TOP 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020

Top 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2017

Imagine carrying a bunch of reference books anytime you need to study, or record books and many pens just to make short notes anytime you go for lectures. Not anymore. The world today has taken a big step in bettering the college life by providing an efficient way to take notes, drawing structures and so on.

Tablets of College Students have taken the lead in college students’ life. Having it in your budget is one big move. You now can be able to make notes either through touch or external keyboard, or you can decide to use audio input. The question is, do you know what most companies offer as part of specifications? 

Top 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020

Well, you now need to go deep into our reviews, the Top 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020 to get the top notch product line.

10. Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7″

Top 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020

Most people love it, having a big sized screen like 7” display, and this Elite Tab is perfect as it gives you enough display for your videos and application. The interesting bit about this tablet is the 8GB RAM which means that you can run more than one application at the same time.

The 1.3GHz processing speed is also one of the features that are impressive. The overall weight of this tablet is 0.68 pounds which are light enough to be carried.  Also, the 4.4 KitKat android version can support some applications to run in the entire system. The screen resolution is 1024 by 600 which can support up to MP4 video format.

It supports wireless network, and the secondary storage it comes with is 8GB which is enough to save some class files and studying materials. It is built with a lithium battery which takes a considerable long time to keep the phone alive. With the 2MP camera, you can take good quality pictures and emphasis on web communication.

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  • Summary

Wow, features like 4.4 KitKat android version, 1.3 GHz processor speed, 8GB ROM and 8GB RAM are all found in this tablet, it is amazing.


  • The memory to run application (RAM) is big enough
  • The speed of the Processor is fast to keep track of information in the storage
  • It is very light
  • It is very affordable
  • The interface is user-friendly and straightforward to use

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9. NeuTab 10.1 inch Quad Core Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS Tablet PC

Top 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020

With a powerful performing quad core processor of 1.3GHz, 2MP camera and the latest version of the Android operating system, Neutab Tablet is an excellent choice. It features 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage which makes sure all applications run concurrently without slowing down the overall system performance.

Also, it has a microSD card slot which can withstand up to hundreds of GBs’. The display on the 10.1 inches is marvelous as it is big enough to view big things and small sufficiently to be handled with one hand. When the battery is fully charged, it can last up to 7 hours without shutting down no matter what.

The display unit expands up to 1280 by 800 resolutions which are perfect for gamers and movie enthusiasts. It is Wi-Fi built and the mini-HDMI port for TV to Tablet connection. You should not let this uniquely featured Tablet pass your eyes. Grab one and enjoy your college life.

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  • Summary

This tablet is one of a kind.  It is the latest device having an android OS with 6.0 version and other enticing features. Imaging 16GB internal storage and an SDcard slot which you can expand its usage up to hundreds of GBs’. The screen resolutions that can make enrich your gaming experience. Once you purchase this tablet you will be given a one-year warranty, so you should not worry about the risks as it will be taken into account.

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  • The most upgraded android version
  • It contains 16GB internal storage
  • The screen resolution allows you to use applications which are graphic intensive

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8. Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-P580NZKAXAR 10.1-Inch 16 GB, Tablet with S Pen

Top 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020

Has anyone talked about high processing speeds, dual camera, and the large storage memory? Maybe you should set your eyes on this Tablet with exciting offers. It features an Exynos 1.6 GHz processor which is octa-core responsible for high processing speeds and memory buffer.

The 10.1 inches display is another wow feature for the games and the screen resolution which is despicable. It has the most recent version of Android which is 6.0 Marshmallow. The memory and storage are another useful features our tablet has, with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal for the effectiveness of the system running. It has two cameras with an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera.

The two cameras produce wonderful high-quality pictures and video recordings. The size of this featured tablet is 1.2 pounds which are outspoken to be very light and easy to carry unlike majority of tablets which will require you to have a carrier for it. For more suggestions, the user manual will cater for that.

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  • Summary

With a processing speed of 1.6GHz and 2GB RAM, Samsung tablet is recommended for your staying in the college. The most recent 6.0 android version and 10.1-inch screen display size and the excellent resolution should be your features to look at in this device.


  • The RAM is 2GB
  • It has two cameras produce quality pictures
  • The 1.6GHz processing speed is two times faster than a 1.3GHz processor
  • The quality is outstanding, and the price fits it

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7. Samsung Galaxy Tab An 8-Inch Tablet (Wi-Fi)(16 GB, Smoky Titanium)

Top 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020

Sometimes, you need to carefully look into important features other than the screen size offered by any tablet. Here we are now, a beautifully made Samsung Galaxy Tab A with nice features to go for. It has a 1.5 GB RAM and 16GB flash memory which are very crucial for your selection, as the improve functionality of your device during run-time and also in buffering of full files, either from the internet or another device like the PC.

