TOP 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers in 2021

Are you tired of manually monitoring your assets or people? Then worry no more folks! With the rapid development experienced in the tech world, so are the Spy Spot GPS Trackers becoming more sophisticated, cheaper and readily available.

With the increased availability of these GPS trackers, it turns out tricky for buyers to make a choice. Below are hence some factors you should prioritize before you make any purchase.

Below we review 10 of the Best GPS Trackers/ Spy Spot GPS trackers in the market today, their features and what Pros and Cons they carry to assist in your GPS trackers shopping expedition.

Top 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers in 2021

Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers 2021 Reviews

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10. Spy Spot Investigations GL 300

Top 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers

For those of you seeking to blend uniqueness and quality, Spy Spot Investigations GL 300 got you covered. It is dear to many buyers owing to its compact design. From placing it on vehicles belts to assist track down mischievous drivers to packing it inside a bags to allow for spouse and kids surveillance, its compactness is essential for most buyers. It has an exciting battery life spanning up to 2 weeks in a car tracker hence assured convenience.

For covert tracking activities, it features a real-time GPS tracking. It incorporates text message alerts and detailed event reports that ensure reliability, it has a motion sensor, and geofence to alert you in case the tracked object makes a movement from its designated position. When the need arises, and you want to locate the tracker, you can use google maps for the purpose. With the listing of all cool features the tracker carries along, it could be along protocol to term it one of the best brands we have in the market today.

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  • It has a longer battery life to enhance long-term operation
  • It is compact in design hence assured portability
  • It is made from sturdy materials hence increased durability
  • Its motion sensors allow eased movement identification
  • The expected monthly subscription seems costly for users
  • Compromised accuracy owing to its small size

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9. Linxup OBD GPS Tracker with Real Time 3G GPS Tracking

Top 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers

Are you tired of driver’s late delivery and unprofessional driving? With Linxup OBD GPS this becomes a problem of the past. The GPS tracker allows you to monitor the location of your truck at all times with 100% accuracy by the help of google maps. As if this is not enough, one can control the speed of which drivers are operating your vehicle and whether or not they are violating traffic rules. This feature assists a lot in ensuring perfect surveillance of your fleet drivers and all activities happening to your vehicles.

Packed with geofence and motion sensors, with the tracker you will have full knowledge of when your vehicle is in motion or not. The Linux tracker is unique in its stand. It includes a valuable report and dashboard that comes in as a savior to reduce vehicles fuel consumption and have an assurance of your driver’s safety. This feature will help in a big way save on finances. With full recognition of the large smartphone users today, developers have gone a notch higher to develop a Linux mobile app that ensures accurate text messages and email alerts.

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  • The device is compatible with smartphones; hence perfect message delivery
  • With the fuel regulation, one can save on finances
  • Regulating speed helps reduce road carnage
  • Accuracy from the google maps review
  • It is made from fragile materials hence less durable
  • The monthly subscription makes it expensive to operate

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8. Real Time Live Mini Micro GPS Tracker in White

Top 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers

For those of you that are keen on the budget, and want a cheap to run gadget. Real time tracker is the best choice for you. Once you buy the tracker, you are done with every bit relating to it. You are not required to pay any monthly subscription to ensure surveillance or even prompted to sign any contract of operation. Isn’t this smart?

The device is simple to operate. It requires no connection. Provided you have devices like PC or Pad or smartphones that have an internet connection. An operation is effected. It is convenient to use owing to its long battery life that can make it remain in operation up to 2 weeks with clear indicator any time it needs a recharge. The tracker is efficient in reports. In a case of over speeding or even motion detection, the tracker is programmed to relay reports through email or text messages that will prompt reaction.

