Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017

Latest Updated May 2017.

Let’s face it! Masquerade mask has become part of modern culture today, from Europe to America, down to Africa and in Asia; the mask has become a symbol of weirdness, awe, and anonymity. For different types of parties – Halloween, Christmas or Carnivals— masquerade masks are popular as they offer a rare opportunity of meeting new people while giving you the chance to showcase your sense of fashion and personality.

Masquerade masks are not only for men, but also for women, and they come in different colors, styles, and sizes depending on the occasion and personal taste. So, finding one is a bit tricky, but we have here a review of the Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017.

Follow our lead, choose a mask and become mysterious today!

Best Women Masquerade Masks 2017

Pre-Purchase Consideration

All ladies aimed to look great in any party, and when it comes to one featuring a masquerade mask, they want to be incredible. Being stunning and incredible means, you will have to consider the certain aspect of your costume and what makes up a good mask.

  • Your Dress Type:

The first thing to consider before buying a masquerade mask is the type of dress you are planning to wear to the occasion. The color and design of your dress will determine whether your mask will carry the effect you expect from it or not. If the dress type doesn’t compliment the mask, the effect you’re trying to achieve will be significantly reduced. So, make sure your dress will compliment your mask. You can choose a fancy and sexy dress with a corset top to match.

  • Type of Mask:

When it comes to choosing a mask, your options are almost limitless. There is the stick mask you can hold with your hand and is perfect for those who use glasses or want to show off their make-ups. You have the mask that comes with headbands or ribbon straps, which mean you can keep the mask secured to your face all through the night while you will be free to use your hands as you will. We recommend the masks with headbands and those that are bendable since they offer more comfort and better fit.

  • Makeup & Color:

The last thing to consider before buying your mask is your choice of color and makeup style. There are different colors of masks you can buy, but the real deal is the color of your dress, not the mask itself.

If your dress rhymes with your mask regarding color, the mask will perform the purpose. On the other hand, since the mask is what you want people to notice, then tone down on your makeup and appear lightly.

The best masquerade masks for women are listed below. Click on any of the link attached to each of the products to get additional information.

Check out our Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017 Reviews!

10. Rbenxia Women Girl Sexy Lace Eyemask Eye Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017

Are you looking for something to spice up your costume for this year Halloween show? The Rbenxia is your best bet! The airiness of the lace pattern and the feeling it elicits when wearing it makes this black mask a perfect choice for Halloween. The fabric lace makes it comfortable to tie, slightly stiff, which is good, and the high-quality lace design means that your guests are bound to experience a mysterious and sexy night at your appearance.

  • High-quality lace design
  • The fabric lace tie holds firmly
  • Perfect for Halloween
  • Cheap
  • The packaging smells a bit unfriendly

9. RedSkyTrader Women’s Feathers and Lace Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017

Get ready to receive many compliments once you step into that Madi Gras occasion with this 100% plastic design mask. The Forum comes with a headband instead of elastic straps, which means you can adjust it for perfect fit and hold. The mask is nicely embellished and extremely comfortable to wear. If you want to win the contest looking sexy and sassy, this is your mask! But remember you owe me a thank you!

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  • Flip-up headband improves fit and hold
  • All round plastic
  • Washable
  • It comes with perfect trim and large decorative feathers
  • Some complaints about late delivery

8. Masquerade Mask Venetian Butterfly Shiny Metal Mardi Gras Mask Multicolor

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017

If your husband or fiancé will ever get jealous at the party, it’s down to this mask. This mask elicits a beauty that will make you look like the Biblical Queen of Sheba. It slips very quickly, lightweight, well detailed with vibrant colors. The eyehole section gives you a perfect view, and the material design featuring rhinestones is of top quality.

Another name for this mask is a beauty.

  • Comes with shiny rhinestones and beads
  • Extremely beautiful
  • Elegant butterfly shape
  • Perfect for Halloween, prom and Madi Gras ball party
  • Ribbon tie makes typing difficult

7. Luxury Mask Women’s Swan Metal-Filigree Laser-Cut-Venetian (Masquerade Mask)

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017

If you are looking for something that is gorgeous and stunning, this metal mask is worth your money. Designed with eco-friendly metal alloy, the Filigree is a perfect choice for any masquerade theme, and it’s beautiful as a home or party decor item. The Czech precoisa rhinestone adds to the beauty of this mask that has no discoloration and no messy excess glue.

