TOP 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2021

You probably already know that some expensive TV brands are highly sensitive to UV rays direct from the sun, sensitive to dust and insects as well as to water and ice and other outdoor pollutants. Therefore, it is expedient to protect your device with outdoor TV covers. Using an outdoor television cover is also a perfect alternative increasing the longevity of your device.

The goal of this article is to help you choose the best outdoor TV covers for your individual needs and TV and provide you with a detailed buying guide to help you choose the right one. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers Review

Do not rush to pick the first outdoor TV cover that pops up on your search engine. Check out this article first before deciding any purchasings.

10. Original Waterproof Outdoor Tv Cover Swing Arm Mount [15″ -62″]

Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2021

  • Brand: Custom Wraps

This product is one in a million because of its unique design and loads of amazing features. It is designed with a waterproof material and comes with a vinyl backing. The Original TV Cover 31 X 23 X 4 has a slit for a swing arm mount and displays an industrial strength feature sewn in a Velcro strap.

Buyers have the opportunity to select their size and color when purchasing the product. This heavy duty TV cover will provide the best protection results beyond your anticipations. It can fit your TV perfectly from all sides.

The Original TV Cover 31 X 23 X 4 is easy to take off and on. The massive pocket found on the rear of the product is comfortable for your remote.

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  • The price of the product is cost-effective and affordable
  • The product can properly protect your TV
  • The pocket found on the rear of the product is convenient for your remote
  • It offers buyers the option of custom wrap
  • It is designed from high-end material
  • The material is sturdy without the appearance of a barbecue cover

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9. Outdoor TV Cover, PANTHER Series [46″-48″]

Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2021

  • Brand: KHOMO GEAR

Whether you want to position a TV by the pool, or on an outdoor deck or a patio, the product will help to offer top-notch protection for your device. This TV cover is specially designed to withstand tough conditions from the unforgiving cold to the scorching sun.

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The product will also help your television to be protected against UV rays, insects, dust, condensation, and ice, time and again. This TV cover is designed from a top-notch material that keeps it safe from moisture, wind, and water.

The material used in the production of the product will help to prevent moisture from building up and as well mold. Any destruction that can arise from condensation will be averted by using the KHOMO GEAR TV cover.

One amazing thing about the product is that it remains easy to assemble. It comes with a high-end waterproof remote control pocket that fits your TV set.


  • The product is easy to set up. The quality of the cover is highly exceptional
  • It can store extra items along with your TV. The product is also easy to use
  • The KHOMO GEAR TV Cover has wide compatibility
  • It is heavy-duty and designed from durable materials
  • The product comes with extra protection

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8. Outdoor TV Cover – Weatherproof Universal Protector [32″]

Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2021

  • Brand: Stronghold Accessories

Is your quest for watching tv on your outdoor patio or porch?

If you are pondering on how your television will look like when in contact with heavy rain, then give this product try.

Do you think the moisture outside can damage the electronic items within your television?

The product is designed to give your TV the best protection and safety in a time of need. The cover can as well help to deflect water from getting to your TV. The product is designed from top-notch marine-grade water resistant material. The cover comes with a high-level of ruggedness and top-notch texture. The product has been tested, tried and proven to provide quality protection results.

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Apart from protecting your TV, the product can help to reflect heat away from your device. Its’ scratch elimination property is enough to increase the longevity of your television outdoors. It is water resistant, heat-deflecting and made from the top-notch marine-grade material.


  • The good quality functions of the product helps to dry your TV
  • The product can fit nicely. The quality is first class, and the fit remains perfect
  • During the summer, this cover remains an excellent protection for television on porch
  • The product is durable and sturdy
  • It is 100% waterproof

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7. Outdoor TV Cover, PANTHER Series [40” – 42″]

Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2021

  • Brand: KHOMO GEAR

This amazing cover can help to protect your 40” – 42″ LED, LCD, and TV sets. Irrespective of the area you place your device, the PANTHER series cover remains the best product to protect it. Either from the scorching sun rays or the brutal cold condition, the product will deliver beyond your anticipations.

Made from a top-notch marine-grade material, the product will help to withstand any harsh or rough climatic weather. The primary goal of designing this cover is to help protect your television, LED or LCD sets from ice, condensation, dust, insects and UV rays. Even from water or moisture, your TV set will be protected by using this product.

Are you afraid of mold accumulation or moisture damage?

Fear not because the product will surely provide top-notch solutions for your electronics. The waterproof material used in the manufacturing of the product will help to deflect water from your TV.


