TOP 10 Best Pillows for Neck Pain in 2020


Do you experience shoulder pain, neck pain or you simply can’t get comfortable in bed? We are here to help with a review list of best pillows for neck pain.

Truth be told, getting up with an excruciating pain in the neck is an awful feeling. Not only does a disturbing kink in the neck send stabbing pains down the backs or arms, make it hard to move, often, but it is also the reason for headaches.

Most people often ascribe their mattress when they wake up with a neck pain; however, rarely is it the fault of one’s sleeping position or their Mattress. In fact, it could be downright due to your pillow.

If you are looking to buy a comfortable pillow for neck pain, then you should read our review of the top 10 best pillows for neck pain to take you through 2020. Check here for Best Cooling Pillows.

This ultimate review will provide you with all the relevant information you need to know before purchasing a pillow and what to consider when getting the right neck pain pillow just for you.

Top 10 Best Pillows for Neck Pain in 2020


Best Pillows for Neck Pain in 2020:

Read on the following review of the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain to find your pick of one the top rated best neck pain pillows available for you. You’ll be having better nights in no time.

10. Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow, Gusseted Side Sleeper

Top 10 Best Pillows for Neck Pain in 2020

To start off our review is the precisely contoured Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow, Gusseted Side Sleeper designed to offer aid to anyone in need of neck pain relief, fatigue and back pain.

This pillow is made from soft 100% quality cotton with an adaptive microscopic material that absorbs heat letting you feel cool throughout the night.

In addition to these features, this pillow has a Visco-elastic filling memory foam in a luxurious design meant to maximize comfort and support for cradling around the neck sleepers.


  • Plush memory foam core
  • Long-lasting microbead material for heat release
  • Firm and large neck and back pain support
  • Made from cotton
  • Adaptive comfort material


  • It is not flat and fluffy, too thick at the middle

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9. Z Zoned DOUGH Gel-Infused Memory Foam Bed Pillow

Top 10 Best Pillows for Neck Pain in 2020

This pillow has a special gel infused dough design that creates cooler and softer memory foam designed to relieve pressure points as well as, eliminate sleeping pains.

This pillow is also not very firm and solid like some pillows hence; you’ll find it very comfortable. This pillow also comes with a soft, washable velour cover and an open cell construction that is not only resilient but durable too.

Also, this pillow offers a zoned dough construction technology great for neck pain relief. This pillow makes a great pain reliever for back sleepers.


  • Breathable ventilation
  • Extra soft cover
  • Soft doughy surface
  • Cradles around the neck for support
  • Open cell construction
  • 5- year warranty


  • A Little too big and fluffy

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8. AERIS Queen Plush Memory Foam Contour Pillow – White

Top 10 Best Pillows for Neck Pain

If you are fed up with feeling sluggish in the morning and having severe neck pains and back pains? Have better nights with the AERIS pillow made from the highest quality memory foam in the market to give you a comfortable and neck supportive experience you will love.

Designed to provide a better sleeping experience, relieve pain and pressure on the neck and back sleepers. This makes a great pillow for side and back sleepers.

Also, it is fitted with ventilation holes that allow airflow for the best peaceful sleeping experience.


  • High-quality, responsive memory foam
  • Offers ventilation holes
  • A great remedy for neck pain relief
  • Ideal for side and back sleepers


  • It is hard

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7. Serta Gel Memory Foam

Top 10 Best Pillows for Neck Pain

This pillow -memory foam is uniquely designed for side and back sleepers. It is designed with a generous loft that provides spinal alignment hence relieving tension, back pain and neck pain caused by alleviating pressure on the spinal points.

This pillow also features a cool vent design that offers better airflow hence, maintaining freshness as you sleep.

Besides, this pillow keeps its shape and never goes flat plus its gel memory foam eliminates painful pressure points thus, offering the much-desired relief you long for in a good night sleep.


  • Extremely breathable
  • Ideal for side and back sleepers
  • Offers neck pain relief
  • Gel memory foam eliminates excruciating
  • Pressure points


  • May be too thick for comfort

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6. Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

Top 10 Best Pillows for Neck Pain

For a pillow that offers you smooth movement as you sleep without flattening or bunching the Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow is ideal.

This is the number one chiropractic recommended pillow since the water moves with you hence making it a great pillow for any sleeping position.

In addition, this pillow offers great neck support hence giving you the comfort and support you need to relief neck pain.

It is big enough to fit standard and queen size pillows. Plus, it uses ordinary tap water. Hence you do not need any chemical additives to keep the water clean.

This pillow has been clinically tested and proven to be a great neck and pain reliever hence best for anyone with a burning desire to find the best pillow for neck pain relief.


  • Firm and easy for use
  • Made of smooth Dacron StaLoft Hollfil fiber fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Soothes neck pain
  • Uses ordinary tap water
  • Chiropractic recommended pillow


  • If mishandled water could leak

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5. Perfect Cloud Dual Option Cooling-Gel Memory Foam Pillow – Two Sides

Best Pillows for Neck Pain

This luxurious Perfect Cloud Dual option offers a high a level of comfort and great support. This pillow is uniquely designed to cradle around the neck as you sleep.

It can also change its shape as you move through the night to conform to your body.

The air comfort gel memory foam offers great pain relief by reducing the pressure on your neck that leads to stiffness and soreness hence, ensuring you get luxurious comfort ad high-quality sleep every night.

That said, this pillow is also hypoallergenic hence a great alternative for people with allergies.

Another great benefit is the dual side option all with micro-ventilated holes to ensure your pillow stays fresh and cool throughout the night. This is truly a one of a kind pillow.