  • Requires no monthly subscription hence cheap to operate
  • No connection is needed to be done hence easy to use
  • It has text message alerts
  • It helps regulate speed hence control carnage
  • It is made from delicate materials hence less durable

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7. Spy Spot TT8850 Real Time Mini Portable GPS Tracker GPS Tracker

Top 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers

Its simplicity and eased portability positions, the tracker is a notch higher than its competitors. It is designed to be small and easy to carry around using your hands. It is coming along with a carrying pouch to make its mobility simplified. It is up to date with the booming technological wave hence it incorporates a 3G tracking technology that is perfect for operating and gives you quick feedbacks.

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Its battery life is incredible! Most of its competitors are designed with a battery life spanning to two weeks but with this one can enjoy operation up to two and a half weeks. If you possess a PDA or a computer you can perform smooth tracking on yourself.

  • It is well designed hence highly durable
  • It is compact hence easily portable
  • Its 3G technology makes it highly reliable for operation
  • It incorporates a free carrying pouch
  • Activating on your own is difficult
  • It is not very accurate

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6. Vyncs No Monthly Fee Connected Car OBD Link

Top 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers

Another saving on your bucks is what Vyncs 3G Car GPS Tracker. It is easy to operate tracker that requires no monthly subscription required, no fee to activate its working, no contract signing and like all this is not enough the device includes a free shipping package. It could only be right to term it pocket-friendly! It is a car tracking product that is keen on saving hence assured fuel saving.

The tracker is technologically critical and is moving with the wave by incorporating 3G connection that makes it accurate to deliver surveillance information. A sim card is an added item in the gadget that has a full year data package with a subsequent similar renewal fee in the years to follow. Its alert systems are real time! In the case of any violation, the tracker is quick to send Emails or SMS to inform you to take the next action.

  • The device is cheap to operate
  • The 3G connection allows it to give right signals
  • Requires no contract signing and has free shipping
  • Quick alert services
  • Made from very fine materials hence less durable
  • It has a big size hence cumbersome

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5. Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker

Top 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers

The selling point for the Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker is the natural compatibility with your smartphone or iPhone to ensure effective surveillance. If you are a private investigator or are in need to track a route followed by someone, the simple absorption into your mobile device provides easy tracking and accurate results.

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It requires a monthly subscription for eased operation, but the better part of it is the fact that you can cancel the package if you think you are not comfortable. It has no hidden fees, no contract to sign hence it is a perfect choice. Its alert services are some to reckon with thanks to the quick email and text message alert in case of an unbecoming in the tracked object. It as well delivers valid report example a driving story.

  • It delivers accurate results
  • Using on your mobile device is easy
  • It requires no contract signing or hidden fees
  • The tracker requires no software installation
  • It needs a monthly subscription for operation
  • The gadget has a shorter battery life

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4. MasTrack OBD Live GPS Vehicle Tracker

Top 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers

The beauty of this tracker is its quick update that takes place in as little as 1 minute. It covers a broad range of the nations of Canada and USA. Compared to its competitors its monthly subscription is affordable as it spans to $10.99. It has a precise and understandable installation. Every vehicle that was modeled after 1996 has an OBD 11 port. You are only required to plug it in the port and then wait for its operation.It is keen on alerts.

It is keen on alerts. If in case your driver violates speed rules or tampers with it, you are assured of untimely alerts through your Email and SMS package to help you react in accordance. The manufacturers have incorporated operation using your Android or iOS App that is readily available in the market hence eased operation. Provided you have an internet connection. The tracker functions correctly. It requires no software installation hence reliable for anyone regardless of your technological prowess.

  • Quick alert services through the SMS and Email
  • It is very easy to install
  • It is durable owing to its top manufacturing materials
  • It is reliable due to its compatibility with mobile devices
  • It is not very accurate on results
  • It requires a monthly subscription

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3. Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker GPS/GSM Tracking Real-time Locator

Top 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers

Manufacturers know how well to lure clients to purchase their products. Those of Vectu are not left behind on this. When you buy the gadget; they provide you with a pre-installed sim card that allows you to operate the product for two days with no required subscription fee. You are as well needed to pay no subscription fee. After the two day offer, you will continue enjoying services at affordable prices. The tracker operates globally.