  • There is extra protection for your electronics when using this cover
  • The product is user-friendly and can help to store additional items along with your television
  • It is heavy-duty and designed from durable materials.
  • The product has wide compatibility
  • The product is easy to set up. The quality of the cover is highly exceptional

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6. Outdoor TV Cover 40″ – 42″- With Free Microfiber Cloth

Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2021

  • Brand: Clicks

When your patio or deck has dusty monitors or wet TV, it can be messy. In some instances, you may be afraid to take care of your electronic outdoors due to snow, sun rays, dust or raindrops. Well, if these feels are creating a problem in your mind, then you have come to the right place.

The Outdoor TV Cover 40″ – 42″ with the microfiber cloth is the solution to your dusty monitors or wet television. The cover is designed with premium and top-notch material that helps to protect your electronics from mist, dew, dust, and sun. The soft interior fabric of the cover will help to prevent any scratches or dents on your electronics screen.

The elegant-looking design of the product is captivating and can help add to the beauty of your poolside locations, marinas, hotels or restaurants. The classic features of the product make it unique and different.

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  • The cover is waterproof, dustproof and water resistant
  • The product is designed with a microfiber cloth. This helps you to polish your TV without using any cleaning agents. It can as well help to clean dust from your electronics
  • The cover is double stitched for maximum strength
  • The product is compatible with both double and single wall mounts
  • The soft interior fabric will help to prevent any scratches on your electronics

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5. InCover 40″,42″,43″ Outdoor TV Cover

Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2021

  • Brand: InCover

The product is a great way to help you enjoy your outdoors. The tantalizing features of the product make it different from other covers in its category. It has the unique feature of protecting electronics from dust, water, and other natural elements.

The product can easily slide over your television to create a great fit. One amazing thing about the product is that zippers protect it. It has elegant components and features that can help accommodate most television mounts and stands.

There is an inbuilt pocket that comes with the product for your television remote.


  • The cover has soft interior to prevent scratches
  • The product’s reinforced stitching is great for better water protection
  • The cover will fit your electronics perfectly
  • The product comes with a plethora of zipper options. It also has a pocket for a remote control protection
  • High-quality and well-designed TV cover and water resistant

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4. Outdoor TV Cover – Weatherproof Universal Protector [40″-42″]

Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2021

  • Brand: Stronghold Accessories

This product is rated among the best TV covers that you can depend on, time and again. It has the capability to protect your electronics from moisture and heavy rain. If you are using your TV outdoors, the fear of tough climatic conditions may suddenly erupt.

Studies have shown that this cover can protect and keep your TV safe. It can deflect water easily and shield your electronics from dust, rain, sun rays and other natural elements. It is designed with an amazing marine-grade material. It has quality texture and highly rugged.

Using the product will help to get rid any scratch from your electronics? It is heated deflecting, water resistant and top-notch in design.


  • The product is one hundred waterproof and dustproof
  • The cover is sturdy and durable
  • This cover is an amazing protection for television on porch
  • The product can fit nicely. The quality of the cover remains first class, and the fit remains perfect
  • The product has extra features that can help keep your electronics dry

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3. InCover 32″ Outdoor TV Cover

Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2021

  • Brand: InCover

With this cover, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor entertainment. The product is elegant, classic and able to fit around your electronics. If you are afraid of water or dust, the product has the capability to protect your TV.

It fits well and comes with a top-notch design. The cover has zippers that act as an envelope for your TV. The in-built pocket is also a great catch for your TV remote control.

It is one of the best TV covers that you can rely on, over and over again.


  • The cover comes with soft interior that can help to prevent scratches
  • It is mildew and water resistant
  • There is the presence of strong stitching that remains great for water protection
  • You can always customize the product to your preference, specification, and desire
  • It comes with zippered bottom that protects your electronics

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2. KHOMO GEAR – TITAN Series For 46” – 48′ Electronic Sets

Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2021

  • Brand: KHOMO GEAR

The extra protection of the product makes it amazing. This is because it comes with reinforced stitching to help retain the shape of your TV structure. There are three-way flaps beneath the cover that makes it easy to fit wall mounts.

The durable material and heavy-duty nature of the product makes it exceptional. It can store more items with the help of the in-built pocket.


  • When not used, the product still looks great
  • It has wide compatibility with LCD, LED and television 46-48 inches
  • The product is easy to assemble
  • It has a high elasticity and water resistant

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1. Outdoor TV Cover (65″- 70″) Light Gray

Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2021

  • Brand: The Original TV Coverstore

If you are looking for a TV cover with amazing features and a reasonable price tag, this could be what you are looking for.

