Top 10 Best Knee Scooters in 2020

Having a knee scooter is a major and invaluable asset, especially in a time when you need to recover from a surgical operation carried out on your leg.

However, it’s not every medical or advertised scooter out there that would be suitable for your condition, not to mention that there are so many brands out in the open competing for your money, which makes it even harder to select the right choice.

But that is why we are here: to provide you with a guide on how to get the best knee scooter by following our review for the year—the Top 10 Best Knee Scooters In 2020.

Your Knee Scooters Buyers Guide

You may be wondering: how do I get to select the right choice? Well, here are some tips for you to consider before buying:

  • Look for adjustment:

Before you buy any knee scooter, make sure it has a high level of adjustment or flexible options that you can set to maneuver around the scooter. The condition of your fractured or broken leg may demand a particular pattern. So, ensure the scooter is completely adjustable.

The All Terrain and Drive Medical are typical examples of knee scooters with adjustable cushion, frame or handle.

  • Braking:

Please, don’t ever buy a knee scooter that has poorly designed braking system or one that doesn’t have a locking park braking mechanism. You have to stay well, and not to add to your injury. So, ensure you do proper research on the braking system and features of the scooter before parting with your money.

Ideally, go for scooters with dual braking systems.

  • Weight:

Weight is another issue to consider when buying your knee scooter. Since you are already struggling to walk, it is not advisable to man a tool that will add additional weight to your injured but recovering leg.

Therefore, try to get the scooter with less weight, one that’s portable and easily foldable. Ideally, your scooter’s weight should not be higher than 18 to 20 pounds.

  • Frame and basket:

You may not know the value of a basket attached to some knee scooters until you have found yourself in a recovery mode. When trying to recover from a broken leg or foot, you’ll find that even shopping for minor things can be very challenging; hence, the included basket. Always have it at the back of your mind.

Lastly, consider the frame of the knee scooter before you buy it. Some scooters can accommodate a person weighing 300 pounds or more. So, know your weight and then determine the frame of the scooter you’re aiming to buy. This way, you won’t have any problem.

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Now, let’s get on with the selection proper.

Top 10 Best Knee Scooters in 2020

Top 10 Best Knee Scooters Reviews

10. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Crutch Alternative

Top 10 Best Knee Scooters in 2020

Here, starting from the upper part of our review is the Steerable Scooter that renders one of the best knee walker values in the industry.

This Steerable Scooter features adjustable handbrakes with rear disc brakes built into a sturdy dual bar frame, which excel in stability and control for the recovering patient. Compatible for both legs, this knee scooter is used within or outside the home. The mobility it offers is breathtaking, and the shock absorbing features that come with it means you will be comfortable using this scooter.

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9. Knee Walker Scooter Steerable W/handle Brake and Basket

Top 10 Best Knee Scooters in 2020

For the love of me, I don’t understand why people still have to use crushed when something like the Knee Walker Scooter from Healthline Trading is in town!

Coming with knee cushion height and adjustable steering column, this four-wheel Knee Walker is the perfect choice for patients coming out from a long injury layoff. The scooter is lightweight and durable, allowing patients to easily maneuver it. The tool free height adjustment means you can fit it to suit your walking rehab. And yes; you can use it indoor or outdoor.

Truth be told; this thing works!

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8. Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker with Basket

Top 10 Best Knee Scooters in 2020

Stop thinking you can’t recover quickly: the Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker says you can!

The Drive Medical features a pair of front wheels designed for optimum maneuverability and superior ease of use. The tool free height design means you can adjust it to take care of your leg size and enhance your overall comfort. The leg pad is two pieces, meaning more comfort for you, even as the breaking system is deluxe. This Knee Walker also comes with a front basket with which you can carry some items when on the move. Talking about storage, this thing is foldable like paper.

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Believe me; this is a godsend!

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7. Knee Scooter Walker w/Most Sought Features

Top 10 Best Knee Scooters in 2020

For the most features and best of it, this Knee Scooter Walker has got it all!

This knee walker can become the best purchase for you since you have that fracture or surgery that you’re recovering from because everything about it is adjustable. You heard that right!

This knee walker comes with a locking parking, with a bell for extra fun. The shopping basket that comes with it is removable. The wheels are non-scuffs, and you don’t need any tools to adjust it to suit your needs. The dual frame steel design means maximum strength and durability when used inside or outside the home. Even the knee cushion is also adjustable.

