TOP 10 Best Light Bulb Changers in 2021

Are you tired of constantly trying to unplug your old bulb from the high ceiling and walls of your house? Occasionally, you will find a variety of Light Bulb Changers in the market, but how many of them possess the features you desire?

Manufacturers have established a pay-wave against electricians from harassing consumers with high charges of taking care of our home lighting. However, you need to understand the conveniences associated with the choice of a bulb changer. We have, therefore, made a list of the Top 10 Best Light Bulb Changers in 2021.

Top 10 Best Light Bulb Changers in 2021

Best Light Bulb Changers For Sales

What is the best light bulb changer?

The following is the reviews of each selected item. You might have to go through all of them one by one to get the most out of it.

10. EverSprout Light Bulb Changer Pole

Ideal for any 2” to 3” diameter bulbs and bulbs of most styles (FCL, incandescent, fluorescent, etc), this light bulb changer is a must-have for every home. This one is extendable from 1.5 feet to 4 feet long. The material chosen is aluminum, great for long term use. To protect light bulbs from potential damage, the pole comes with padded prongs. And, for a comfortable hold, this pole is lightweight.

Backed by a full refund policy, you’ll be able to get this light bulb changer risk-free. Once you try changing bulbs with this one for a couple times, you’ll become an expert at it.


  • Very safe bulb changer
  • Wobbling reducing mechanism
  • Easily holds weightier LED bulbs


  • Can be a terrifying process

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9. Designers Edge E3001 Light Bulb Changer Kit

This changer kit permits standard incandescent, track, and recessed light bulb changes efficiently. It combined with a telescopic pole which extends from four-feet to 11-feet lengthwise to provide versatility for your projection.

Also, this light bulb changer eliminates the need to climb ladders ensuring a safer bulb changing experience with commercial and residential bulbs. Additionally, this tool comes with five accessories [adapters] attached to it, which may thread strategically onto standard broom, extension pole or mop.

Aside from that, this kit offers a bulb extraction, suction cup for the small incandescent changer, recessed lighting and large flood bulb changer of all sizes. Don’t be shaken by electricians when you can handle the situation at a manageable cost and efficiently. Grab your luck now.


  • Provides an efficient way to change your bulb
  • Eliminated ladder climbing
  • Comes with five extra accessories


  • Tightening and loosening is a mess

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8. Stauber Best Bulb Changer

Most people are afraid of electrocution, but with Stauber Best Bulb changer, this scenario is unheard. It is a fully insulated pack which guarantees your safety and easy usage. It contains strong, sticky, and suction cup for a safe installation and removal of household incandescent bulbs.

Also, it fits most  incandescent bulbs and any threaded pole. With this best bulb changer, you can always feel reliable and simple every time you need to change it.

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  • Installation and removal made easy
  • Fits most incandescent bulbs and threaded pole
  • Insulated for Safety measures


  • No pole included

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7. Bayco LBC-100 Standard Incandescent Bulb Changer

Bayco LBC is a durable and a tested tool for your home use. It features USA design integrated with high-quality materials which assure toughness and sturdy. This technology is efficient at all levels including; outdoor, tactical and recreation levels.

Mores, it commonly used for changing the incandescent bulb. Lastly, this kit makes the bulb changing process as easy as the primary numbering system (1-2-3).


  • Utilized at all levels
  • Easy bulb changing examination
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Safe and durable


  • Can inconvenience those without the extension pole

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6. STAUBER Best Light Bulb Changer Kit

Are you on the look-out for a bulb changer that can handle heavier LED bulbs? Well, STAUBER changer kit is available for you. It features super durable and patents suction cups which are long-lasting and provide excellent services. With a press-fit pin, this toolkit prevents rotation of the suction cup plus the patented support which averts wobbling of the bulb.

Also, it has a free included bulb cleaning device which takes care of dusty old bulbs. The great thumb screw together with an embedded steel nut functions at preventing stripping and securely locks pole.

In addition to that, this pack carries with it ten sticky salvage Pads which acts as a remover of the unusual bulb where the suction would not work.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • The steel pin prevents rotation of the suction cup
  • Has a bulb cleaning device
  • Secure


  • Might be expensive to some

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5. Mr. LongArm 3030 Smart Bulb Changer Kit

Mr. LongArm 3030 is an excellent bulb changer with compelling features. It is a patented design with a quick release nature. Upon bulb, this changer tool break quickly breaks the suction. It is conveniently used with Mr. LongArm extension poles with a non-conductive composite feature.

