Best Tricycles for Kids in 2021 – Reviews and Guides

Probably most kids love tricycles. One of the most fun activities for children is riding a bike with their friends and for decades has been a hallmark of childhood fun.

However, with so many options on the market, figuring out the best to buy can be very tricky. However, the best tricycles for kids in 2021 can be rounded up to the ten below.

Top 10 Best Tricycles for Kids in 2021

10. XJD

XJD 3 in 1 Kids

XJD is a 3 in 1  tricycle for kids from 1.5 to 5 years old. It’s suitable for girls or boys to ride in three modes such as pedal mode, cycling mode and sliding mode. It was designed with two wheels on the back side and a big wheel with a pair of pedals in front of the bike. The two wheels on the back side is flexible that you can use it as two-wheel balance bike mode, tricycle mode or you also can fold rear wheel.

You can adjust the handlebar anole to be the best position for your kids in order to make them enjoy riding it comfortably. It has a non-slip handle bar with modifiable soft leather seat and non-slip wear resistant with proceed bearings for  featureless , so it won’t be dangerous for your kids. XJD is designed to decrease the danger of riding to help your kids strengthen their legs, learn to balance the bike and increase their self-esteem.

Since it has 3 in 1 wheel mode so in order to put the wheels in a position that you like, you need to press the frame deformation button which located under the seat on the back side of the bike. After you change and put it in a position that you like for your kid, you need to pull the lock which located under the frame deformation button to keep the wheel mode that you choose stay still.

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9. 67i

67i Kids Tricycles

67i is made up of carbon steel frame , EVA wheels and PU seat which promotes a safety ride for your children. If you want your kids to be stronger and good at cycling in the future, this bike will help your kids to ride the bike in three different ways as they grow up. A 12 months old kid have to ride a three- wheel sliding mode since they don’t have an ability to balance the bike.

Toddler between two to three years old can ride in a cycling mode in order to improve their steer ability. A balance bike mode is suitable for a four years old kid to ride safely because they can have a good balance ability. The 2.79 kilograms electric tricycle for kids who has an age from 12 months old to 4 years old and height about -15.5 inches.

In order to write the tricycle safely, your kids need to wear helmet, elbow and knee pads and have to be watched by adults. Don’t forget to read the product manual carefully and follow the instructions in order for your children to be safe.

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8. Joovy

JOOVY Tricycoo

If you are looking for both indoor and outdoor  tricycle for 10 months old kids until they weigh about 20 kilogram , Joovy is a worthy bike for you to consider. For push trike stage 1 , your baby need to be controlled by you with the alterable and extractable parent push handle.

As baby grows up, you can remove the surround arm in stage 3.In the last stage , you can remove the parent handle and give your toddlers a freedom to ride by themselves wearing a helmet and take along a fitting glass container caddy and a basket with the tricycle.

This tricycle has three adjustable positions , a large UV Canopy , a big front wheel and a comfortable seat pad with surrounded arms. It’s a unisex bike whose tire is made from rubber.

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7. Angeles

Angeles ClassicRider

If you want to find a unique look trike for big kid start from 5 years old up , Angeles is the best choice since it is made of hard-wearing red powder-coated  steel setting. It is the perfect and heavy duty bike which is of long lasting quality. The red 35 pounds bike is really fitted for boy who is a young rider and active kid.

If you want to keep your children fitted on the pedals, you can expand the pedals with straps and turn radius wide. The size of the seat is 41.9cm with 66.04cm handlebars. The 35 pounds bike with a five years guarantee that resists rust with a comfy back support will make your kids become energetic on riding.

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6. XJD ( 2 in 1 )

2 in 1 Kids Glide

XJD comes in a 2 in 1 version which is a good choice for parents who want a cheaper tricycle with the same brand for their kids. It can be used in two different ways by putting a pair of pedal or removing it. In order to remove the pedals , you need to press the shrapnel and in the bike head front hole which is very easy to put the pedals there.

The two wheels at back side are designed in a stable triangular structure. It is called a 2 in 1 XJD because it has two mode design. First design is a baby design with no pedals will help your kids start their basic skills on riding such as balance, steering and coordination .

The Second design is a toddler design with pedals for your kids to strengthen and improve their skills on riding. It was designed with closed wheels to protect your children’s foot injuries with a safety and strongly riding. Your kid will enjoy riding it since its pedals is non-slip and it is a noiseless bike.

This bike is easy to fold and put it in a small space area such as in backyard ,park ,under bed or the trunk in your car. Parents can carry it everywhere easily because it’s a small lightweight and stylish bike.

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5. Schwinn

Schwinn Roadster

Schwinn was established in 1895, by Ignaz Schwinn in Chicago, IL. It’s one of the famous brands that are known by children and adults almost two hundred centuries. It’s a movable sculpted seats that can move forward and backward with five lock-in positions. This tricycle designed in a nostalgic look and a steel trike frame which make it is convenient to ride on. The back deck is made of real wood with burnt-in Schwin logo, while the crenation chrome fenders give a trendy ride.