What else do we need to define comfort and style? Get it now!

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6. KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter Steerable Knee Walker Medical Leg Scooter

Top 10 Best Knee Scooters in 2020

KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter brings you one of the cheapest Knee Walker in the Medical Leg Scooter market.

The Economy Knee Scooter Walker is ideal for people who are recovering from broken knees, ankles, and such other patients needing effective mobility solution. The scooter has a sturdy dual frame with dually adjustable locking handbrakes and a rear-on wheel brake providing excellent control and stability. The scooter is also compatible with the right and left legs, with four smooth rubber wheels measuring 7.5 in diameters.

You can use this walker indoor or outdoor due to its lightweight and simple folding nature.

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5. All Terrain Knee Rover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Scooter Knee Walker

Top 10 Best Knee Scooters in 2020

Talking about the most advanced and versatile knee walker in the market, talk about the All Terrain KneeRover!

The All Terrain pack a powerful array of tie rods, brakes, pneumatic wheels—all of which make this scooter to be way ahead of the others—with excellent locking brakes. The knee cushion on this scooter is large and comfortable, with a silent, easy ride. You can even go off road, down the gravel and asphalt with this scooter without cause for alarm.

The handlebars fold down easily, even as everything that makes up this scooter is like a breeze to adjust. For the ease of motion and safety, this is the best scooter at the moment.

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4. Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter Knee Cycle Leg Walker

Top 10 Best Knee Scooters in 2020

If you are looking for stability, strength and modern design, count on the Deluxe KneeCycle to deliver the best.

This scooter features advanced automotive style tie-rod steering design, built around an adjustable locking handbrake, together with a rear disc brake for optimum stability and control.

The Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker has non-marking rubber wheels that absorb shocks and provide more comfort for the recovering patient. The braking and stability power of this Knee Walker is what makes it outstanding.

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3. Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket

Top 10 Best Knee Scooters in 2020

The Roscoe brace up to the competition by featuring ease of mobility and comfort for patients on the recovering line.

The Roscoe Knee Scooter has large four wheels with a padded knee platform. The design of the offset post around the aluminum knee platform makes it possible for right-to-left adjustment within seconds.

The knee scooter is very easy to fold for transportation and storage. Overall, the Roscoe scooter is solid and glides like a charm. It is so easy to use that you wouldn’t need any extra tips to go with it.

Get right on it now!

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2. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

Top 10 Best Knee Scooters in 2020

This KneeRover steerable knee scooter is regarded as one of the best in the business because of its durable mobility aid that has impacted positively on people on the recovering line.

It features a sturdy dual bar frame and a shock absorbing windows, alongside an ergonomic rubber hand grip that provides complete comfort. The rear disc brake and adjustable locking handbrakes work side by side to provide unmatched control and stability.

The scooter is designed to suit both right and left legs and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use also.

The portable nature of the scooter makes it a good choice to have, and with that basket; you will be relieving yourself off some challenges of shopping minor things.

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1. Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker

Top 10 Best Knee Scooters in 2020

Our number one choice and best of the pack in our Top 10 Best Knee Scooters Reviews 2020, is the Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Scooter.

Although the features of the Drive Medical are not that different from the rest on this list, it stands out because of its ease of comfort and high selling rate, which is the best definition of top quality.

One unique thing about this Drive Medical model is that it doesn’t feature a forward-facing front wheels only, but all-around wheeling maneuverability, unlike other Knee walkers in the market.

This scooter, like others of its model, is designed for optimum control and superior ease of use. It is highly adjustable, and the tool free height design means you can adjust it to take care of your leg size and enhance your overall comfort.

Drive Medical has two leg pad platforms, meaning more comfort for you, even as the breaking system is deluxe. It also comes with a front basket to make your minor shopping easy when outdoor. It is very easy to fold and store away or transport.

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Final thought

Never say Never! When the going gets tough, the tough keep going; so is the nature of man. An injured tendon, a ruptured ligament, a chronic ankle dislocation or whatever it might be coming from the surgical room, can’t keep you tied up in bed all through. Man’s God-given talent has made sure of that, and within a short time; you can walk and run again—if only you can get one of these Knee Scooters as reviewed in our Top 10 Best Knee Scooters In 2020.

Click your choice now and start walking again within a short time.

Bless you!


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