TOP 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets in 2021

More and more young men are playing baseball these days, which means we have more catchers than when the game came into play in the 18th century. The catcher is perhaps the most critical position in all sporting events. Being a catcher entails charismatic traits like functioning as a second manager on the pitch, directing play position as well as helping the pitcher in becoming successful as much as possible. 

If your kid is the catcher for their baseball team, it is extremely necessary to invest in top-class sets of the best youth catchers gear to carry out such functions properly. Kids need the appropriate gear to protect them during game-play.

However, making a decision on what equipment to use is not always that easy. Remember it is something you will be wearing for a very long time. We have decided to write a review of the best catchers gear sets to help you make the right selection.

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Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Reviews

Are you planning to play the role of a catcher—one of the most respected and challenging positions on the baseball pitch? Below is a review of the top 10 best catchers gear sets you can buy to make your dream a reality. Just follow our leads and buy your way to stardom.

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10. MacGregor Youth Catcher’s Gear Pack

Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets in 2021 Reviews

Kick-starting our youth catchers gear review is the McGregor Youth Catcher’s Gear Pack. 

Helmet: The helmet of this gear pack has a perfect setup with adjustable combo–helmet and throat protection—that conveniently deflect stray pitches and tipped foul-balls, allowing pitchers to focus on signaling pitches and making the perfect catch. 

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Chest Protector: The MBC74 chest protector ensures that your kid’s entire body is well protected, together with double-knee Leg Guards’ that effortlessly absorbs impact from blocking and deflecting –a feature that allows players to make fearless play moves at the plate to take on the game-winning head-on. For a cost price of $88, this is top quality and best catchers gear for youths. All these benefits ranked the McGregor as one of the best youth catching gear on the market.

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Product Features
  • Adjustable catchers helmet 
  • MCB74 chest protector
  • Double knee guards for legs protection and confidence
  • 4-in one throat protection
  • Designed for 8-12 years old kids

  • Design with innovative material
  • It is adjustable to last for several seasons
  • It elicit confidence from catchers due to its top quality
  • Great for boys baseball and fair for girls softball
  • Very sturdy
  • Low price for such quality

  • Not fully suitable for girls league

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9. Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Catcher’s Package

Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets in 2021 Reviews

The Mizuno Samurai is one of the best catchers gear for youth. The samurai catchers gear set offers superior protection and comfort, far above what some of its competitors can only dream of. 

Chest protector: With its professional looks, the Samurai G3 Chest Protector excels perfectly in rebound controls in that it can deaden the ball on impact and allow you to take adequate care of those full pitches. The chest protector has been designed with wings and shoulder pads that are detachable. Catchers also have the luxury of personalizing the gear by writing their names on the back. 

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Leg guards: The G3 Leg Guards consist of kneepads that are also detachable to ensure a custom fit and better performance. The triple knee build gives great flexibility while maintaining lightweight balance. 

Helmet: The Samurai G4 helmet is one that offers complete breathability and comfort while using 3 levels of foam padding on the inside, making it sturdier and highly resistant to impact. Such qualities make the Samurai G series one of the best catching gear for youths.

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Product Features
  • Designed for youths with size range of 6  -7 ¼
  • Compatible to meet NOCSAE standard
  • Designed with a youth shin guard reaching 14  inches in size
  • Designed with chest protector reaching 14 inches in size
  • Designed for 9-12 years old youths

  • Comes with triple knee padding for ultimate knee protection
  • It has an adjustable jaw pad for effective moisture control
  • Very breathable and comfortable to use
  • Sturdy

  • The rubber buttons on top the helmet often pop off

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8. Boy’s Mizuno Youth Samurai Box Set Catchers Gear

Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets in 2021 Reviews

This is yet another best youth catching gear from the Samurai series. 

Helmet: This Mizuno’s helmet comes with a well-place ventilation design that gives maximum breathability and comfort. An adjustable jaw pad allows catchers to control moisture and relax. It also comes with a steel frame that enhances durability and security. 

Chest Protector: The chest protector uses top-class rebound technology, which ensures that all your blocked balls fall within your range. It has a detachable pad to aid custom fit, also to a personalize nameplate and detachable wings to for catchers to write their names. 

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Leg Guards: The legs guards are removable with a customize design that gives the knee necessary protection with superior fit. There are a triple knee cup and metal buckles made from stainless steel; making this product one of the best youth catchers gear in 2021. 