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The Android version is 5.0 Lollipop with an 8.0-inch display unit which is ideal for handling enough application for your study. The micro SD card slot is upgradable to withstand 128GB memory card without interfering with the regular performance of the tablet.

You should not forget that it only supports Wi-Fi. Also, it has the 1.2GHz speed of processor which is quad core and a resolution of 1024 by 768 XGA for extended graphic allowance.

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  • Summary

This particular tablet contains 1.5GB RAM, 16 GB flash memory and a resolution of 1024 by 768 XGA for performance. The processor is the 1.2GHZ speed with a quad core to top up for system management.


  • It supports Wi-Fi
  • The expandable micro SD card slot is sufficient to enhance performance
  • The quad core processor improves speed of the device

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6. All-New Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7″ Display

Top 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020

This tablet is built in the current version of Android. You will be able to enjoy more than thousands of classic movies, android applications, Kindle eBooks and TV entertainment on the 7 inches screen size and the 16GB or 32GB of storage memory. Besides, the micro SD card slot can hold up to 256GB of the memory card.

The different bit about the home button of this tablet is, by just holding it; you will be able to ask for which icon to access in a shortcut form.

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This next generation device is capable of keeping charge up to 12 hours of life. How shocking is that? You can now take yourself where the day will take you without worrying about the power getting worn off. It is all in this new fire tablet. Get the best-featured tablet at a relatively low cost of purchasing.

It has a subscription for the original user, and they will be able to access TV episodes, Netflix plans, show time subscription at a no cost.

  • Summary

This featured tablet is impressive with 16 or 32 GB of memory and 8” display. The quad core processor with 1.3GHz processing speed makes its operation a stake. It offers more functions on the apps for prime users.


  • The battery lasts longer than many tablets
  • It has many function keys like the long press of the home button
  • The memory I very large for long-term storage and running application buffering

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5. Dragon Touch X10 10.6-inch 16 GB Bluetooth Android Mini HDMI Tablet

Top 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020

Say Hello to the Dragon touch tablet with unbeatable performance. It features an Octa core CPU, 8X cortex A7 and 2.0GHz processor speed to bring the most out of one pack. The Dragon touch provides 10X multitasking speed, especially for gaming individuals. How amazing is that?

It also offers unlimited entertainment from the pre-installed Google Play which delivers to you tons of apps for social, sharing and gaming experience. The 5.0MP rear camera and the 2MP front camera are excellent in producing high-quality pictures with autofocus.

It is built in a wireless technology like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which one can use to make unlimited sharing of files. The 10inch IPS display comes with a resolution of 1366 by 768 which ensures you don’t miss a detail.

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  • Summary

The speed of this tablet is excellent, running up to 2.0 GHz and octa-core processor is such a big thing. It comes with a quick Wi-Fi attachment and a Bluetooth allowance for internet connection and file sharing respectively. It is a multifunctional device that you wouldn’t want to miss in your budget. There is customer guarantee in the firmware.


  • The touch and processing speed is excellent
  • It is a multifunctional device with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • The firmware guarantees satisfaction to the customer

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4. All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa, 8″

Top 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020

Fire HD tablet is one device that has come promptly with top notch functionalities. It features 32GB secondary storage which you can easily save and manage your files all time you want. The micro SD card slot which is highly regarded comes in an expandable capability of up to 256GB without interfering with the processing speed of the device.

It has a processor of 1.3 GHz which is quad core. The 1.5 GB RAM is a talk about which runs the system systematically ensuring no user application slows down. It also has the 8” screen which displays everything on the screen as clear as the thought of. This tablet is durable and ensures your college life is at stake.

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It takes care of your class moments and extra luxury when you opt for the prime membership. It makes sure you get access to millions of songs from thousand artists through the music apps like the Amazon music store.

  • Summary

This particular tablet brings the most of the features at your fingertips. You cannot afford to miss the enjoyment and the well-performing device ever. Meet the master of music and eBook access and a variety of other applications today.

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  • You can get access to a variety of functions at your finger tips
  • It is relatively affordable tablet with excellent features
  • Easy to carry and manage

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3. Chromo Inc Tablet – 7 inch HD touchscreen Android Tablet

Top 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020

If what you are looking for is an excellent gaming Touchscreen Tablet, Chromo Inc. brought you what you will greatly enjoy as a company. It features a 7” screen size which is capable of producing bigger images and also provide a good interface for software interaction with the user.

Besides, It has a 4GB internal storage which is enough to load files which are essential in school work and also android application. The Android platform is 4.4 KitKat which is accompanied with significant features like a front camera making your Skype and photos your heaven.

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The micro SD slot can take memory card of 32GB without damaging its overall performance. Having an internet connection ability through Wi-Fi and 3G modem utilization, this tablet can easily connect to the web at all times.