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Also, it is usable for floodlight, spotlight and lastly incandescent.


  • Has a variety of application
  • Quickly breaks upon section on bulbs
  • Affordable


  • Not easy for very high sealing

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4. Docazoo Doca Pole Bulb Changer

This kind of bulb changer is a comprehensive tool for changing almost all bulb types, including incandescent, flood and FCL bulbs. It can gain access to the track and recessed lighting. Also, it has a standard threaded end which allows extension pole attachment for safety and usage without a ladder.

The pack includes a changer for broken bulbs. To sum up, a high reach extension brought in conjunction with the bulb changer.


  • Comes with an extension pole for great heights access
  • Changes almost all bulb varieties
  • Durable and secure


  • Has complicated for other users

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3. Bayco LBC-600C Deluxe Light Bulb Changer Kit

Bayco LBC is a durable and a safe toolkit tested for very tight situations. It is designed with the very high-quality material in the USA.

It includes a standard Bulb changer, Floodlight changer and a recessed bulb changer used in outdoor, tactical and recreation level. Its attachment is secure and safe.


  • Durable and safe
  • Made of high-quality material
  • An all-inclusive toolkit


  • Does not include a standard thread pole

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2. Bayco LBC-200 Light Bulb Changer – Yellow

It is a gripper which encircles all standard bulbs changing easily and quickly. Bayco LBC-200 is used in outdoor, recreation and tactical level. It is designed in the USA composed of high-quality materials which are tested for safety and durability.

The gripper is made of soft nylon, and a spring finger mode helps ensuring that the bulb is securedly fit and be changed. The attachment, in this case, includes; floodlight, recessed and standard bulb changers.

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Lastly, it has two bonus extractors for broken bulbs.


  • Saves time as operation made simple
  • Safer compared to ladder usage
  • Durable and reliable proven


  • Holds the bulb strongly which might cause it to break

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1. STAUBER Best Bulb Changer – Large

Is your interest on a super big bulb changer designed to handle heavier LED bulbs? Well, STAUBER Best bulb changer is your friend. It features a large thumb screw in conjunction with a steel nut embedment for securely prevent stripping as well as locks pole.

It also has pre-assembled while loops which improve reliability and reduce hassle. Furthermore, the pack contains a press-fit steel pin which prevents rotation of the suction cup. The patented support averts wobbling of the bulb.

STAUBER also includes a free device to clean dusty old bulbs.


  • Extra sticky and super high
  • Secure pole locking and stripping prevention by a thumb screw
  • Has a bonus bulb cleaning


  • Not fit the conventionally sized poles

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Pre-Purchase Considerations

Before calculating your expenditure on a light bulb, it is very paramount to consider some of the factors. These should enable you to make the best alternative and forgoing the rest.

Check some of the fundamental factors we have enlisted for you:

  • Cost

Different varieties of bulb changers sold at various prices. So, at all times you should not over-budget your earnings and leave yourself bankrupt. Consider purchasing a light bulb changing kit that is convenient at your pocket fit.

  • Nature of material and Durability

Currently, the market is full of non-genuine commodities. It is, therefore, a factor to consider when you need a durable bulb changer that will not spoil in the next minute. Check the material it is composed of and compare.

  • Ease of use

Choose equipment which is not complicated to assemble or use. In the market, you will find a variety of light bulb changers but, which one among them do you find compatible with you? This is the question you should answer before you buy.

What does a light bulb changer look like?

The light bulb changer kit usually comes in two parts; the bulb changer head, and its pole. The bulb changer heads usually have two types of designs. One is suction cup, and another design is spring finger design. Both work well and in some way will not break your bulb. The pole comes in different height, offering convenience and easiness to be able to reach the bulb at a high ceiling in your home.

How does a light bulb changer work?

If you are using the bulb changer to change the bulb by yourself, below is a few steps you can take:

  • First, make sure you have firmly attached the suction-cup head to the pole
  • Raise the pole up to your bulb on the ceiling
  • Then, turn the pole counterclockwise, so that you can loosen the bulb
  • Remove the bulb carefully; and it’s done with the removing part.

Next, you have to install a new bulb back into its place.

  • First, you have to place the new bulb into the suction-cup
  • Lift the pole up to the ceiling and after that screw the bulb into its socket on the ceiling
  • Last, you have to pull the string so that the suction-cup releases the bulb into its place.


Having gone through the review, we are glad that you not only got the right product but also got the knowledge behind the choice of the high ceiling  bulb changer.

Lighten up your home and reduce exploitation by electricians for just replacing your bulbs.


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