Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns in 2018

Are you afraid of the dark? Well, that should not hinder you from enjoying the best moments with friend or family in the temporary home (woods). Ok, among the many requirements that you should never miss when going out for a trip, is a camping lantern. These devices enhance night vision especially when there is an activity in hand. For outdoor missions like hiking and camping, camping lanterns play a significant role in providing sufficient light.

Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns have come a long way, and due to advancements in technology, the developments of the best outdoor LED camping lantern emerged. These lamps are compact, lightweight and energy efficient. Some of them contain USB port for charging devices like camera, phone, and tablets. They are the best compared to the traditional propane lantern. We have, therefore, rated The Top 10 Best Camping Lanterns in 2018 according to performance, for you.

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Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns

Let’s see what we have complied a list of the Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns in 2018  that you have been searching for.

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10. Coleman Quad LED Lantern

Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns in 2018

Coleman is a recognized in manufacturing light LED lamps. Your trip should not appear like a hassling activity, but full of fun. Coleman lantern comes as a single device with four individual light panels. On top of that, each panel produces up to 47.5 bright lumens which are equivalent to 190-extra brightness. The runtime of the panel and the lantern is 1.5hrs and 75hrs respectively. Furthermore, it has a weight of 6.15lb and 6.5” by 11.7” in dimension.

The quad LED light power comes from the eight D-cell batteries. The on/off buttons are at the top of the device on each panel. Also, the range for both the panel and lantern is 26 feet. It comes with an easy to handle plus the LED are safe to touch. The diffused lenses play a significant role in reducing LED glare, and their usage is a lifetime. Being water resistant gives it a prime feature.

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Customers are moved by the cool functions that this featured lantern have. Others use it to lighten their houses regarding the electric outage.

  • Summary

A five-year warranty and its powerful features make it outspoken. Its size is small enough not to occupy the most space in the carriage.


  • It is water resistant
  • Their usage is lifetime hence no replacement required
  • The LEDs are safe thus you can touch

9. Whetstone Image Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan

Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns in 2018

The portable image lantern with a ceiling fan is a unique accessory in tent camping. I come with 18-super bright LED bulbs which require two D-cell batteries to produce up to 37-hours of lighting. With the same batteries, the ceiling fan can withstand; 50 hours low-speed run or 30 hours quick run or you can have 16 hours of both low-speed fan and lighting.

The device is weather resistant and hangs as a fan. It is built-in handle wedded to a hanging hook to assist in suspending it above the ground. The dimensions are indicated on the face of the package as 6.25” by 6.25” by 7.25, ” and it comes with instruction manual.

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This ceiling fan is highly rated by users since they have experienced a glance of its abilities. They denounce how picking this commodity will not be a waste of time and money.

  • Summary

The device comes with a retail package and a manual to key on the step-by-step instructions. It plays two roles at the same time which is lighting and regulating the temperature of the inside.


  • It serves for a long time before recharging
  • It is weather friendly
  • It costs less considering the quality of the design

8. Image Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan

Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns in 2018

This camping lantern is another product of Image society but has its unique features. The ceiling fan is ready to light, and the LED bulbs are ultra-bright. The bulbs come in 18 numbers while the fan has a speed setting through which you can regulate the speed you require.

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Also, the lantern is extremely lightweight, and that allows you to quickly shift it from one position to another with great ease. You can as well collapse it into a reduced form for storage purposes. It can light up for the 37hours duration, and when on fan mode, one D battery keeps the fan on for five hours (speed mode), 15-hours low-speed mode and its performance does not depend on any other factor.

You can be able to suspend the lantern with ease, and it is available emergency events as well as outdoor trips.

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  • Summary

The fan and the light are 20.5 inches while the fan blade is 4 inch. You can easily collapse it for portability and can be hung above the ground for convenience. Constructed of a military grade, the lantern becomes a durable device to use for camping and hiking in the woods.


  • The lantern is extremely durable
  • Its’ light weightiness makes it easy to carry
  • The carrying handles make it portable

7. Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern, Coyote

Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns in 2018

Streamlight 44931 Lantern is a next generation camping tool that functions well at night and very early in the morning before the sun comes out. It features one red C4 LED and four white C4 LEDs that preserve night vision. When the white light is in low mode, then battery spans for 295hours without stopping for a recharge.

