TOP 10 Best Maternity Belts in 2020

Top 10 Best Maternity Belts in 2017

Truth be told – the pregnancy period is one of the most daunting in a woman’s life.  It does not matter whether you are a first time or seasoned mum.  You have to bear with the extra weight for nine months, changing body shape and posture, and frequent fatigue and tiredness. In fact, many women dread getting pregnant just because of this. The good news, however, is that you can carry the pregnancy while remaining comfortable and less-fatigued by using maternity belts.

All you need is investing in the right Maternity Belts or called as Pregnancy belts.  But with all manner of products in the market, which is the best choice? In this review, we have listed down the top 10 best Maternity belts/Pregnancy belts in 2020.

Top 10 Best Maternity Belts in 2020 (Pregnancy Belts)

To save you a headache, we have identified the top 10 best maternity belts in 2020. Simply pick an item from this list for peace-of-mind.

10. Flexguard Maternity Support Belt

Flexguard Maternity Support Belt

This support belly by Flexguard will help you through your pregnancy. It’s designed for any expectant mother, both inexperienced and experienced and comes in a simple and practical design. The belt is made from a quality material that feels smooth on the skin and body. It comfortably wraps around the waist, abdomen, and belly for maximum support, relief, and comfort.

Thanks to its thin material and slim profile, it won’t be visible through clothes or bog you down due to excess weight or bulkiness.  The fully adjustable belt will take you through the different pregnancy phases, and you don’t need to invest in several belts as the unborn continues to grow. The breathable material keeps you comfortable while the elastic material easily contours to your body.

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  • Comfortable and very elastic
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Good support and fully adjustable
  • Simple and clear instructions

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9. Hip Mall Maternity Support Belt Pregnancy Back Support Bell

Hip Mall Maternity Support Belt Pregnancy Back Support Bell

If you are currently pregnant, you need to invest in the right pregnancy belt that will safely see you through the maternity. The Hip Mall belt is among the best in the market and has been around for quite a while. It is constructed from a sturdy material that provides solid support to the wearer. The ultra-soft fabric feels smooth on the skin and ensures that you do not get wrinkles on the skin especially after wearing for a long time.

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It comes with wide straps that prevent aches and discomfort, while the simple design makes wearing and removal easy.  Other than just offering good support and comfort, this accessory also helps to relieve pain and fatigue that is caused by the extra weight and changing body posture. For added support especially in the last pregnancy phases, this support belt features a convenient belly wrap.  The light and the comfortable material doesn’t get dirty easily and is easy to clean and maintain.

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  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Comfortable and soft to the skin
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Eases pressure on the back, belly, abdomen and pelvic region
  • High quality and durable

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8. Babo Care OB Recommend Maternity Belt

Babo Care OB Recommend Maternity Belt

The Babo Care brand prides on having several maternity belts in the market. This specific piece is among the favored types on the market. It is available in two sizes to suit the different needs and women. The L size measures 45 inches long and is ideal for small to medium women or the first to the second trimester. The XL measures 49 inches long and is fit for medium to large women or the second to the third trimester. Both belts are made from a highly elastic material that makes wearing and removal easy and convenient.

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The ultra soft material feels smooth to the skin while the breathable nature minimizes stuffiness or /and excessive sweating, especially in the hot weather.  The patented design boasts of a double-layer on the upper and lower section. It offers a firm support to the lower back, abdomen, upper back, belly, hips, waist, and around the pelvic region.  The simple design makes adjusting it easy and straightforward whereas the good flexibility minimizes the discomfort that is experienced when bending, sitting down, or walking. Obstetricians recommend it for use in different stages of pregnancy.


  • Good quality and material
  • Looks and feels very sturdy
  • Wearing, adjusting, and removing the support belt is easy
  • Ultra-smooth material and very comfortable
  • Good support to the back belly, easy, hips, and pelvic region
  • Relieves pain and pressure from the abdomen, waist, pelvic region, hips, lower and upper back

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7. INKER Maternity Belt – Breathable & Lightweight Pregnancy Support Belt

INKER Maternity Belt - Breathable & Lightweight Pregnancy Support Belt

Coming in Khaki color, this pregnancy support belt comes in a one-size-fits all. It fits around the waist and offers support to the lower back, upper back, hips, abdomen, and the pelvic region as well. It has a waist circumference of up to 46 inches but can easily be increased or decreased to suit the wearer. This is easily done by adjusting the stick straps at the end sections.

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Like other maternity belts, it’s made from a very flexible fabric that easily adapts to the body’s contours. It also features an ultra-smooth fabric that feels soft and smooth to the skin.  The belt’s breathability improves comfort and air circulation while reducing sweating and stuffiness.  It also doesn’t contain allergens that may cause allergic reactions or side effects.  This product, in addition to improving support and comfort, also comes handy in alleviating pain and stress associated with extra weight, poor posture, and general weakness.

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  • Eases pain and discomfort
  • Easy to wear and maintain
  • Supports weak abdominal muscles
  • Improves postnatal recovery
  • Easy-adjust wide stick straps
  • Reinforced back band for easing pain and stress

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6. Babo Care #1 Top Recommended Maternity Belt

Babo Care #1 Top Recommended Maternity Belts

Also from Babo Care is this OB-recommended maternity belt. It is available in small, medium and large and can support waist circumference not exceeding 48 inches. The one-size-fits all belt can be worn at the different trimesters of the pregnancy since it can easily be adjusted to suit a growing unborn child. It’s made from a premium elastic material that follows the body’s curves for maximum support.

