TOP 10 Best Yoga Mat Bag in 2020


Are you a yoga freak? You probably need a bag for your yoga mat. Toting a mat around becomes easy with a bag. Best thing is that there are plenty of types to choose from. You’re not just carrying a mat. You are showing your sense of style and fashion, so you need to be picky when buying one.

Whether you buy the strap type or a multipurpose gym bag, we shall help you choose the right one that suits your needs.

To make life easier for you, we’ve collected the best yoga mat bags out there at the moment for your shopping convenience. No need to go jumping from website to website. Choose from the best and flaunt your 2020 style.

What to consider when buying a simply good yoga mat bag:

  • Size:

Whatever you think, size does matter a lot when choosing a yoga mat. For newbie yogis, purchase a bag may seem as simple as lifting one off a store rack or checking out of an online shop. The truth is that most of the yoga bags you see in stores or sports houses are big enough for PVC-style mats.

As a serious yogi, you need to invest in a premium bag that is bigger, with stronger straps and thick material. Measure the width of your mat and use that as the basis for determining a length of the bag.

  • Material:

Yoga mats are not made the same, especially when it comes to materials. Nylon is lightweight and looks good. It’s also the easiest to clean in case of spills or stains. Linen and cotton are delicate as they are harder to clean. Canvas is strong and the best option to guard against liquid spills. It’s also easy to clean and durable.

If you plan to carry a lot of weight in your bag, the canvas may be the best option. However, there are equally good options in nylon, cotton, and linen for average use.

  • Price:

Yoga mat bags range from $20 to $500 depending on different factors. The good news is that there’s a bag for every budget. If you are cash-strapped, look for bags under $100, and you will get a good deal. If cash isn’t a problem, there are endless options for you.

  • Style:

If you are style-conscious, there are plenty of stylish bags to choose from. There are no rules when it comes to style. There are regular backpack style bags, top-loading types, slings, and much more. Only go for a style that best matches your needs.

Here’s our list of the Top 10 Best Yoga Mat Bags in 2020

10. Large Yoga Mat Bag by Gecko Active

Yoga Mat Bags 2020

Yoga mats come in a variety of sizes, materials, and sizes. The size of your bag is dictated by the size of your mat. However, getting a mat bag that is large enough is not always easy.

The Large Yoga Mat Bag by Gecko Active takes care of size problems. Its extra large size means that it can carry even the largest yoga mat available. Measuring 27 by 7 inches, it is the largest yoga mat bag on the market, meaning that there’s enough room for other essentials as well.

The Large Yoga Mat Bag by Gecko Active is unique in many ways. It provides complete personalization of style. It also features an intuitive contouring zipper design to keep your stuff safe inside while allowing for a dual odor-free system.

  • Rate: 4.4 out of 5 stars

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9. Yoga EVO Yoga Mat Bag, Yoga Duffle bag, Yoga Mat Tote Bag, Black Yoga Bag

Yoga Mat Bags in 2020

A yoga mat is essentially your workout machine when doing yoga. Sometimes after a session, you might find that your mat is sweaty and sticky, just like you. This means that you want a bag that allows your mat some breathing space’ so it dries up fast and avoids odors.

The Yoga EVO yoga mat was designed especially to keep your mat dry by allowing for enough space to breath. The bag’s open sides mean that your mat quickly dries up and stays odorless. There’s a mobile pocket tool for holding your cell phone. There’s also a side bag for a water bottle.

The Yoga EVO is lightweight, but it also comes with nifty shoulder straps so you can carry it any way you want.

  • Rate: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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8. Peace Yoga Yoga Mat Carrier Tote Bag With Adjustable Straps

Best Yoga Mat Bags

Sometimes it’s time-saving to have a one-size-fits-all bag that can handle all your gym needs and more. Better yet, you get to choose any design you want from the available ones.This Tote’s adjustable straps allow you to modify the way you carry your bag while on the run. It’s big enough to fit your yoga mat while leaving enough room for your other items.

This Tote’s adjustable straps allow you to modify the way you carry your bag while on the run. It’s big enough to fit your yoga mat while leaving enough room for your other items.