The device has a D-Ring both from the top and the bottom which makes it easy to hang either in inverted format or upright position. Also, the lantern utilizes the powerful three D-cells alkaline batteries which are rechargeable and can span a lifetime without replacement.

The light is adjustable in various forms. You can have a high (340 lumens) or medium (174 lumens), low (33 lumens) or red (10 lumens), and the flashing red SOS modes. It is water resistant and weighs 14.4 ounces.

The majority of its prospective buyers love its perfect handling capabilities and how it is easy to load the batteries. Its operation is also easy and stands a chance to be the best of the best.

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  • Summary

The Siege Lantern employs two varieties of light color, red and white which interchangeably make the environment beautiful. The low light mode can run up to 295 hours and can be stowed or locked in upright position.

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  • It has a handle to hang the device
  • It can sustainably provide lighting up to 295 hours non-stop
  • It uses three D-cell batteries for its compelling nature

6. Etekcity Ultra Bright Portable LED Camping Lantern with 3 AA Batteries

Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns in 2018

If you have been tirelessly looking for a modern camping lantern with fail, you have not looked well enough. Etekcity Ultra Bright Portable LED Camping Lantern has been here waiting for you to test its amazing features.

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It has a little charge consumption compared to ordinary lanterns; hence it can light up to 12 hours non-stop. The design is lightweight and allows you to carry it conveniently using less effort. The ability to collapse into a small size makes it use a little space in the storage room. Etekcity LED Camping Lantern has 30 individual low power LED bulbs which have been designed to span a long time and saves energy.

Besides, it is constructed with a promising military grade which is high quality and durable. The lantern comes with a carrying handle for suspending it and efficient during the outdoor trip.

People who purchased this type of a camping lantern agreed that the plastic casing is not cheap material. They admired its comfort especially in how the construction and the design are impressive. You should be the next one to experience what others are happy about this beautiful Outdoor LED camping lantern.

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  • Summary

Etekcity LED Camping Lantern is ultra-light and easily foldable.  The construction is military grade hence durable. Also, it consumes less power thus can last up to 12 hours. Once you purchase it, a 10-years warranty is offered for the package.


  • The bulbs shine brightly for 12 hours
  • Its lightweight nature makes it convenient
  • Easy to store and very portable
  • It is a durable type and comes at an affordable price

5. MalloMe LED Camping Lantern Flashlights Camping Equipment

Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns in 2018

LED Camping Lantern has great features that you will love. The high-quality design possesses CE & ROHS military grade which approved ABS material is making the best camping lantern. The LED bulbs span thousands of hours, and that makes it durable.

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The design of this light is compact, lightweight and portable too, something that gives it a multi purpose ability.  Also, the colors present in the display area of the lamp are black, green, gold and blue. The colors blend to produce a beautiful disco lighting.

Many customers, in this case, have rated the product the highest due to its unique features and the fantastic outlook. The mixed color is a remarkable idea in its sales.

  • Summary

The LED camping lantern makes the perfect camping gift for a friend, family especially men. Whenever you purchase one, you have 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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  • It contains four distinct colors
  • The lantern is multi-purpose
  • It is a life saver at home or in outdoor activities like camping and hiking

4. Etekcity 4 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern with 12 AA Batteries

Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns in 2018

  • #1 Best Seller in Sports Fan Outdoor Lighting

This Outdoor LED lantern is built-in military grade which is promising to give a durable featured device. The design is incredibly lightweight, a property that enables it to be easy to carry around. On top of that, you can easily collapse it into a small size device which is easy to store. The amount of power consumption is limited hence it can survive a long time (12 hours) without requiring a recharge.

Also, it’s ultra-brightness comes from the 30 low powered which is designed to span for a considerable long time. The handles are foldable hence you can easily suspend it or shift it from one position to another.

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It’s strong nature, and the quality admired by most of the Amazon consumers. They recommend other users to this product because they tested otherwise.

