Top 10 Best Photo Light Boxes in 2018

Are you a photographer or an artist who has spent all of his/her time looking for photo light boxes with quality image provision and excellent illumination power? Well, you should get it from the experts today. We have researched day in day out for the best tools to put into play and compiled a review of Top Best Photo Light Boxes in 2018.

Ok. The trending world comes with surprises and a variety of Photo light box to choose from, but can you distinguish between the poor and the best quality in the market? We doubt. We have simplified the hassle and broke down the top choices with a variety of features like shadow minimization, the material in use, and the various professional designs.

What to Look for in  Photo Light Boxes Prior to Purchase

  • Dimension

With varying box sizes and the number of standard paper sizes call into play, light photo boxes come in a range of standard sizes to choose from. You may find A4, A1, 16 by 16 and 24 by 24 on the display for you to pick the right one.

  • Eye protection

Having a light box whose brightness can be adjustable with little effort is a must factor to consider if you don’t want to attract any internal eye injury. Light in this particular phenomenon is categorized into natural light and white light. White light is very efficient in drawing precisions while natural light is a requirement for our eyes vision.

  • Power supply

The source of power is significant when tackling issues concerning Photo light boxes. Previously, the traditional devices required one to plug them into electricity to function directly while due to improved technology, the rechargeable battery came into existence. With a plug of a USB cable technology, your battery will be fully charged, either by using your laptop or other mediums. Take caution on your selection.

Top Best 10 Countertop Professional Photo light Boxes

10. Finnhomy Portable Professional Photo Studio

Finnhomy Professional Portable Photo Studio

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Making its way to the list, here we have the newly invented light box from Finnhomy. This one also has the size of 16” x 16” x 16”. There includes 3 useful backdrops of tan, black and white colors. And, it also comes with all the necessary accessories such as a power adapter, light softening cloth, carrying bag, as well as 2 LED lighting bands. The positions of the (5500k) LED bars can be easily adjusted – thanks to the metal strips located on the top of the box. Whether you want bright or soft image results, the light box can help you achieve it all.
When it comes to its openings, you can open the light box in 3 ways/angles (top and front). The construction is pretty rugged and tough. No rays will be detected when shooting. Plus, installing/uninstalling this light box is as breeze, too.


Its undeniable that this Finnhomy photo studio is of superb qualities and features. Whether you’re shooting with a DSLR camera or a smart phone, all photo results will be satisfying. So, let us give you a quick bullet point list as to why we chose this light box:

  • 3 versatile backdrops included
  • The 5500k LED bars come with adjustable positions
  • You can open the light box either through its top or front opening
  • Sturdy construction
  • And, easy installation

Also, is there any flaw that we have found on this product? We don’t think so!
Therefore, we sure recommend this Finnhomy Light Box for all its specs, features, and qualities.

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9. LimoStudio 16″ x 16″ Table Top Photo Photography Studio Lighting Light Tent Kit

Top 10 Best Photo Light Boxes in 2018

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The first product on this list is the Limo Studio 16″ x 16″ Table Top Photo Photography Studio Lighting Light Tent Kit that comes with unique and high-quality features. This product transforms photography to a whole new level. It is a complete photography kit except that the camera does not accompany it. The tripod stand is robust and steady thus, holding the camera in place.

It also comes with light bulbs that create the perfect lighting setting for professional photography. Other than that it is simple to use and assemble. This product is also easy to disassemble which makes storage and travel effortless. Its dimensions are six by six thus can take quality pictures of both large and small objects.

The product is of high-quality and performs as promised. In fact, it appears among the best-sellers.


The Limo Studio table top Photo Photography Studio Lighting Light Tent Kit is a 16 by 16 inches light box that comes as a full set including the camera stand. However, the kit does not include the camera.

Here are the unique reasons why we chose it as in this selection:

  • It comes as a complete set except for the camera.
  • The included tripod works magnificently for steadying your camera.
  • The included light bulbs for the kit are just the excellent daylight temperature meant for professional images.
  • The case makes up the light box design, which in turn makes the setup to be overwhelmingly simple.
  • Take all photos without needing extra lighting features.

Did we find anything tangible to downgrade this? No, we didn’t!

Therefore, we recommend this product for its complete settings and outstanding qualities.

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8. Amzdeal Light Box Professional Photography Tent

Amzdeal Light Box Photo Studio

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Here, we’ve got one of the latest photo light box invention from Amzdeal. This one features 2 LED light banks, which is for providing optimum contrast. The LEDs that come with this light box are 5500k ones with high Color Rendering Index (CRI). Therefore, consistent color is always guaranteed. Enabling shooting from many angles, user can do horizontal shooting from the front window, and a 90-degree vertical shooting from the top hole.
For maximum effect in minimizing shadows, this straight edge photo light box is crafted with silver reflective interior. And, in addition to the white background provided, this photo light box package includes 2 other photo backgrounds of black and orange as well. So, have fun snapping pictures not just with your cameras but also your smart phones.

