TOP 10 Best Zumba Shoes in 2021

So you have signed up for a Zumba program finally? Congratulations! Arguably, you could not have made a better choice for your fitness and wellness goals this year. But now it is time to get right down to business, beginning with selecting the right outfit to suit all the dancing you will have to do.

Zumba shoes are the most important factor of your Zumba outfit. In this guide, I have attempted (and hopefully succeeded) in offering you all the information you need to get a pair of functional Zumba training shoes.

The Zumba movement is barely two decades old, but its appeal has held appeal to such a wide cross-section of demographics that today it is a worldwide phenomenon with a multi-billion industry to boot. Zumba integrates music, dance, and aerobics for very energy sapping, calorie burning but nonetheless fun-filled workouts. Owing to this intensity, Zumba workouts call for a very specific type of outfits and footwear.

But that is the end of it; you do not have to invest in expensive equipment to achieve your fitness goals through Zumba.

Factors to Consider Before Buying for Zumba Shoes

Before you start shopping for your 2021 pair of Zumba shoes, there are several factors you need to keep in mind to ensure you make the right buying decision. I have expressed these factors in the form or questions so you can use them to help evaluate your particular needs. Use your answers to the questions along with the more general (and detailed) guide on how to select the best Zumba shoes below.

1. How often will you be participating in Zumba workouts?

If you are only involved in a Zumba workout once in a fortnight as opposed to several times a week, you can prioritize lightweight structure over durability

2. What sort of floor will you be doing your Zumba routines?

Zumba dancing routines should ideally be conducted on a smooth floor surface, usually polished wood, ceramic tiles or concrete. This calls for shoes with a functional tread pattern to offer practical grip and traction on the smooth surface. Dancing on a carpeted surface is not recommended, but if it has to be done, you will need shoes with a much smoother sole to ensure you do not generate too much friction with the fibers.

3. Does the Profile and Contours of your Foot Require Customized Support?

Zumba routines are very energy intensive and can often involve plenty of impact landings on an unforgiving hard surface. To minimize the risk of injury, ensure you understand your foot geometry to identify areas such as the inner arch, forefoot or heel which might require specialized cushioning.

Zumba Workout Shoes

How to Select the Best Zumba Workout Shoes?

Zumba workout is a very particular form or exercise routine and requires shoes which meet a certain structural and performance profile. Now that you have identified the practical details of your Zumba routines, you can be able to shop for shoes which best meets that profile.

The features and elements described below are what goes into making (or breaking) a good Zumba shoe:

  • Lightweight Construction

There are no two ways about it. Zumba calls for a shoe that you can move around with and not be dragged down by its unwieldy nature. This means you should have a shoe that mostly makes your feet feel as if it wasn’t there at all. To some, such a specification may appear as contradictory as the other factors outlined below call for a range of features and elements which may mean more weight in most cases.

However, like the examples, we have given at the tail end of this guide prove, original footwear designers have been able to pull off the feat of bringing you versatile exercise shoes which are nonetheless lightweight enough for use in Zumba.

  • Flexibility

Flexible movement and stepping are at the very heart of Zumba fitness. If your shoe is restrictive in motion, this will translate to clumsiness and even frustration in your Zumba classes. Go for a shoe that is inherently flexible particularly in the midfoot and forefoot sections.

A word of caution, though: “flexible” does not always translate to “pliant“; especially concerning the shoe’s sole. In other words, do not conclude that the easier it is to bend a shoe, the better it is for Zumba classes. To meet other criteria in this guide, a Zumba shoe’s sole requires some inbuilt strength and rigidity.

Shoes for Nurses in 2021 Reviews

To determine is a Zumba shoe is flexible enough for practical use, you should be able to notice some discernible flexing when you move your toes and also when you transfer your weight gradually from the heel to the toes. The flexibility of a Zumba shoe is intimately related to its traction profile as will be clear in the next section.

  • Stability and Traction

So intense are Zumba workouts that you will not have time to watch where your feet land. For this reason, the shoes should be designed to deliver ultimate stability when you land. As you will be doing an inordinately high amount of jumps, lateral turns, and slides, your shoe’s sole should be adequately stable and intuitive enough to ensure that every time you execute a move you end up in a stable stance.

The best soles for stability are wide and treaded for effective traction. As most Zumba dancing takes place on smooth polished floors, an ideal shoe should bear grooved tread pattern to offer grip and traction on such surfaces.