With this cover, you should be able to enjoy watching TV from practically anywhere, on your deck, hot tub or any place outside. This is a top notch outdoor cover designed for freestanding applications or an articulating bracket.

The cover is designed with the highest quality material. This is to ensure that your electronics are fully protected and secured. It can help to protect your TV from mildew, dust, heat, snow, and rain.

As one of the best TV covers in the market, you can always depend on its unique features. The product is water resistant, heat reflecting and can last for a long time.

This outdoor TV cover is weather resistant –rain or the sun, as well as mildew resistant hence offer your TV all-season protection. This cover is made with a soft, non-scratch lined fabric that provides your TV a haven when not in use. The best part is it is well-made and highly durable hence; you are assured of long term usage when you buy it, you will not see the need for another TV cover in a very long time.

This TV cover is designed to fit all 32-inch flat screen TVs. Other notable features this TV cover depicts are dual zippers made to provide maximum coverage as well as an interior, remote control pocket to house the TV remote when not in use.

What more could you want in a TV cover?


  • It is weather resistant
  • It is designed with premium quality material
  • The product aims to be compatible with swinging bracket and freestanding televisions
  • It is easy to use and comes with an amazing design
  • Dual Zippers for coverage
  • Soft fabric
  • Non-scratch material to protect your TV
  • Offers all season protection

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Buying Guides for the Best Outdoor TV Covers

To some people making a proper decision to buy an outdoor television, the cover is a Herculean task. If you are not a savvy shopper or a newbie in this industry, there is every possibility to buy the wrong product.

For this reason, reading through a detailed buying guide will help you make the right decision.

In this section, you will find some useful and helpful tips to buying the perfect outdoor television cover for your need.

  • Water Resistant

One of the most important factors to consider when planning to buy an outdoor television cover is water resistant. There are certain materials used in the design of outdoor television covers that cannot hold resistant water properly.

Covers with a clear back coat and designed from one hundred percent woven polyester fabric will always display high water resistant quality. Materials that are acrylic-coated also have the capability to unleash high water resistant feature.

On this note, it is important to check the water resistant quality of the cover you want to buy before making any investment.

  • Heat Reflection

Many people do not know that the durability of an outdoor TV cover can affect the longevity of electronics. If you want your device to last for a long time, it is prerogative to select covers that can reflect heat. Simple colors can reflect Screen-damaging light.

Studies have revealed that light colors have the capability to reflect heat with ease. This means that heat from the sun will not be able to penetrate into your device by selecting light colors.

It will also help you to enjoy your television for a long with unnecessary investment on repair.

  • Marine Grade Materials

At this juncture, it is paramount to consider marine grade materials when planning to buy outdoor TV covers. Marine-grade materials with high-end design will help to increase the longevity and durability of your device.

Before investment, your money in an outdoor television cover, ensure it is made from top-notch marine-grade materials. It will help you save money in the long run.

  • Scratch Elimination

Most TV covers do not come with scratch elimination components. This will eventually make you spend more to purchasing a new TV cover. Thick inner fleece materials with liner bonded construction will help your device to last for a long time.

When liners are bonded to the sides and front of a TV cover, it will help to get rid of any possibility of scratching your screen.

  • Budget/Cost

Of course, the budget is the primary factor to consider before buying an outdoor television cover. However, you may still have enough money and still end up purchasing the wrong product. For this reason, you can use the tips explained above along with your money to buy the right product.

It does not mean that expensive products are the best. You can still get a good product at an affordable price. Choose smarter and invest wisely in buying your dream outdoor television cover.


Outdoor TV Covers have many features that benefit both the owner and electronics. Apart from protecting your TV sets from climatic conditions, these covers can also add to the beauty and attraction of your home. You can select the product explained in this content.

If you are looking for a one-time investment TV cover, I highly advise you to take your time and do your homework and read through customer reviews to identify the very best for you. Do not rush and do not rush to pick the first outdoor TV cover that pops up on your search engine. Take your time!


2 thoughts on “TOP 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2021”

  1. You have just paid a hefty price for your precious flat screen TV and you are wondering how to keep it clean and in good shape. Then a TV cover is a must have item for you. If you want to ensure that your TV is protected and kept safe from grime, moisture, and dust, a TV cover can help you do this. With a TV cover, you can also make sure that your TV is protected and in good condition during all seasons regardless of where you place it. A TV cover is highly essential especially if you prefer mounting your TV on an outdoor deck, patio, by the pool place or anywhere outside.

