Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men in 2017

Latest Updated May 2017.

In our last article, we discussed the Best Women’s Masquerade Masks 2017, bearing in mind that over the years, masquerade balls celebration has been part of western culture, and since the 15th century, it has given excited guests an air of anonymity and mystique.

In this article, we shall be discussing under proper review the Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men in 2017–how to go about purchasing one and what to look out for in buying one.

Men Best Masquerade Masks

Pre-Purchase Consideration

But before you proceed, know that there are certain things that you need to take into consideration before going ahead with your plans to buy or order for a masquerade mask.

  • First, (just like we discussed in our previous articles on women’s masks) you may want to consider what TYPE of a mask to choose. There are the hand-held (stick) mask and the mask with ribbons or elastic straps.

If your intention is not to wear the mask all night or you are the type of man that use glasses; the hand-held mask is for you. On the other hand, wearing elastic or a ribbon-strapped mask mean you can’t also wear glasses or so.

All it means is freedom for your hands, as you won’t have to hold the mask onto your face, meaning you would remain anonymous all through without having to worry about losing your mask.

Strap masks are always the favorites for men.

  • The next thing that you may have to consider is the COLOUR of your mask. The truth is, you won’t have a problem in chosen what color to wear provided you have already chosen your party suit. In this case, the color of your mask should be able to compliment your selected outfit, and you are ready to go.
  • Lastly, the SIZE of your mask is worth considering. Generally, for men, there are three categories of masks.
  • We have “the Full Face Featured Masks”—which is very good for you to hide your identity completely, as it has the potentials of covering every aspect of your face, giving you complete anonymity. The only set back with this type is that you’ll find it inconvenient to eat or drink at the occasion.
  • Secondly, we have “the Half Face Masks”—great Venetian shaped masks which allow you to eat and drink easily, but they can only cover half or the top most parts of your face. In other words, they don’t give you that sense of complete anonymity. Notwithstanding, they’re great and highly popular among men.
  • Then there is “the Eye Masks”—this mask is the type wore strictly around the eyebrow region, indicating that only your eyes areas are hidden from view. Well, if you can’t see the eyes of a man, you may not be able to make up his facial identity completely. Therefore, this mask is well suited for men, and they are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Men Best Masquerade Masks

Regarding size relating to length and width, you can ask questions, particularly ones relating to the mask eye holes, or you can simply go on-line and do some research or better still, visit the nearest costume stores closest to you and manually try them out yourself. We suggest that you should take your masculine nature and the shape of your face into consideration when attempting to buy a mask and it would be best to go for masks with elastic or adjustable straps.

These tips above should be able to guide you through the task of choosing the right and appropriate costume for your party.

Check out our Review of the Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks For Men in 2017

Now that you have known how to choose your mask, it’s high time you come face to face with the various types and best brands that are making waves in the costume market.

Below in descending order, are the top 10 best-rated masquerade masks for men in 2017. Enjoy!

10. Beistle 54208 Long Nose Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men in 2017

So, you want to go down the dance floor with a long nose mask looking like Pinnochio? The Beistle possess such quality. This high-quality Madi Gras is designed as a full-face Mask to create complete anonymity on festive occasions. The construction is solid, and although it’s a bit heavy, it’s perfect for the price while giving you that air of invisibility.

  • It’s a full-face mask that gives complete anonymity
  • Sturdy plastic design
  • Well padded
  • Cheap for the price
  • Need adjustment when drinking, so the long nose don’t get on the way

9. Mens Masquerade Mask Greek Roman Party Mask Mardi Gras Halloween Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men in 2017

Did I hear you saying this is cheaply made? With metallic paint, the color matches the displayed picture. The decor is nicely painted foam, and the mask for itself is solid plastic design, with fabric glued on the wearer’s side for better comfort. So what’s cheap here? Beat it! This is the top quality that is perfect for the large male head.

  • Good quality
  • Comfortable
  • Solid
  • Cheap for the price
  • Adjustable straps could have been better

8. Men Plated Laser Cut Venetian Masquerade Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men in 2017

Let your face be a symbol of mysticism and friendliness with this eco-friendly, gold black design mask. This is a petite mask that can be slightly malleable to provide a perfect fit. The one-size fit all mask is secured with ribbon and can easily mold to your face, being that it’s super light and comfortable.

