TOP 10 Best Kids Smartwatches in 2021

Like all technology that is available on the market today, there are loads of different kids smartwatches to choose from. It can be overwhelming. However, there are certain features that most be included when selecting a watch.

It is also important to realize that the watches come in different age groups. For babies, various GPS trackers can be put in their diapers or diaper bags. From the age of 18 months, the child can wear a proper watch. It is thus very important to make sure you know that your kid wants to use it for. If it is mostly for you to keep track of them, a different watch will be needed than one where your child can make phone calls or play games on.

We divide the article into three parts. First it is about the best selling kids’ smart watches. Second, we are talking about top 5 high quality smart watches for kids. Last but not least, we present to you some ideas to consider before buying.

Best Kids Smartwatches Reviews

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10. ZIMINGU V83 Kids GPS Tracker 3G Smart Watch

Top 10 Best Kids Smartwatches in 2021

This watch comes in 3 colors, but it is mixed colors. It has a 90-degree rotatable camera as well as SOS calling. It also features SOS calling, electric fence, and a smart alarm to warn children not go near water or other dangerous places.

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It only holds one sim card, which might lead to a problem if you have coverage issues. It is Android operated and only supports certain networks. The price is definitely on the more expensive side; your child must be at a responsible age to use this watch.

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9. Amazingforless Red Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Wrist Watch

Top 10 Best Kids Smartwatches in 2021

This watch definitely wins points in the price class department. It is a good deal regarding the features that the watch has. It is also compatible with (phones, Ipads, and most Samsung or Android run devices. It has good features like a remote shutter control, dialing features as well as anti lost. It is also available in 7 colors.

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But it might be a bit too cheap. The device only goes through 5 quality checks. Also if you use Apple devices, it only supports partial functions like call sync and music player.

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8. Padgene New GSM Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera

Top 10 Best Kids Smartwatches in 2021

This device is also very good priced. It has loads of features as well like audio and video play, calendar and calling capabilities. It supports various file types for photos and videos and supports external memory up to 32GB. The battery life is about 2 to 3 hours for talk time.

However, the internal features like the ram might lead to syncing problems. The camera specs are also not really up to standard. The calendar can’t be changed on the device, which makes dis feature useless for older kids.

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7. Smart Watch, Otium One Bluetooth Smart Watch

Top 10 Best Kids Smartwatches in 2021

For the features this watch has, it could rather be a grown up watch than a kids watch. However, it is so good priced that your kid just might appreciate the extra features. It is a Bluetooth-enabled device, so your child can leave their phones in their bags and still be able to receive notifications, etc. it also has a very good camera.

If you are looking for a watch for your younger child, this watch might not be it. It needs to be connected to a phone, which limits the features if it is not connected.

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6. Orbo Kids Bluetooth Phone Pairing Smartwatch with Rotating Camera

Top 10 Best Kids Smartwatches in 2021

This watch comes in 2 colors, which basically makes it a boys’ or girls’ watch. It also features a good camera and can connect to a phone. It has a basic timekeeping features which will enable the younger user to learn to read time. There are also loads of pre-loaded entertainment.

However, this watch is only ably to receive calls, and not make them which is a problem if your child is in an emergency situation.

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5. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch 

Top 10 Best Kids Smartwatches in 2021

This watch is a better fit than its cheaper siblings. It comes in blue and pink only. Preloaded with fun activities, games, and challenges. It also features bigger memory, which will enable the child to take more photos and videos.

There is no mention of calling capabilities, and it has a calculator. If your child figures this out, it can lead to problems in school during tests. It would also seem that there is only a 3month warranty.

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4. SinoPro Q50 Children Smart Watch Kids Wrist Watch

Top 10 Best Kids Smartwatches in 2021

This watch is available in 3 colors. It has the option for a micro sim, making emergency calls and receiving calls. It also features fitness trackers, parent controls and is very well priced. Unfortunately, it isn’t preloaded with all the features and needs to be updated upon purchase. Choosing a service provider for the phone might be a problem as well because it can only use certain service providers.

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3. LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker

Top 10 Best Kids Smartwatches in 2021

Leapfrog is well known in making great technological products for kids. This watch comes preloaded with about 50 challenges and allows your child to choose their pet. It is even water resistant and is available in different colors.

However, it does not feature any GPS capabilities or call making. It is more an activity tracker for your younger user. This is the perfect gift for your little princess.

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2. Hype Smart Watch for Kids Black 

Top 10 Best Kids Smartwatches in 2021

This watch can be used from 2months and up. It features Bluetooth connectivity, child-friendly packaging, and a good speaker. It has all the normal features like tracking steps and a calendar.

Unfortunately, it is a licensed product which limits some of the features. It is also pricey.

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1. LEMFO Q50 Smart Watch GPS Smartwatch

Top 10 Best Kids Smartwatches in 2021

This watch is perfect for the older user. It has anti lost features, GPS tracking and calling capabilities. It is available in 6 colors and has an SOS calling feature. You can also remotely monitor this watch. It has 2-way communication as well as an electric fence, which notifies you the moment the child leaves the perimeter.

