Top 10 Best Sofa Arm Tables in 2018

The lists of top sofa arms in 2018 that we wish to give the recommendations on today. Since choosing a very product with the right ones is a harder job, we are trying to assist you in getting the ideal sofa arm table by highlighting the features of each of them below.

List of  Top 10 Best Sofa Arm Tables in 2018

10. Sofa Tray Table (White Coffee)

Sofa Tray Table

First and foremost, we are happy to introduce to you the tray which can be used on the sofa chair table. This incredible product is known as Sofa Tray Table. It is specially made for using on the sofa chair table, plus the shape of this tray can easily fit many types of seat too. If you wish to get this product for your sofa chair table, we believe you should consider this product.

For the convenience in keeping your drink in place, the top of the tray is attached with the nonslip fabric as well. Therefore, we bet you can enjoy putting your hot and cold drink on this nice tray without concern.

9. Sofa Arm Tray

Sofa Arm Tray 18x12 Inch

This is another incredible product which is known as Sofa Arm Tray. This product has the total size of 18×12 Inch and it is well made from the top quality wooden stuff. Furthermore, this Sofa Arm Tray works best with the sofa arm as well as many other types of furniture. On top of that, it is not only used of holding the drink, but it can also act as the special decoration on your sofa arm table too.

More awesome than this, as this Sofa Arm Tray is an environmentally-friendly product, the materials being selected for producing this product are all natural. Last but not least, with the tray next to you, accessing to snack, drink or remote control is much more convenient.

8. Sofa Tray Table (Oak Tree)

Sofa Tray Table

Here comes the product that has received many positive reviews on the great quality that it offers. Sofa Tray Table is the production of Oak tree, and it has the total dimension of 30 cm x 40 cm x 0.4 cm. With Sofa Tray Table’s large size, it can easily hold many different types of drink with ease. More than this, as it is well designed to work best with the sofa arm, it guarantees to hold the drink well without damaging your precious sofa.

On top of that, it can withstand the heat from your drink well too as it is attached with the durable fabric. Hence, you can let it hold your drink both hot and cold without any concern.

7. WoodenStuff Sofa Arm Table

Sofa Arm Table 18x12 Inch

We are happy to give the next recommendation on the awesome product which is known Sofa Arm Table. Initially, this nice product is well made from the top grade material, wooden stuff. Adding to that, the full size of this durable product is 18×12 Inch. This tray is the attractive product. It aims to offer the convenience in keeping your snack, drink and other possessions next to you.

On top of that, another great feature of this product is that it is an environmental-friendly product; therefore, you can have the full confidence in using this product. Lastly, please be note that, with the fabric attached to the base part of the tray, your drink will not flip over.

6.”Anabelle” Clear Acrylic Arm Rest

Arm Tray Table For Sofa

With the dimension of 12 x 9 (8 1/2″ inside) x 4″, “Anabelle” Clear Acrylic Arm Rest is one of the best-selling products that we wish to give the recommendation on. The material being used for producing this product is carefully selected. For instance, the thickness of the Lucite is ¼”. Adding to that, this tray can fit perfectly well with the armrest of the sofa too.

As a great result, you can conveniently use it to hold your drink while you can enjoy watching your favorite shows at the same time. Besides, it can be used with both hot and cold water without any problem as well.

5. REAL HARD WOOD Sofa Chair Arm Rest

REAL HARD WOOD Sofa Chair Arm Rest Table Stand

We bet you are looking for the best tray that can be used with your sofa, right now we are happy to introduce to you the incredible product called REAL HARD WOOD Sofa Tray. The first great feature of this product is, it is also designed with the pocket at the same of the tray too. This allows you to keep the magazine easily. More than this, with the sturdy surface that this product provides, you can store any things with ease. Please also be informed that the full dimension of this product is 15 x 12 x 26 inches.

4. Couchmaid Table Top Solid Wood Sofa Tray

Couchmaid Table Top Solid Wood Sofa Tray

Next, this is the product which is well recognized as the high quality product. Couch maid Table Top Tray is the expert in holding your drink for you. This product can be easily placed on the armrest of the sofa. For your information, it well perfectly well with the sofa that has square arms. More than this, besides allowing you to place your snack and drink, with the size of 14.2 x 9.4 x 1.6 inches this awesome tray can serve as the work station too.

Last but not least, the materials being used for producing this incredible product is thoroughly handpicked. That’s why only natural gradient is used for this product.

3. 16.5″ Wood Flexi Sofa/Arm Chair Table

16.5" Wood Flexi Sofa/Arm Chair Table

Wood Flexi Sofa Table that has the size of 16.5″ is the high quality product that you should take into consideration. For the convenience in keeping your drink in place while you are sitting on the sofa, this product allows you to use it as the tray on the armrest. More incredible than this, as it is well made from the hard wood it is highly recommended for using it for many purposes.

Adding to that, it can perfectly fit various kinds of the armrest too. No matter what types of sofa you are having, this product can be attached to it easily.

2. Utrax Wooden Sofa Arm Clip

Utrax Wooden Sofa Arm Clip on Snack Table Wood Chai

The number two product in our today list goes to the product which is known as Utrax Wooden Sofa Arm Clip on. As the name has suggested, this tray is well made from the wooden material. The next great feature of this product is, instead of being the snack holder, the beauty added to your sofa too. Adding to that, you can put your drink on it without worrying if it is slipping off too. Hence, it is designed with the edged that can keep the drink in place. We would like to remind that, the size of this product is 13.9 x 9.9 x 3.2 inches.

1. CouchCoaster

Utrax Wooden Sofa Arm Clip on Snack Table Wood Chair -Sofa Arm Tables

We believe that you are eagerly waiting for the number one product in our list today. Now the wait is finally over, we are glad to introduce to you Couch Coaster, the good looking and durable tray. This product comes with the superb design, that why this product can fit and hold all types of drink with ease. Additionally, if you choose to purchase this product, you can prevent straining and spilling.

Plus, it is not only a drink holder, but also the storage place for other products too. Please be reminded that, this holder can be adjustable too, so we bet you will find this product very easy to use.


Provided above is a curated list of the top 10 best sofa arm tables in 2018. With each product’s feature and function mentioned, you probably are well aware of what sofa arm tables are like. Get one soon; none of these picks will ever fail you.

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