  • Pivot Point

A pivot point is a sectioned off area of the sole with distinctly grooved tread pattern, usually (but not necessarily) rounded for intuitive pivoting. An effective pivot point should be such that you can turn in one smooth motion, even when all the weight of the shoe is transferred to one leg.

  • Padding and Lining

Good shoes for Zumba should be padded in all the essential points to prove comfortable. The areas which require soft padding the most in a shoe are the heel area, midfoot (including the inner arch of the foot) and the forefoot landing point just behind the toes. But because different people have very different underfoot profiles, it is impossible to come with a “one-size-fits-all” specification for insole padding and cushioning.

The best Zumba shoes regarding padding and lining inserts come with adequate padded sections in the most vulnerable parts such as the heel and the inner arch but offer you the choice to customize the shoe to meet your needs by providing a removable insole or sock liner.

  • Support

Support in a sports shoe is a measure of how well the shoe helps you retain the original profile of your foot in a natural standing, walking or running gait. A shoe with supportive elements also ensures your joints turn and rotate intuitively and does not restrict such movement unduly.Just as well, a supportive shoe also provides stability to the inner arch of your foot to ensure a smooth and intuitive transition of energy from the forefoot to the hindfoot and vice versa as your foot lands and takes off the ground respectively.

Just as well, a supportive shoe also provides stability to the inner arch of your foot to ensure a smooth and intuitive transition of energy from the forefoot to the hindfoot and vice versa as your foot lands and takes off the ground respectively.

  • Breathability

A good Zumba shoe should ideally be breathable as well. A well perforated upper shoe will guarantee comfort but also guard against too much heat and moisture building inside of your shoe the longer your workout progresses. A training shoe with an ideal breathability profile also includes excellent moisture wicking lining to the interior, including the footbed or sock-liner.

Of course, a very breathable Zumba shoe could end up feeling very uncomfortable if you wear uncomfortable socks or replace the insole with one which does not wick away the moisture with quite the same effectiveness.

  • Roomy Forefoot

The nature of Zumba dancing calls for a shoe that provides plenty of wiggle room in the forefoot. Otherwise, if this area is too restrictive, you stand the risk of developing bunions on the toes and the mound of your big toe. There is always a delicate balance to be struck between providing room in the forefoot section and guaranteeing proper support and comfort in a shoe. Again, how much bias should be retained either way is a matter of personal preference.

  • Functional Tongue and Laces

The tongue overlies the section of the shoe covering the ridge of the foot on top of which you lace up the shoe. The design of the shoe’s tongue and lacing style has a huge role to play in determining the comfort, fit, and flexibility of the shoe. A good tongue should be well padded for comfort but not too bulky as to restrict movement.

Zumba shoes should have adequately long and inflexible shoe laces which can be tightened as required to suit the wearer’s preferred comfort and stability profile.

  • Stylish and Colorful

Let’s be honest, part of Zumba’s appeal is about appearances, and it makes sense too! If you look good and know it, you will feel better about yourself, and this will translate to more effective dancing and movement on the dance floor. Zumba shoes should be colorful (though not necessarily ostentatious), stylish and good enough to compliment the rest of your outfit.

If shoes look the part, you will be able to take your moves to the next level and reap the benefits of the workout. Do not select shoes which look drab and apathetic as you may end up feeling too uninspired to move your limbs and torso to the rhythm of the accompanying music.

The Top 10 Best Zumba Shoes in 2021

Now that we have established objective criteria of what a Zumba should or should not be, it is time to take a look at the top 10 best Zumba shoes for your needs. While this list is set out in ascending order of compliance with the 10 essential features of great Zumba shoes outlined in the preceding section, it is not definitive.

Lower ranked shoes might fit your needs much better than one appearing higher up on the list. Without further ado, let’s us take a look at this year’s best Zumba shoes starting with.

10. PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Cross-Training Shoe

Best Zumba Dance Workout Shoes

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Fitness buffs around the world know that you can always count on Puma to design products which transition from fitness to fashion with consummate ease. This is just one such footwear product with inherent comfort, stability, and traction efficiency to suit the demands of all Zumba routines.

Belonging to the RD-backed Cell Riaze line of exercise shoes, these sneakers are lightweight and functional for a range of training purposes. The padded tongue and all round collar offer excellent support for the ankle joint as well as the top ridge of the foot.

It all works together to assure you of shoes which will feel great whether walking, running or (you guessed it), dancing!

