TOP 10 Best XXXL Dog Crates in 2021

XXXL Dog Crates have grown very popular today due to technological advancement. You may find dog crates made of hard plastic which is convenient for chewy dogs, soft fabric which are extra light and wire crates which are more durable due to their metallic nature.

Choosing one from the market should not burden you up; we are going to ease your hassle by providing the best pick for our review. Therefore, we are going to take you through a collection of Top 10 Best XXXL Dog Crates in 2021.

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List of the Top 10 Best XXXL Dog Crates in 2021:

Based on research and review, we provide below our Top 10 Best XXXL Dog Crates in 2021.

You can simply follow the links on each item on the list to get more information, check them out or buy one that fits your taste and that of your dog.   

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10. MidWest Starter Series Single-Door Drop-Pin Metal Dog Crate

Top 10 Best XXXL Dog Crates in 2021

  • Merchant: MidWest Homes for Pets

First on our top 10 list of XXXL Dog Crates is the MidWest Starter Series, Dog Crate. This crate helps minimize house break time for dog owners to about half. Particularly, it’s suitable for new or old dogs, puppies, and matured dogs.

This dog crate is highly equipped with two plastic handles, easy to assemble, durable electro-coat finishes. Also, the container is secure and has safe sliding bolt latches plus easy to clean using a composite plastic pan. Additionally, this crate is meant for big dogs as some pet owners love giving large shelters for their pets.

It can contain a 130-pound Bruiser as well as a 210 pound Dane. Its’ sturdy and durable features make it long lasting. Finally, you’ll do just fine once you follow the installation manual.

  • Strong and durable
  • Latches hold firm
  • Easy to assemble
  • Take a lot of space

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9. PayLessHere 48″ Dog Crate

  • Merchant: PayLessHere

The BestPet Dog Crate is a premium design made from high-quality materials that make it a long-lasting choice for a dog shelter. Secondly, it is made from steel of high tensile strength wires that are crafted tightly into a tight mesh.

Some of its unique features include both front as well as side doors, coated with high-quality black finish that make it corrosion and rust resistant irrespective of the climates. This model is a very easy to assemble without the need for extra tools.

Also, it is lightweight and portable, easy to remove, a sliding tray made from strong plastic, and easy to clean.

  • Easy to assemble without any need for tools
  • Convenient front and side doors that keep dog safe
  • Comes with one free split divider
  • Wires tend to thin and a bit shaky
  • Plastic tray can breakable

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8. New World Folding Metal XXXL Dog Crate

Top 10 Best XXXL Dog Crates in 2021

  • Merchant:  New World Dog Crate

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate is another incredible dog crate. It has an extensive design with features that meet the demands of any dog owner in need of a shelter or home for his/her pet.

For instance, these functions include seamless folding capability, and easy to clean interface, plastic leak proof pan. Also, it is very flexible and durable under tension, secure slide bolts for safety.

Furthermore, it is convenient for storage in case of travel plans, and a one year warranty that covers damages. This crate is suitable for dogs ranging from 20 to 100 pounds in weight.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to fold, clean and store
  • Some doors have alignment problems

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7. Paws & Pals Dog Crate

  • Merchant: Paws & Pals

This XXL Dog Crate is easy to maintain, clean, and assemble based on its innovative and convenient design. Moreover, it comes in black color and has a height of 32 inches. It requires simple installation and also as part of the packages comes with a free divider which enables easy sectioning as well as multiple doors and handles.

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The tray has a dimension of 48 x 29 x 32 inches and is made from solid steel materials which make it robust and secure. It is very portable, washable, foldable, and can be easy to store. Furthermore, its lightweight quality makes it easy to carry along whenever needed.

This double-doors folding crate is #1 Best-Seller in Amazon dog house.

  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Has sufficient space for accommodation
  • Not convenient for aggressive

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6. Extra Large Dog Breed (Great Dane) XXXL Dog Crate

Top 10 Best XXXL Dog Crates in 2021

  • Merchant: MidWest Homes for Pets

This is an Extra Large Metal Dog Crate specially designed for XXXL dogs. Its durability and strength make it sustainable. It comes with two doors, a front and a side door for multi-access and convenience.

Each door has secure latches, four plastic rubber footing that protects the floor from scratch and crate feet from wearing. Additionally, it has four drop-ins which make it even more durable, safe and secure for your dog. Finally, it has a one year warranty, easy to clean and has a leak proof pan made from plastic.

It is an ideal choice for dog owners as it not only fits a Great Dane but a Leon Berger, Saint Bernard. However, it can be a little enormous for a Chihuahua or even a German Shepherd in some instances.

  • Has two doors for easy access
  • Convenient lock and secure latches
  • Four plastic rubber feet protects both your floor from scratch
  • Takes a lot of space in the house
  • Heavy to carry around

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5. New Extra Large 48 Inch Folding Kennel XXXL Dog Crate

Top 10 Best XXXL Dog Crates in 2021

  • Merchant: BestPet

Are you looking for an XXXL dog crate that will permit easy and free movement? Well, this is a sturdy, robust and indestructible box with a durable electro-coat finish. It comes with two doors allowing free exit on either side of the crate.

