TOP Best Kids’ Shoes with Wheels in 2021 – Review and Guide

Have you ever imagined your child riding along the streets or through the neighborhood while mounted on one of the best kids’ shoes with wheels? Of course, you might have come across kids gliding freely through chain stores, supermarkets or theme parks on roller skate shoes for kids. Don’t think it’s magic! They are wearing beneath their highly motivated young feet what is called ‘kid’s roller skate shoes.’

Now your kid can become one of them simply by investing in one of our Top Best Kids’ Shoes with Wheels in 2021 review. Follow our lead, and at the end, you will be glad you did!

Best Kids’ Shoes with Wheels Reviews:

You just can’t continue doing endless research—we have everything that you need. Just go through and make your selection from our Best list of Kids’ Shoes with Wheels Reviews 2021.

9. Ufatansy USB Charging Shoes

Being the best one among the top ten list, the shoes appears in a fashionable and stylish outlook. The pink shoes are equipped with wheels and LED light shining in 7 colors. It comes with 2 designs: single and double wheels. Users can monitor the LED light with a switch provided. The lights are guaranteed to light up since first time usage.

The lights are rechargeable with USB cable. Parents can choose this pair of shoes as a wonderful gift for their children to enjoy skating. The shoes are suitable for both boys and girls.


  • Shoe is good quality
  • Soft, convenient and comfortable
  • Adjustable with light up design

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8. Ehauuo Kids Two Wheels

The shoes are equipped with two wheels with attractive bright colors. However, users can use the shoes in 3 different ways. These include maintaining the double wheel shape, removing one to make single wheel and eliminating both to become flat shoes.

The shoes also comes with light, which is supported by rechargeable battery. Users can simply charge it with USB cable, and the shoes will provide many colors choice for the light. The shoes are suitable for both genders, and it works well with all four seasons to provide a comfortable experience for your kids.


  • Synthetic design makes them lighter
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Usable without socks
  • Light up design make for attraction

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7. YUNICUS Kids Light Up Shoes

The shoes are made of breathable materials, including PVC and non-toxic fabric. The outlook appears in spider top layer with Velcro to enable better tightness. Also, it is designed to be non-slip with rubber at the bottom.

The light of the shoes appears in 7 bright colors and 9 flashing modes. If the kid wants to change the color, it can simply long press up to 3 seconds to let it turn off. The LED light is supported by rechargeable battery. Users can charge it either with a computer or other chargers with USB cable provided. With these light up sneakers, your kids will look more fashionable.


  • Solid leather and fabric design
  • Push button mechanism changes use for shoes
  • Comfortable
  • Lovely designs

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6. Heelys Hyper Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)Heelys Hyper Skate Shoe (Little Kid:Big Kid)

Heelys Hyper Skate Shoe is a synthetic type design that will thrill any kid—whether big or small—with a perfect fit and athletic features. These skate shoes are excellent for the coordination of any clumsy kid you can think of.

  • Features & Review

Heelys Hyper Skate Shoe is a lightweight and powerful athletic shoe that features a single stealth wheel design residing in the heel, which allows the user to walk or run and to convert to roll-skating any time.

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The shoe features an elastic lace design at the top, with hook and loop strap, as well as removable wheels that enable the user to translate them into a unique pair of fashionable strolling shoes.

With the Heelys Hyper Skate Shoe, your kid can pop a wheelie and roam the neighborhood or simply turn them to walking sneakers and have a nice outing.


  • The shoes are sturdy and great with wheels
  • Catches people’s attention
  • Fun to wear
  • Convenient

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5. Heelys Kids’ Plus X2 Wheeled Heel Shoes

Here is another one from Heelys—another athletic design roller skate shoe with adjustable functions and intuitive design—strictly for kids ranging from 3 to 11 years old. We discovered that although this Heelys for kids shoe may require some time for the kid to master its balance, it’s indeed, a super design provide the best rolling expectations once the kid has mastered them. The roller skates for girls are available in three colorful colors that you can check it out and choose accordingly.

  • Features & Review

As the name implies, the Heelys Kid Wheel Heel Shoes is a roller skating shoe that also doubles as sneakers using the convertible button that comes with it.

A kid that’s used to diving and swimming can easily master these toddler sneakers and catch up with the balance they require.

Featuring a textile design, the sole of the shoe incorporates a rubber construction while the retractable wheel offers the user the ability to walk, run or skate wherever he/she likes. Although this version from Heelys doesn’t feature the unique LED Light system, it’s a durable and reliable kid shoe perfect for conquering the Uptown.

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  • Retractable wheel design allows for multiple uses
  • Easy to master
  • Comfortable when rolling
  • Sturdy and heavy

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4. Heelys Split Chrome Skate Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Heelys Split Chrome Skate Shoe (Toddler:Little Kid:Big Kid)

By now, the Heelys brand has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of top quality kids skate shoes. The Heelys Split Chrome Skate Shoe is designed to be in perfect condition for kids of all ages, and they are very easy to assemble. Below are the reasons you should buy them.