Features and Specs at a Glance

  • Brand: Puma
  • Color/ pattern: Black/Peach/Yellow
  • Other color options: Also available in White with fuchsia-purple and Zinnia with brilliant blue
  • Upper shoe: Leather and breathable fabric
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Amazon best seller rank: #173 in Women’s Athletic Shoes

What Makes this Shoes Great for Zumba Dance Workout?

The lightweight construction of this sneaker is a big plus when it comes to fulfilling the exacting criteria for functional Zumba shoes as set out at the beginning of this guide. The women-specific styling of Cell Riaze exercise shoes is just the sort of profile you need in a shoe that delivers excellent performance on the Zumba dance floor.

The shoes come with adequate cushioning for all the sections of the foot which call for extra support in Zumba classes. While the midsole could arguably be more functional regarding high impact padding, this should not take away from an otherwise excellent masterpiece of elegant design.


  • Very lightweight exercise and training shoe
  • Breathable fabric elements on the upper shoe
  • Strong bracing leather overlays for support especially on the toe box and forefoot
  • Well padded and cushioned heel
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


  • The shoe’s midsole is not adequately padded for absorbing high impact forces on hard surfaces

9. Zumba Women’s Street Boss Dance Shoe

Best Shoes for Zumba Workout

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If you are finally intent on achieving your fitness goals, these are the shoes to go for. Indeed, you can now show off your dancing prowess with these delectable Zumba shoes and take your fitness experience to the next level.

Ultra comfortable, stable and flexible; these shoes will gratify the soulful and style conscious child within you. Never have you felt so elegant and motivated even as you burnt calories with vigor.

Features and Specs at a Glance

  • Brand: Zumba Fitness
  • Color/ pattern: All-pink
  • Other color options: Also available in black (two tons), metallic silver (2 tons) and metallic gold
  • Upper shoe: Leather
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Amazon best seller rank: #90 in Women’s Athletic Shoes

What Makes this Shoes Great for Zumba Dance Workout?

These shoes prove that Zumba moves are happening for all, even the young and the young at heart. The trendy styling will be a compliment to your sense of fashion, but the real payoff comes in the way they function on the Zumba floor.

The all-rubber sole is designed for flexibility, traction and easy pivoting; all essential elements for executing Zumba moves flawlessly. The converse sneaker bears a functional tread pattern for effective traction on smooth and moderately rough surfaces. Admittedly, you could find other shoes in the range with more useful cushioning, but this does not mean these Street Boss sneakers are slouches nonetheless.

The sole boasts a couple of very useful pivoting points which enhance your motion and help you turn and pirouette on a dime!


  • Top billing in style sense
  • Comfortable and well-padded interior
  • High pivoting ability
  • Durable leather
  • Effective traction on variety of surfaces


  • Shoes have one monolithic outsole without a cushion and supporting midsole for shock absorption and force distribution
  • Upper shoe not breathable

8. Skechers Sports Women’s Burst Divergent Demi Boot Sneaker

Best Shoes for Zumba Workout

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If you have craved a dedicated indoors exercise shoe which nonetheless delivers ultimate performance in the range of moves as your collection Zumba DVDs dictate, you have finally scored big in the form of this Skechers Burst sneaker.

Available in a wide variety of color choices, you will be spoilt for choice in deciding which one best complements your personality and outfit. One thing is for sure, though: your relaxed and fully exercised joints will thank you at the end of the day for your inspired choice!

Features and Specs at a Glance

  • Brand: Skechers
  • Color/ pattern: Pink/Black
  • Other color options: Available in over a dozen different color options
  • Upper shoe: Fabric
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Amazon best seller rank: #56 in Women’s Fashion Sneakers

What Makes this Shoes Great for Zumba Dance Workout?

These are exercise shoes designed for ultimate comfort. Indeed, owing to their knitted fabric upper, they are brimming with comfort and breathability. This also means they offer you the ultimate form of freedom of movement, letting you perform even the most flexibility-demanding Zumba moves with consummate ease.

And, of course, it goes without saying that the shoes are top shelf when it comes to breathability ratings. The sole itself is also very flexible and well padded for impact absorption and optimal force distribution. Dance your way to ultimate fitness in these Skechers sneakers in 2021!


