TOP 10 Best Youth Big Barrel Bats in 2020 – Review and Guide


If you want to enjoy the best baseball game, you will need the best youth big barrel baseball bats. The Best Big Barrel Bats are those that are solid and built from aluminum and other durable materials. There are different varieties of big barrel bats such as the one piece barrel bats and the two piece barrel bats. There is also the alloy, composite and hybrid barrel bats. Furthermore, these bats come in different inches in barrel diameter ranging either 2.5/8 inches or two inches as the case may be. The length and weight ratio of these bats range between -5 and -12.

Since it is not always in selecting the best bat, this article shall review some of the Best Youth Big Barrel Bats in 2020. Enjoy!

What Is Big Barrel Bat?

A big barrel bat is a bat that has a large hitting area, which makes contact with the ball easier. These bats are mostly common with players in the youth leagues that permit the use of such larger bats. The Best Big Barrel Baseball Bats ranges between 2 5/8 inches.

Pre-Purchase Consideration


Things To Consider Before Buying

Buying the Best Big Barrel Bats is easy only if you know what to consider before buying. For instance, you have to take into consideration the following factors in other to make the right choice.

  • Wood or Metal Bats—Wood bats are mainly built for training while metal bats are lighter, robust, durable and are very easy to swing.
  • Weight—Heavy bats can send the ball farther and are suitable for powerful players. Conversely, it slows down the swing process, especially for smaller and less powerful players.
  • Barrel—Bats with large hitting area makes contact easier and are mostly suitable for stronger players. Notwithstanding, they’re heavy to swing.
  • Size—Longer bats give you more ability to reach balls faster than shorter ones. Endeavor to check dimensions before buying.
  • Handling—Bats with thin handles allows quick movement of hands while thick ones enable better stability. Select ones with properly set-knobs.
  • Drop—It’s a term that refers to the ratio of length to the weight of bats. A bat with a higher drop means will be lighter, but an imperative with a lower drop means the bat will be heavier and more uncomfortable. Endeavor to check the bat drop capacity before you purchase it.
  • Certification—If your kid is going to play baseball, you must consider whether the bat you are buying is one that is duly certified for use in the league in question. Certification is extremely important in youth leagues. Ensure that the bat complies with all the rules and regulations of the league you’re playing in. Go for bats with BPF/BBCOR and USSSA Certifications, which are mostly acceptable and applicable to almost every major youth baseball league.
  • Anti-Vibration—Lastly, you must take note that the best big barrel bats are those that will eliminate any form of shock on impact and increases the swing/hitting accuracy of the player. Therefore, make sure you purchase a bat that has good anti-vibration technology for the comfort of your kid.

List of Top 10 Best Youth Baseball Bats Reviews 

Having the Best Big Barrel Bats will determine how successful you will become in your baseball game-play. However, selecting the right one could be difficult at times, due to the numerous brands in the market. On this note, we bring to you our Big Barrel Bats reviews—a list detailing the top 10 best baseball bats for sale in 2020, to make your choice easier.

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10. Easton S400 -11 Jr. Big Barrel

10 Top 10 Best Big Barrel Bats

The number 10 on our list the easton 2016 S400 -11 Jr. Big Barrel Baseball Bat. This Baseball bat was made of 7046 Aircraft Alloy that allows you to get a faster swing speed. After getting a hold of this big barrel, due to its lightweight, you will be able to get a better performance during the game. Moreover, its body is ultra-thin with a diameter of 2 ⅝”. Furthermore, this baseball bat is one-piece alloy construction that made durable and ensures the high quality. In addition, this baseball bat suitable for the kid ages 8 or under.

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9. Easton JBB17MK12B Mako Beast Big Barrel

Top 10 Best Big Barrel Bats 9

Once again, Easton’s big barrel coming on our list again. This is the Easton JBB17MK12B Mako Beast 2 Big Barrel Baseball Bat. The diameter of this big barrel is 2.75 inches that it is just right for the kid age around 8. Moreover, it was made with two-piece ConneXion technology that was first introduced by Easton in 1999. This technology helps isolate the handle to the barrel in order to reduce the vibration from the barrel when the player hit the ball. It is used in baseball, slow pitch and fastpitch softball. This baseball bat suitable for the kid age around 12.

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8. Rawling 2020 Baseball Bat

Top 10 Best Big Barrel Bats 8

Moving on to the number 8 on our list is Rawling 2020- 5150 USA Baseball Bat. This baseball base was made of the aircraft alloy grade 5150 for a better performance. This high-quality baseball provides you the high performance by delivering the incredible pop and give the balance to the barrel. Due to this benefit, the player will play each and every game in high performance. Moreover, with the new design of this baseball bat, the first time player grip its handle, they will feel confident due to the smooth surface and confidently hit the ball at the high speed possible.