  • Features & Review

The Heelys Split Chrome Skate Shoe features a synthetic material construction alongside a synthetic sole. As a metallic skate sneaker, this kids’ shoe features a lace-up vamp that secures perfectly, and a wheel embedded at the outward side of the sole.

Regarding appearance, this Heelys Split Chrome Skate Shoes are beautiful and comfortable. There are sizes for all kids ages—toddler, little kid or big kid—and they can be worn as sneakers to compliment any form of dressing. The wheel is easy to insert and take out, and it can be done within 16 minutes. Nothing could be easier!

However, the Heelys Split Chrome Skate Shoe didn’t come with a LED light design.


  • Elegant and comfy
  • Laces up properly
  • Fit for all dressing style when used as sneakers
  • Durable and sturdy

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3. Heelys Motion Plus Skate Shoe

Heelys Motion Plus Skate Shoe (Little Kid:Big Kid)

At last we a more pleasant and colorful version from the Heelys line of kids’ rollers skates with wheels. The Heelys Motion Plus Skate Shoe pack handsome features that set it apart from a host of others.

  • Features & Review

Consisting the usual Heelys synthetic material design, the Motion Plus Skate Shoe features lots of extra growing space that will accommodate your child’s increasing leg size as he/she grows. The shoe is very stylish, with the awesome color decor. Skating in them is very comfortable.

When used as a roller skate shoe, the Motion Plus skate wheels can be taken to school due to its versatility. By using these shoes, your kid can glide through supermarkets and chain stores, but take note that you can only put or take out the wheels manually.

However, the Heelys Motion Plus Skate Shoe is a great quality with a remarkable ease of gliding than most roller skates. Get them today!


  • High-quality construction
  • Colourful design
  • Enough extra room for kids’ growth
  • Comfortable and reliable

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2. Heelys Launch Skate Shoe

Heelys Launch Skate Shoe (Toddler:Little Kid:Big Kid)

Made of the best of textile material with a synthetic sole design, the Heelys Launch Skate Shoes are a great kind of ‘roller coaster’ shoes. It’s the type adds about 1.24 inches for that additional nudge your kid requires when he/she starts slouching after a hectic day at the theme park.

  • Features & Review

The Heelys Launch Skate Shoe is described as the highlight of having ‘big kid’ sized feet as a grown-up man, which is suitable for rolling around at the workplace. They are great shoes with hooks for getting the skating wheels out and replacing them with a flat piece to convert them into tennis shoes and to get the tennis shoe inside out using the same flat piece.

As a low-top sneaker, the Heelys Launch Skate Shoe features a striped midsole and a lace-up vamp.  The shoes are of a good quality design, and the color is exactly as shown in the pictures, with some having sleeker fabric inside that effectively eliminate the issue of fluffiness.

Buy this today, and your kid will love you for life!


  • Multi-color design
  • Features nice and comfy interior fabric
  • Durable and nice looking
  • Perfect as a Christmas or birthday gift

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1. Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoe

Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoe (Little Kid:Big Kid)-Top 10 Best Kids’ Shoes with Wheels in 2021

Made in the USA, the Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoe is a powerful and lightweight skate shoe for kids designed to achieve athletic purposes. These rollers skate shoes are very easy to learn as they can be mastered within one day of purchase.

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  • Features & Review

The Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoe features a black or lilac color design as a lace-up style sneaker with embroidered pop out wheels and logo appliqué.

To ensure safety and secure fit, the Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoe features 5 ABEC bearings the shoes perfectly on the concrete, and they rock too. Remember not to throw off that tiny crowbar that accompanies the shoe because, it helps in taking out the wheels, including taking out the hole guards.

The color design of the shoes is so pretty. The wheels can easily be installed and removed manually while the shoes themselves will add about an inch to your size.


  • The shoe is of good quality
  • Secure fit
  • Enhances comfort and balance while skating
  • Is easy to install and remove the wheels

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Pre-purchase Consideration

Are you out looking for the best kids’ shoes with wheels for your kid, but you just don’t know how to go about it? Follow these tips and chose the best kids roller skate shoes today.

  • Consider the style

Kids’ shoes with wheels or rollers skate shoes for kids come in various styles and designs for boys and girls to choose from. Some roller shoes come with soles made of strong and durable rubber, with grip designs incorporated into them, which prevents the skating kid from slipping and falling while riding.

As for Heelys designs, most feature lace-up designs for the secure fit, but some versions also incorporate Velcro-style strapping together with the lace design for improved security. However, these styles usually belong to the top class category of kids’ shoes with wheels.

Furthermore, some designs also resemble converse or trainers style shoes, with some made from durable and high-quality suede or canvas materials. Think about whichever you can afford and weigh it against your budget.

  • Wheels

This is one important aspect to consider when buying your rollers skate shoes. Some designs feature auto or button-push wheels which is more convenient while the wheels in some designs can only be removed or installed manually, which could be a bit tricky, depending on the exposure of the individual. Whatever you might prefer, think about this critically.

  • Comfortability

How comfortable is the material used in making the shoe? Is the sole thick? Are they padded? Can you feel or not feel the wheels when using the shoes? Think about this critically before purchasing any rollers skate shoe for your kid. A shoe whose sole is thick, well padded, and make the rider comfortable without feeling the wheel while riding, is the best option for your kid.