The security flag is included for the state of being able to be seen to promote a harmony and peaceful riding for riders.This trustful bike will give your children an exciting experience riding with full confidence on their own.

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4. smarTrike

smarTrike Zoom

smarTrike is a 4 in 1 baby bike that has the Touch Steering with just a touch on parent handle and it will move automatically to the direction that you want. In order to switch who controls this tricycle ,  press the red button on the front wheel bicycle and suddenly switch it to 180 degree to let you or your baby control this bike. They can enjoy riding by themselves or to be watched from you.

If your children are too small and can’t fit with the pedals, the  foldable footrest can help you. It will help your kids to develop their basic skills of riding because it’s not only has a bike function but it also has a motor function too which makes your kids have faith and interest on riding this tricycle.

The difference on security features such as 3-point Y harness, UV protection canopy , security bar and non-slip pedals will all promote a carefree ride for children and their parents. Especially, there is a toy basket on the back side of the bike which you can put your toys, bottle of waters and many more of your stuff in that basket.

This light weight electric tricycle for kid for about 5 kilograms is really convenient to carry it  with a massive front swivel wheel with shock-absorbers that won’t give a bumpy ride for toddlers and make your kids enjoy their smoothness journey on the street.

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3. Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer

If your children is a girl , Radio Flyer is a impressive bike for your kid. It looks cute in two different colors which is red and pink that will satisfy your lovely girl. You can alter the seat anytime as  your kid grows up. It is made up of a strongly plastic steel with give your kid a soundless noise while they are rising on it.

It provides your toddlers a comfy handlebars that they can grip easily. It has a storage on the back side of bicycle which your girl can put her favorite stuff in it such as dolls, toys, balls and so on.

The tricycle for 3 years old kid which weighs around 50lbs . After you order it, it will arrive quickly in the perfect shape and it is really easy to put it together. Your toddlers will be fun and thrilled by riding this tricycle.

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2. Radio Flyer 445P

Radio Flyer

Since Radio flyer is one of a popular brand , another bike for this brand is the second top tricycle in the list. This Radio Flyer came in three different designs and three different prices which are classic style, base style and folding styles.The classic style is a light pink casual looking with a simple basket without cover anything on the back side of bike weigh around 8 kilograms and is the cheapest bike among the three designs.

The second style is a dark pink base style which looks very fabulous. The special and different  feature about this design from classic style is the canopy can be removed and  there is a covered basket for add more fun to your kids. The last style is folding which came with an amazing look that the bottom part of canopy is designed with a new square texture in pink color and parent handlebar covered with the same texture pattern too.

The storage bag looks cuter among the three styles. It is the heaviest among three designs. It is designed to be easy fold just in one step so you can put it at anywhere and it also easy to transport everywhere just by put it in a trunk of  your car.

These three styles of design give your kids the same four ways to ride such as infant trike, steering trike, learn-to ride trike and classic trike so it’s your choice to choose which one is the best choice  for your kids.

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COEWSKE comes in five colors such as light blue, pink , purple, white and yellow which is really suitable for both girls and boys. It was designed with a tough rubber with double thickness in order to prevent from a dangerous bursting. Two kids can ride this bike at the same time because it also has a back seat which is really different from the nine bicycles above.

The front and rear hand provide a strong stopping power and is uncomplicated and instinctive to use. The pedals design to help kid save their power while riding on the bike and enjoy riding it in harmony and peacefully without feeling tired.

The trike for big kid which is really stunning and striking for them to get an amazing visual experience and give a huge compulsion to choose the bike they love.

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Buying Guide


Parents should be realistic about their kids stand-over height and the tricycle’s seat height to be matched in order to make their toddlers ride the tricycle conveniently. Make sure that when your kids sit on a seat, their legs touch the ground so they can’t fall easily.

2. Wheelbase

A child’s body position on the bike plays a large role in how well they can ride the bike. Bikes with a high center-of gravity and a short wheelbase are very likely to lose their balance and tip over more easily.

3. Handlebars

A smaller cockpit provides less room for the little rider, and it can cause kid’s knee to hit the handlebars when turning. The shape of the handlebars can also minimize the cockpit and significantly effect the maneuverability of a bike.


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Top 10 Best Tricycles for Kids in 2021

The ten options mentioned above have shown to have all these and more and are a recommended choice for anyone looking to buy the best tricycles for kids in 2021.


10. Roadmaster Duo Deck 10-Inch Trike

Top 10 Best Tricycles for Kids in 2021

This tricycle is most suitable for kids 18 months or older and comes with an array of cool features.

Firstly, it’s incredibly sturdy: its frame is made up of durable steel which is designed to withstand frequent use. Its seat is re-adjustable, and it comes with a Duo-deck fender for an extra passenger in the back. This means that kids can make use of it with friends and without it falling apart.

