TOP 10 Best Lensatic Compasses in 2020

Top 10 Best Lensatic Compasses in 2017

At times referred to as a military compass, the Lensatic Compasses are becoming quite popular with campers, hikers, backpackers, and many other adventure seekers. It’s loved because of its ruggedness, accuracy, durability, sturdiness, and reliability among other benefits. Although looking simple, this device also allows a user to set course bearings with ease.

Recently, all kinds of devices have found their way into the market and this has made it more challenging to find the best product. Therefore, this top 10 best lensatic compasses in 2020 review will not only show you how to choose a good product but also lists the best in the current market.

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Lensatic Compasses Buying Guide

The following are the features of a good Lensatic Compass:

  • Rugged: This handheld compass will be built from strong materials that make it tolerable to the rough terrains and outdoors. Steel and aluminum are among the common materials although plastic may also be used in some sections. The face and lens will be made of sturdy and scratch-resistant glass.
  • Accurate: a good compass will be highly precise and accurate as this allows a user to know the exact location as well as mark the bearings. This is why it is at times referred to as a military compass.
  • Clarity: Top compasses come with a very transparent base plate, embossed scales and laminated needles for easy viewing and clarity.
  • Good lens: The lens is undoubtedly the most important part of this compass. It should easily magnify the readings as this makes reading much easier.
  • Solid cover: To protect it from the elements, accidental bangs or drops, a good item comes with a solid and dependable cover. It will protect the base plate, face and the built-in mirror.

Other important features include; declination scale, indented bezel, liquid filled and bubble-free housing, rotating bezel ring, and orienting arrow.

Top 10 Best Lensatic Compasses 2020

Top 10 Best Lensatic Compasses in 2020

10. Ninjetics Professional Multifunction Metal Military Compass

Top 10 Best Lensatic Compasses in 2020

This multifunctional compass by Ninjetics will see you through the tough terrains and conditions. It’s constructed from strong military-grade metal and scratch-resistant glass. It comes in a waterproof design that protects the internals whereas the luminous inside allows you to use it even in the dark or at night. Its shake-proof nature minimizes the possibility of the needles skipping the mark.

In addition to being very accurate, well-built, good looking and durable, this compass is loved for its ruggedness. However, it may be a bit complex for newbies and it comes in 5-degree increments while its competitors boast of 1 or 2-degree increments.

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9. Eyeskey Multifunction Military Army Sighting Compass

Top 10 Best Lensatic Compasses in 2020

The Eyeskey compass gives you the same feeling just like other top military compasses. It comes in a solid and rugged design to tolerate the harsh conditions, a sturdy and clear glass face for good viewing and protection, while the superior lens provides quality viewing and bearing marking.

Its compact size makes it easy to carry around during the hiking, camping, fishing and other uses. The metal case protects the floating luminous dial while the liquid filled chamber enhances the readings and viewing.

This compass appeals to many people because of the range of features, nice quality, and is also rugged and sturdy. Unfortunately, it’s relatively big and heavy and also lacks adjustable declination.

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8. Rothco 3H Cammenga G.I. Military Tritium Lensatic Compass

Top 10 Best Lensatic Compasses in 2020

If a military compass is your thing, then this Lensatic compass is worth thinking about. The Rothco 3H Cammenga comes with a sturdy and long-lasting aluminum frame that can withstand shocks and vibrations.

The unit is also waterproof, dustproof and will function well within temperatures of -50F and +150F. It meets the U.S. Fighting Forces specifications and features seven Tritium microlights for easy use in low-light conditions.

The compass looks nice and trendy, it’s much lighter and more compact than most of its rivals, and comes with plenty of features. The downside is it comes with quite a bit of plastic parts and isn’t very bright in the dark.

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7. GWHOLE Military Lensatic Sighting Compass Waterproof

Top 10 Best Lensatic Compasses in 2020

When hiking camping, backpacking, boating, hunting, mountaineering or combing the unbeaten path, you need a reliable compass. This is the only way you will find your way through the wild or rough waters easily and without getting lost. The GWHOLE compass is your perfect companion when in such a situation.

It’s made of quality metal that protects the internals and also can withstand the harsh condition. The shake-proof and waterproof unit will work perfectly even in extreme weather. It comes with a specially designed fluorescent light for easy reading in the dark and is highly accurate thanks to the superior bubble level.

Heavy-duty design, good pricing, nice looks and solid feel make it a top product. The only issues according to consumers are the plastic backplate and it’s a little heavy.

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6. Silva Ranger 515 Compass

Top 10 Best Lensatic Compasses in 2020

It’s not a surprise that the Silva Ranger 515 makes it to the list of the top 10 best lensatic compasses in 2020. It’s famed for its reliable and accurate 2-degree graduations, 0-360 degree dial and luminous points that glow in the dark.

