TOP 10 Best Toy Chests in 2020

KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box

Do you often have an issue with preparing or organizing your house especially when you have kids? We think “yes” would be the answer for most mothers. Clutters are likely to happen due to the increasing amount of toy chests as kids keep demanding for more and more.

So with the help of this guide, you will be ready to declutter your kids’ toys, expand your living space and make your home a less stress area to live in again. Here’s a look at the top 10 best toy chests in 2020.

List Of Top 10 Best Toy Chests in 2020

10. Songmics

SONGMICS Lift Top Entryway

This craftbox is a perfect storage for those that want to keep their kid’s toys in an orderly manner. It is very safe to use, has a built in handle and can move around very fast and easily. The songmics is made in the size of 76 cm length, 40cm wide and 48 cm height. The small size makes it hard to fit a lot of toy but it is an ideal wooden lock box for those who have little space at home.

The frame is linked with the CARB-certified P2 MDF boards. The board itself is very hardwearing, sturdy and durable that is an ideal for a long-term use and financial friendly.

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9. eHomeProducts

 Espresso Finish Toy Blanket Storage

The eHomeProdcuts is a good quality and perfect storage for organizing idea. It is easy to place, store and move at the same time. This wooden box measures 32 by 16 and 18.25 inches and weight 28.9 pounds. The surface is very smooth and it has a very modern looking feature. It is finished in an espresso color that mostly matches to every home decoration. It is a suitable box to stores kid’s toys and is made with safety hinges.

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8. Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug Toy Chest

The Melissa and Doug is one of the most unique craft boxes that has a lid and comes with a very classic feature and look. It looks very neat, clean and very timeless. At 8.25 cubic feet, the box is the perfect fit for toys keeping. The box comes in 3 different colors like, blonde, white and espresso and it is very easy to assemble within the use of Philips head screwdriver.

Though, the size might be too small for some, but it is perfect for those who live in a limited space and on another plus side, it also functions as a chair for your kid to sit too.

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7. DIBSIES Personalization Station

 Dibsies Modern Expressions

DIBSIES personalization Station makes a very good organizing storage. This wooden lock box is made from a high quality wood and requires assembly. The box measures 28 lengths by 17 widths and by 1.25 height. One of the most important to look for a lock box is the child safe closure that can prevents hazard from happening to your beloved kids. It has a great lid support and easy to clean.

It is one of the safeties box because of the rounded corners and smooth edges, making it the most desirable item for motherhood. Dibsies Personalization Station has undergone tests for lead and other toxic elements.

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6. DIBSIES Personalization Station-modern

 Modern Touch Personalized Boys

The DIBSIES personalization Station-modern is another very iconic wooden box with lid. It has a very similar feature with the regular DIBSIES Personalization Station-modern but this one has double benches for more storage. The box measures 30.55 by 18.27 and by 19.6 and has a very smooth and soft. The lid has a safety hinge for fingers protection and to ensure kids safety. The large wooden box with hinged lid is best for kids at age 3 and above. This is a great product that a mother should have.

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5. KidKraft

KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box

The KidKraft offers another solution for the problem of storing and organizing. This is one of the decorative wooden boxes that can be placed anywhere in the house which makes it very convenient to use. The box is made in a very regular size that measures 33 length by 28.75 height and 17.25 width. It is made from rubber wood and finished by lacquer, making it very simple yet one of a kind.

This is an excellent box since it offers extra seating, hinge to protect fingers and made with a lot of color options ranging from black, white, natural, cherry to honey.

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4. KidKraft Limited Edition

KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box

Another Kidkraft box, this is good for those who love to get a limited edition piece. This wooden box is convenient, serves extra function and save a lot of your space. The wooden box measures by 35x21x6.5 and serves as extra seating. It has a very classic looking feature and very durable since it is made from wood. The company offers many colors to choose from ranging from; white, black, natural, cherry, honey to espresso.

The box has a flip top led to prevent from having fingers injury. It is a good storage that is worth purchasing and serves multi purposes at the same time.

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3. Little Tikes

Little Tikes Bright 'n Bold Toy Chest

Everyone loves to have a spacious and fresh looking home especially when they have kids and that is only possible way of having it; is to purchase a craft box to stores all your kid toys. The Little Tikes is one of the best items that enable you to perfectly organize your home and it is one of the best seller boxes too.

It is available in a dimension of 22 by 38.4 and by 23.2 inches and holds 6 cubic feet of toy. This item has 2 removable bins and a detachable lid in order to prevent your kid from getting hurt by it. This box is made from very durable plastic that is good for long-term use.

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2. Sauder 

 Sauder Shoal Creek Storage Chest

This is one of the wooden boxes made by Sauder has a similar design that is widely popular in the 90s. It is very functional and it gets the jobs done quickly due to its multiple functions. There are 4 colors such as brown, white, black and soft white black to choose from.

The lid is made of hardware for safety purpose and it is covered by oiled oak as a finish. The box measures 34.9 by 15.1 and by 18.9 inches, which is a pretty regular size for a chest or toy box.

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1. KidKraft Austin toy box

KidKraft Austin Toy Box

Last item, the KidKraft Austin is another wooden lock box that is perfect for anyone who has a messy home. The box has a protection lid and can be used to sit on. It has a lot of room to store toys and is made of wood.

The box measures 30 length x 18 width x 19 height. It has a sturdy assembly and helps keep the house or bedroom to organized. This is a good item to buy since it is durable and has a lot of colors to choose from.

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There are a lot of toy boxes that are available on the market from big to small, latest in design and innovative in function. Provided above is a curated list of the top 10 best toy chests in 2020. Whatever your decision is, we hope you get the best one for yourself.