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Product Features

  • Helmet design from strong steel construction for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable jaw pads ensure comfort
  • Flexible protective triple knee cup
  • Detachable shoulder pads
  • Design with a gear bag

  • Fantastic ventilated mask with helmet
  • The jaw pad is adjustable for better comfort
  • Chest protector comes with Dry-lite fabric for cooling of the body
  • Helmet is durable due to the steel construction
  • Helmet and chest protector comes with 3 layers of foam for better comfort

  • Does not include mitt and balls, meaning more extra cash to spend
  • Very expensive

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7. Easton Youth Black Magic Catcher Box Set

Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets in 2021 Reviews

This is a great set of gear for beginners. 

Helmet: The helmet on this Easton product is very strong compared to some of the best youth catchers gear already discussed. This is because it has an excellent protective steel cage with soft vinyl padding around the chin region.

Chest protector: This comes with some Velcro straps that ensure a custom fit and easy use. It also has an adjustable mechanism at the back for further proper fit, and the overall excellent design makes it suitable for beginners. 

Leg Guards: The leg guards is of simple design but also very useful in overall protection, especially with their double kneecaps. They also have a lockdown attachment and protective PE shin plates that place them as one of the best catchers gear for youths. 

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Product Features
  • Designed with Velcro closure for ease of use
  • Designed for two sets of youths—6-8 years and 9-12 years
  • Comes with much smaller design strictly for kids
  • Designed with two primary colors—black and red
  • Designed with double knee caps

  • Top quality and artistry design
  • Easily adjustable straps
  • Comfortable chest protector for all catchers
  • Maximum gear protection for all catchers
  • Simple and comfortable helmet
  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Suitable for both boys and girls

  • Big-size youth players might have a problem with fit
  • It has just two colors

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6. Easton Black Magic Junior Youth Catcher’s Gear Box Set

Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets in 2021 Reviews

The Easton Black Magic Catcher’s Gear is likened to a sequel of the Easton Youth Black Magic Catcher’s Box Set, the only difference being the age groups. While the Magic Junior was designed for 7-9 years old kids, the Magic Youth version was designed for youths ranging 6-8 and 9-12 years old.

Helmet: The helmet, as the name implies, is black, and it has similar functions and design like the Magic Youth helmet. It has a snug and comfortable fit for young players and ensures ultimate protection for them.

Chest Protector: Also similar to the Magic Youth version, the chest protector of the Magic Junior is well designed for the comfort of both practice and actual play. It has Velcro straps at the back with double adjustable padding for ease and comfortable fit.

Leg Guards: They also come with double kneecaps and shin plates for all-round protection of your kids.

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Product Features
  • Made for the comfort of 6-8 years old kids
  • Helmet made of steel similar to its sister version—the Magic Youth
  • 6-7 inches wide of chest protector
  • Leg guards measures 11.5 inches
  • Comes in one color (black)

  • Very perfect for kids actual and practice game-play
  • Adjustable padding for comfortable fit
  • Is lightweight
  • Durable 
  • Good for beginners

  • Comes only in one color
  • Shin guard appears too long for some catchers

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 5. Under Amour Youth UA PTH Victory Catching Kit (7-9)

Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets in 2021 Reviews

This is one of the most preferred brands for most league catchers. 

Helmet: Under Amour’s helmets comes in sizes that range from 6 1/4 inches, suitable for catchers looking for improved protection and visibility. The catcher has excellent protection against any direct impact that might come his way through the ABS shell that is located in the head area to absorb such impact. The patent-base steel cage that goes around the outside area enables the catcher to have one of the greatest visibility on the happenings around him—a feature that makes this product one of the best in our youth catchers gear reviews.

Chest Protector: It features highly innovative additions in the shoulder, throat and sternum areas, to further obliterate impact. The adjustable shoulders cap plus its adjustable 4 harnesses provide further customization and professional look. 

Leg Guards: One unique feature of the Under Victory is its comfortable, lightweight leg guards. The foams are very light, yet effective. It uses a patented technology called AEGIS Micro Shield’ that destroys bacteria and eliminate odor. This is certainly one of the best youth catching gears in the market. 

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Product Features
  • Weighs 9.2 pounds
  • Design with 4 adjustable harnesses for easy fit 
  • Design with a microbe shield that kills bacteria
  • Hockey style catcher’s mask and helmet
  • Design for youths ranging 7-9 years old

  • Provides plenty of protection
  • Very durable gear
  • Professional look and quality design
  • Comes with hockey like a mask that adds more fit
  • Splendid for beginners

  • None

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4. Under Armour Youth PTH Victory Catchers Kit (9-12)

Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets in 2021 Reviews

This is another top product on our youth catchers gear reviews. This product is similar to its sister version—the Armour UA Victory Kit, the primary difference being that, while the UA Victory is strictly for youths ranging 7-9 years of age, the PTH Victory is designed for young people in the range of 9-12 years olds.

