooter

Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters in 2018

This UL 2272 certified self-balancing scooter introduced by CHIC Eyourlife in two colors differently to choose from including Black, and Red. It meets all the safety standards set for electric scooters. Also, notable features of this scooter include battery indicators, LED headlights, two modes to ride on and rubber bumpers to make it one of the best. 

4. Powerboard by Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters in 2018

This two wheels self-balancing scooter introduced by Powerboard is available in Black, Blue, Red and White colors to choose. It has been certified by the US government as it does not spark, overheat, catch fire and smoke. You can ride it at the speed of 10 mph in all directions by accelerating its speed smoothly and safely.

3. EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board

Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters in 2018

This UL2272 certified electric scooter includes 8.5” all-terrain alloy wheel, LG smart battery, and 400W dual-motor to hover through even in tough road condition. It has passed over 150 tests to ensure the safety of its riders. It can climb to 18-degree steep height at the speed of 10 mph.

2. Jetson V8 Self-Balancing Scooter

Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters in 2018

This hoverboard scooter introduced by Jetson includes 3-speed modes, 8.5” wheels and 2 x 400 Watt Motors w/Independent Gyros as its features that make it one of the best hoverboards in its class. Its built-in Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy its ride with the tunes you like the most.

1. Official Halo Rover Hoverboard

Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters in 2018

Halo Rover has introduced this safety certified self-balancing scooter with Halo mobile app, Bluetooth speakers, LG FireSafe battery, 8.5 Inch NonFlat Tires and free carry case to make it one of the best. 

After our review of Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters in 2018, this is your time to make a final decision on which you are going to purchase.

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