  • The material is eco-friendly
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable straps could have been better

7. Nati 2015 Halloween Mask Half Face Painting Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men in 2017

Head off to that masquerade ball with this Venetian stylish and exquisite-half-face-mask. The design is nice, and the look is attractive. This 2015 Halloween Mask is perfect for a fancy dress party. The strings may appear cheap but once on your face, the mask looks sturdy, and the quality is not in doubt.

  • Perfect for fancy party show
  • Sturdy
  • Comes with elastic straps for better grip
  • Good value for the price
  • Strings appear flimsy

6. Luxury Mask High-Quality Antique Look Venetian Party Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men in 2017

Come to that party, stand out and be the cynosure of all eyes with this top grade and sturdy quality mask. Truly Luxurious, this mask is extremely comfortable, with high visibility level and the overall construction is solid and attractive. The mask is designed to give attractive match during occasions.

  • Attractive design
  • Perfect for outdoor occasions
  • Made from durable material
  • Cheap
  • Ribbon could be a bit longer

5. KAYSO INC Men’s Venetian Masquerade Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men in 2017

Take the strides down the red carpet using the KAYSO-INC-Men-Venetian-Mask. This is simply one of the best and most elegant and classic Venetian Mask design of the modern era. The KAYSO is designed for anonymity and reverence, with exceptional craftsmanship that glitters. The mask is beautifully made by hand design using the finest quality and richest environmental friendly materials.  You can wear this mask to any party of your choice.

  • Top quality product
  • Beautifully decorated
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Cheap for its quality
  • Poor shipping conditions at times

4. Greek & Roman Style Men Venetian Metallic Mask For Masquerade

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men in 2017

Dare the Roman gods and gladiators by ordering this wonderful piece of exceptional craftsmanship. The design and plastic are great, especially when used with chastity devices as the costume. The mask is lightweight, and the eyes section provides great visibility. Trust this mask to deliver awe and attraction at the same time.

  • Good quality plastic design
  • The design compliments other costumes
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Wide elastic headband should have been better

3. Luxury Mask Men’s Phantom Of The Opera Half Face Masquerade Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men in 2017

Give the party hall one face and keep the other for yourself with this all-around plastic and magnificent half face mask. The material and quality design of this mask are very rich. The pearl, gold and red color give it a fitting look. It is a perfect mask for costume photo shoot.

  • Splendid and sleek design
  • Mask can be hand-wash
  • Nice for all occasions
  • Lightweight
  • Complaints about the ribbon tie

2. KAYSO INC Original Lover’s Collection – Couple’s Masquerade Mask Set

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men in 2017

KAYSO returns with this wonderful and eco-friendly mask. Lovers can now go hand-in-hand while wearing this exceptional craftsmanship devoid of paint flakes, no messy excess glue residue, and nothing of discoloration. The Czech precoisa rhinestones used for the decor make it the more appealing to lover’s occasions.

  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Sturdy
  • It doesn’t fade easily
  • Nose area is uncomfortable to some people

1. Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men in 2017

We round up our top 10 best masquerade masks for men reviews2017, with the Unisex mask from the mask comes with a subtle glitter effect but the rest of the mask which is solid and matte quickly offset that. The ribbons of this mask can be adequately tied to fit while the size is large enough that it doesn’t constrict and small enough that it doesn’t slip. This is a must have for the Madi Gras, Halloween, Prom and Masquerade Ball parties. It’s lovers time to go mystic!

  • Suitable for ladies and gentlemen
  • Fit perfectly according to face size
  • Material is durable
  • Fit for all masquerade occasions
  • Comfortable to use
  • Might look more girly on some men


It is clear that masquerade masks have always featured in ancient and modern time celebration of parties, carnivals, and festivities.  And from our top 10 best masquerade masks for men review in 2017, it is clear that the best masquerade masks are those that perfectly complement your costume while keeping you hidden and anonymous throughout the night.