Helmet: The helmet comes in design quality similar to the UA version. It is designed with ABS plastic shell for maximum absorption and deflection of high impact during game-play.

Chest Protector: Again, just like its sister version, the chest protector features highly innovative additions in the shoulder, throat and sternum areas that will further obliterate impact. It has adjustable shoulders cap, together with its adjustable four harnesses that create additional customization and professional appearance. 

Leg Guards: The same unique feature like its sister version—the Victoria UA—very comfortable and lightweight leg guards. The guards have a shin that is repositionable and washable. It uses a patented technology called AEGIS Microbe Shield’ that eliminates odor-causing bacteria. This is certainly one of the best youth catchers gear in the market. 

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Product Features
  • Weighs 9.6 pounds
  • Design with four adjustable harnesses for easy fit 
  • Design with a microbe shield that kills bacteria
  • Hockey style catcher’s mask and helmet
  • Design for youths ranging 9-12 years old
  • Mask has 1-bar steel cage for better vision and ventilation

  • Provides plenty of protection
  • Very durable gear
  • Professional look and quality design
  • Comes with a hockey-like mask that gives more fit
  • Very good for beginners and intermediates

  • The metal clips appears to have some opening issues

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3. Wilson Youth EZ Gear Catcher’s Kit

Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets in 2021 Reviews

The Wilson stands as one of the best catchers gear for youth in our review.

Helmet: The Wilson’s helmet is a breathable design with a sturdy frame and with two layers of foam padding, which provides comfortable wear. The helmet and mask combination provides an all-round design for the youth player who does not need any help in wearing or taking it off.

Chest Protector: Furthermore, the chest protector of the Wilson comes with some heavy-duty hook and loop Velcro base straps to secure it in place properly. The straps do not tangle, meaning that the young catchers will not struggle to wear or remove them. Also, the extra foam padding further gives the kid catcher better protection.

Leg guards: Lastly, the leg guards come with adjustable kneecaps for protective and comfortable fit. The shin region also has excellent protection against hardball impact. 

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Product Features
  • Product weighs 10 pounds
  • Produce with 24 x 3 x 21 inches in dimension
  • Is design as the official gear of major league baseball
  • One time adjustable strap system
  • The helmet has good venting to maintain protection while keeping you cool

  • Top quality designed
  • Is the official major league baseball gear
  • Safer and better Velcro straps
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Very comfortable and highly protective
  • Straps are easy to fix
  • Very cheap

  • None

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2. All Star Youth League Series Catchers Gear Sets Ages 9-12

Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets in 2021 Reviews

The All-Star is a product that has 3 models: the Tee Ball model, the model for 7-9 years old, and the model for 9-12 years old. 

Helmet: The Helmet of this youth catchers gear set comes with outstanding ABS shell plastic design for better comfort and maximum protection. The mask and helmet designs combine to give profound ventilation/breathability and visibility to keep your child relaxed and aware of his surroundings. 

Chest Protector: The secure Velcro straps that come with the chest protector couple with the additional foam padding, makes it very easy for your kid to wear and take off at any time without the need of assistance. The nice and snug fit associate with this vest makes it ideal for many youths, in particular for beginners. 

Leg Guards: The leg guards of the All-Star is designed to fit substantially, take all sorts of challenges thrown at it, and be superbly comfortable with its double knee design. The shin guard is designed to resist high impact, while the full wings design further adds protection. The adjustable hooks and loop straps are perfect for kids.

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Product Features
  • Weighs 9.6 pounds
  • Comes in three models for wider coverage and user-ability
  • Helmet with super sturdy ABS design
  • 1-BAR VISION for improving visibility
  • Hook and loop adjustable straps

  • Top quality design
  • It has three models that encourage wider use
  • Instep curve that provides much mobility
  • Fully adjustable straps for comfort and better fit
  • Full wings design that adds personalization

  • Available only in one color—black

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1. Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set

Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets in 2021 Reviews

With a sleek, glossy finish design, the Louisville stands as one of the best youth catchers gear in 2021. 

Helmet: The helmet comes with a moisture-wicking size pad on the chin that provides the user with extra comfort. It consists of a steel cage with a unique design for better vision. Furthermore, the helmet has a glossy finish design, which enhances ventilation for better airflow and comfort.