  • Luxurious comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Designed for neck pain relief
  • Offers great support
  • Dual option feature


  • Doesn’t work well for side sleepers

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4. Shredded Pillow by Xtreme Comforts – Memory Foam

Best Pillows for Neck Pain

The Shredded Pillow is designed to take care of your body as you sleep. This pillow cradles your neck to give you a soothing and comfortable support system for a great night’s sleep. This pillow is made from the highest quality shredded materials guaranteed never to go flat even when washed.

In addition, this pillow is made for durability, comfort, and support – the three key features you want in a pillow. This pillow is micro ventilated to always keep you cool at night plus this pillow comes backed up with a Xtreme comfort guarantee hence you are assured that you get good value for your money.


  • Great for all sleeping positions
  • Never goes flat
  • Expedient care – Machine wash
  • Reduces back pain and neck pain
  • Allergy free bamboo fabric casing
  • Super absorbent and micro-ventilated


  • Not great for people with allergies

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3. Snuggle-Pedic 

Best Pillows for Neck Pain

This is a king size pillow with a combination of memory foam and shredded that never goes flat. This pillow features an exclusive kool-flow technology designed to keep your body temperature cool all night.

It features shredded memory foam inside its core plus it has a conforming shape that supports the neck and offers great pressure relief.

It is ideal for all kind of sleepers plus it is hypoallergenic and dust resistant hence, anyone suffering from allergies can use it.

In addition, this pillow is micro vented hence breathability is enhanced as you sleep. Plus it is made from high-quality materials to offer you great service.

Doctors for neck relief highly recommend this pillow.


  • Hypoallergenic and dust resistant
  • Micro-vented
  • Comfortable soft cover
  • Conforming shape for neck support


  • Does not stay fluffy for too long

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2. Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow, Queen

Best Pillows for Neck Pain

You probably have heard about Classic brands. Their strong reputation and high-quality pillows that are designed to offer support and pressure relief for complete customer satisfaction precede them.

This pillow is a high-quality pressure-relieving pillow made from a blend of cotton that is not only soft but comfortable.

Additionally, it is made from high-quality materials that are dust resistant and hypoallergenic hence, ideal for anyone with allergies.

Moreover, this pillow has a removable and washable soft velour cover hence; you don’t have to wash the whole pillow.

This pillow – memory foam is designed to keep your body aligned by straightening out the back and ensuring that the space and curve of the neck are properly aligned hence making it ideal for all type of sleepers.

If you suffer from neck pains, headaches, and fatigue, this pillow could lend a helping hand in relieving all these problems.


  • 5-inch thickness for maximum support
  • Ventilated for maximum airflow
  • Soft and luxurious cotton
  • Hypoallergenic and dust resistant
  • Medium firm resilient memory foam
  • Removable cover


  • Not made for stomach sleepers

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1. Coop Home Goods Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

Best Pillows for Neck Pain 2020

This fantastic US made pillow is more so the most popular pillow in the market and the bestselling pillow on Amazon and for good reasons of course.

This pillow offers you superior flexibility and superior comfort and supports that cradle your neck as you sleep. Unlike other companies, Coop Home Goods uses a unique Cerptur foam product in manufacturing this 40% Bamboo Derived Viscose Rayon and 60% Polyester pillow.

With this pillow, you do not need to worry about allergies since all the materials are uniquely designed to be dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic.

In addition, this pillow is machine washable hence expedient care; it also comes in one size that fits for all and is easily adjustable to conform to your body type and suit any sleeping position.

The best part is that you can adjust this pillow to be either hard or soft hence giving you the neck relief you solely crave for.

If you are looking for a pillow that offers you neck pain relief that isn’t stuffy or too hot, this is the best choice for you.


  • Pillow keeps you cool at night
  • Provides the support of a memory foam
  • Great foam memory pillow for neck relief
  • Hypoallergenic and dust resistant
  • Provides shape ability, plushness, and breathability
  • Affordable


  • May be too soft for a side sleeper

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As you might see from the above review, memory foam are the best choice for neck aches or relieving painful pressure points. If you are constantly waking up with a stiff neck, headaches or even back aches a good pillow could help relieve the pain and let you have a peaceful sleep every night.

In search of good Reading Pillows.

Use the above review to find some of the top best pillows for neck pain that can not only increase your neck support but also comfort you in your sleep for as long as possible.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Pillows

Picking out the best pillow is indeed the first step of eradicating neck pain. However, no one pillow is right for every person. The trouble is, with the sea of pillows available on the market, How do you select the best?

Don’t freight, here is a handy pillow buying guides that will help you narrow down your options and find the best pillow for you. Check out now!

  • Sleeping position:

Pick out the right pillow for your sleeping style. If you mostly lie on your:

  1. Back – A pillow that is of medium puff would be best this could be a medium synthetic pillow, a high-flow pillow, or an orthopedic memory foam pillow.
  2. Tummy – A softer pillow would be ideal that is a synthetic pillow with low fill or medium fill.
  3. Side – A pillow with medium fill would be best. Choose a medium high-density synthetic memory foam or a high-fill down pillow.
  4. Sleep in all different positions – You’ll need a neck pillow with comfortable surfaces for side and back sleeping – A medium fill pillow would be best such as a medium synthetic or high-flow down pillow.
  • Neck pillow size:

The pillow you choose should be wide enough to fit around the neck. Consider your weight and height too. The bigger you are, the bigger the pillow you’ll need.

  • Neck pillow filling:

Knowing the contents of your pillow is essential. Do you have any allergies? Choosing a hypoallergenic synthetic pillow or a feather down based pillow would be best. If neck pains are the most of your concern, you should use a medium memory foam or a water-based pillow instead.

  • Budget:

Needless to say, you cannot spend what you don’t have. Therefore, make a budget and stick to it. Choosing an expensive pillow does not mean that it is better than one that is half the price. The key to selecting a good neck pillow is choosing the right brand and pillow type.