  • Ultra comfortable
  • Grip and traction efficient sole
  • Highly breathable
  • Springy and flexible sole
  • True to size fit for all wearers


  • Lacks a dedicated, functional pivot point on the sole

7. Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes 819899-400

Best Zumba Workout Shoes

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There are those who still insist on regarding Zumba as an exclusively women’s fitness craze. However, some men are coming to recognize that they too can accelerate their fitness goals and enjoy loads of fun while at it by transitioning to Zumba. For those brave souls, there is only one shoe which meets the unique demands of the Zumba dance workout: the Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoe.

The shoes have a very motion efficient tread pattern which conserves energy while reducing any risk of twisting vulnerable joints on your lower leg and feet.

Features and Specs at a Glance

  • Brand: Nike
  • Color/ pattern: White and multicolor
  • Other color options: Available in over two dozen different colors and patterns
  • Upper shoe: Synthetic leather and mesh fabric
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Amazon best seller rank: #3 in Men’s Athletic Shoes

What Makes this Shoes Great for Zumba Dance Workout?

The most important Zumba-esque quality of this shoe is its traction-efficient tread pattern. Even on the smoothest surfaces, you will be able to slide, pivot and land with stability and efficiency of motion. The shoe also comes with a comfy and roomy toe box.

This gives you the freedom to move with aplomb and grace in tune to the Zumba rhythms. Added stability comes in the form of “Flywire” stabilization technology in the shoe’s midfoot region.


  • Roomy and comfortable inner sections of the shoe
  • Flexible midsole
  • Traction efficient outsole
  • Comfortable padding
  • Choose your preferred shoe from dozen of stylish and colorful versions


  • The cross-knit nature of the fabric section (which is also conversably smaller than the area covered by leather) does not offer as much breathability as some custom made Zumba shoes do.

6. Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe

Best Zumba Workout Shoes

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These Reebok sneakers are designed for extra performance that you need as you execute rigorous Zumba moves. This they do even as they retain the ultra-lightweight structure for which Reebok’s Nano CrossFit series of trainers has become renowned for.

The shoe’s interior, especially around the foot’s inner arch, fits a very anatomically correct contour profile. It also offers very breathable padding and cushioning in the form of a removable sock liner.

Features and Specs at a Glance

  • Brand: Reebok
  • Color/ pattern: Coal/Black/White/Tin Grey/Motor Red/Shark
  • Other color options: Available in over two dozen different colors and patterns
  • Upper shoe: Fabric and synthetic leather
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Amazon best seller rank: #14 in Women’s Athletic Shoes

What Makes this Shoes Great for Zumba Dance Workout?

Tough but ultimately flexible with continued use, these are very impressive contenders for the most versatile Zumba shoe this year. Reebok has taken the already superlative construction of their Nano CrossFit trainers and improved on it for a fluidity of movement and durability.

Admittedly, the Kevlar construction of the upper shoe will require a certain amount of breaking before it can respond with natural ease to flexible moves. But once you have hit the sweet spot with these shoes, they will become an indispensable part of your Zumba routine and outfit.


  • Ultra lightweight design is owing to Kevlar construction
  • Supremely durable (for the same reason offered above)
  • Comfortable and anatomically contoured insole
  • Padding and cushioning at vulnerable section of the foot
  • Wide selection of color choices


  • Out-of-the-box the shoes are very stiff around your feet. But they do increase in flexibility the longer you put them through the paces. Those in the know recommend you take them through a jogging session first before donning them for Zumba.

5. ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoe

Top 10 Best Zumba Shoes

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These are shoes which announce clearly that you know what it takes to move with rhythm and grandeur. As lightweight and comfortable as they come, the GEL-Fit Sana is an innovative cross-training shoe from ASICS which fits most of the established performance and features criteria for Zumba dancing. For instance, the upper shoe is very breathable for ultimate comfort in all ambient conditions.

Features and Specs at a Glance

  • Brand: ASICS
  • Color/ pattern: Navy/White/Hot Pink
  • Other color options: Available in 7 other color choices
  • Upper shoe: Fabric
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Amazon best seller rank: #10 in Women’s Athletic Shoes

What Makes this Shoes Great for Zumba Dance Workout?

There are two important features of a good Zumba shoe which stand out in this shoe: comfort and stability. The low profile nature of the sole is designed for flexibility and reliability when performing lateral motions.The rear GEL cushioning elements offer laudable support when you make hard landings. Moreover, the upper shoe’s heel section is reinforced with a heel cage made of woven bands. These work to provide reinforcement and correction of any over-pronation movement.

The rear GEL cushioning elements offer laudable support when you make hard landings. Moreover, the upper shoe’s heel section is reinforced with a heel cage made of woven bands. These work to provide reinforcement and correction of any over-pronation movement.