Make your choice from the best masquerade masks reviews as listed above and become that invisible personality you have always wanted to be.

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  1. Archive purpose
    10. Yunsenshop Men’s Vintage Rome Greek Cameo Half Face Mask Halloween Costume
    Produced and shipped from China, the Yunsenshop starts our review of the top 10 best masquerade masks for men in 2017. Made of plastic with an explicit design cut out with latex, the Yunsenshop is perfectly designed to fit your face and is well suitable for Halloween festivals and such other carnivals, giving you complete anonymity.
    Made of top quality materials, with silver and gold color and a personalized creative style, this mask is designed to last for a long time; and with 100% 4-star rating on Amazon, the Younsenshop mask is something to consider when buying.
    Good quality brand
    Composed of latex that maintains its durability
    Perfect eye holes
    Comfortable adult size mask
    One size fit all
    Yet to see extensive customers’ reviews and so may not be free from downsides.

    9. Verona Green With Tie Men’s Masquerade Mask
    Looking for something mysterious and dashing? Well, you’ve got it with the Verona Green Mask! Beautifully cut to compliment your face, the Verona is specifically designed to give you a discreet sense of anonymity and attractiveness, and by virtue of its perfect and outstanding green color; some folks might think they’ve seen a chameleon whereas, you are the one behind the mask in the scene.
    Perfectly secured with fabric ties, the Verona gives you that unique and mystic appearance that makes your identity fade into oblivion. Little wonder it has 100% 5-star rating on Amazon.
    Colourfully attractive
    Perfect for big headed men
    Fabric straps can be tied to fit any size
    Comes with a warranty
    Made with top quality material
    Gives mysterious appearance
    Extremely beautiful
    Yet to see extensive customer reviews, and so may not be totally free from downsides

    8. Gold Lining Black Musical Half Face Venetian Masquerade Mask Phantom Design for Men
    This is a beautifully crafted mask that conveys beautiful features that would leave a lasting impression on any event. This beautiful and unique Venetian Phantom designed mask is primarily made for the purpose of your mardi gras, masquerade, wedding, prom and costume party, etc.
    It is a one-size-fits-all product with an average 5-star rating on Amazon. It’s a product that’s very suited for all party activities.
    Top quality
    Fit for all party
    Beautiful and colorful
    One size fit all
    Full face mask
    Makes eating and drinking difficult being almost a full face mask

    7. Men Devil Skull Laser Cut Venetian Masquerade Mask with Red Rhinestones Event Party Ball Mardi Gars
    The Men’s Devil Skull is an elegant laser cut Venetian masquerade mask extremely suitable for prom, balls and such other party activities where anonymity is of paramount interest. This product from Kayso comes with rhinestones and with enhanced stylish designs properly cut to fit; an incredibly rich, lightweight and flexible metallic body that sums up its natural disposition.
    Coming with a gold and black color via perfect settings that make it function efficiently, the Devil Skull is well suited for men of every stature and masculine charisma. It has 61% 5-star customer reviews on Amazon, and it also comes with additional jewels that make it a standout product.
    Superbly designed Venetian laser cut mask
    Gold and black shading
    Suitable for every man and all occasions
    One size fit all
    100% natural materials
    Difficult to eat or drink due to it being a full face mask

    6. Halloween Half Face Masquerade Knight Prince Mask
    Designed by NATI, with 54% 5-star rating on Amazon, this Venetian half-face style mask is totally different from other half-face masks. The reason is that, unlike others, the NATI half face mask makes it possible for you to drink and to eat, as well as to engage in whatever discussions of interest.
    This mask is the perfect veil for any ball, prom or Halloween activities, and its well designed out of plastic and detailed swirl patterns. It comes with black ribbons for an easy tie and wear, and is made of rich gold and black color design that doesn’t fade, blur or lose its elegance with time.
    Half-face Venetian style mask
    Plastic made, but very sturdy
    100% pure materials
    Good quality
    Comfortable and masculine looking
    On the cheap side