  • Stunning and gorgeous design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Size-adjustable
  • Good for masquerade theme
  • Eyeholes not suitable for false eyelashes

6. Coxeer Masquerade Mask for Women Mardi Gras Mask with Flower

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017

Hit the Christmas or Halloween party with this stiff but awesome looking mask. The eyeholes of the Coxeer are perfect for viewing, and the flowering design is very cute and adds more glamor to your face. This mask aims to fit well with any outfit and costume you choose. The beautiful design makes it suitable for photo shoots.

  • The design is beautiful
  • It can compliment any costume
  • Material is top quality
  • Cheap for the quality
  • Some users complain of poor packaging

5. Masquerade Mask, Coxeer Butterfly Laser Cut Metal Mardi Gras Mask Party Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017

Here comes one of the best and most rated masks on the market. The material of this mask is of thick resin, and the butterfly decor is metal. The nose and filigree butterfly of this mask is designed to fit your face perfectly, without bending. But if you feel the filigree is not comfortable, you can place your hand on the butterfly to hold it in place while using your other hand to bend the metal filigree for a better fit.

Your daughter is bound to look stunning in this mask.

  • Beautiful design
  • Perfect eyehole view
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Perfect for Christmas and Halloween
  • Manufacturer can improve on packaging

4. Coxeer Laser Cut Metal Lady Masquerade Halloween Mardi Gras Party Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017

Cause traffic with this extremely breathtaking white & silver Coxeer mask. Don t let the pictures deceive you; this mask is elegant beyond explanations. The rhinestones design makes this mask a bright angel, and when the lights hit, be ready to radiate like the stars of heaven. The material is sturdy, and it bends to shape to your face a bit, and it’s very comfortable and easy to wear. No wonder it is rated so highly.

  • Material is top quality
  • Extremely beautiful
  • Solid
  • Comfortable
  • None

3. Luxury Mask Women’s Laser Cut Metal Venetian Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017

Talk about exquisite, speak of this Luxury Venetian Women Mask. The Luxury is a renowned producer of top quality masquerade masks, and this one is known for sturdiness and ease of use. The material is of eco-friendly, metal alloy that underlines its long-term durability. Czech rhinestones and color design devoid of paint flaking and excess glue, further compliment the glory of this feminine mask.

  • Beautiful design
  • Bendable for better fit
  • Elegant rhinestone design
  • Smooth and secured edges
  • None

2. Masquerade Mask Shiny Metal Rhinestone Pretty Evening Prom Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017

If you want the cameras to focus on you, then let your face be taken over by this enchanting Venetian style mask. Some details in this rhinestone mask are simply insane. The metal part is extremely sturdy, but the mask fits comfortably. The green and black gradient combine perfectly with the swirly embellishment and the sparkled rhinestones to create a stunning and mesmerizing mask that adds incredible and air of mystery to any Halloween outfit.

  • Great quality design
  • Extremely beautiful
  • Showcases mystical awe
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • A stretcher band would have been better, instead of ribbons

1. Luxury Mask Women’s Laser Cut Venetian Pretty Masquerade Mask

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017

The best product is always the one that sells highly, and this Luxury woman masks a runaway seller.

This is a great laser cut design that is bendable to fit perfectly to your face. The delicate and solid look of this mask is what set it aside from the rest on this list. This mask is 100% metal fiber with breathtaking rhinestone embellishment. The eyehole section gives you a clear and comfortable view while it dazzles from pillar to post. As the accolades will start pouring in, don’t be embarrassed if someone asks you; ‘is it a tattoo?’

No wonder this mask is selling like crazy!

  • Highest selling rate defines quality
  • The design is breathtaking
  • Is mouldable for improving fitting
  • Charming rhinestone design
  • Smooth and secured edges
  • None


The best masquerade masks for women are those that provide comfort and awe yet looking sturdy and durable, and from our Top 10 Best Masquerade Mask for Women review, you can find the one that would steal the show for you. The entire products under our review are of the best quality, but we advise that you should consider Masks with bendable features and headband ties for improving fit.