  • Made from comfortable but durable fabric
  • Excellent impact support especially at the back of the foot
  • Rubber sole with good traction and pivot elements
  • Stretchable MONO-SOCK Fit system
  • AHAR+ high abrasion outsole


  • While the back of the shoe has all the stability and support needed for reliable performance, the same cannot be said of the forefoot. The toe box is roomy as required, but shoes with support braces around the mound and “neck” of the big toe offer more stability. In other words, this shoe will prove right for wearers with a wide forefoot but maybe not as much for those for whom this section of the foot is much narrower.

4. Zumba Women’s Fly Print Dance Shoe

Top 10 Best Zumba Shoes

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Squat, shimmy, and pirouette your way to ultimate fitness when you don these made-to-order sneakers for Zumba enthusiasts. The Fly Print shoe is for cushioned and intuitive movement; combining classic workmanship with a selection of lightweight materials for both the upper shoe and the sole.

The shoes come in a minimalist lacing design, giving you freedom to wear the shoes as slip on or lace ups as you may desire. This is further helped by a pull-up tag at the back of the heel.

Features and Specs at a Glance

  • Brand: Zumba Fitness
  • Color/ pattern: Charcoal Leopard/Coral
  • Other color options: Available in 8 different patterned color choices
  • Upper shoe: Breathable mesh with leather detailing for extra support
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Amazon best seller rank: #43 in Women’s Athletic Shoes

What Makes this Shoes Great for Zumba Dance Workout?

These shoes are very well contoured to ensure they fit around your foot like a glove. The lace up design also serves to ensure that you have adequate support to perform lateral movement as part of your Zumba dancing routine. As any respectable Zumba shoe should be, these sneakers are attractive and stylish too.

However, it is with the sole that the designers have excelled in matching the shoe’s profile with the demands of a Zumba workout. The Z-slide treading offers just adequate grip and control to allow you to pivot on a whim. What more could you ask of a Zumba shoe?


  • The one-piece styling works well to guarantee durability
  • Lightweight construction
  • Breathable
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Attractive and stylish color schemes


  • The shoe’s insole does not offer much padding especially for the arch area of the foot. The upshot is that the insole is removable and you can replace it with a comfier alternative or your podiatrist recommended orthotics.

3. Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker

Top 10 Best Zumba Shoes

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Combining a special heel and platform design for the outsole, you only need to lace these shoes, and you will feel ready to make the dance moves. The combination of suede leather and breathable upper works to guarantee a shoe that molds well to the contours of your feet while still guaranteeing you all the breathability you need for a high-intensity workout.

Features and Specs at a Glance

  • Brand: Bloch
  • Color/ pattern: Black
  • Other color options: Also available in pink and blue
  • Upper shoe: Mesh fabric and suede
  • Outsole: Synthetic rubber
  • Amazon best seller rank: #49 in Women’s Athletic Shoes

What Makes this Shoes Great for Zumba Dance Workout?

This is the ultimate shoe for those looking for responsive flexibility that is so central to mastering Zumba steps. Moreover, the suede section of the upper shoe offers all the support necessary to keep your foot in the right profile despite all the lateral movement as you dance. The sole has also been well treaded to offer excellent traction and freedom of movement.

You can use the heel and the platform sections of the sole to pivot intuitively from and to any direction. The shoes are delightfully lightweight and will easily mold around your foot especially because the asymmetrical lacing allows for different styles without compromising the overall fit.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Stylish but functional styling
  • Asymmetrical lacing design allows for you to customize the shoe for the best fit and forefoot support
  • Functional pivoting elements on the sole
  • Lightweight


  • The forefoot section of the sole is not as flexible as some of the most intricate Zumba moves call for.
  • Some people may find the all black color scheme a little odor for Zumba. Fortunately, though, the other two color schemes offer adequate splashes of color.

2. Zumba Women’s Impact Max Dance Shoe

Best Zumba Shoes

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This is a shoe made to meet the demands of highly exuberant Zumba dance moves and do so with some aplomb. The shoe offers adequate support especially for the midfoot and the toe box, but it is nonetheless inherently flexible.

From the heel to the edge of your toes, it will treat you to one of the most comfortable and breathable cushioning you have ever experienced. On top of that, the shoes are delightfully lightweight and very low maintenance.