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Its firm rubber grip means no hands are sliding off and its classic red color means kids will love it.

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9. Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

Top 10 Best Tricycles for Kids in 2021

The Razor tricycle is one of the coolest-looking tricycles around. It’s a combination of plastic, rubber, and steel with a black matte finishing. As the name implies, it’s electric and powered by a battery with a 12-hour life per charge. It comes equipped with a push button and can reach speeds of up to 9 mph.

Despite its speed power, it comes with a front hand-controlled brake system. That’s not its only cool feature: it’s capable of drifting, sliding and making complete spins. It is a truly futuristic tricycle for kids and should be used with proper supervision.

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8. Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle with Push Handle

Top 10 Best Tricycles for Kids in 2021

The first thing you’d notice about this tricycle is that it’s big on safety. It’s handle bars are removable as well as adjustable to over three positions.

Its seats have a controlled turning radius, and its wheels are made with real rubber for a smoother ride, and its front wheel is about ten inches. All these come in handy considering playful children use them.

The adjustable handle means that you can guide your child’s direction and prevent them from harming themselves. It is one of those tricycles for kids aged 2-4.

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7. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

Top 10 Best Tricycles for Kids in 2021

Kids take to biking in different stages, from infancy to full-on trike riding. Fortunately, the stroll ‘n trike is designed to function in every single stage with ease, saving you the trouble and money of purchasing a new one each time. It is an infant trike, a steering trike, a training trike and a classic trike all in one.

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Its parts are detachable, and so it morphs easily into whichever you need it to be. It has an adult steer and a canopy for sun protection. It is the perfect tool to get kids riding early and evolves and progresses as they do.

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6. Radio Flyer 12 in. Classic Red Tricycle

Top 10 Best Tricycles for Kids in 2021

This tricycle is simply built for fun. It is remarkably easy to put together, and it’s controlled turning radius makes it enjoyable for kids to ride. It comes with a lovely tassel on both handles as well as a chrome bell that kids will love ringing.

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Its’ double deck step makes it easy for kids to climb on and off and its sturdy design and rubber tires make it reliable for rigorous use during playtime plus this tricycle durable and easy to ride.

Your kids will surely enjoy from its stylish and fun handle tassels and chrome bell.

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5. Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle, Red/White

Top 10 Best Tricycles for Kids in 2021

The Schwinn is a perfect meeting of comfort, fun, and safety. It comes with such features as a high back seat which makes seating more comfortable for the child. It is also equipped with a heavy duty frame and a strong steering wheel. The lock dump bin means that kids can carry along their toys as they ride.

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Regarding safety, this bike has its bases covered. It comes with wide EVA tires, a three-point seat belt and a steering handle for adults to control movement and prevent accidents.

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4. Chromo Inc Fly Bike Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Toddlers Glide Tricycle

Top 10 Best Tricycles for Kids in 2021

Specifically designed to help toddlers and children develop balance and steering skills, this trike requires literally no assembly and easily foldable. It is very light and thus easy to carry and put away.

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The three-wheeler is suitable for outdoor and indoor use gives an easy, smooth and quiet ride to growing children.

Its rubber bikes glide smoothly in surfaces, and with proper use, children will develop a greater sense of balance, coordination, and steering.

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3. Schwinn Roadster 12-Inch Trike

Top 10 Best Tricycles for Kids in 2021

Picking a trike for children can be tough, and there are hundreds of options on the market. However, with several important factors like safety, durability, convenience and attractiveness, the choice of which tricycle for kids to buy becomes an easier one.

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There’s no more need to worry about toddlers tipping over while using their trikes. The Schwinn Roadster comes with a low center of gravity to prevent such tip-overs.

It also comes with chrome handlebars, a tassel, and a bell. It’s adjustable seat couples with its’ sturdy frame makes it easy to climb on and off the trike, ensuring maximum convenience.

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2. Radio Flyer 811X 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

Top 10 Best Tricycles for Kids in 2021

  • #1 Best Seller in Kids’ Tricycles

With its grow-with-me seat, adjustable steering handle, safety tray and in-built cup holder, the tricycle is the ultimate trick companion for children’s formative years.

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It functions as an infant trike while the child first learns how to paddle, a steering trike while the infant learns a sense of steering, a training trike when the child learns to ride and a classic trike when he/she finally begins riding fully on their own.

Grow with your kids!

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1. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Top 10 Best Tricycles for Kids in 2021

For the true tough kid who wants to make a statement with their trike. This trike is true its name with the signature Haley-Davidson design that kids will love.

Pedals power it, and their large size makes them easier to use. Despite their rugged nature, their handles have been designed to be as easy to use a possible, so there is no slipping off of hands.

They come with a compartment at the bottom for keeping a variety of things. Suitable for kids from 24 months to 6 years, It is perfect for the true biker in training.

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