    5. Forum Novelties Men’s Venetian Style Jester Mask
    This is a one size fit for all black and gold colored masquerade mask for men, exquisitely designed to satisfy all masquerade mask party festivities. It’s a full face mask that is made of 100% polyester, which can be washed by hands without wearing out or fading.
    The Forum Novelties is a Venetian costume mask that’s 4 inches tall and 9 inches wide, designed with faux pearls, bells, and metallic gold trim. It is extremely durable, and its shining features as masquerade costume can last for a very long time.
    It has a 68% 5-star review on Amazon, for being the type of mask that’s well suited for all party activities.
    Top quality product
    100% polyester
    Has metallic gold trim, faux pearls, and bells
    Full face mask
    High-quality Venetian costume mask
    Headband attachment net holder
    Fun to wear
    Some complaints of poorly glued flaps

    4. Casanova Silver Men’s Masquerade Mask
    This is an Italian made high-quality silver masquerade mask designed for smooth and complimentary face covering. It has strong features. Made of thick fabric material: a firm product on the outside, but soft on the outside to give you maximum comfort.
    In other words, it has a firm and high-quality coating that protect the wearer from all sorts of inner inconveniences like scratches and injury when put on. It also has wide and flexible straps that make it even more comfortable and easy to wear.
    Having 60% 5-star customer ratings after a fair range of reviews on Amazon, make this product an appropriate choice to acquire.
    High-quality product
    Classic design with awesome features
    Firm but flexible
    Elastic strap ties
    Extremely comfortable for all-night long use
    Lightweight and yet sturdy
    Suitable for both men and teens
    Having a narrow nose area makes it unsuitable for men with larger nose

    3. KAYSO INC Men’s Venetian Masquerade Mask
    Taking the 3rd position on our list is the KAYSO INC Men Venetian Mask. Simply one of the most classic and elegant designs of all time, the KAYSO is perfectly built for anonymity to the most anticipated event you can think of.
    The mask comes with exceptional craftsmanship, having a sparkling feel and silk embedded strips providing perfectly fit cover. The mask is beautifully made by hand design using the finest quality and richest environmental friendly materials.
    Ranking better above many of its competitors on Amazon, with over 62% 5-star rating by real time users ranging above average regarding numerical strength, this KAYSO Venetian mask can be worn to any Halloween, masquerade, prom, balls, wedding or such other mask based parties.
    Created with the best lightweight quality materials, this mask brand is a sure destination for your money.
    Top quality product
    Beautifully decorated with sparkles
    Hand-made with the finest quality materials
    Have silky strips adjoin to the sides
    No messy excess glue or paint flicking
    Suitable for all occasions
    One size fit all
    Cheap for its quality
    Still looking for a real general downside, but can’t find one

    2. Lucky Retro Roman Gladiator Halloween Party Facial Masquerade Mask – Silver & Black
    The reason we have decided to pick the Roman Gladiator mask as our 2nd best in this review is that it’s the only men’s masquerade mask having the highest numerical strength of reviews—over 143 users—and yet could still maintain an average of 4-star rating on Amazon.
    It is a fact that most of the mask brands in the men’s category rarely see such high reviews, which is the only avenue to ascertain their credibility and give them a pass mark truly. And this is where the Gladiator fares better compared to the rest of its competitors.
    Made of highly rated plastic material, with fine straps to perfectly secure the mask on your face, this brand is one that any wearer can take to any party and steal the show. It is designed with the intention to convey an ancient viewpoint and stark mystic.
    The major problem with this mask is not actually in the making, as some reviews have pointed out, but is in the packaging, when ordered.
    Made with highly graded plastic components
    Comes in silver and black beauty colors
    Beautiful elastic straps
    Has a warranty
    Comfortable to wear
    Overly cheap for its quality
    Poor packaging upon demand is a major setback
    Some negative reviews based on the packaging