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The New Extra Large 48 Inches folding pet dog/cat crate cage kennel also comes with a plastic tray and a divider which is affordable. It is easy to fold, clean and is portable.

This dog crate is suitable for well-trained dogs. It can fit an 80 pound Pitts as well as a Rottweiler of 60 to 90 pounds and is so spacious and fun for a little Chihuahua.

  • Strong, durable, easy cleaning
  • Foldable and portable to carry
  • Wires not being strong enough

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4. OxGord 48 Inch XXXL Dog Crate

Top 10 Best XXXL Dog Crates in 2021

  • Merchant: OxGord

This OxGord Dog Crate weighs about 35 pounds and has a seamless setup process compared to other dog crates. With a dimension of 48 by 29 by 32 inches, it is made to be versatile making it easy to assemble and disassemble.

This crate is easy to store when not in use. Besides, it is made from metal materials gives it a reputable firm secure outlook. It is easy to use, clean, and comfy for dogs.

Made from solid steel this dog crate is sturdy and provide maximum security strength to keep your dog safe and secure. Comes in handy and easy to assemble, last long and is a good choice for a dog crate.

  • This crate has multiple door options
  • Has a free split divider
  • Lightweight, easy to store and has a convenient handle for carrying
  • Quite costly

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3. MidWest Homes Folding Metal Dog Crate

  • Merchant: MidWest Homes for Pets Store

The 48 Inch MidWest Homes Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate is a must-have for dog owners who would like to provide a comfy shelter or want a housebreak for their big dogs.

This XXXL dog crate is designed with safety and security at heart, making it very easy for the dog owner to control, protect and secure your dog. This makes the crate humane and fitting to house train your dog conveniently.

Made from durable metal, it is sturdy and stable. Also, it is a perfect training product for puppies as well as bigger dogs. It has a simple, user-friendly design with a single door that has a slide bolt latch, little dividers at the bottom of the crate, rounded corners that add safety. It comes in multiple options.

  • Sturdy and stable made from durable metal
  • A user-friendly design with a foldable single-door
  • An excellent choice for house dog training
  • Safe and secure
  • May be challenging to set up and assemble

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2. MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal XXXL Dog Crate

Top 10 Best XXXL Dog Crates in 2021

  • Merchant: MidWest Homes for Pets

The MidWest Life Stages folding metallic dog crates are in many ways the best choice for many dog owners. Based on a lot of reviews, this is an excellent choice based on the fact that they are secure, durable and portable.

It is a high-quality dog crate with multiple locks and doors for easy access and shelters for your dog. Made from tight wire mesh, this dog crate is durable and sturdy.

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Its ability to fold easily makes it a convenient choice regarding portability. This modern day dog crate also has some unique features that make it stand out; these include a plastic pan covering that makes it leak proof, inclusive divider panel, rubber/plastic footing, and a handle.

  • Convenient for traveling as it is portable
  • Comes with two doors and locks
  • Strong, durable and secure
  • May confuse with the clones of the fake product

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1. MidWest iCrate Folding Metal XXXL Dog Crate

Top 10 Best XXXL Dog Crates in 2021

  • Merchant: MidWest Homes for Pets

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate comes with a diverse, flexible sizes ranging from 22 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 42 inches, and at maximum measures up to 48 inches respectively. It is specially designed to fit dogs weighing from about 90 pounds to 110 pounds.

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With its sturdiness and suitable size, it is impossible to be exposed to break out. It’s durable and easy to setup with its free single or double doors. Also, the crate is very easy to fold and disassemble without the use of extra tools. It automatically latches when folded and lightweight, convenient for mobility.

Furthermore, it comes with ABS plastic pan, single or double carrying handles, free divider panel that can be easily mounted vertically, a Pan-Stop mechanism, rust resistant and non-toxic electro finish.

This dog crate tops our top 10 list of XXXL Dog Crates in 2021 as it has an enormous assortment of features that make it stand out as the best of the best.

Lastly and most importantly, it has a feature that allows modification to suit growing dogs.

This crate is absolutely perfect for such English Bulldog as it provides plenty of room to move and get comfy.

  • Secure and durable sturdy quality
  • Has a black coating rust-resistant and non-toxic
  • Flexible with multiple sizes making it fitting to almost any dog
  • Has sharp edges

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Having looked at the buying guide and the top ten reviews, we are confident that you now have all it takes to provide the best shelter for your dog.

You should not imprison your dog, but rather monitor your pet continuously regularly for proper maintenance.

Dogs are friendly pets and should be handling with affection.

Factors to Consider for the Best XXXL Dog Crates

Occasionally, there are quite some factors to consider first before purchasing any dog crates. Some of which include size, space, strength or durability, convenience and accessibility, and lastly price.

  • Size/Space:

Size matters a lot in providing a conducive environment for your dog. Most dogs tend to change their position repeatedly. The crate should, therefore, be long, broad and high enough to accommodate your dog’s posture.

A crate should also not eat up too much space in your house.

  • Strength/Durability:

Most dogs love scratching with their claw whenever they are idle or when excited. So, the choice of the crate should be in a way that will not be altered dog’s characteristics. A wooden box will not be convenient for scratchy pets as they will be prone to breakdown.

This post may contain affiliate links. However, I only recommend high-quality products I trust.

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