If you have any question or just feel like contributing to this article, please, feel free to do so in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Everyone is fit for the mysterious life.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017”

  1. In contemporary times, a masquerade is a party or an event gathering like a carnival where the central theme is masked. It is the type of party celebration where the main purpose is for the guests to remain anonymous or unknown to one another. This can lead to various intrigues and lots of highly interesting and fun-filled scenarios, especially among friends and people that ordinarily, should have recognized each other; but did not.

    Pre-purchase Consideration

    Want to be part of that Halloween, carnival or masquerade party celebration? Well, that would be fun and a moment to cherish. But before you proceed, know that there are certain things that you need take into consideration before going ahead with your plans to buy or order for a masquerade mask.

    First, you may want to consider what TYPE of the mask to choose. We have the hand-held (stick) mask and the mask with ribbons. If you don’t intend to wear the mask all night, and you want to show off your make-up or you are the type that uses glasses; go for the stick mask.

    On the other hand, ribbon-strapped mask means that you will not have to hold the mask to your face, meaning your hands would be free for other use, and you would remain undetected all day without having to worry about losing your mask. The choice to choose is yours.

    The next thing that you may have to consider is the COLOUR of your mask. The truth is, you won’t have a problem in chosen what color to wear provided you have already chosen your party dress. In this case, the color of your mask should be able to compliment your selected dress, and you are ready to go. Period!

    Lastly, you may also want to consider the SIZE of your mask. Despite the fact that most mask brands come in one-size-fits-all length and width, it doesn’t stop you from asking questions, particularly the ones relating to the mask eye holes, or you can simply go on-line and do some research or better still, visit the nearest costume store closest to you and manually try them out yourself.

    It is the western culture where people dressed up in costume masquerade outfits like the Mardi Gras Beads and Masks. 

    However, to become part of this thrilling moment, you have to be suitably dressed up for the show ahead. This can only be possible if you’re conversant with the appropriate and different types of costumes and masquerade masks needed for the once-in-a–time party. 

    For instance, there are masks strictly designed for men and those meant for women’s use only. Now, if you are reading this as a lady, it’s because you are interested in being part of such fun; therefore, the rest of this article is for you, as we have listed and provided a concise and detailed review of the Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017. 

  2. Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2017 Reviews

    Now, that you have known how to choose your mask, it’s high time you come face to face with the various types and best brands that are making waves across the costume market.

    Below in descending order are the top 10 best masquerade masks for women in 2017.

    Enjoy and pick your choice!

    10. Lace gold with Rhinestone Liles Venetian Mask Masquerade Halloween Costume

    Starting our list of top-rated 2017 women masquerade masks is one of the most renown products from the popular brand, Simplicity—the Lace Gold Venetian Mask for women. This mask comes with beautifully designed features strictly crafted for easy wear and forms to perfectly fit your face and can be used by anyone.

    The Lace Gold has a beautiful color design that consists of black and silver colors. Having an overall 100% 5-star rating on Amazon further, underline its credibility as an elegant design that will undoubtedly improve the confidence of whoever wears it.


    Beautifully designed
    Has a matching flower built on the side
    Is sturdy
    Perfect for a photo shot or Halloween
    Fun and comfortable
    Comes with a quality lace strap


    It’s yet to witness numerically high reviews

    9. Women’s Feather Topped Masquerade Mask

    First launched on Amazon on August 13th, 2015, the Women’s Feather Topped Mask has gone up the ladder to be one of the most sought after in the market. This is an elegant gold based with an added filigree trim meant to enhance a single white rhinestone located right on the center forehead of the mask.

    Measuring approximately 13 x 8 in length, it has a glitter tinted with gold and black paint and is properly included into each eye of the mask to create a pervading sense of mystery and awe. It’s most outstanding features are the black ostrich feathers that are erected above the head, making it a wondrous sight to behold.

    With a 100% 5-star customers rating on Amazon, the Feather Topped Masquerade Mask is a sure bet to get.