  • Rate: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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7. Gaiam Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bags

Best Yoga Mat Bags

The Gaiam Top-Loading yoga mat bag takes simplicity to another level. It’s simple, basic; top-loading design is what makes it particularly appealing. If you love the minimalist approach, this bag will appeal to you. It’s a basic, hand-held design is perfect for strolling.

Simply is fashionable in its right and the Gaiam Top-Loading Yoga mat bag is a testament to that. It comes in multiple colors to suit a variety of tastes. It is made from 100 percent organic cotton, which allows for plenty of breathing room for your mat.

  • Rate: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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6. Gaiam Easy-Cinch Yoga Mat Slings

Best Yoga Mat Bags in 2020

These simple mat slings are perfect for a hectic lifestyle. You only carry the weight of your yoga mat and nothing else. It’s simple and hassle-free, perfect for people who bike to the gym.

  • Rate: 4.4 out of 5 stars

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5. Aurorae Yoga Multi-Purpose Crossbody Sling Back Pack

Best Yoga Mat Bags 2020

This stylish and versatile backpack is the ideal gym bag if you are doing multiple workout classes. The main backpack carries your regular workout gear while the side extension carries your yoga mat. There’s another handy side mesh pocket for a water bottle.

  • Rate: 4.4 out of 5 stars

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4. COMPACT YOGA MAT BAG / Stylish, Efficient & Lightweight

Top 10 Best Yoga Mat Bags 2020

If you are looking for a bag that is lightweight, compact and stylish, this is it. The ingenious design features an adjustable strap that holds the market, which greatly differs from the typically closed zipper styles.

It also features two exterior mesh pockets, one on the left and another on the right. That’s all you get with this compact yoga mat. What we like most about it is that it completely messes free and made from eco-friendly materials. It’s also a bargain, ideal if you don’t want to splash out a lot of money on a yoga mat bag. It is designed to carry only the most essential of your gym items, nothing more.

  • Rate: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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3. Aurorae Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Top 10 Best Yoga Mat Bags 2020

This stretchable yoga mat bag is a specialty bag designed primarily for carrying yoga mats.It comes in different colors to make it make easy for you to match with your gym outfit.

This seems like just the perfect length for your needs. It can be the widest yoga mat with ease, and if it does not fit by default, you get extra space when the bag stretches.

  • Rate: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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2. Lululemon Run Ways Duffel Gym Bag

Top 10 Best Yoga Mat Bags in 2020

This duffel is perfect if you carry a lot of gear to the gym. You can carry everything you need and more, including workout shoes, clothes, shower essentials, and more. The yoga straps are obviously for carrying a yoga mat and if they are not in use you can simply tuck them away.

Not only does this duffel look good but it’s also very strong, carrying up to 50 pounds of weight. You can also use it as a weekender bag for that trip you’ve been waiting for.

  • Rate: N/A

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1. YogaAddict Yoga Mat Bag “Supreme” With Pocket, 28″ & 30″ Long

Top 10 Best Yoga Mat Bags in 2020

After digging up hundreds of customer reviews and researching many expert review sites, we’ve come to the conclusion that the YogaAddict Yoga Mat Bag “Supreme” With Pocket, 28″ & 30″ Long is the best yoga mat bag. You can lay your hands on at the moment, and probably for a few years to come.

We love the fact that the YogaAddict Yoga Mat Bag “Supreme” is large enough to hold a big mat yet it can easily become a close-packed

It comes with enough extra compartments to hold additional belongings. The side compartments can stretch a little bit for those times you need more space for more extras or bigger-sized items. They also have zippers to ensure that your belongings are safe and dry at all times.

YogaAddict Yoga Mat Bag “Supreme” is the complete, versatile gym bag for carrying all your gym belongings.

  • Rate: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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There is a lot of variety and styles when it comes to yoga mat bags. It’s important to know what type of bag you want before you make a purchase. However, don’t sweat over it too much. There is no single perfect yoga bag, but you will surely find one that’s perfect for you.