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7. 2020 Rawling Baseball Bat (-10)

Top 10 Best Big Barrel Bats 7

Coming up next with another Rawling bat, the 2020 Rawling Baseball Bat made the aircraft allow grade 5150. It is the suitable material to enhance the responsiveness when the player hit the ball and also increase the performance of the player. Along with the high-performance metal, this baseball bat will give you the excellent shot or probably give you a home run in every hit. It features with the pOp 2.0 technology to expand the sweet spot. The player will feel more energetic the moment they grab this bat and will deliver the fastest speed possible.

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6. Easton JBB17S310B S3

Top 10 Best Big Barrel Bats 6

Once again, another Easton is on our list. This is the Easton JBB17S310B S3 Aluminum Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat. This Baseball bat was made from the Hyperlite matrix alloy in order to expand the sweet spot. This metal also famous for its durable and high-quality. The handle and the barrel were designed to balance with each other in order to allow the player to play with their full capacity and swing the highest speed possible. With this baseball bat, you probably get the home run in almost every hits you take. In addition, the grip of this bat was made for the player to feel cushioned so that they can enjoy swing the bat as much as possible. Other than that, the diameter of this bat is 2 ¾ inches wide that is just right for the junior baseball bat.

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5. Rawling 2020 Raptor USA Baseball Bat

Top 10 Best Big Barrel Bats 5

Moving to the number 5 on our list the Rawling 2020 Raptor USA Baseball Bat. This bat was made for the durability since it made of the aircraft-grade alloy in order to make the player feel balance while swinging this bat. Moreover, this baseball bat was made with the eyes catchy color to increase the confidence of the player. The diameter of the barrel is 2 ⅝ inch which is to increase the contact rate between the bat and the ball. The metal of this baseball bat will deliver the incredible pop and responsiveness.

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4. Marucci Junior Cat 6 Big Barrel

Top 10 Best Big Barrel Bats 4

The number 4 on our list the Marucci Junior Cat 6 Big Barrel. This is perfect baseball bat for the junior who loves to play baseball. It is one-piece baseball bat that made of aircraft alloy that made it durable and better at the response to the impact hit. The player will enhance their performance since this baseball bat was inspired by the professional baseball player. Moreover, this baseball bat features with the Ring-free technology in order to maximize the length of the barrel that resulted in greater performance. More than that, it also equipped with the anti-vibration knob the enhance the player performance during the game.

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3. Rawling 2020 Velo Hybrid Baseball Bat

Top 10 Best Big Barrel Bats 3

The top 3 of our list is the yet again, the Rawline 2020 Velo Hybrid Baseball Bat. This is the big barrel with the diameter of 2 ⅝ inches to provide precise shot and balance. With this diameter, players will hit the ball in the explosive speed possible. It also equipped with the pOp 2.0 technology in order to expand the sweet spot. Moreover, it was made from acoustic alloy to create the louder sound with satisfied high pitch upon the impact. The comp-lite on this barrel ensure the balanced between the barrel and the handle to maximize the hitting speed.

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2. Easton JBB17MK12B Mako Beast

Top 10 Best Big Barrel Bats 2

Moving on to the top 2 on our list is another Easton. This Easton JBB17MK12B Mako Beast has the advanced IMX barrel that best at optimized the sweet spot in order to get the best performance possible. With the ultra-thin handle with only 29/32 inch and the cushioned grip, the player will be able to hit the ball confidently and probably get the home run in almost every hit. This barrel suitable for the junior age 8 or under that.

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1. Easton SL 15S310B 2 ¾ inch

Top 10 Best Big Barrel Bats 1

Last but not least, the Easton conclude our list with the rank number 1. It has the ultra-thin 29/32″ handle with the diamond grip that allows the player to reach the highest performance possible. The diameter of this barrel is 2 3/4 inch which is just right for the junior to enjoy playing in every game. It was designed to suitable to hit in a high pitch and low pitch that help the player to outplay the opposition side.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About This Product

Question: How can someone possibly identify a composite alloy bat?

Answer: It is simple. Most bats usually indicate whether it is a composite or alloy/metal. Look closely, and you will find the designation and the composition at the barrel.

Question: What happens if my bat has a Composite handle and a Metal Barrel?

Answer: It will still be acceptable as long as it complies with all the remaining specifications and standard for the division.

Question: Are wood bats suitable for use?

Answer: Of course, yes. They are acceptable as long as they comply with all relevant specifications and standards for such division. (See Rule 1.10)

Question: Do most bats have pop?

Answer: Yes. Most do.

Question: Will I get a rebate on a bat that is unsuitable for little league?

Answer: Yes. It’s possible, but it will mostly depend on the return/ exchange policy decision of the manufacturer. It’s good that you check with your local retailer for guidance on possible rebates.


Big Barrel bats are extremely necessary for youth players in the little leagues, and from what we have been able to grasp from this Youth Baseball bats reviews; it is clear that the Best Youth Baseball Bats are those that offers extreme speed, massive sweet spot and the highest level of comfort. However, we have come to understand also that before you can purchase the best big barrel baseball bat, there are certain things to look out for; some vital factors that are worth taking into consideration.

Notwithstanding, you can follow this comprehensive reviews detailing some of the top 10 best brands of youth baseball bats in the market, which will make the selection process easier and better for you and your kid.