Using the GPS or GSM network you can locate it anywhere. You only need a smartphone, or an internet enabled PC. With the Vectu, you are entitled to unlimited alerts through the Email or SMS package. The device is made compatible with your phone and hence has a modeled mobile app to work well on your iOS or Android device. The app allows easy monitoring of people and other objects.

  • It allows for global surveillance
  • It comes with a preinstalled Simcard
  • It has unlimited Email and SMS alerts
  • The subscription is cheap
  • Requires a lot of technicalities to operate
  • It is less durable

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2. Zubie ZK30012M GPS Tracker for Teen Drivers and Families

Top 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers

The Zubie tracker plays a very vital role to monitor your fleet driving activity. Critical to note is its cheap operation as it requires no monthly subscription. With its enhanced sensors, Zubie allows you to know where your car is and how it is being driven. This will play an important role to give you peace of mind. It record keeping is incredible!

You have the ability to get the trip history of your car and as well get the score of your driving to induct better driving tactics. It is wirelessly connected and with these feature allows for worldwide coverage. It is quick to alert in case of fuel reduction to ensure fill up. It could just be right to term the tracker driver friendly.

  • It is easy to install
  • The tracker has perfect record keeping
  • It rates your driving prowess to prompt for improvement
  • It has a wide area surveillance
  • It is not made from sturdy materials hence less durable
  • It requires a subscription fee

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1. Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

Top 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers

If we were to go with quality of a GPS tracker, this one has won the game this year. It is an all in one package that is easy to use with teens, vehicles, spouses, assets, and elderly persons for your care. Its compact design allows it to be carried around with ease. It is small nature allows it to be attached to car belts with little hassle. It is perfect once connected to the internet and incorporates a map for eased monitoring.

And from the reviews online, consumers love this product and for good reasons. It is perfect for tracking vehicles, spouses, teens, assets and elderly persons you care for. It comes in a compact size which allows it to be carried anywhere you go. As a matter of fact, it is so small that it can attach to the car’s belt. It provides real-time tracking when connected to the internet and comes with a map to help it deliver this service.

  • It has perfect email and SMS delivery in case of movement
  • Has an extensive range are of surveillance
  • It is small and compact in design
  • It is simple to connect
  • Has a shorter battery life
  • It is less durable

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Pre-Purchase Considerations:

Some factors that you should consider when selecting a GPS tracker
  • The purpose of buying the tracker:

This is surely the most critical factor to top your consideration list. You may need one for personal use or commercial security. For a personalized purpose, you will require a small and more portable tracker on the other hand if it’s for commercial purposes, you need one with top-grade features to match its use.

  • The GPS battery life:

Can you imagine how tedious it can get to keep charging you GPS tracker? Before you purchase one, make sure you consider how consistently it can withstand operation without repeated charging.

  • Your budget:

Obviously more expensive GPS trackers tend to carry along pleasing features. But you don’t need to strain your wallet to purchase a tracker. Ensure you get one that matches your need and suits your pocket as well!

  • Find a reputable GPS tracking device dealer: 

It is very important that you work with a reputable GPS tracking device dealer. Work with one who has the knowledge on the products and that is available to help you whenever you need the help. Some dealers even take it a step further and offer you warranties for the products that they make available to you.


To ensure you know the where about of your assets or people gadgets are important. In the guide above we have given you a detailed analysis of top of the tier GPS trackers in the market this 2021. It is now up to you to make a choice of one that suits your need.

Trackers are great to know the whereabouts of the persons or assets that are dear to you. You should, however, know that you will require having access to the internet to enjoy the service provided by these gadgets and companies.