The accessory is constructed from a sturdy material, features geared declination adjustment, and Clinometer for alerting you on the inclines. The sighting mirror together with the map magnifier improves usability while the slider on the lanyard can easily be adjusted.

It’s a top contender thanks to being a great compass, easy to read, solidly-built and suitable for many applications. The friction fit cover, unfortunately, isn’t liked by some people.

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5. Eyeskey Multifunctional Military Army Metal Sighting Compass

Top 10 Best Lensatic Compasses in 2020

This Lensatic compass by Eyeskey is well-suited and capable of handling the harsh outdoors as well as tough weather. The metal casing can withstand falls, bumps, and drops as well as the elements whereas the waterproof and dustproof nature secures the internal mechanism.

It features an efficient bubble level for better reading, specially-designed fluorescent light for reading in the dark, and color camouflage.

It’s worth purchasing because it’s professionally-made, strong, and suited for many situations (boating, camping, hiking, and mountaineering, motoring……), and is also durable and very functional. Sadly, it’s fairly heavy and doesn’t include MILS (only degrees).

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4. Ueasy Professional Multifunction Military Army Metal Sighting Compass

Top 10 Best Lensatic Compasses in 2020

Those searching for a professionally military compass will find the Ueasy compass a good choice. It’s made from premium metal for strength, reliability, and durability while the top notch glass gives you clear views while safeguarding the internal components.

The compass measures 65 x 53 x 26 mm, comes with a sighting window featuring a sighting line, and a reference table for estimating the scope and distance. It comes with a waterproof design and the inner section of the display is luminous for easy viewing and reading.

Its key pros are; good functionality, simple and easy to use well-built and solid feel. Its drawback is its somewhat heavy and the rear sight is a bit low.

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3. Cammenga CMMG Official US Military Tritium Lensatic Compass

Top 10 Best Lensatic Compasses in 2020

This Tritium Compass will handle even the most demanding terrains and conditions. It consists of an aluminum frame and meets the MIL-PRF-10436N specifications. The compass can thus withstand water, shocks, vibrations, sand, extreme cold as low as -50 Deg F or high temperatures up to +150 deg F. The seven Tritium microlights improve visibility in the dark and will last for 12 years plus.

To slow the magnet’s rotation for better performance, the compass comes with Copper Induction Damping system.

People praise it for its heavy-duty nature, ruggedness, and waterproof and long-lasting nature. The only issues are it’s not super bright and can be a bit complex for inexperienced users.

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2. Cammenga Phosphorescent Clam Pack Lensatic Compass

Top 10 Best Lensatic Compasses in 2020

Shy of the top position on this list of the best lensatic compasses is this Clam Compass by Cammenga. It consists of an aluminum frame that should last for a very long time and will tolerate regular use, knocks, bangs and the elements.

This device meets the MIL-PRF-10436N specifications and will function well within -50F to +150 degrees Fahrenheit, resists sand, water, vibration, and shock. The phosphorescent paint illuminates the compass in the dark and is seen as a better and more economical option that the traditional self-luminous tritium.

Other than the great design, good waterproof housing, and portability, this compass is liked because of its user-friendly belt clip and carrying pouch. But, the accuracy could do with some improvements.

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1. SE CC4580 MilitaryLensatic/Prismatic Sighting Compass

Top 10 Best Lensatic Compasses in 2020

The SE CC4580 Lensatic compass is built from cast iron and measures 3- 3 / 8 x 1-1 / 4 x 2-1 / 2 inches. The face diameter is 2 1 /8 inches; the sighting lens is 1 /4 inches and comes with 5-degree increments.

It is suitable for the outdoors and can tolerate shocks, vibrations, knocks and the elements as well. The Prismatic Sighting Compass also features digital camouflage print, cover with sighting lines and water-resistant nylon pouch.

The things people like about this compass include good size and structure, water-resistant pouch, quality lanyard and value for money. Some dislike its bulkiness, weight, and the cast metal isn’t that strong.

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You shouldn’t get lost in the woods, waters, mountains, hills or any other location because of faulty compass readings or errors. You don’t need to struggle reading the positions, especially on the dark.

Also, you shouldn’t keep replacing compasses because they are not designed to handle the rough and harsh conditions. What you need is a quality and reliable compass that comes with military precision. Not only will it make life easier outdoors, in the dark, wet or dusty conditions, but will be very accurate and will serve you for many years.

This listing of the top 10 best lensatic compasses in 2020 should be your guide to owning a top-rated and respected product.