    You probably already know that some TV brands are highly sensitive to UV rays direct from the sun, sensitive to dust and insects as well as to water and ice and other outdoor pollutants. Therefore, it is imperative you protect your TV from all of these.

    How to Choose the Best TV Outdoor Cover

    To get a great TV cover, you need to be careful. Otherwise, you might get a knock off counterfeit instead of an original one.

    The first step when choosing an outdoor cover is to choose one that is right for the size of your TV. Take vertical and horizontal measurements then pick a cover that is slightly larger than your TV for example for a 50 inch chose a 55-inch cover.

    Other factors to consider are durability, waterproof and dust resistant, color to suit your deck and maximum protection for your TV. Keep in mind that different brands offer different features at different prices. With that said, let us look at some of the best covers available for you in the market.

    The Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2017

    10. Alabama Crimson Tide College Outdoor TV Cover

    This outdoor TV cover is a fantastic brand cover TV cover that comes in 4 different sizes to fit 30 to 65 inch TVs. This outdoor cover is unique since its handmade using high-quality commercial vinyl. This cover is designed to be UV resistant to offer exceptional durability for your TV and protection against UV sun rays.

    Moreover, this protection aims to cover your TV on the front and the rear side. The backside of this outdoor cover that covers the back side is made from spandex, a material that is made to keep moisture and heat that might be a hazard to your television out. Other amazing features is the remote control pocket to store your remote plus the back opening feature designed to fit on any wall mount TV.

    A bungee that allows you to tight the cover to your needs
    Available in 4different sizes
    Soft material on the vinyl
    Handmade with high-quality marine grade vinyl
    A remote pocket
    The fitting might be too big for some brands

    9. Large Flat Screen TV’s Marine Grade Nylon Dust Covers

    This is a perfect outdoor TV cover that is custom made to fit perfectly and blend in with the surroundings. Built powerfully out of a top notch quality nylon is to protect the flat screen TV from any weather, this cover can protect your TV from water, mildew, dust or any other foreign materials and prevent their penetration to the screen.

    For convenience, you can select any side to be the rear or front side and easily slide it on your flat screen for protection. The best part is it comes in a variety of sizes to fit different TV sizes. When it comes to a good outdoor cover, this is one you want to consider

    Custom fit
    Weatherproof material
    Comes in different sizes
    Double stitched for extra strength and prevented tearing
    Stitching done is not strong enough

    8. Outdoor TV Cover, Black Weatherproof Universal Protector for 50” – 52” LCD, LED, Plasma Television Sets

    This is one of a kind outdoor TV cover designed with functionality and durability in mind by Stronghold Accessories. Designed with a Velcro feature on the rear side of this cover, this outdoor TV cover will surround the TV as you can adjust it for a perfect fit around your TV just as you like.

    When it comes to features, you will be amazed at a variety of its amazing features which includes a waterproof design that keeps your TV very safe, a size fitting in 9 different sizes, guaranteed to last and give you excellent service. And lastly, it offers an added flap feature that seals the entire TVs bottom. In short, you will love this outdoor cover for your TV.

    2-years warranty
    Waterproof material
    Adjustment to achieve perfect fit possible
    Surrounds the TV entirely
    Many complained of the quality

    7. Outdoor TV Cover – Universal Protector for 28″ – 32″ LCD, LED, Plasma Screens

    This Stronghold Accessories cover is built from a highly durable material that stops any alien material from getting close to the TV hence, maximize the TV’s life. You can rest easy knowing your TV is safe from seawater, sunlight, animals, moisture, bird droppings, dust mildew even rain. Other than that, you will be pleased that this cover is made from a durable waterproof material the same as that used for professional boating equipment.

    This cover comes with an extra flap to seal the bottom and to safely secure on your TV and give it that protection it needs. Other than that, this cover comes in a size that fits 28 inches to 32 inch TV and adapts to a standard wall mount and stands. This outdoor cover encloses your TV fully by covering the back and front parts of the TV entirely. The bottom line when it comes to this cover is that it is built to last.

    Sized to fit a wide range of TV inches
    Guaranteed to offer durable and excellent service
    Feels secure on the TV due to the added flap feature
    Maximizes TV life by providing excellent protection
    Waterproof material is as good as the boating materials
    The stitching at the seams on the remote pocket is not so good; therefore, the cover may tear at sometimes

    6. InCover 40″,42″,43″ Outdoor TV Cover – Works with Flat TV, LCD, LED, 3D and Plasma TV

    You want to consider this outdoor cover when looking for a TV you have installed outside. It features a water and dust resistant soft interior to cover the screen of your television and prevent any scratches to your valuable possession; it is designed to be exceptionally resistant to mildew and water to give your TV excellent all-year-round protection.