Chest Protector: Measuring 14 inches in length, this chest protector comes with a precision design that has high-density foam padding and across-the-shoulder harness for enhancing fit.

Leg guards: By its anatomical design, the shin guard has a double knee design that allows it to fit properly and has less restrictive range-of-motion. The adjustable and durable straps that follow the shin guard also gives catchers more confidence and comfort of play.

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Product Features
  • Glossy and sleeky helmet design for greater comfort
  • Anatomically inspired design for better shin protection
  • Precision design for chest protection
  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • Product dimension ranges 24 x 3 x 21 inches in dimension

  • Top quality and stylish color design
  • Adjustable guards pad and chest pads 
  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Perfect for intermediate use
  • Comes with a mesh cover that reduces weight and creates better airflow
  • Relatively cheap
  • Suitable for both boys and girls

  • Does not have catchers set bag

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Question: How do these products work in general? Can’t I seem to get it? 

  • Answer: If your kid is playing baseball, these products are designed for them to have maximum protection and confidence boost during game-play.

2. Question: Is there always a combination of the mask and helmet?

  • Answer: Yes! The combination provides better protection and secure visibility for your kid.

3. Question: How large is the helmet?

  • Answer: The helmet length depends on the size and age of your kid. Besides, they are adjustable. 

4. Questions: How long are the shin guards?

  • Answer: You can find the length in the catchers set, which mostly depends on your kid’s size.

5. Question: which straps are better than this?

  • Answer: I prefer Velcro straps. They tend to be more secure on the hold and fit than hooks and loops.


Baseball is a very popular game in the develop world, and playing the game is not solely for adult; but also for the young at heart. However, it is imperative that every youth acquires the best equipment to ensure maximum safety and boost in confidence since it’s a game of wits and hits. 

Buying the best youth catchers gear may appear tricky at times, but having in mind the various points as stated in our list of the top 10 best youth catchers gear reviews, the process shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Notwithstanding, don’t forget to consider the age of the player and the level they’re playing to acquire the perfect fit. 

Just follow our leads and watch your kid becoming the next Youth Baseball League Catchers Champ in 2021.

Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets in 2021 Reviews

Pre-Purchase Considerations 

Buying any piece or sets of youth catchers gear for your kid is not as easy as it sounds. This is not because there are so many brands in the market that make selection difficult, but also for the fact that kids grow very quickly, making it almost impossible to buy gear that will last over a year. 

Notwithstanding, you can still purchase the perfect product that will last several seasons by only considering the various factors that make up the best youth catchers gear set.

These are:

Protection — It is a norm that the greatest aspect of any equipment is how much it, assures, protects and secures you. Thus, you will need to consider the protect-ability of that particular catchers gear set you intend to buy. You certainly would not like to see your kid on an overnight flight.

Comfort — Catchers gear may appear uncomfortable to some length. Therefore, consider buying brands that have breathable materials to enhance better comfort.

Durability — Catchers gears are regularly exposed to the elements-rain, sunlight, dust, moisture, etc.; it is only the toughest that will last longer. Therefore, be sure to consider the durability of the brand you are buying. 

Fit — Obviously, adult size equipment will never look great on a kid. So, ensure to take the correct measurement for proper fitting before buying.  

Weight — When shopping for a catcher’s helmet, consider the one that is lightweight in size and shape for better performance and comfort. You sure wouldn’t want your kid walking sluggishly like a Carmel. 

Price — If you are going to play catcher for an extended or limited time, price becomes a major point to consider. If you are going to play for a long time, you will need to invest more in a catchers gear set that will last longer. On the other hand, you may not need to spend much in buying a set that is costly but durable, since you are not going to play longer.

Now that you have got the wind of what to consider before buying the best youth catchers gear for your kid, it is time to proceed and consider what is inside a catcher’s gear set. 

What Is In A Catchers Gear Set?

A catcher’s gear set consist of a catcher’s helmet, a chest protector, and leg guards.

Catchers Helmets:

  • A catcher’s helmet is made for all-around protection and performance. They vary in shape, size, color, and some other options. The features include moisture, wicking linings, padding, breathable shells, and comfy fit. They have high visibility and are lightweight.  

Catchers Chest Protectors:

  • Catcher’s chest protectors come in advance innovative materials that are designed to fit your playing style and skill while keeping you safe and honing your game behind the plate. They are lightweight and breathable to keep you dry and cool. 

Catchers Leg Guards:

  • For the youths or adults, a pro or an amateur, catchers shin guards comes handy in providing perfect coverage and sound protection. The leg guards consist of moisture management fabrics below the shell to keep you dry and fresh.



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