Features and Specs at a Glance

  • Brand: Zumba Fitness
  • Color/ pattern: Dark Slate
  • Other color options: Available in six different color options
  • Upper shoe: Synthetic leather and breathable fabric
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Amazon best seller rank: #248 in Women’s Athletic Shoes

What Makes this Shoes Great for Zumba Dance Workout?

You have to trust the people who brought you the Zumba revolution to come up with a design that suits demands and mechanics of the dance routines they invented. This shoe boasts of the highly acclaimed Z-compress energy return system which response to impact landing by compressing and immediately decompressing so that as little energy as possible is transferred to your foot joints and bones.

The forefoot part of the upper shoe is strengthened with a set of Z-braces made of synthetic suede leather to ensure your foot is held securely in place no matter how high-energy the Zumba dance moves you pull off are. The underfoot is also optimally treaded using what Zumba calls the Z-slide traction system. The tread pattern has all the essentials needed to let you slide effortlessly on just about any surface.


  • Shoes designed specifically for Zumba dance moves
  • Lightweight construction
  • Functional support on the forefoot and hind foot
  • Breathable upper
  • Available in a selection of fun, colorful designs


  • If you are working out on a polished wooden floor, the sole may slide around somewhat as the minimalist tread does not offer adequate traction.

1. RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

Best Zumba Shoes

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Unlike many fitness and training shoes which are designed for men and then an ad-hoc version improvised to suit women’s needs, this is a shoe that was designed for women from the ground up. Indeed, Ryka is a sport and fitness company which develops footwear, apparel and related accessories for women exclusively.

The cross training shoe comes with a narrower, more supportive heel area and a host of lightweight features which are indispensable for intricate movement on the dance floor. The distinctive outsole bears a remarkably accurate footprint design, offering you more intuitive feel and control as you move in tune to the fast paced music.

These are shoes which allow you to move more naturally on the gym floor and are virtually fatigue-proof.

Features and Specs at a Glance

  • Brand: RYKA
  • Color/ pattern: Black/Sharp Green/Forge Grey/Metallic
  • Other color options: Available in 7 other color options
  • Upper shoe: Synthetic leather and mesh fabric
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Amazon best seller rank: #3 in Women’s Athletic Shoes

What Makes this Shoes Great for Zumba Dance Workout?

This is a shoe built for vibrant and intricate movement on the dance floor, offering good traction and a very effective set of pivot points to boot. It comes with increased in step volume as well as a much roomier forefoot to give you wiggle room and protect your foot from all the lateral forces generated during exuberant Zumba moves.

The outsole merges seamlessly with the midsole using Flex-Foil and Direct-Fuse layering technology. This approach offers more effective cushioning at all the important pressure points of the foot.


  • Designed specifically for intricate floor movement
  • Lightweight but highly cushioned sole
  • Great traction and grip
  • Highly breathable upper shoe
  • Well contoured footbed with removable sock liner


  • The padding provided at the heel section is a bit threadbare. If you are working out on bare concrete or if you are a senior citizen without as much padding in this area of the foot, you may have to consider some padded insert for extra cushioning.

Which is the #1 Best Shoes for Zumba Workout and Why?

If you have stuck around with me to this point, Kudos! This is the point we reveal the ultimate champion performer as a Zumba shoe. Drumroll, ticker tape, and fanfare music as I GIVE YOU….

>>> RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe<<<

Best Zumba Workouts Shoes_RYKA_2021

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The Most Functional Zumba Workout Shoes in 2021!!!

This shoes pretty much ticks all the boxes in our criteria for the best Zumba shoes. It is ultra lightweight in design, flexible on multiple points, great for stability in motion, well padded (other than the heel of course), delivers functional traction and pivoting as well as offering excellent customization options (which makes the threadbare heel padding less of an issue).

The forefoot is also adequately roomy while the shoe laces can be done to just the required tightness. The shoe is also available in a range or colorful and tasteful color options. In other words, if the RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe does not get you hooked for life to Zumba fitness, nothing else will suffice.

The Bottom Line

I have strived to test out each of the shoes profiled here to provide you with first-hand information on what each of them has to offer. It was no mean task. But I am happy that the journey is now at an end. I started this guide by committing to a very specific goal in mind, to offer you as much objective information about the qualities of a good Zumba shoe and then to guide you in selecting those shoes which meet these criteria.

However, you should not settle on my recommendations alone. Each one of these shoes is available to ship from Head over there using the links provided to gain more insights from the detailed and objective reviews posted by customers like you, view more detailed product information and hunt for the latest deals and offers.

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