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You don’t need to keep adjusting it or purchasing a new and larger belt as the baby grows. The soft, breathable material improves ventilation and will remain discrete under the clothing. This allows you to carry on with your activities without causing lots of attention. Besides support, this pregnancy support belt also helps in relieving pain and stress from the waist, pelvic, hip, and belly.


  • Simple design and easy to wear
  • Good quality and support
  • Solid construction and long lasting
  • Easy to wash

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5. Leward Maternity Belt Leward (TM) Brand Pregnancy Support Belly Brace

Leward Maternity Belt Leward (TM) Brand Pregnancy Support Belly Brace

The Leward maternity belt combines performance, functionality, elegance, and reliability. Made from cotton and nylon fabric, this maternity belt is targeted at soon-to-be moms. It comes in a simple and user-friendly design and is also perfect for first-time mothers. The accessory boasts of a multilayered laminate that provides good strength and support that is further enhanced by the nylon/cotton lining.

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It comes with four elastic side panels for extra compression and support while the breathable design improves ventilation.  The best is fully adjustable and will support a growing belly throughout the pregnancy. To prevent rolling or slipping, the belt features built-in support.


  • Fully adjustable
  • Quality construction and simple design
  • Comfortable and doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Built-in support minimizes slippage and rolling
  • Good quality and affordable
  • Good ventilation

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4. Bracoo Maternity Belt – Easy to Wear, Adjustable Support

Bracoo Maternity Belt - Easy to Wear,Adjustable Support

Coming in pink orchid color, the Bracoo maternity belt prides on being a top seller in the market. It measures 46 inches long and 4 inches wide and is suitable for most pregnant women. The USA- designed belt comprises of 69% polyester, 20% elastic, and 11% nylon and has been certified by the FDA for quality, good support, and safety.

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The 4-way stretch fabric improves adjustability and versatility while the broad Velcro straps make strapping easy and convenient. The thin design makes it discrete under clothing whereas the wide dimension prevents pinching or folding of the skin. It is designed for waists circumferences up to 46 inches while the overlapping Velcro strap design prevents folding or slipping.


  • Easy to wear and adjustable
  • Broad band offer good support
  • Thin design for discreteness and peace-of-mind
  • Remains in place without folding
  • User-friendly design and machine washable
  • Providing good support to the pelvic and lumbar muscles
  • Alleviates discomfort and uterine prolapse

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3. Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt - Top Pregnancy Belts

Made in the USA, this white maternity belly by Gabrialla always features in the top maternity belts reviews and lists. In fact, it always among the top 5 contenders. It comprises of 80% Polyester and 20% Lycra and is quite elastic and supportive.  The patented belt measures 6 inches wide at the back and offers a solid support to the upper and lower back, pelvic, and hip region. The front section, though narrower, also provides amazing support.

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Gynecologist, obstetricians, and doctors throughout the world recommend this belt. And is famed for its good support and comfort as well as simple and easy to wear design.  It is easy to adjust thanks to the Velcro like material together 2 side pulls.


  • Good support to the back, belly, pelvis, waist, and hips
  • High quality and good construction
  • Easy to put on and adjust
  • It remains unnoticed with most clothing

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2. NeoTech Care Maternity Belt – NEOtech Care ( TM ) Brand – Pregnancy Support

NeoTech Care Maternity Belt - NEOtech Care ( TM ) Brand - Pregnancy Support

Your search for the best maternity belts in 2020 should end once you acquire the NeoTech care maternity belt. Made from 60% nylon and 40% Polyester material, this black belt is ideal for most pregnant women and can be used at different stages. The new and improved reinforced Velcro offers better elasticity and support and allows the user to easily adjust it to suit the situation.

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It comes with a super smooth inner lining for maximum comfort and convenience while the multilayered laminate offers maximum support. The pregnancy belt offers good ventilation thanks to the breathable fabric while the abdominal lift attachment relieves unnecessary pressure and also ensures it doesn’t fold or move out of place. The NeoTech Care maternity belt also supports the lumber and alleviates lower back and hip pain.


  • Easy to adjust and comfortable
  • Good support and alleviates pain
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Simple and clear instruction

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1. AZMED Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support

AZMED Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support - Top 10 Best Maternity Belts in 2020

  • #1 Best Seller in Maternity Supports

The AZMED maternity belt comes in one size and is fit for waists up to 46 inches.  The beige-colored elastic belt provides good support to the abdominal and pelvic region, lower and upper back. It also corrects posture allowing you to walk, sit, or sleep better as well as relieving pain from the pelvic and hip region. The smooth inner lining prevents excess pressure on or folding of the skin.

By gently compression the belly region, the belt eases the strain while the belly wrap eases the spinal pressure. It is very good idea for supporting your belly and protecting any excess pregnancy weight. It also supports any weak abdominal muscles even post-pregnancy.

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More, this maternity belt that provides good support, comfort, and easy to wear, it should be easy to adjust, simple to maintain, durable and easy to wear.


  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Relieves pain and strain from several sections
  • Suitable for different pregnancy phases
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Breathable fabric improves air circulation

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Getting through the pregnancy doesn’t have to be a challenge. You don’t need to experience pains, aches, and fatigue as your little “bundle of joy” grows inside you. You have to select the products carefully to avoid discomfort.