    The reinforced stitching feature works perfectly for this cover because it makes the water resistant feature work great by allowing your TV to breathe while trapping any dust and moisture and preventing it from going through. Moreover, with this cover, you stand to get 3-way flaps on the rear side that accommodate most TV stands and mounts. The zipper feature secures the TVs bottom and holds the cover securely around your TV.

    Built-in TV remote pocket
    Cover slides easily on the TV
    Zipper safeguard the TV at the bottom
    Offers dust, water, and other foreign materials protection
    Excellent protection all year round
    Ideal for large inch flat screen TVs 43 inches and more

    5. OUTDOOR TV COVER (42, Black (Not For Direct Sun))

    This is yet another outdoor cover built to last and protect your precious TV from sun, wind, dust, mildew, snow, and water.

    This cover is fantastic because it is made from a high premium material that is heavy, thick and mostly durable to waterproof your TV and keep it away from any harm. The material is also nicely soft to prevent any scratches from occurring on your screen.

    This cover is designed to work with a free stand or a bracket TV hence no need to worry about how your TV is mounted outside. Also, is ideal for 42-inch televisions plus it makes a great fit. When you decide that this is the cover you are going to settle for, rest assured that you are making an excellent choice.

    Made in the USA
    3-years warranty
    A variety of color options to choose from
    A thick, strong and durable cover
    Waterproof and dust resistant
    Not ideal for direct sunlight

    4. Outdoor TV Cover, PANTHER Series

    Engineered to withstand the harsh conditions from the cooler south to the tropical north, you need not worry about your TV being at risk of exposure from foreign materials. Whether you decide to mount your TV by the pool, an outdoor deck or on your patio, this outdoor cover can offer the maximum protection you need for your TV all year round.

    This cover is made from a waterproof material that allows your TV to breathe while keeping water, dust and foreign materials that may affect it away. Other than that, this outdoor cover is compatible with 40 to 42 inches and LCD, LED, Plasma TV. This cover is also made to fit almost every wall mount due to its reinforced stitching thus keeping the TV always in good shape. Apart from doing a good job at protecting TV, this is one outdoor cover that looks really good.

    Made from a reputable registered company
    Waterproof material
    Made to fit almost any wall mount
    Reinforced good stitching
    Compatible with LED, LCD, and Plasma TVs
    Good looking cover
    Slightly oversized for some brands

    3. Outdoor TV Cover 40″ – 42″ – NOW WITH BOTTOM COVER–by Clicks Depot

    Are you worried about dust, snow or the sun affecting your TV on your deck, patio or poolside? Worry no more. This outdoor TV cover from Clicks Depot is designed to help you offer maximum protection and coverage to your TV.

    This cover is great because it is made with premium quality materials to protect your TV from foreign materials and extreme weather conditions. Other than that, this cover is made from soft interior fabric that prevents scratches on your TVs screen when it is not in use. The cover has double stitched edges that offer maximum strength to ensure your TV is fully 100 percent protected. The design is also quite elegant made to impress.

    Other than that, this cover is backed up with an endearing 3-year warranty. Protect your TV now with this fantastic cover.

    Guaranteed to last
    Waterproof protection against dust, water
    Elegant design
    Soft interior fabric
    Maximum strength

    2. James Mounts and More – Outdoor Indoor TV Cover for 30-32″ inch TV’s For Tilt style mounts

    James Mounts is a company dedicated to providing maximum protection for your TV especially if you have it placed in a backyard patio setting. This TV cover is designed to cover both the screen and rear components of your TV hence, giving it maximum protection. This TV cover features two layers of weatherproof protection treated to repel water2 times better than any other outdoor TV cover. One of its most desirable features is its ability to protect your TV in the extreme cold or heat weather and give it excellent protection. This cover is also ideal since it also protects your TV against dust, dirt, insects and any other foreign matter to ensure perfect performance.

    This outdoor cover is designed to fit 32 inch TVs perfectly covering the TV wholly hence no need for any added material. Other than this, this cover features Velcro on the backside of TV cover, Dual zippers on the bottom of the TV Cover and an inside material that is super soft so that it doesn’t scratch your precious TV during full articulation, full motion, and swivel. You can trust the design of this TV cover completely.

    Durable double stitched cover
    7-years warranty
    Protection against water, dust, and insects
    Excellent moisture resistant
    A handy remote pocket included
    Works well for extreme weather
    Not made from soft’s materials

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