It is hard to say something negative about this watch. It is pricey and is definitely not recommended for younger users, mainly because of the price.

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Choosing a watch is a hard job; especially if you want to keep your child be happy. However, depending on their age, 2 products are highly recommended. For the younger user, up to the age of 7, the Leapfrog Band is a must have. It is reasonably priced, and the specs are good for that young age. For your older child, ZIMINGU V83 Kids GPS Tracker 3G Smart Watch is the one to go for. It is pricier than its counterparts. But it is good quality and has all the features to keep your kid happy as well as give you peace of mind.

Top 5 Best High Quality Smart Watches for kids

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5. TickTalk 2 Kids Smart Watch

NEW TickTalk 2 Touch Screen Kids Smart Watch

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TickTalk 2 Touch Screen Kids Smart Watch is one of the top-rated kids smart watches in 2021. It comes in 4 color options of black, pink, yellow, and blue. For their functions, this one is built-in with 50 sorts of reminders, letting parents give the children’s tasks and routines conveniently. Reminders like time to brush teeth, take a bath, play, and more. When each task’s deadline approaches, a cute icon with lovely ringtone will appear. So, you kids will develop good habits in no time.

The watch also allows phone calls with up to 13 contacts. For location tracking, the watch features WiFi, GPS and LBS 3-way locations, ensuring accurate location details always. And, the features keep tracks of the places the child has been to as well. Plus, you can send texts or voice messages to your kid while the child can reply back with voice messages, too.

The watch works with smart phones (both iOS and android systems). In terms of emergency alert, the watch has an SOS icon for the child to reach out to the set emergency phone number. Encouraging fitness, the device is made with a walk step count function. And, with the watch being user-friendly, operating and navigating it is very easy.

Adding to add, for the sim card usage, it uses the T-mobile’s network, which the company recommends you to activate its monthly plan.

• Approximately 50 things-to-do reminders such as to brush teeth, take a shower, go for a play time, etc
• Time alert for each task (icon and ringtone alert)
• 2-way communication of voice messages and calls
• Location tracking (current location and tracked ocations in history)
• Compatibility with all smart phones (androids and iPhones)
• SOS emergency alert
• Fitness reinforcement with its step count feature
• Easy, straight forward operation and navigation

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4. POMO Waffle Smart Watch for Kids

POMO Waffle Smart Watch GPS Locator for Kids

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Need a lovely and practical watch for your beloved girl? Look no further than this pink POMO Waffle Smart Watch for Kids. This one, of course, is also equipped with GPS, providing you accurate information where you child is at every moment. It also lets you set your home address into the watch.

For communication, the watch enables phone calls, text messages as well as voice messages with the contacts set. You can create group chats on the watch as well. What’s more, daily activities can be scheduled easily with the device. There is also an SOS Emergency Button, alerting to all the contacts. The touch screen is big. The Safe Zone feature notifies parents whenever the child goes to unusual locations. The Watch-Off Alert is for notifying you whenever the watch is not worn. And, the trip history function provides parents the information about where the child has gone to.

Providing not just a good look but also high quality, the watch is resistant to dust and splash. Materials used are 100% safe. You kid can wear the watch as long as he/she wants to. The watch can be connected to smartphones effortlessly. It also lets you keep track of the number of steps your child has taken each day.
Purchase will come with a free sim card, which also lets you use the VoIP technology for accessing the Internet.

The watch will also come along with 6 colored bands for you to customize it as well. Best yet, it is also backed by a 30-day hassle free return policy on both hardware and software defects.

• GPS-enabled for location tracking purposes (in the most accurate way)
• Take Me Home feature ensures the user will never get lost
• Easy connection with smart phones
• 2-way communication of phones call, receiving voice/text messages and being in group chats
• Built-in settable Safe Zone function for ensured safety of the child
• SOS Emergency button, reaching contacts in the phone
• Watch-off Alarm, letting parents know if the child has the watch on or not
• Step Count and Trip History features
• Safe material and rugged construction (dust and splash proof)
• Bonus: 6 colored bands provided for customization purposes
• 30-day money back policy

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3. POMO R2 Smart Watch for Kids

POMO R2 Smart Watch GPS

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Next on the list, it is the much-loved POMO R2 Smart Watch GPS Locator for Kids. This blue smart watch has so much to talk about. Enabled with the GPS smart locater, this device sure can let you know wherever your child is very accurately at all times –thanks to the 3 positioning techniques. It is also equipped with the SOS Emergency Button, which the child can press to reach out to the set contacts in emergency cases.

The watch can store up to 60 contacts. And, similarly to the aforementioned smart watches for kids, this one puts more emphasis on the child’s safety with the Safe Zone and Watch-off feature/alert, too. Plus, featuring a Pedometer, you are always informed about the number of steps your child has made, too.

Parents can check up on the child’s commute history on the watch – thanks to the built-in Journey History setting. Designed in colorful colors, your kid will love to wear the watch. For durability, the watch is made to be waterproof, and from safe, materials. So, feel free to have your kid wear this practical assessory for long hours. Best yet, the watch is also backed by a 30-day full refund policy on software and hardware defects as well.