5 thoughts on “TOP 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers in 2021”

  1. With every passing year, and as young adults are getting smarter and smarter, GPS tech continues to grow more sophisticated and accessible for daily use. Gone are the days when GPS tracking was only a thing for those who were financially stable. GPS products today are more readily available than they were some years ago. With their increased availability comes an increase in number.
    This makes choosing the right one for your needs a little bit tricky. As such, to help you out, below are some factors that you should consider when selecting a GPS tracker.
    The plan you intend to use your GPS tracker:
    This is probably the largest factor that will influence the tracker that you will purchase. There are those who buy these trackers for personal use, and there are those who get them to secure their businesses and other commercial products. If you intend to use yours to meet your personal needs, then you should get a small GPS tracker unit. One that can even fit in your bag. If you are looking to get one for commercial purposes, then you should get one that is water resistant, and that frequently reports to you.
    GPS battery needs:
    The battery life of your GPS tracker is vital since, after all, it is an electronic device, Without power, it will not be able to provide you with the service that you are looking for. For a unit intended to meet your personal needs, charging it once in every four or so days may not be much of a hassle. We can say that that is pretty convenient. However, if you plan to use it for covert tracking, then you will need one that has a longer battery life or one that does not use a battery.
    If you are looking to run some covert operations, you should go for the gadgets that come with extended battery life. With these, you will get some service for several weeks.
    Your tracking budget:
    Just like it is with other tech devices available, the budget plays a significant role when it comes to the GPS tracking equipment. The costs and prices vary widely. But as you would expect, low priced products cannot compare to those that are highly priced regarding features, the technology it employs and at times even the durability.

  2. For me, I think 3G Spy Spot Wired-In GPS Vehicle Tracker with Kill Switch Starter Disable / Enable
    The beauty of this product is the fact that it comes with a kill switch. Very few GPS trackers have this feature. If you are looking for a product that is direct to the point, simple yet highly functional and efficient at what it does then this is the product that you should get. It is hardwired, and as such you do not have to worry about your battery running out in the middle of your covert operation. Adding to this, it comes with a real-time vehicle tracker. This way, when you give your teen daughter/son your car, you know where they are at all times.
    This is not so that you can bust in on them but for those times when they are in trouble and do not know where they are (probably we have watched a lot of movies, but hey, it can happen). It price quoted is a one, of and you do not have to make payments every so often.
    • It is very easy to install
    • It does not require batteries
    • It comes with a remote-controlled kill switch
    • At a fee, it has a worldwide coverage
    • It is not fancy (it is very plain looking)

  3. “Spy Spot GL 200 Enduro Pro Personal GPS Tracking Tracker”
    If you have personal reasons for getting your tracker, this is a good option. It runs on battery, but the beauty of it is that it is long lasting. It can serve you for a whopping 2 weeks nonstop. This is more than enough time for personal use. It comes with live tracking, and you can view the reports from your phone, PC, the desktop of the tablet (anything that has a connection to the internet and display). In addition to the above, it comes with a motion sensor and also has worldwide tracking.
    • It has a long lasting battery
    • It features worldwide tracking
    • It is convenient
    • It comes with a warranty
    • It is not suitable for long covert projects that you might have at hand
    • It could be smaller than it is

  4. For me: Top 5 Best GPS Trackers:
    5. Real Time Live Mini Micro GPS Tracker in White – GPS Tracking Device + Magnetic Clip

    With this device, there is no contract that you will be required to sign. You will also not be needed to pay any monthly fees to cater to the costs of monitoring. Once you purchase it that will be it. It is best for those who are on a budget. It does not need to be installed and can be accessed from virtually any device that has a connection to the internet including tablets, IPads, smartphones and PCs. Its battery can last up to 2 weeks without recharging. It has an indicator that lets you know when it is dying out this way you recharge it and have it serve you for another fortnight.
    • Reports are provided in a clear breadcrumb manner
    • It provides you with a one-year tracking history
    • It is not the best-looking device there is
    4. Spy Spot TT8850 Real Time Mini Portable GPS Tracker GPS Tracking Device Gl 200 Micro Tracker