As a compact and portable photography tent, this one has the total dimension of 20”x20”x20” and come along with a practical carry bag. Installation is a snap. Plus, featuring a light diffuser, the light box sure can eliminate all kinds of glares. Best yet, the item is also backed by an 18-month warranty.


For a better understanding of this Amzdeal lightbox, here is a snapshot of this product summary and why you should get this light box:
• 2 LED light banks guarantees optimum contrast
• 5500k LEDs ensures consistent color
• Multi-angle shooting (horizontal shooting from the front window, and vertical shooting for the top hole)
• Minimized shadows – thanks to the silver reflective interior
• 3 photo backgrounds provided – white, black and orange
• Light diffuser for reducing harsh glares
• Compact size and a bonus carry bag

Better yet, the lightbox is perfect for the way it is, and needs no improvements. There’s just nothing not to love about this Amzdeal lightbox.

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7. Fovitec LED Professional Studio Photo Light Tent Kit


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If you’re looking for a higher end photo light box, feast your eyes on the Fovitec LED Professional Studio Photo Light Tent Kit. This one comes in 4 size options – from 16” to 24” and 2 types of LED light tent kits – deluxe and standard. These available sizes plus the soft lighting are ideal for capturing small to large items to perfection. Its LED lights produce very low heat for energy efficiency and safety purposes. And, there are 120 pieces of LED bulbs of 5000 lumens in total.

What’s more, for easy transportation, this light box can be folded effortlessly, too. Per each purchase, you will get the light tent, a white, removable diffuser, a power adapter, and 4 backdrops in black, white, blue, and gray colors.


After looking into this high performing Fovitec LED Professional Studio Photo Light Tent Kit, let us summarize why we chose this item:

  • Low heat, and energy saving LED lights
  • 4 backdrops of black, white, blue, and gray colors included
  • 4 sizes available to meet your needs for items of different sizes (one of them even comes with a table)

However, there is one improvement Fovitec can work on this light box:

  • The fabric stitches are not so durable, so it may face wears and tears

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6. HAVOX – Photo Studio HPB-80 LED Lighting “Daylight”


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Another recommendation from us is this HAVOX – Photo Studio HPB-80 LED Lighting “Daylight”. This beast comes in a wide range of sizes options from 16”x16”x16” to 32”x32”x32”. It is attached with 60 LED lights of 13,000 lumens as well as a color-rendering index of 93+. Therefore, with this one, your photos will appear more vibrant and bright than ever.

Featuring 2 openings (one from the top and the other from the front), you can snap items from the preferred angles. And, this one is known to produce lightings of great lighting uniformity with eliminated reflections as well – thanks to the diffusing fabric provided. Along with the purchase, there includes 3 background shades and a handy carrying bag, too. Plus, installing this light box takes around 10 minutes only.


Making it to the list, here are our reasons why we highly recommend this Havoc photo light box:

  • The 13,000 lumens LED lights will always provide professional looking photo results
  • 2 openings give added flexibility in shooting items from different angles
  • The diffusing fabric aids consistent lighting and reduces potential reflections
  • The 3 background shades can come in very handy
  • Set up is like a walk in the park

Nevertheless, perfection is always impossible to pursue. So, here we have one comment on how this Havox Light Box could improve:

  • The LED can get hot when used for long hours, which can make the light box smells burnt

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5. Foldio3 Portable Photo Studio


Portable Photo Studio 25 x 25

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Next is another brand new personal photo studio from Foldio. This guy is well recognized for its design of enabling the user to fold down this studio tent (1” thickness) in just 10 seconds, and carry it with the attached handle. The black backdrop that the light box comes with is pretty versatile and easy to handle, too. For lighting, there is an LED system on top, so rest assured knowing you’ll love the end result of the photo quality. Better yet, the user can also dim the lights at ease with the built-in dimming controller.


To simplify the description of the Foldio3 Portable Photo Studio, let us give you a snapshot of why we recommend the item:

  • Enable user to fold it down for added ease in transporting
  • The handle can come in very handy
  • Black versatile backdrop
  • Adjustable, controllable, and superb quality LED lights/brightness

Once again, we don’t think that there is any improvement the photo studio should work on so far. Hence, you can try out this light box with full confidence.