• GPS location tracking with the utmost accuracy
• SOS Emergency button for increased safety
• More safety-reinforced features: Safe Zone, and Watch-off Alert
• Ability to track number of steps taken and commute history
• Great construction: durable, safe and waterproof
• 30-day money back policy

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2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX Camouflage

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX Camouflage

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The next top-rated kids smart watch goes to this one from VTech in Camouflage color. The watch is not just for practical use, but also entertainment. It features 3 entertaining activities, 3 small action contests, and 5 games. It is also built-in with a camera with picture effects, video taking and voice recording. The memory that comes with this watch is pretty big, too. It has a touch screen navigation, and motion sensor. There are also an alarm, timer, and stopwatch functions. What’s more, it includes a calendar and calculator as well.

Similarly to the kids smart watches introduced earlier; this one has a pedometer for counting the child’s taken steps. In terms of durability, the watch is splash and sweat proof, ensuring a long life. To upload the media files (photos and videos) from the watch, you can use the micro USB cable provided. With so much to offer, there is just nothing not to love about this VTech smart watch.

• Built-in camera lets the user takes pictures, videos, and record voices
• Spacious memory for storing media
• Touch screen navigation
• Loaded with entertainment – 3 challenges and 5 games (with motion sensor)
• Added functions of a pedometer, calendar and calculator
• Rugged construction, resisting sweat and splash
• Ability to transfer taken pictures and videos

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1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX – Special Edition

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX


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Looks like VTech is taking the lead in this electronic learning toys product category. Comes in purple, the watch will look great for baby girls. For learning and fun, the watch features 5 games, 3 entertaining activities, 3 action challenges. These games and activities are enabled with a motion sensor. Invented for junior photographers, the watch has a very great camera for picture taking and video taking. There is a voice-recording program as well.

In terms of timing, the device has a timer, stopwatch, and alarm while in terms of new innovation, the watch is equipped with a calendar and calculator. Some other significant functions of the watch include the built-in pedometer, and the ability to transfer files to computers with the included micro USB cable. The rugged construction makes the watch resistant to splash and sweat. For the watch’s appearance customization, the watch come with 2 changeable wristbands.

• Learn and fun in one device: 5 games, 3 entertaining activities, and 3 action challenges (in motion sensor)
• The camera lets the child explore photography and videography
• Bonus programs: voice recording, timer, stopwatch, alarm, calendar, pedometer, and calculator
• High durability: splash and water resistance
• Bonus customization of 2 changeable wristbands.

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Smartwatches for Kids’ Buying Guides

Make sure that the watch you choose is made out of an excellent grade silicone, medical grade if it can. This will ensure that the silicone doesn’t react with your child’s skin and cause a rash or irritation. If your child is sensitive to certain metals, you can cover the bottom part of the watch with sticky tape or clear nail polish. This will ensure that there is no reaction against the skin.

  • Is there an app available for the watch?

Most smart watches has apps that can be downloaded onto the parents’ phone. This will enable the parents to keep remotely track of their kids, set a virtual a perimeter for them and some even use and LBS dual locating function. With this feature, you will always have peace of mind as to where your child is.

Then it is vital to make sure that the fastener on the band is in a sense “childproof.” You don’t want your 2-year old’s friends at school be able to remove the watch and play with it. But it must be easily removable by a caregiver in case of swimming or washing hands; especially if the watch isn’t waterproof. For the older kids, the fasteners are usually of such a standard that the kid can remove it themselves.

Keeping your child be happy is very important. If you have an older child that wants one of these watches, then color matters. Make sure that the brand you are looking into has various color options to choose from.

  • Can the watch make or receive phone calls? Or, can the watch be locked for certain numbers only?

We have all seen the scary TV how where the predator hacks into the child’s phone and up duck them. Make sure the watch has safety features regarding this. If it is possible to program only certain numbers into the phone, that is a big plus. Also, make sure that the watch can be put into quiet mode for when the child is in class. We don’t want the kid to get into trouble because grandma is calling them during maths!

One of the most important features that you must consider is if you can remote listen. Some parents might think this is taking it a step too far and that your child deserves privacy. Which is true, but if your child is the victim of bullying or anything like that, being able to listen remotely what is happening can be your and your child’s saving grace. Some of the watches have a feature where you can listen without the child knowing.

Games and apps on the watch are very important. If you are going to spend the money, make sure that the watch has at least proper games or apps for your little ones to use. Some even have a feature where it keeps track of your child’s steps. If your child has a very busy program, looking into one that has a schedule or assistant will be beneficial to your both.

The last but not least make sure that the screen is sensitive enough. Little fingers can be clumsy, so make sure the screen is capable of doing what the little one wants them to do. Otherwise, it might lead to frustration, which can lead to a meltdown.

After providing the ultimate buying guides, now you can decide which one of the top 10 Best Kids Smartwatches to buy for this year.


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