TOP 10 Best Swimming Pool Test Kits in 2021

Have you ever realized that the pool water needs regular treatments so that the water does not infect other individuals who come swimming? Besides that, you also ought to know the precise pH level of the pool water that you’re using for swimming. As such, what are the best swimming pool test kits that to use?

If that’s the question that you’ve been asking then worry no more because this article answers all that. The review below lists the best kits that will certainly make you join a list of holders of wonderful pools that are clean all the time.

Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Test Kits

The review below lists the best swimming pool test kits that will certainly make you join a list of holders of wonderful pools that are clean all the time.

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10. Taylor R-0014 Swimming Pool Test Kit

  • By: Taylor

With this test kit, you’ll be capable of testing your pool water and get accurate readings. This water tester kit used for testing pH, or phenol red and base demand in water. The test kit has all the important features that enable it to store and also make your pool water to remain clean and healthy for everyone.

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  • The kit is easy to use
  • It’s quite cheap as compared to other test kits
  • This pool kit doesn’t change colors at times which makes it difficult to get the correct readings

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9. WaterSafe Water Test Kit for Lead Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Test Kits in 2021

  • By: WaterSafe

This swimming pool kit can detect any dissolved lead that’s below standards of EPA. As such, it is very important that you test your pool waters to ensure that the water is safe. The best thing concerning this kit is the fact that it features a vessel for water samples, a pipette designed for obtaining the correct amounts of water that should be used as the test sample. Furthermore, it has the test strip that gives the results.

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  • This kit is reliable
  • Easy to Install
  • This is among the most comprehensive test kits on the market
  • It lacks a backlight thus making the reading a bit difficult

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8. Taylor Technology INC K-1106 TEST KIT PHOSPHATE 

Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Test Kits in 2021


This kit is well-suited for use with the water chlorine generator. After conducting researches, most people have realized that they should discard the older strips that were normally used in determining the water pH level and instead choose Taylor Technology INC K-1106. This ph water tester kit will never disappoint as it has been proven to provide accurate results. You should also make sure that you always keep chemicals away from kids because they might harm them.

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  • Tests for five (5) basic factors
  • Easy to read comparator
  • Instructions are usually color coded for effectiveness
  • Might be quite difficult to separate the shades of pink from red. As such, values of chlorine testing could be difficult to read

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7. General Hydroponics PH Test Kit

Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Test Kits in 2021

If you’ve got your own pH solutions, then you ought to go for this swimming pool kit. You simply have to put a small amount of water inside its test tube, followed by some drops of pH solutions and it will tell whether the pH level is right. This test kit works efficiently when compared to prolong style meter most people use.

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  • This pool testing kit is handy, convenient and quite easy to use
  • The kit is accurate when used correctly
  • The reservoir cap fits only in one direction
  • The battery cover is fussy to remove, and the plastic clip found on the back shows stress points after using it for a short period

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6. Jed Pool Tools Inc 00-481 Standard Dual Test Kit 

Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Test Kits in 2021

  • By: JED Pool Tools

When you use Jed Swimming Pool Standard Test Kit, you’ll realize that it’s among the finest test kits ever made. Even though the swimming pool kit doesn’t necessarily replace test strips, it is affordable and very effective if you normally use it for daily maintenance. Also, the kit is economical to use.

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  • The kit is quite affordable
  • Allows easy testing
  • Tests for the most important factors in pools
  • It doesn’t allow to test for cyanuric acid and Bromine levels

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5. Pancellent Water Quality Test Meter

If you would like to test the water cleanliness, then this kit can effectively do this task for you. Besides, it’s very portable and quite easy to use. Using it simply requires one to remove the protective cap and then place probes inside the pool water, and they shall be measured immediately. The tester also features the lock as well as automatically shut-off functions.

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  • Easy to use
  • Consistently reports similar results from the same sample.
  • Detects changes in the solute concentration reliably
  • The “Hold” feature makes it possible to move this device through the non-uniform solutions and then lock the display as desired
  • Display is small, and it’s not illuminated, which can make it hard to read in poor lighting conditions

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4. LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit 

Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Test Kits in 2021

  • By: LaMotte

Individuals who have used this test kit say can attest to the fact that it’s among the best kits on the market today. The kit is also pocket-friendly which means that you won’t have to guess PH levels as you’ve been doing before. This test kit will allow you to measure chlorine levels as well as PH level.

  • Features the automatic calibration function
  • The kit has a bright LCD backlight display
  • Comes together with a storage case
  • The kit is fairly expensive as compared to other models

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3. AquaChek 551236 7-Way 100 Count Pool Water Test Strips 

Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Test Kits in 2021

  • By: AquaChek

The best feature about AquaChek 100 Counts Pool Water Test is that it normally uses the chlorine strips that usually give out total chlorine readings. Total chlorine refers to the value that you’ll get after combining free active chlorine. You’ll only need free chlorine since the combined chlorine is normally bad.

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  • Easy to use: Just dip them into your pool to wrist depth, then set them flat and count up to 15 (seconds) before comparing the colors.
  • Includes all the tests; Hardness, total/free chlorine, PH, Alkalinity and Cyanuric Acid as a bonus.
  • Colors are quite easy to read even in twilight
  • Includes a pamphlet with the color chart just in case you lost yours
  • Colors continue changing after the first minute. As such, you ought to look at the colors within the 1st minute or 2

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2. Taylor’s Technologies INC K-2006 Test Kit

Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Test Kits in 2021


This swimming pool test kit is suited for acid-base demands because it’s completely alkaline. Also, it comes well-armed with the FASDPD bromine test kit for the acidic base demands, calcium hardness and total alkalinity. This pool test kit is not quite similar to the traditional testing methods that were initially used. Furthermore, the taylor test kits have the unique ability to differentiate in between total chlorine and free chlorine thus enabling it to provide accurate readings.

  • Uses DPD powder which is more accurate as compared to liquid reagent that most pool testing kits use
  • Can be used in the saltwater pools
  • It’s extremely easy to use
  • Doesn’t test for salt (sodium chloride) content
  • Not the best test kit for pH readings

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1. Poolmaster 22260 5-Way Test Kit with Case – Basic Collection

Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Test Kits in 2021

  • By: Poolmaster

This kit contains all essential products that are required to maintain swimming pools as well as a spa. It’s made from durable materials that keep your swimming pool clean at all times. The kit also has a polyethylene case that’s capable of holding all important components in a great way. It also features a very easy-to-read indicator panel. This panel ensures that the pool test kit doesn’t have any errors.

  • As a basic pool testing kit, it is suitable for most home needs – from Jacuzzis to big pools
  • It can be used for the salt water pools
  • It’s just a basic testing after all, so it is not recommended for big, public or even professional pools

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With these pool testing kits at your home, you’ll have many people thronging to your pool day in and day out because they don’t wish to remain behind. Besides, they are well-priced which makes them affordable to most individuals. By buying any of the above-listed swimming pool test kits, you can be guaranteed to keep your swimming pool clean at all times.


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