    Elegant design
    Attractive ostrich feathers
    Glitters with gold and black paints
    Fitted perfectly
    Can be worn by every woman
    Comes with two silk ribbons for strapping


    Yet to see intense customers reviews

    8. Outstanding Spanish Peacock Feathers Mask

    Made by Franco, this beautiful mask is made of plastic and having metallic eye-covering openings. Perfectly designed to fit the face, this breathtaking mask gives the wearer extreme confidence and comfort.
    It is a design that comes with a one size fit all, together with two elastic bands for securing it at the back of the head. The mask is painted in red and capped to the right side of the face is a beautifully designed peacock feathers with red blood color that complement its elegance. Around the eyes of the mask are colorful beading designs that reflect a well thought out meaning to it overall appearance.

    It measures 13 x 12 inches in size, with cascading gold accent and red ribbons flowers petals hanging down from the side. It’s a half mask with a 66% 3-star rating on Amazon that would certainly make you go undetected in the masquerade crowded event.


    Lots of ornamentation
    Long and colorful ribbons
    Beautifully designed peacock feathers
    Attractive wear to any party
    For all women
    Comfortable eye holes


    Elastic bands are a bit snug
    Issues may arise with the gold beaded strings.

    7. RedSkyTrader Women Feathers and Lace Mask

    When it comes to feathers and lace, there is always something unique and magical about them, and this Redsky mask made from paper Mache is one of such magical product. Painted in vintage silver and off-white, the RedSky comes with an array of delicate and pointedly placed feathers.

    It’s a mask that’s about 7 inches in width, and it has a lace crown that’s about 9 inches tall. With a more than average customer reviews ranging 86% 5-star rating on Amazon, the mask features beautiful designs around the eyes and brows area; having productive numbers of plumage sprouting down the lace crown.

    It is a mask that’s designed with a full size for most women. The RedSky is certainly a show stopper.


    Has lace and feathers
    Beautiful design
    Great quality
    Perfect for all parties
    Fitting for most women


    Some little complaints about the packing on order

    6. Beistle BKS 54208 Long Nose Mask

    This is one of the most popular models available in the market. The Beistle durability is what makes it stand out from its peers, especially for its flexible ties in the back. Lots of people want to buy this product because of its stylish design.

    The Beistle’s gold and ivory designs make it very aesthetic, elegant and well suited for any form of festivity. Built with high-quality materials that stretch down to the nose which has a vine pattern gold colored design, this mask is totally elegant and can be worn to any occasion of choice.

    It has an average 5-star customer’s review on Amazon.


    Comes in gold and ivory colors
    Ties in the back
    Suitable for all party activities


    Complaints of harsh smell when unboxed
    Could be a bit harsh on the face

    5. Coxeer Butterfly Laser Cut Metal Mardi Gras Mask Party Mask for Women

    Are you in search of a hand-made masquerade mask that would enable you to gain the shine and confidence needed in any party activities? Well, you have found it.

    The Coxeer boast of eco-friendly and fine quality materials made under careful construction and formulation. This gorgeous laser cut mask doesn’t show any signs of excess glue, no signs of discolouration and no flaking paints.

    Most occasions or parties of the like seek attention and getting recognition, together with other forms of fantasies; the Coxeer is specifically designed for you to realize such goals. It is a sturdy mask that comfortably sits on your face, having a neatly designed eye opening that perfectly reveals your makeup.

    With an 80% 5-star rating by real users on Amazon, you can rest assured that this mask will fit you perfectly as it is designed with one-size-fits-all women.


    Gorgeous and perfectly made
    Intricate butterfly wings that create a sense of mystery
    Compatible for all parties
    No paint flaking
    No messy excess glue
    Not flimsy
    One size fit all


    It is heavy and so may be difficult to tie

    4. KAYSO INC Exclusive Gold Phantom Of The Opera Laser Cut Masquerade Mask with Feathers

    The Kayso Opera Laser Masquerade Mask is one that comes with lots of interesting features. This party mask is built with laser cut design for the purpose of given it accurate style and shape. It is produced from eco-friendly metal alloy component that’s capable of lasting for a long time.