  • Summary

This is a gaming touchscreen tablet, with 7” screen size and 4.4 Android OS. It runs efficiently, and the camera does its work well. It supports a 3G external modem for internet connections.


  • It is a perfect gaming tablet
  • It supports many applications to run on the platform
  • 3G external modem is applicable
  • It is very cheap in the market

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2. Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa

Top 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020

Welcome to the new generation which brings you closer to the real world technologies. Fire HD 8 Tablet comes with enticing features like 32 GB storage capacity which is good enough to accommodate everything you will ever keep in mind. The micro SD slot that it got is expandable up to 200GB. Furthermore, the screen size of 8” is broad enough to view big sized images and clear moving pictures (video) plus it is easy to handle and maintain.

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WOW! The battery life is on its stake, with its long time support for running apps and when it is in the standby mode. The RAM is 50% faster than other performing RAMs. The Fire HD 8” tablet can accept the press and ask mechanism of a cloud based Alexa voice service which acts as a shortcut to most functions of the system.

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Also, the principal members are entitled to additional features like million song sections, videos, books and so much more. The speed to which it loads and offloads data is 1.3GHz, and it is a quad core processor.

  • Summary

This tablet features 32 GB ROM, a 50% faster than other RAM speeds and a battery which lasts 12 hours which makes you confident that you can use it throughout the day without the need of recharging it.


  • It is armed with a cloud-based Alexa voice service
  • The system memory is 32GB (big enough)
  • The RAM is high-speed for efficiency and effectiveness
  • The quality is immeasurable
  • The price is very affordable and fits the quality
  • The Lions battery stays with charge for longer time

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1. Fire Tablet with Alexa, 7″ Display

Top 10 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020

This Fire Tablet is a beautifully featured device with a bunch of functionalities. Its screen size is 7” which forms a fantastic view of both icons and graphic intensive application. The fifth generation tablet has inbuilt applications like TV, song-download manager, games and Kindle e-books which will make your college life enjoyable. The nature of storage is another fantastic feature to discuss. It comes either with 8GB or 16GB which can accommodate all your staffing like pictures, songs, videos and other storage functionalities. Also, it has an external microSD attachment slot which is expandable up to 200GB of storage.

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The most surprising bit of this tablet is the fact that it has speech recognition which is governed by a button click and the Alexa cloud-based voice service responds to commands. Its battery life can withstand up to 7 hours of use. The processing speed of 1.3GHz which is quad-core is adequate to maintain the overall performance of the tablet. To conclude, original members are entitled to unlimited access to various songs, videos, books and much more.

  • Summary

With 8 or 16 GB storage, 7 hours battery time span, 1.3 GHz processor which is quad-core, this tablet is fit for college students. Reviews already prove of its excellent performance.

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  • The battery stays awake for 7 hours
  • It has Alexa cloud-based speech recognition services with just a click of the button.
  • The microSD is expandable to a significant number of GBs.’
  • The quad-core ensure no application hangs
  • The price is convenient for that quality

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Product Guide

There are some factors which you should consider before making the final step to buying one. Among them are:

  • Additional functionalities

You will find some tablets coming with external typing pad which one can efficiently use in keying notes during the study while others you have to purchase the keyboard by yourself.  Precisely, some tablets have that sensitive speech interfaces which accept commands from the user and hence there will be no touch or keyboard use as things will be happening close to automatic.

In the case that you prefer the touch interface or voice control then an external keyboard will not be an advantageous feature for you.

  • Operating system

Different Tablets from various manufacturers come with distinct operating systems. You will find an Android OS, Mac OS, iOS, fire OS, windows OS while others contain a combination of both windows and android. A good example is Apple Company. All of its tablets come in iPhone OS while from Microsoft Company you will only get windows tablets. Choose an operating system you are conversant with so that you are not disadvantaged.

  • Memory

The internal storage of any given electronic device matters very much. It shows how much your phone can handle efficiently without inconveniencing other applications running throughout the system. Another important issue about memory is the RAM. The bigger the RAM, the faster the system output per given time.

  • Camera

The camera is critical especially when you need to take pictures or recording videos in a given set of study. Camera output is a measure in how many pixels a camera can give. You will find different camera qualities in the market like 2MP, 4MP, 8MP and other bigger valued sizes. Camera with a higher number of mega pixels takes good quality pictures and videos.

  • Price

The budget for your purchase to avoid the situation arising where you become bankrupt, or you find yourself spending too much on one item.


With the above review and guide, as a student, you are entitled to undergo a technological update in how you manage your data. A tablet should, therefore, be your first. Technically, the era of laptops and notebooks are over now, and lighter tablets and practical ones are waiting for you in the market. But, having followed my guide, you are sure to rejoice.

Good luck!