    1. Masquerade Black-Silver Masquerade Mask for Men
    Here comes our 1st of the pack—the Zoro typed anonymous mask that creates a vivid picture of perfect anonymity even when not all-together extremely covered. Finished with a reversed black and silver color design, this Italian made masquerade mask for men is an extremely versatile and camouflage brand made of a high-quality material that is firm but yet flexible.
    This breathtaking product has a soft fabric lining that enhances maximum comfort and perfect fitting for the wearer. With over 77% 5-star rating under a numerical strength of about a hundred real time users, this glossy reversed black silver mask is lightweight but sturdy, and with delicate fabric fixing, it’s capable of lasting long without any damage.
    Want to be invisible like the legendary actor, Zoro? Then go for this mask!
    High-quality material
    Firm and yet flexible
    Easy to wear
    Very comfortable when used
    Suitable for all men and comes in a silver and converse black outline
    Adjustable band straps
    Vivid sense of invisibility
    Incredibly cheap for such quality
    A show stopper
    Fastest order delivery ever
    The only downside is that it is too perfect

    So far in this review, we have seen how masks have been part of festivals and parties’ celebration in both primordial and contemporary western culture, and it was in the light of this reality that we have listed and reviewed the Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Men In 2017.
    These masks are perfectly designed to make you look unique and intriguing, while still maintaining a keen sense of invisibility. The above-listed masks, notwithstanding their ups and downs, are all beautiful and will perfectly befit you one way or the other.
    Get one of them, masked up and take a stroll to that party or feast, and watch the awestruck eyes-traffic trailing behind you like you’re the son of Zeus.
    And don’t come looking for me should someone robbed you off your mask.

  2. In ancient times, masquerade balls were the talk of the town, and everyone who wants to be anyone was always hoping for an invitation. Ask the ancient Grecians, the Alexandrians, and the Romans; those periods were one of mystic, awe, and anonymity, all provided by the masquerade mask.
    Today, the frenzy hasn’t died down, masquerade balls and such other festivities like Halloween, carnivals, and parties where people traditionally dressed up in costumes are becoming even more popular than it was in ancient time.
    We are quite aware that you may be invited to such parties at anytime, and for you not to be taken unaware, here is our review of the top 10 best masquerade mask for men in 2017. Learn what to choose and how to choose the best mask for your costume.

    Pre-Purchase Consideration
    We know you want to be part of that Halloween or masquerade party, but you will need to buy the best and suitable mask for your costume, which equally means there are things to consider before ordering for a masquerade mask.
    1. The Mask Type – What type of mask are you planning to buy? There are different types of mask in the market, and depending on how long you planned to stay in the masquerade party, the mask that you will need is always going to be either a hand-held mask, a mask with elastic straps or a mask with ribbons.
    If at all you intend to party all-night, or you are the type that can’t do without glasses; your best buy should be the hand-held mask.
    As for using a mask with elastic straps or ribbons tied at the back, means your mask will remain secure throughout the night, and that you will also be able to use your hands freely as you like. Elastic straps are the preferred mask for men, as it has room for adjustment to fit properly.
    There is also another category of masks. Some masks can be worn only across the eyes sections, and these are known as eye masks. There is the one you can wear to reveal only a portion of your face, and these types are known as Half-Face-Masks. The last sets are those that will give you complete anonymity by wholly covering your face, and these types of masks are known as Full Faced Masks.
    Whatever you want to achieve in the party, you can decide on any of the masks mentioned above.

    2. The Size of The Mask – You just don’t order for something when you are not sure of the size. To make sure that your mask will fit properly on your face, know your face measurement and shop for a mask that has the same size with your face. Also, ensure that the mask has elastic straps that you can adjust the way you like for a better fit. This way, you won’t have problems with size.

    3. The Mask Colour – You will have to consider the COLOUR of your mask once you have been able to select the suit you are wearing to the party. Just make sure that the color of your suit and mask matches, and you are good to go.

  3. As a man, have you been invited to a festival? Are you planning to take part in a party, Halloween feast or a carnival that demands the use of masks? Masquerade masks for men are available in various types, size, color, shape and designs.

    Want to be part of that Halloween, carnival or masquerade party celebration? Well, that would be fun and a moment to cherish.But before you proceed, know that there are certain things that you need to take into consideration before going ahead with your plans to buy or order for a masquerade mask.

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