    While it’s all round shape and fashion are so solidly built and different from the rest, it takes the steps further by giving users the choice to choose among the various colors and designs relating to the type of feathers to select based on personal taste.

    With 100% 5 star reviews on Amazon, this is one product that you can confidently get without any form of hesitation or regret in the future.


    Has satin ribbons attached to the sides
    Adjustable to fit perfectly
    Composed of laser cut material
    Different choice of colors and feathers
    One size fit all


    Seen only a few reviews on Amazon

    3. Simone Deluxe Laser-Cut Metal Black Venetian Women’s Masquerade Mask on a Stick

    With well-placed feathers and completely hidden sticks, the Simone Deluxe stands out as one of the most recommended masquerade masks. Having an 85% 5-star rating on Amazon, this thrilling mask has been designed based on French style and taste that adds a lot of costume and mystery to your masquerade party dress and costume.

    It comes with perfectly laser cut shape that makes its overall look more beautiful and fantastic. With beautiful and flamboyant trimmed rhinestone brooch accent, this mask adds more uniqueness and elegance to your carnival-going outfit—especially with the added 10-inch deluxe mesh—this Simone Deluxe is even more interesting and desirous to the eye.


    Elegant design
    Laser cut with rhinestones
    10-inch deluxe mesh and covered stick
    Extremely attractive and mysterious
    Good and top class quality
    Practically for all women


    Some little complaint about the stick and glue

    2. Loftus Long-Nosed & White Venetian Adult Mask

    Given the facts that it is very rare to come across masks having a high rating or high numerical customers reviews simply. Because they’re not like other highly consumable or primarily important products, it becomes very interesting to find a mask that enjoys such relative reviews and rating with a fair numerical degree and at such a cheap price. This is perhaps, what makes the Loftus Venetian Mask a “stand out” compare to most of its competitors.

    On the ground that this mask could still be standing tall with over 66% 5-star rating after reviews by real time users ranging over 200 on Amazon, the Loftus is regarded as one of the best-recommended masks for any occasions. This is a piece of extreme and brilliant craftsmanship carved out of plastic materials, with a nose that ranges 9 inches long, this mask is perfectly constructed with durable materials. It comes in white, black and gold accents, and it’s finished with a tie-on-ribbon at the back.

    At such popularity and affordable price, the Loftus is certainly a must get.


    Long-nosed doctor mask
    Made of plastic but with sheer craftsmanship
    Real masquerade designed mask
    Perfectly suited for Halloween activities
    On the cheap side


    Ribbons instead of elastic straps
    You can’t drink without a straw due to the long nose

    1. Luxury Princess Metal Rhinestone Venetian Pretty Party Evening Prom Masquerade Mask

    Say ‘hurrays’ to our number one masquerade mask brand for the year 2017. This is a very gorgeous and enchanting Venetian mask for every woman that has a princess in them. The Luxury Princess Venetian Mask is an intricate design made of metal and plastic with a lightweight and comfortable metal design that sparkles with rhinestones.

    It is perfectly built and universally fitting for all outdoor activities like Halloween Christmas carnivals, Mardi grass, masquerade, fashion shows, party ball prom, and a lot more.

    It has a 72% 5-star rating on Amazon, with over 254 reviews so far. The two-eye regions are perfectly built to enhance clearer vision, and it creates a sense of mystery around it. This mask has no nickels and so, is very suitable for those who are allergic to nickels. It’s a mask that elucidates confidence in the wearer.


    Metal and plastic built
    Flexible filigree
    Sparkling rhinestone
    Black ribbons for strapping
    Perfect for all parties
    No nickels, thus no allergies


    Ribbons straps may slide off if not properly tilted


    It is clear that western culture comprises masquerade celebration where the key player is the mask. Although there are different types of masks and masquerade costumes, they are all beautifully designed and wonderfully crafted as such that, to relegate one to the background while attempting to elevate the other, may amount to prejudice on our part.

    It is only for the sake of enabling easy decision making about choosing a masquerade mask for party purpose that primarily informed this article reviewing the Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks For Women in 2017.

    Now that you have known all that is required to be known, taking that decision shouldn’t be a problem anymore.
    Good luck as you do.

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