    If you are looking for a device that is small enough for you to carry around, Spy Spot TT8850 is the best product for you. It fits in hand perfectly. It features a 3G tracking technology which is very fast and efficient in giving you real-time feeds. Unlike many products that have a maximum of two weeks of battery life, this one has provided you with an extra four days or so in battery life. You can perform your tracking for any PDA gadget that you own.
    • It comes with a free carrying pouch
    • It is well built and designed
    • It is snug and fits perfectly in the hand
    • It features 3G technology which is highly reliable
    • It is not as accurate as one would hope
    • It can prove difficult to activate by yourself

    3. Spy Spot 2017 Upgraded 3G GL300W Portable Real Time Live Micro Tracker

    The selling point of this product is the fact that it comes with an extended battery which can provide a whole 2 months of service. This is better than anyone could hope for from a personal use GPS tracking device. It comes with software that can be logged into from any Device with a connection to the internet and with a display. These products include Android and Apple devices. On the tracking history, you get up to 1 year long data. This is more than many people will ever need. But as they say, you better be prepared and not need something than need it and not have it. The device comes with an indicator that will let you know when the battery is running out. Agreed, it is very easy to forget to charge the device especially after such a long time. With this product, you will not need to sign a contract.
    • You can cancel the subscription at any time you see it fit
    • It is durable
    • Has a great design
    • Some users complained the battery life was not as advertised

    2. Spy Spot Investigations GL 300 GPS Tracker Portable Locator GSM GL-300 spy GPS tracker

    This is one unique product there is on the market. It might not be the best looking, but boy does it deliver. It is efficient in what it does and comes with lots of features making it far more convenient than most. It is highly rated, and many users love what they get. It features a Real-time GPS tracking which is best for covert tracking operations, has a motion sensor, Geo-fence, events reports and best of all, has text message alerts. This way, you cannot miss any action it records.
    • It comes with no contract
    • It has international coverage at a fee though
    • It is sturdy and durable
    • You will have to pay monthly fees amounting to $24.95

    1. Real Time 3G GPS Tracker – Portable Homing Device

    If unlimited tracking is what you are after, then you will love this product. The fact that it is miniature makes it even more liked by those looking to get into covert projects. It has a long lasting charge. It can last for a whopping 4 months – imagine that.
    It comes fitted with a motion sensor that is very sensitive to small movements and to top it all off; it is very easy to use.
    • It is highly accurate
    • Its battery lasts for very long
    • It might be bulky for some who are very specific with the size they are looking for

  5. Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers 2017
    3. Spy Hawk Rapid X-Track Hardwired GPS Tracker

    What is better than having a long lasting battery? No battery is at all. The device makes use of 3G technology which allows you to see the action as it happens (movement in this case). Its accuracy is top tier and is up to an impressive 8 inches. It transmits data of its location every 10 seconds or so. You can do the monitoring over the internet or wait for the alerts it sends via email or SMS. Last but not least, it is very easy to use.
    • It gives extra service of making calls to your vehicles and can even control electronic devices on board using the tracker
    • It has unlimited speeds
    • It has 3 months history tracking
    • A monthly fee of $39.95 is expected

    2. Spy Spot OBD 2 Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracker

    This is a quality product. It is one of those products that one purchases and never regrets. It provides you with value for your money. It is designed in such a way that it updates every 60 seconds even when the car is off. With this device, you can do the tracking from your smartphone, computer or tablet. It is easy to install and has real time and worldwide tracking upon request.
    • It is very easy to install
    • It does not need you to install a software
    • It does not require the signing of a contract
    • One has to pay a monthly fee
    • Slightly expensive than most (but then again for a quality product, the price is just right)

    1. Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

    This is the best Spy Spot has this year. And from the reviews online, consumers love this product and for good reasons. It is perfect for tracking vehicles, spouses, teens, assets and elderly persons you care for. It comes in a compact size which allows it to be carried anywhere you go. As a matter of fact, it is so small that it can attach to the car’s belt. It provides real-time tracking when connected to the internet and comes with a map to help it deliver this service.
    • It sends you an email or text alert when the person is on the move.
    • No cancellation or activation fees
    • There is a monthly fee you will have to pay ($25)
    • It is slightly expensive than most

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