  • Size

All rollers shoes come in different sizes, and the best way to get the correct size for your kid is to request from the company or seller to give the correct sizes in stock and get the precise one for your kid. This way, you wouldn’t be buying out of point.


The best kids’ shoes with wheels are those that give ultimate balance while skating, providing great and secure fit, as well as doubling as a complimenting piece of sneakers or tennis shoes to your kid’s outfit. Why waste time looking elsewhere: get a ‘Heelys’ from our Top Best Kids’ Shoes with Wheels in 2021 Review, and you will be glad you did!


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Gaorui Christmas Kid Youth Girl Boy Light Up Wheels Roller Shoes Skates

Gaorui Christmas Kid Youth Girl Boy Light Up Wheels Roller Shoes Skates

  • Overview

Here is a luminous and new fashion show for kids powered by a battery to make it shine when used. However, it must be noted that the battery can’t be changed once it has exhausted its usefulness. The Christmas roller sneaker is designed for kids who are craving to skate.

  • Features & Review

The Christmas Kid Youth Boy Girl Roller Shoes Skates is a 100% brand new quality shoe that features a synthetic material design which has a single wheel fashion safety LED Light—an Up Roller shoe with graph coloring.

Once the wheels are tucked in, your kid can wear them for hours, and although the shoe may appear too clunky to run, they are perfect in doing what they are expected to do—the wheels and roller skating. These skates glide efficiently over rough pavement, and your kid can wear them even without socks and get no blisters.

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Above all, your kid will like this Roller Shoes Skates because they Light Up like the stars. Get them now!

Nsasy YCOMI Girl’s Boy’s LED Light Up Shoes Roller Shoes with Wheels Roller Skate

Nsasy YCOMI Girl's Boy's LED Light Up Shoes Roller Shoes with Wheels Roller Skate

  • Overview

For something fanciful and elegant, this Kids’ Roller Shoes with Wheels from YCOMI’s shop is one of the best in the kids’ shoe business. This design features the innovative look and advanced options that make the entire process of skate rolling a reality for kids.

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  • Features & Review

The YCOMI Girl’s Boy’s LED Light Shoes Roller Shoes with Wheels Roller Skate features a high-quality fabric and leather material design. It is a breathable design that incorporates wear-resistance soles. The shoes also feature a unique LED Light design common with most roller skate shoes for kids, which is the most suitable gift you can give to any kid on a birthday.

Marking its high innovative design, this unique roller shoes from YCOMI features a push-button at the heels of the shoes, which helps in hiding the rollers when pressed and change the shoes into a normal sports pair.

If the kid wants to glide again, he or she can simply press the button again, and the rollers will automatically pop up. The rollers on these shoes use mute bearing mechanism making them quiet and smooth during gliding. It’s the best at the moment.

Zcoins Boy Girl Roller Shoes with Light Flashing Wheels Skate Sneaker

Zcoins Boy Girl Roller Shoes with Light Flashing Wheels Skate Sneaker

  • Overview

These Zcoins designs are sturdy and great for kids although the lights may only last for two months or more. The wheels that come with it makes them get dirty easily, so good and thorough maintenance is needed. This one is highly recommended for indoor use, but it’s also suitable for outdoor use.

  • Features & Review

The Zcoins Boy Girl Roller Shoes with Light Flashing Wheels Snake Sneakers features a fabric and synthetic design, with a button light switch located inside the shoe. An irreplaceable battery which can’t be recharged either once its battery life runs out, powers the lights inside the shoes.

The Zcoin Boy Girl Shoes can be used as a normal shoe by retracting the back wheel or easily glide by pressing a button on the back to pop out the rollers.

The shoes come in two versions. While one has just one roller, the second version has two rollers, the front wheels can easily be install or removed using a small tool that accompanies the package at the point of purchase.


  • It features solid construction
  • Mostly usable indoor
  • Comes in two versions
  • Comfortable and sturdy
HUSK’SWARE LED Lighting Roller Skate Shoes HUSKSWARE Sport Sneaker

HUSK'SWARE LED Lighting Roller Skate Shoes HUSKSWARE Sport Sneaker

  • Overview

The HUSKWARE LED Light Lighting Roller Skate Shoes are a nice fancy shoe that gives any kid something to smile about. They are so much of a better buy than most in its category.  Because of the super features they incorporate, these shoes can be used as regular sneakers when not using the wheels.

  • Features & Review

Derived from high-quality Lithe TPR material, the HUSKWARE LED Light Lighting Roller Skates Shoes to make skate rolling faster and cooler for your kid, protecting the foot with a solid cushioning. The shoe is extremely convenient and comfortable whether used as sneakers or rolling skate shoes.

The HUSKWARE is an adjustable design that features a button at the back of the shoe, which enables the shoe to pop up when holding down the button. You can decide to use the shoe as sports shoes through the retractable rear wheels. It also features a light-up design that makes it more beautiful to use.

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As for actual size, you have to look for your kids’ size since company’s sells at varying sizes.


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