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4. Fotodiox Pro LED Studio-in-a-Box

Fotodiox Pro LED

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Next, this is the well reviewed Fotodiox Pro LED Studio Light Box. This one is made with integrated LED lights and a diffusion panel, which are the agents in softening the light for decreased fuss. Come along with the light box are the vinyl-made backdrops (of 3 choices – blue, black, and white) and a handy carrying case. This carry case contains all the necessary attachments and accessories. Both the bottom of the box and sides of the box are well-made and sturdy.

Better than ever, this light box features reflective side panels for preventing lights from getting out of the box while keeping the light well balanced. And, to prevent potential glares from the reflective panels on the sides of the box, this light box’s front panel can be folded up easily. Plus, attached with a shoot-through hatch from the top, user will get to explore endless photo-taking possibilities from various angles. Assembly is a breeze. What’s more, the item is backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty, too.


After delving into what this Fotodiox Pro LED Studio-in-a-Box has to offer, we thought a little summary could help with your decision:
• Integrated LED lights + a diffusion panel for maximum photo results
• Choices of 3 Vinyl backdrops (blue, black, and white)
• Great portability – thanks to the provided carrying case
• Reflective panels given for the best light balance
• Many shooting angle possibilities with the shoot-through hatch from the top
Perfection is hard to achieve. So, here is one improvement that this Fotodiox Pro LED Studio-in-a-Box should work on:
• The backdrops are kind of hard to install. If these backdrops come with extra hooks or loops for added security and ease in installation

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3. MyStudio MS20 Professional Table Top Photo Studio Lightbox Kit

Top 10 Best Photo Light Boxes in 2018

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Are you looking for a light box that will transform your candid shot into something professional and high quality in a dream like way?  We have the perfect product for you if this is what you have been looking for. The MS20 professional table top studio is a light box from my studio that comes with high-end features.

The material used to make this product is waterproof and straightforward to clean. It also has a seamless design that converts photos to have a professional outlook. Besides, this product has two lights that are held in a lamp to help with lighting. Lastly, it comes with a DVD that is simple to use and also has a manual.

Customers love this product because it is both are long lasting. They also love the fact that it has a seamless professional design.


The Ms20 professional table top studio is a light box from my studio that takes photography to a whole new level with its high-end features. It comes with two lights that ensure that you can shoot clear pictures even in bad lighting.

Our 3rd pick on our list is the Mystudio MS20 Professional Studio Lighting Box. Here are some reasons why we have chosen it:

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  • It is perfect for capturing pictures of handbags, jewelry, scarves, and shoes.
  • The seamless design makes your shots look professional.
  • The material is well made and allows you to wipe off scuffs easily.
  • It comes with a DVD that has a lot of features and clear instructions.

Some few things need improvement:

  • The structure that holds the lamp is very flimsy.
  • The included two lights are quite weak. They need improvement.

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2. Elviros Professional Photo Lighting Studio Shooting Tent Box Kit

Top 10 Best Photo Light Boxes in 2018

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Are you looking for a light box to help take care of your photo needs? Are you tired of getting half-baked products in the market? Try the Elviros Professional 16”x16”x16” Photo Lighting Studio Shooting Tent Box Kit, and you won’t be disappointed. This product is a wide light box that is very easy to set up and is wide enough for professional work.

The box comes with its bag which makes storage and transportation very simple. It has a unique light bulb that generates about ten times the brightness produced by fluorescent bulbs. It also has Velcro on both the front and top flaps for protection.

Customers love this product because it is highly durable and easy to set up. The lighting on this product is also of a high quality.


The Elviros professional photo lighting studio shooting tent box kit is a 16 by 16 by 16 light box for photography. It has a potent light system and Velcro flaps that keep it protected. It also has a reflective material that reflects the LED light.

Measuring 16 X 16 X 16 in size at #2 is the Elviros Shooting Tent Box, and here is why we chose it:

  • It is extremely easy to setup.
  • The lighting is superb with extraordinary bright white which even 10 fluorescent lights can’t generate.
  • It is sturdy and easy to store and transport.
  • The front-facing flap and top flap viewpoints are excellent, with both having Velcro.
  • It comes with a reflective material that boosts the LEDs and provides all-around light.

Is there something to take note of? Certainly! We suggest that:

  • Users should be careful to put off the On/Off button on the power switch for the LEDs before connecting to a socket output. Doing otherwise may blow the LEDs if the switch button is already ON.

Be that as it may, we love this photo light box due to its impressive light display and ease of transport.

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1. AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

Top 10 Best Photo Light Boxes in 2018

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Professional photography has been made better with the continuous improvements and innovations in this area. The Amazon Basics portable studio is one of these improvements. It comes with a user manual which makes installation and uses effortlessly.

This light box has a three-door system that allows the use of different image angles and also reduces reflections. The 3-door system ensures that photographs produced have no shadows and can capture small objects that seem impossible to catch.