  • Summary

The Etekcity lantern is a premium lamp with lighting range of 12 hours with 30 small LED bulbs. The quality is incredible, and the weight is efficient to manage.


  • They are cheap
  • The quality is premium level
  • The bulbs are long lasting

3. Vont Bright 2 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern

Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns in 2018

Most lanterns are plastic made, but for Vont Pack Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns it contains a metallic component besides the plastic housing. The device produces the brightest light ever so far. It comes with ideal collapsible nature which when compared to other devices of the same purpose, it becomes superior. It maintains its military grade and its durability is fantastic.

Not to forget, it has a unique casing which is water resistant, and this makes it significant both outdoor and indoor. Its battery life increased due to the less power it consumes to light all the 30 bulbs at maximum brightness. Also, it is compatible with rechargeable especially lithium and AA kinds. The collapsibility is easily triggered by a single push down on the top side of the lantern.

Most customers that have experienced this design have rated it five-star since it does not disappoint. From Amazon, you will find the genuine Camping lantern, Vont Bright Pack Camping lantern that will give you what you are looking for from the many in the market.

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  • Summary

The plastic and metallic composition are deluxe, a property that makes it unique. You are guaranteed to enjoy its safe use and amazing experience. Don’t miss it whenever you are going out on a camp with friends or family.


  • It possesses advanced collapsibility
  • The brightness is extended
  • Low battery consumption up to 12 hours
  • It is lightweight and compact
  • The lantern is compatible to a school of rechargeable batteries

2. Etekcity 2 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern with 6 AA Batteries

Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns in 2018

Etekcity appears to be our number two since its features are top notch. They include 30 low powered LED bulbs which have a long span and carry around 360 degrees of luminous light hence saving energy. The consumption of power for this case is limited thus it can survive up to 12 hours of consistency usage. The design is lightweight which makes it convenient to carry around.

Furthermore, it has to fold away handles which suspend the lantern and sometimes used to carry with it in the case of outdoor trips and emergency events. The construction of Etekcity lantern is military dependable which guarantees a long-lasting setup. Whenever the lantern is not in use, it can quickly collapse to a reduced size for efficiency and easy storage.

Most customer reviews are in-line with the effectiveness of this product. Many are amazed at how much power the lantern holds inside to produce such bright light. You are recommended to purchase one from the market today to continue enjoying what others have already begun.

  • Summary

With foldaway handles, military construction and the ultra-bright bulbs, Etekcity LED camping lantern to consume less power and ability to stay awake for 12 hours. It is perfect for hiking and camping in the woods as well as home security.

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  • It uses AA batteries which take a long time to recharge
  • The light produce is high quality
  • The LED bulbs are durable
  • It has carriage handles

1. Vont Ultra Bright LED Lantern – Camping Lantern

Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns in 2018

The Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern is one hell of the next generation equipment that you should carry whenever you need a light assistance in the woods or for emergency purposes at your home. With Ultra Bright Lantern, satisfaction is a guarantee. Most customers worldwide have reviewed its excellent features including Amazon. The tool features the brightest available lantern in Amazon with high-quality design and superior construction.

The materials are military grade hence water resistant and extra durable. Its battery life is super-long-lasting. Furthermore, it is built-in 30 single premium bulbs which provide outstanding brightness and compatible with rechargeable batteries. The collapsible design facilitates easy carriage as well as storage.

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Most fascinating news from the customers is the quality of the device which is affordable and fit the premium design. They recommend anyone missing the excitement of their camping due to the low-quality lanterns that take a short time hence limiting their joy.

  • Summary

The design is premium, and the construction is homogenous. The batteries are ultra-durable, and the design is collapsible. Once you purchase it, a 10-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee will overwhelm you.

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  • The batteries are extra long-lasting
  • The materials responsible for the design are high quality
  • The lighting is altogether the brightest
  • The lantern is collapsible with a single push


Having observed the reviews and the trends in camping and hiking industry, Outdoor LED camping lanterns have become very popular. Its universal application, especially at our homes, has made it acquire the top priority whenever there is a power shortage.

Good luck!

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