Many customers who bought this product love the three-door system and the variety of degrees it provides for the product. Buy yours today and enjoy varying professional photography degrees.


The Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio is a portable light box that has a –door system which helps in increasing photo angles with minimum reflections. Thus the photos are high quality with no shadows.

Coming at #1 is the AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio, and here is why we have chosen it:

  • Setup is like a walk in the park.
  • You can maximize image angles using the front 3-door system while reducing outside reflections.
  • It doesn’t require any assembling, and it’s powerful enough to capture large and tiny objects in a superb background presentation and a top imaging view to wit.
  • It has a shoot-through door that allows you to close the box and let all inside six sides to reflect optimum white light that will produce shadow-less photography on your target object.

But we found few things that needed improvement:

  • There is no switch to turn off the light; this is badly needed.
  • You are not given control over the color of the light, as it is daylight balanced.

Nevertheless, we recommend this photo box for its user-friendliness and high quality.

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EXTRA: Top 5 Best Photo Soft Box Reviews

5. Fancierstudio Lighting Kit

Up your photography game with the Fancierstudio Lighting Kit. In the kit, you may find a wide background stand, 2 softbox (of 16” x 24”), 3 units of light stand (6.5 feet tall), 2 units of light head (each can hold 4 bulbs), 8 fluorescent bulbs, etc. With this set, photography possibilities are just limitless. If you own a Sony, Olympus, or Canon, this kit is the ideal choice.

The power the kit is of 2000 watt. As for the green screen videos, the compact kit will help you in creating and curating the media of superb quality in addition to the benefits of directional, soft lighting offered by the softbox. Plus, you can also make use of the carrying case that the purchase includes. At this price point, we are sure you don’t want to miss out on this pick.

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4. Linco Lincostore Photo Studio Lighting Kit

It’s time to discover what the outstanding Linco Lincostore Soft Box Lighting Kit has to offer. It is a design-led item that features the Flora X light Head of 4 sockets a long with the Ceramic Base Cap. More innovative and user-friendly than ever, you can simply turn clockwise for locking the soft box kit and turn in a counterclockwise direction to unlock. Its power is of 1000 W lighting.

What’s also noticeable about this kit is you can set the whole thing up in just a snap – 3 seconds. The kit includes 3 units of the soft light bank, soft box tray, umbrella holes, power cord with off/on switch, 3 light stands, 12 white bulbs, and more; how adundant! Instead of going for untested brands, why not try Linco?

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3. CRAPHY Photo Studio Lights Kit

Our next lovable softbox lighting is from Craphy. As expected, this kit contains numerous tools – the softbox, curtain, 2 units of umbrellas crafted from aluminum and nylon, 4 units of lighting stand, 2 backdrops in white, green, and black, and more. For whichever occasion, whether it’s a wedding, newborn, or birthday photoshoot, leave the job to Craphy.

The 6 daylight bulbs included aren’t just of superior performance but also energy saving, saving up to 80% of energy. The color temperature delivered is of 5500k. For the price tag, this pick is hard to beat.

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2. Neewer Background Support System Soft Box

This product from Neewer has plenty to write about. As of tools included, there are 2 light stands, 2 light holders, 4 bulbs, 2 umbrellas, 2 softboxes, 3 backdrops, 6 backdrop clamps, and more. If the large sized kit is too large for your needs, you can check out the medium size available as well.
Height adjustment is easier and faster than ever – thanks to the single action locks quipped. And, the single head light holder enables easy bulb and umbrella attachment. This umbrella has the role of softening, widening and diffusing the light coverage.

The fluorescent bulb can imitate natural daylight very well. Constructed with lightweight and collapsible feature, this is one of those box lights are quick to get going and easy in storage. For maintenance, the backdrops are washable. Best yet, the kit is backed by a 1-year warranty.

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1. Fovitec StudioPRO Softbox Lighting Kit

The item that ranks first on our list for the reputation Fovitec has been building for years. This one comes in 3 kit sizes options (1 light kit, 2 light kit, and 3 light kit). Each kit, besides the softbox, contains stands, socket heads, a boom stand along with sandbag, bulbs, and a carrying bag. With syncing, sensors, and angle adjustment needed, all beginners will be able to take their photo/video shooting to greater heights.

The lighting set up’s height is fully adjustable up to 7’6”. Despite the energy feature of the lighting kit, its 45 W bulbs and 5500K CFL provides you with photography/videography results of rich and accurate colors. The reflective lining also grants optimal light reflection.

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The best light boxes are easy to maneuver and give you the perfect comfort while you are snapping the objects. Additionally, it creates a professional background for an excellent imagery. So, being the best alternative light box transforms your dream into an exceptional experience.

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